Do work from home packing jobs really exist?

Can one really earn extra money working from home packing cards or other packing or packaging jobs?

If you have asked and wondered about these and similar questions, you have come to the right article.

This article covers everything you need to know about the packing cards opportunity, whether it really works or not, and how to avoid falling for scams about it.

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As far as making money with packing jobs from home though, you will learn the truth behind it in this article.

You will also learn whether it is really possible to get paid packing cards at home.

You will also learn about how companies or websites offering packing cards opportunities operate.

Before proceeding, let’s look at what it implies to work from packing cards…

What Are Packing Of Cards Jobs and How They Work

A job stating the involvement of packing cards is supposed to be one where an individual is provided with greeting cards to box.

These boxed cards are then mailed to the addresses stated by the employer.

It is supposed to be a kind of job provided by companies or organizations that regularly supply greeting cards for special occasions.

These special occasions might be Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, New Year, Valentine, and even festive activities.

After completing the tasks of boxing or packing the cards and mailing to the stated addresses, the individual is paid for the number completed.

This sounds like a pretty easy and straight forward way to make money working from home, right?

And it does sound too easy and too good to be true, right?

Especially as it claims that it can be done completely from the comfort of your home.

Well, the truth is – it really is too good to be true and you have every reason to be skeptical.

Can One Really Earn Extra Money Working From Home Packing Cards?

That’s the question, right?

In theory, one can indeed pack cards at home and get paid, but in practice, it’s completely not the case.

Unlike really simple ways of making money such as making money taking pictures or even making money watching movies, making money packing cards is not as simple and has lots of grey areas to watch out for.

These days, lots of advertisers are offering home packing cards jobs online and offline. Most of the adverts make the job of packing of cards very easy and lucrative that one cannot resist.

While there is nothing wrong with getting a job that demands the packing of cards right from the comfort of your home, the truth remains that majority of these offers are scams.

Unsuspecting individuals who are desperate to find ‘work at home’ opportunities often get scammed as they end up losing out to fraudulent job offers that may even cost them more money than they were prepared to spend, to begin with.

Packing cards at home jobs are real if a website or company genuinely has cards for packing, and genuinely needs lots of people to help out with this.

But the truth is most companies do not, and certainly won’t pay lots of people to do this, even if they need it done.

To know if a company or website advertising this really has a genuine offer for you, it’s important to ask and answer some critically important questions.

The most important of such questions is this:

Why would a company offer to pay individuals to pack their greeting cards at home while they can just buy equipment/machines that would accomplish this and save them time, effort and money?

The advocates of home packing cards may say that the job of packing cards could be seasonal and there is no point investing in machines that would remain moribund when the season is over.

While this argument remains logical, it doesn’t take away the fact that the offers of these types of job opportunities are usually too good to be true.

Thus, you should be wary of these types of opportunities and ensure you are not being lead into a work from home job scam when you come across online and offline adverts on card packing jobs from home.

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How Most Websites Offering Work From Home Packing Cards Operate

There is need to be cautious when it comes to such packing or boxing opportunities.

Here’s how some of these Work From Home Packing Cards Scams work:


You Are Asked To Pay Money Before Starting

The websites projecting this offer often demand that you sign up with them to become a member. They may demand you pay some small fee for registration.

If they don’t demand this registration fee, you might be required to pay some upfront fees for their so-called starter-kits or training materials which you would need to start the job.

Unfortunately, if you pay any of these fees, you may not hear from the people running the websites again.

Even where they eventually send you a ‘starter kit’, you would discover that the package is not useful.

Ask yourself – why would a company even send you a starter kit or training material to work from home and pack cards?

Some websites may appear legit and send you a list of addresses to mail to but after completion of the job, you would never hear from them again. And the fees you paid for registration would be gone.

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You Are Asked To Pay For “Directory” Containing List Of Packing Jobs

Yes, some would request you to pay for what they call “directories”.

They claim these “directories” contain a massive list of companies that will pay you for packing jobs and a lot of other work from home opportunities.

Of course that’s hardly the case. Even if you do get any such directory, it won’t contain work from home packing jobs because they don’t really exist.

The directories could just be the same type you can get yourself from yellow pages or sites like Craiglist.


You Are Asked To Refer Friends To Do The Same – Pay Money Before Starting

Another suspicious act you must be wary about work from home packing cards jobs is that most of the websites may ask you to refer friends who would be required to also pay money to register before you are paid.

Or even pay for the same type of fake or bogus directories they are selling, which won’t contain any genuine packing jobs.

As you can tell, the circle of scam never ends until you and those you refer lose money!

Be wary of this work at home opportunity because most websites’ offers are not real.

A related scam to be wary of is the so-called Ways To Make Money Working from Home Stuffing Envelopes scam.


You Are Asked To Pack And Send or Ship Stolen Goods

Some of the scammers actually send you stolen goods for you to send to particular addresses, usually the addresses of other scammers or their associates.

They obviously purchase such goods using stolen credit cards and send them to you, so you could re-send to their main addresses or addresses of their associates – all to avoid getting traced themselves.

The goods you are sent are usually physical goods, all with different reshipping labels. And the instructions are usually to repackage and ship the goods internationally.

Again, these are usually International scammers who use local residents to resend goods bought with stolen credit cards.

Ask yourself – if they can scam others this way, why won’t they scam you eventually?

And the bigger issue of course is – you are most likely going to get into trouble with law for the use of such credit cards for buying stolen goods, or at least for aiding and abetting such scammers.

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My Sincere Opinion On The Websites or Companies Offering Such Packaging Jobs From Home Opportunities

While the idea of working from the comfort of ones’ home and getting paid for helping companies or websites to pack cards is appealing, it is important to be cautious.

Fraudulent companies, websites or individuals are taking advantage of unsuspecting job seekers to lure them into this scam.

In most cases, the demands of this job is easy and the process of accomplishing your task too good to be true.

If you still decide to try out any of such opportunities, please do your homework and search online before signing up, especially if it demands you parting with your hard-earned money.

Also, if you must try this out with a particular company or website, it is important that the legitimacy of the company or website offering this kind of job opportunity be verified.

You can check on the Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Better Business (BBB) and related agencies for useful information about any company or website offering such work from home and packing cards jobs.


Most Packing Cards from Home Jobs Are Scams!

So, yes, most of such opportunities are scams!

I understand the desire of been able to work at home, at your schedule, without any experience doing nothing but packing cards. But as you have learned from this article, it’s mostly always scam.

Just like you will find crazy promises of easy money, including things like sms sending jobs to do from home or even software testing jobs to do from home, there are usually scams involved in some of them.

That’s why you really need to be careful and not allow desperation get in the way. People usually fall for such scams when they desperately and urgenly need money right away.

With such scams, even if you don’t end up losing money, you will end up wasting your time. And the question for you then is – why waste your time on such scammy opportunities when there are many genuine ones out there that really pay?

And no, not all opportunities that sound too good to be true are scams. Some actually work and actually get people paid.

For example, this website covers many of them such as:


The Types of Packing Jobs That Are Not Scams

There are packing jobs that are not scams. But these are not the same type of “packing cards from home jobs” that are advertised to be done from the comfort of one’s home.

If such jobs really existed and are really paying, who would go out to do real jobs? No one!

The real and genuine packing jobs out there are those that involve actually packing things from one location to another, for a fee. You could be doing this for a company or even yourself, if you have the right tools.

Of course, such packing jobs are not easy and can’t be done by just any one. And they certainly can’t be done from the home.

Many of the genuine companies offering these types of jobs would want qualified people. Apart from qualified people, they would want those who already have their tools and expertise in the particularly type of job.



Work from Home Packing Cards opportunities are great if scam is not involved. Unfortunately in most cases, scam is usually involved.

And even when scam is not involved, it’s often a thin line separating a legitimate online job offer from an outright scam.

That’s why you must never be too desperate to apply for such jobs.

If you must, it is important to verify the authenticity of such job offers before expending time, energy and your cash to apply or register.

Packing cards as work from home job is not really a sustainable kind of job.

As I already explained earlier, most greetings cards companies would prefer to use machines to pack cards for customers. This is cheaper and more precise. Why would they pay people to do this for them?

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  1. Hi Irvin,

    Thanks for such well written and helpful post.

    I have always known such opportunities are too good to be true.

    Glad to see someone hear explaining how the scam works.

    You are very right when you said if such jobs really existed and are really paying, who would go out to do real jobs? No one indeed!

    It’s just a shame that scammers continue preying on peoples’ desperation. Hopefully more people read this article to prevent falling for such scammers.