Income Report: Charles Floate Made $115, 693 In 1 Year – The God of SEO Case Study


A Blog Post by a man called In Case Study, by Charles Floate later known as or commonly called as “God of SEO” in this post he shares his one years experience,Journey through the web world. The pain, joy, success everything he shares in this post.

A must read to all those who are involved in Internet Marketing, SEO and blogging.

He starts the page with a Big Warning:

“Warning – This Post Is Massive.. Viewer Discretion of Lack of Sleep, Eye Tiredness and General Disdain for my Cheesey-ness is Advised”

I don’t class myself (Charles) as “The God of SEO” even though people love to call me that in Interviews and features, I can’t really blame them though as I did name it this. The blog itself is called God of SEO, yes, but I’m Charles – A person.. Far from a God.
The blog was started as a kind of mickey take from a conversation I had with


  1. Hi Charlie,

    What an amazing journey! 🙂

    The Joy, Sorrow, Pain and the ultimate Success everything you presented in this page
    in a systematic order.

    It is indeed a great privilege for me to present this elaborate case study on the pages of Kingged, “the Internet Marketing Social Website”, The visitors, members and registered authors here are involved in the related subject and I am sure this will be a study material for them. I am glad I found this today and shared here for the benefit of my fellow authors.

    I am sure this can be included in the list of an Epic post! 🙂

    Great job my dear friend!
    Thanks for sharing this with your fellow writers 🙂

    Keep it up.

    Keep going

    I am bookmarking this for my further study. 🙂

    Best Wishes.

    ~ Philip
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  2. Hi Charles,
    This is an impressive post. It really provided very critical information on the experience of a blogger.

    Congratulations on your one year of running the God of SEO.This case study is revealing and I truly have many takeaway from it. Highlighting the relationship with other bloggers is the most significant detail of this post!
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  3. Wow, that was the whole one year journey in one article. Nice of you to mention all the people who helped you along the way.

    Google penalty and still managed to climb the ladder, that is inspirational.

    I got many takeaways from the post. It’s not about quantity, its about quality content in which a lot of research has been gone, will make it to the top.
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