If you are want to work from home doing online medical transcription jobs, this article is perfect for you.

It not only looks at the subject in great details but also provides a big list of genuine companies and websites that will help you find the very best medical transcription jobs online.

With the list of companies and websites provided here, you can be sure of avoiding falling for scams related to working from home doing medical transcription jobs online.

And yes, there are many scams online that promise anyone can get paid doing medical transcription jobs, even without any experience.

Most are nothing but scams and should be avoided.

A good way of knowing genuine companies is how long they have been operating and helping others get such transcription jobs. One of the ones included in this article has been operating for over 30 years!


First things first, medical transcription jobs are not new. They have come of age and with innovations and technology the people skilled in these have adapted.

Most people make enough money to take care of their expenses working from home transcribing medical records. The attraction is really great and many more people love to engage in these jobs and get paid.

If you are one of those seeking to earn a living doing medical transcription jobs online, this article will come really handy.

You will learn the very important facts you need to know, as well as the genuine websites to find the best jobs online.

You stand the best chances of doing well and earning well with medical transcription jobs if you have good typing skills and you have some skills and/or knowledge around the field of medicine.

It’s very likely the best companies that pay will require you to provide some form of certification showing your medical skills and/or knowledge.

But of course, if you don’t have the interest and/or skill for such medical related jobs, there are many other ways to make money working from home.

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But if you really have interest for medical transcription types of jobs online, then keep reading to learn all you need to.


What is a Medical Transcription Job?

A medical transcription job involves transcribing of recorded audio dictation of a physician or healthcare professional.

Yes, it’s as simple as that.

What is a Medical Transcription Job

As a medical transcriptionist, you would be required to listen to audio files of doctors or other health care professionals and transcribe the words into written documents.

The transcribed files can then be saved on a patient’s permanent medical record.

Medical transcriptionist jobs may also be referred to as medical dictation editors or medical transcription editors.

Some of the genuine companies even allow workers to choose when they want to work, whether as night jobs or day jobs.

Since you will be making money working from home, you can choose whatever flexible working hours suit your lifestyle.

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The Qualifications Needed And How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

The requirements for qualifying as a medical transcriptionist include a good knowledge of medical terminologies and medical transcription best practices.

You should also have relatively good knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and medical reporting.

No special training is required to become a medical transcription but a post-secondary education certificate will be an advantage.

This is one of the best jobs for stay at home mothers, especially those that have some medical knowledge or experience.

To become really successful as a medical transcriptionist, you can apply for training programs that help you qualify for such available jobs.

Since medical transcription is not like other general transcription jobs, it becomes important to acquire the required certification, to get the best jobs out there.

There are two types of certifications to concern yourself with in regards to this. They include registered medical transcriptionist (RMT) and certified medical transcriptionist (CMT).

You may need to take and pass an exam or test before becoming certified.

Even if you don’t have particular medical skills but are a very good transcriptionist already, you can get some training to transition into a medical transcriptionist with ease.

It would require knowing medical transcription practices and of course knowing some of the important medical terminology.

You can enroll in a short program at your local community college or even online to get the necessary training.

The training is usually designed to introduce you to the concept of medical record formatting, medical terminology that you are not familiar with, basic anatomy and physiology.

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The Equipment Needed to do Online Medical Transcription Jobs From Home

If you want to work from home as an online medical transcriptionist you need be acquainted with the type(s) of equipment or tools used.

These will include:

  • A very reliable compute or laptop
  • A very reliable Internet connection
  • A very good quality set of headphones
  • A very good transcription software
  • Foot pedal (also referred to as a WAV pedal)

Yes, you will need a very reliable computer or laptop. While some people can use their smartphones, it’s not that easy. You will definitely do better with a computer or laptop.

Since you will be working from home, you will also need a really stable and reliable Internet connection. You don’t want to use a connection that can cut you off in the middle of important transcription.

And of course you also need a very reliable and good quality set of headphones, to do a great job.

medical transcription software

Also very important, you need a good transcription software as well as foot pedal to playback the audio files when you get stuck.

Some companies offering such jobs opportunities may provide you with some of the special software needed to accomplish your work faster and for easier recording.

As a result of federal medical privacy regulations in many countries which require the confidentiality of patient medical records, some medical transcription companies may require you to have a dedicated communication line for securely receiving the medical records of clients.

If all these sound too complicated and you are looking for other ways of getting paid from the comfort of your home, check out any of the following:


How To Work From Home Doing Medical Transcription Jobs Online

Indeed, you can work from home doing medical transcription jobs and make money from the process. Whether you are looking for stable or side income, this can work for you.

Although most medical transcriptionists find work in hospitals and medical facilities, you too can work from home if you already have worked in a medical facility before.

Easy recommendations can be obtained from Physicians or medical experts whom you have previously worked with or for.

However, if you have not worked in any medical related field as a medical transcriptionist, you can still work from home and get this kind of job.

In this case, all you need do is to ensure you have some or all of the following:

  • The basic requirements of speed and accuracy in typing
  • The right equipment
  • The ability to work hard
  • The commitment to excellence
  • A good command of the English Language
  • A good listening skill

So, yes, some work is involved to make money. You get paid well but it’s certainly not like getting free money for doing no work.

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How Much Money Can You Make As A Work From Home Medical Transcriptionist

Work from home medical transcriptions jobs pay a lot better if you have the skills needed and if you can provide the needed scripts at the required time.

Unlike other ways of making money like been an online paid focus groups’ participant or been a paid product tester, you need to have some medical knowledge and/or experience.

medical transcriptions jobs from home

Most websites would pay you per hour or even per audio minute.

You can receive your payment straight to your PayPal account.

On the average, most medical transcriptionists can receive payments in the range $20 to $30 per hour. There are some that even pay a lot more, depending on your experience, skills, etc.

$20 to $30 per hour can add up to a lot and since you are working from home, that’s good money working from the comfort of your home, wouldn’t you agree?

You can even earn a lot more, depending on your skills and the company involved. For example, one of the companies listed on this article pays medical transcriptionists like you as much as $20,000 and $50,000 per year working from the comfort of their homes!

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Genuine Companies and Websites That Help You Find The Best Work From Home Online Medical Transcription Jobs

There are many companies and websites you can apply to get work as a medical transcriptionist. These websites can accept your application even if you have no previous experience with transcription in the medical sphere.

You only need to pass their speed test and other easy requirements.

get work as a medical transcriptionist

The list of top websites you can access to find medical transcription jobs from home include:


1. Athreon

This company has been around since 1988 and has made a lot of people money working from the comfort of their homes.

It is reputable in the offering of various types of assignments across several industries. These include legal firms, medical facilities, insurance companies, etc.

You can be hired by Athreon to perform home-based transcription jobs and will really be paid, unlike scam companies that don’t pay.

You get paid by this company for completing general transcription, legal transcription, and medical transcription jobs.

To qualify as a home-based transcriptionist with Athreon, your proof of graduation from a transcription training program is required.

If you don’t have any, don’t despair. You can take the time to acquire one, as previously explained in this article.

You get paid by Athreon based on the number of words you type and also based on the lines that your word expanders produce.

If you haven’t previously heard of “word expanders”, they are also known as phrase expanders that help you save time and stress in typing texts and/or filling forms by simply using customized text shortcuts.

You can use a specialized one or the one that comes for free with your Microsoft Word program. Yes, the AutoCorrect feature of your Microsoft Word program is also an expander with as many features and functionality as most standalone expanders out there.

Word expanders also help with correcting spelling mistakes you make.

Many medical transcriptionists (MTs) can’t do without word expanders.

Click here to check out Athreon

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2. M*Modal

This is another good company that really helps qualified transcriptionists get paid while working from the comfort of their homes.

It regularly offers different types of transcription and coding jobs.

different types of transcription jobs

If you want to make money as a medical transcriptionist with this company (as with most), you must have at least one year of recent work experience.

Also, it would even be better if you have completed the AAMT certified transcription program.

Click here to check out M*Modal

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3Fast Chart

According to this company: “Fast Chart is a medical transcription company that delivers innovative, accurate and affordable outsourced clinical documentation and technology solutions for hospitals, clinics and physician practices.”

This company really hires independent contractors or home-based transcriptionists to complete and get paid for medical transcriptionist’s jobs.

As with many other companies, it doesn’t matter where or when you want to work. You can work from the comfort of your home and in the schedule that best suits you.

You will need to have at least 2 years of experience in medical transcription to be employed and paid by this company.

Click here to check out Fast Chart

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4. Nuance

This is a multinational computer software technology corporation based in Massachusetts, United States. It basically provides speech and imaging applications to clients and customers.

It is a company that provides automated telephone directory services, telephone call steering systems, and server and embedded speech recognition.

This company also provides healthcare transcription services to clients and would outsource to qualified home-based or independent contractors.

If accepted by this company, you can be paid very well as you help to provide a flexible medical transcription service to their clients.

Click here to check out Nuance

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5. Med Trans

This is another company that really pays transcriptionists and provides various kinds of transcription services to health care facilities.

It is an Arizona based company and prides itself for offering professionals in the medical industry fast and accurate medical transcription services.

The medical transcription jobs from this company are often outsourced to individuals who have what it takes to be members of their team of medical transcriptionists.

You must be highly experienced and knowledgeable in the medical transcription industry to work with this company.

MedTrans gives you the opportunity to work from home and make enough money through its medical transcription course known as “Medical Transcription Made Easy”.

“…This is a complete medical transcription home course which includes a home study guide that applies practical as well as written training.”

This medical transcription course can help you determine your own level of income and work schedule.

You can earn between $20,000 and $50,000 per year working from the comfort of your home with MedTrans.

But of course this will depend on your State or region, as well as other factors.

Click here to check out Med Trans

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6. Eight Crossings, Inc

This is a company that has been providing quality medical transcription service to clients since 2001.

You can be hired by this Sacramento, California-based company to provide doctors and hospitals with quality medical transcription and medical editing services.

You must be qualified for the home-based positions. Specifically, to work with this company, you need at least two-years experience transcribing multi-specialty medical reports.

You must have a minimum ability of been able to process 1,000 lines per scheduled day and you need to a very reliable Internet connection.

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7. Amphion Medical

This is another reputable company that offers medical transcription, coding and related services to clients across the United States.

It was established in 2001 and has been providing the healthcare industry with accurate, timely, accountable, compliant and high-quality medical record transcription and coding services.

You can work and make money transcribing medical records for clients on behalf of this Madison, Wisconsin based company.

You get the choice of working either in remote, part-time or home-based capacity with this company.

The benefits of working with Amphion include having health, dental, vision and life insurance, a 401k plan, paid time off, and career-related education reimbursement.

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8. FlexJobs

Work From Home Medical Transcription Jobs with flexjob

This is a website where you can access lots of online work at home jobs, including transcription jobs.

You can sign up with this platform to find medical transcription jobs that will allow you earn from home.

You can use the search tool and enter “medical transcription” to find available medical transcriptions jobs in the jobs’ listing.

You simply click on the available links to read more about any of the job listings available to find the ones that are good for you.

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9. Precyse

This is a company that provides health management technology and services more than 5000 hospitals and health care facilities across the United States.

The solutions it offers include:

  • Medical transcription services
  • Medical coding software and outsourcing services
  • Oncology data management
  • Clinical documentation improvement
  • Health information management outsourcing services and technology

The company is now known as nThrive.

You can be hired to work as a medical transcriptionist and help provide clients with the following solutions:

  • Maximizing throughput and improving transcription quality
  • Support for physicians’ preferred methods of dictation
  • Acceleration of billing cycles with improved turnaround times
  • Utilization of pure domestic or client-approved international resources available with the same service level agreement


10. AviaCode

This website is a leader in technology-enabled medical coding services. It is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and provides varieties of medical coding and transcription services to clients.

To work with this company, you must be a certified coder and should be able to work from home providing the best services.

There are always many remote medical coding job opportunities you can avail.

You will need to visit the career page of this website to find the best coding/transcription jobs you are qualified for.

Click here to check out AviaCode


11. MT Jobs

medical transcription jobs with mtjobs

This is another good website that often posts available medical transcription jobs for interested remote workers.

When you visit this website, you will find the minimum job requirements and benefits for each transcription jobs as posted by various doctors, healthcare facilities and potential employers.

Apart from having the proficiency to handle and work with relevant word processing software, the potential candidate must have:

  • The knowledge of medical transcription standard guidelines and practices
  • The knowledge of applicable medical terminology and phrasing
  • The knowledge of HIPAA requirements


You will also be required to provide a fast turn-around service if/when employed.

What you do and earn will be based on the employer.

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12. Phoenix Medcome

This is another reputable company that provides clinical documentation and support services to hospitals and physicians practices.

This company is owned and operated by professionals who have been involved in the Health Care Services industry for more than thirty years.

You can work as an independent contractor with this company to help provide medical transcription services for clients.

You need to have a solid healthcare background to work with this company.

You need at least 2-years experience as a medical transcriptionist to work with this company.

Also, you must have an above average experience in the operation of a computer, to work with this company.

Click here to check out Phoenix Medcome


13. Cobb Medical Transcription

This is another medical transcription company based in Georgia, USA. It is owned and operated by Certified Medical Transcriptionists.

Since 1985, this company has been providing medical transcription solutions to clinics, hospitals, and physicians across the United States.

You can be hired by this company to work from home as a medical transcriptionist.

You are required to be a Certified Medical Transcriptionist and maintain continuing medical education credits.

Click here to check out Cobb Medical Transcription


Best Practices for Successful Work From Home Medical Transcription

To become a success with these transcription jobs while working at home, you need:

  • The right mindset
  • Excellent command of language and grammar
  • High degree of attention to detail
  • The ability to meet deadlines
  • A hard working nature

It’s also a plus if you have:

  • Experience in the medical related issues
  • Speed in your typing
  • Proven accuracy in your typing

You should also ensure that all aspects related to medical records are kept private.

Also, when doing this job, you need to do away with any form of distractions, to do a good job.

It is also important to be mindful of legal requirements when doing this job.

As already mentioned, privacy of the information related to medical patients must not be shared. You need to build absolute trust in the minds of the employer or those who have provided you with the job.

If possible you must acquire some good training. This will help you build the skills needed and also help you do other aspects like transcribe audio files effectively.

You can apply for short term medical transcription training that may last for just about 6 months to 1 year. There are many of such courses online that won’t cost you a fortune to start.


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As you have learned from the above, it’s indeed possible to earn money doing these types of job online. To get the best from these jobs, it pays to learn all there is to it, get some much needed training, get the right equipment and tools, etc.

Working as a medical transcriptonist can be very fulfilling:

  • You will benefit from wider knowledge of medical terms
  • You can set your own flexible work time and convenience
  • You get adequate compensation based on your performance

More so, you can enjoy the use of the right technology and software that would make your work easier.

And when it comes to finding the best jobs, the above mentioned list of websites will come handy.

As I said in the beginning of this, if you don’t have the interest or skill for such medical transcription jobs, there are many other ways to make money working from home.

For example, there are genuine ways of making money playing games online and even genuine ways of making money just watching YouTube videos, all from the comfort of your home.

If you would rather do simpler jobs online that still pay you, consider doing online surveys. They are very simple to do, don’t require any experience at all and there are genuine survey companies that really pay.

One of such survey companies that really pay is SurveyJunkie. It’s a very old survey company and is currently been used by millions of people all over the world.

They pay you for many tasks you do online. The easiest is paying you just for leaving your thoughts and even paying you for other activities you do from the comfort of your home. And yes, they pay you straight to your Paypal account, if that’s how you want to get paid.

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