This very comprehensive Younique review contains a lot about this popular MLM beauty brand and whether it’s a scam or legit brand.

It also answers some of the FAQs you might have about it.


What is Younique?

Younique is a beauty product brand. The company is into direct sales and offers people commission for selling their products.

Those who sell their products are known as “presenters”.

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There are lots of things you should know about Younique. These are highlighted in the following articles.


Products Sold by Younique

Younique develops and markets a variety of body care and beauty products. The product lines made and marketed by this brand include:

Make-up Products

The makeup product lines include those used to enhance the face lips and eyes. Facial make-up includes foundation, BB Cream, highlight & contour, and face primer.

Facial markups also include cancelers, bronzer & blusher, face brushes, and face sets.

The eye make-ups from this platform include eyeliner, lashes, brow, and eye primer.

You can also take advantage of fillable palettes, eye brushes, and lash sets, etc.

Under the makeups for lips, Younique provides lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, lip brushes, and lip sets.

Skincare Products

Younique provides products that smoothen the skin and make it glow.

These include moisturizers, masks, cleansers, toners, serums, and products with SPF.


Younique markets both variety of signature scents and fragrance sets.


What is Younique Business Model?

Younique business model is a direct marketing approach.

This company uses a multi-level marketing approach to market its beauty products.

The company allows its “Presenters” or sellers to sign up via the website to purchase and sell their products.

The presenters will in turn earn a commission on the sales. These sellers must purchase a starter kit that includes many Younique products packaged.


Benefits of Selling Younique Products

There are lots of benefits you will enjoy when selling Younique products. These include:

You get extra income

With Younique you have the opportunity to earn extra income.

You will grow as you go

You will start earning a commission once you start selling.

You will start with 20% in commissions

Apart from that, you will earn more as you progress – Once you earn, you are paid 3 hours after every sale.

You will have the privilege of selling quality products

Younique products are award-winning cosmetics and skincare products.

The company can help you sell the products

You are offered opportunities to earn credit and you can try them before sharing or selling.

You will enjoy a flexible Schedule

With the Younique product, you can work where you want and where you want. You can schedule your work how you want and where you want.

You can just run your business the way you want.

You enjoy inspiring incentives

Younique rewards you with incentives and bonuses as you go along the way.

You earn incentives, gifts, rewards, luxury vacations, car bonuses, and cash.

You become part of the “Younique” family

Joining Younique means you become part of a community of people who genuinely want you to succeed.

You can take advantage of Training & Events

As a Younique seller, you can take advantage of many tools that will help you succeed.

You can level up your business and leadership skills with digital tools, shareable assets, exciting training events, and annual global conventions.


Who Is a Younique Presenter?

A Younique Present is an independent distributor of Younique products.

He/she is a seller who makes a commission on the sales of Younique products.

If you sign up as a presenter you will agree to an independent Presenter Agreement.

This is a legal document governing the relationship with Younique.


Requirements for Becoming a Younique Presenter 

To become a Younique presenter you need to simply need to purchase the Starter kit.

This is a business kit that contains materials or items that the presenter can use to market Younique products.

Two popular Kits that presenters can take advantage of include the Younique Business Kit and Younique Bold Beginners Kit.

The Younique Business Kit includes a fun pop-up box and the following:

  • One best-selling MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara
  • A personal Younique website
  • A payment account where earnings are deposited three hours after each sale
  • Access to monthly marketing campaigns & digital tools to build your customer base
  • Training on products and selling techniques
  • Access to Presenter rewards, incentives, and compensation plan
  • Back Office tools to track sales and transactions”

There is also the Younique Bold Beginners Kit. What is included in this kit are:

The Bold Beginners Kit comes in a beautiful box and includes everything from the YOUNIQUE Business Kit (excluding the pop-up box), plus:

  • MOODSTUCK EPIC twisted mascara
  • Your choice of DIP & DRAW eyeliner or MOODSTRUCK PRECISION pencil eyeliner in Perfect
  • MOODSTRUCK liquid eye shadow
  • Your choice of MOODSTRUCK OPULENCE matte lipstick
  • YOU·OLOGY perfecting mask
  • Gift with purchase”

The Younique Business Kit costs $35 while the Younique Bold Beginners Kit goes for $64. Both of these kits go for $99.



Why Become a Presenter?

According to Younique, here are some great reasons to become a presenter or independent consultant:

1. Younique products are the number one reason that people become Younique Presenters

Products include award-winning skincare and lash products as well as best-selling foundations and mascaras.

2. Younique Presenters earn a commission (sales-based compensation)

The commission is paid on Personal Retail Sales (PRS) within three hours of an online sale through Instant Royalties.

Additionally, Younique Presenters receive monthly Royalties, which are earned when Presenters reach sales requirements of status in the Younique Royalties Program, on the 8th of the following month.

Our greatest desire is that you become successful in your Younique business!

3. Younique is a mission-based brand

Younique donates 10% of the profits from the sale of its products to The Younique Foundation, a public charity committed to the eradication of child sexual abuse.

When you’re a Younique Presenter or customer, you’re helping survivors heal through services like The Haven Retreat, Finding Hope Support Groups, online resources, and more.

4. As a Younique Presenter, you also gain access to the Younique Family

You’ll be joining a global community of individuals in their mission to uplift, empower, and validate and ultimately build self-esteem in people around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.


What Is a Reward Link?

Younique Rewards Link is a link you can share to earn rewards as a presenter or a customer.

Use this link to share your Younique experience with friends, followers, and customers.

The link can be custom-sized so that your targeted audience can follow it to your social media page, blog, or online store.

Younique Rewards Link can be created by a Younique Rewards Link Owner. This could be a presenter or a customer.

As a presenter, you can use this link to attract customers to buy your Younique product.

Rewards Link Owners can earn Y-CASH credit (product credit) from purchases made through that Rewards Link.


How Do You Use Your Younique Reward Link? 

The steps to use your Younique Reward Link are:

Create a Rewards Link

Create your rewards link and set it to your preferred landing page and share it on social media.

You’ll earn points for every purchase made through your link over the next ten days.

Once your Rewards Link reaches 200 points or more, you’ll receive 10% Y-CASH credit on the total points.

Customize your link

Customize your link to send shoppers to your favorite landing page.

Share and earn rewards with your link

According to the site, “With Rewards Links, it’s easier than ever for anyone to earn rewards.

Choose whether you’d like to be the Rewards Link Owner, give the link to a friend, or invite a new shopper to own it.

Add a little fun by sharing an ownerless link on social media– the first person to click on it will become the Link Owner and earn rewards!”


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The above Younique review contained a lot about this popular MLM beauty brand and whether it’s a scam or legit brand.

It also answered some of the FAQs you might have about it.