There are work from home jobs to get into without investment.

This article reveals up to 20 of such jobs and some tips to help you.


Why Work from Home Jobs Without Investment?

Why not, right?

Especially when you are tired of the long commute to and from work every day.

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Looking for a new employment opportunity that doesn’t require you to be tethered to an office chair staring at a computer screen?

Exasperated at the boss constantly looking over your shoulder and monitoring your work?

How about an employment position where you work from home, have the liberty to move freely about and there is no one looking over your shoulder because you know what needs to be done and you do it?

Welcome to the world of working from home.

Due to the recent pandemic, there was a forced experiment conducted.

That experiment was a significant number of employees maintaining distance requirements by management which led to a number of employees working from home.

Also, there is a part of the workforce that is comprised of individuals who for a variety of reasons are unable to leave home and work in different locations apart from their residence.

These individuals may be homebound for a variety of reasons which could include caring for a loved one, physical challenges, transportation issues, etc.

With the successful benefits demonstrated by employees working from home coupled with the need to engage more workers who are available it would appear that working remotely may be a viable solution.

Therefore, let us look at some work-from-home jobs that don’t require any investment and companies that are open to hiring these individuals.


20 Work from Home Jobs Without Investment and Companies Hiring


1. Bookkeepers 

A critical position within a company is the proper handling of recording income and expenses.

Unlike the old days where a bookkeeper would use a huge ledger and enter the numbers by hand, today the work is accomplished through bookkeeping software programs.

Additionally, because a bookkeeper is basically left alone to accomplish this work, it is one of those positions that can be done remotely and with no inventory.

Is just a matter of using the software program which is typically purchased by the company and can be placed on the individual’s computer or accessed remotely.

One such company that is looking for a remote bookkeeper is Midtown Electric.

To be considered for this position the individual needs a high school diploma and two years of experience.

Also, it is considered as a part-time role and the bookkeeper will need to commit to 25 to 30 hours per week.


2. Call Center Reps

Many companies are moving away from having a phone bank within a physical setting that is staffed by call center reps.

The companies have found that it is less expensive for an individual to be hired who can work remotely and therefore they do not need the overhead costs associated with operating a physical location.

A call center representative is being advertised by Kforce and is offering $17 per hour for an individual who brings experience within the state of California.


3. Engagement Specialist 

CVS, the drugstore, is looking for an individual who can fulfill the occupational title of engagement Specialist.

An Engagement Specialist utilizes the telephone to reach out to members of Aetna’s healthcare program and connect those members to care managers.

The qualified individual needs to have a high school diploma or GED and the hire is currently being accomplished in the state of Pennsylvania.


4. Recruitment Coordinator 

Allegis Global Solutions has a remote opportunity for a Recruitment Coordinator.

The job entails providing administrative support to Allegis’ recruitment team, scheduling interviews, generating offer letters, and interacting with potential candidates for the position.

The job requires that the individual has some experience and the position offers benefits as a full-time position.


5. Content Writer 

Another opportunity home job to be accomplished without investment is by being your own boss and seeking out various opportunities of employment.

This can be done through the Internet site of, and others, where you register as a freelancer, and you search the database of potential employment opportunities.

The positive feature of this website is that you are not restricted to particular employment positions.

You can apply for any job that you feel that your talents and skills would be a good match for.

Therefore, if you wanted to be a content writer you would do a search in the database for a writer and the screen will be populated with a variety of opportunities that range anywhere from being a creative writer to a research writer to a Christian devotional writer, etc.

When you submit a proposal, you utilize a cover letter and are given the opportunity to indicate the hourly wage or that you would are proposing to complete the job.


6. Administrative Assistant 

Fusion Academy is advertising for a full-time administrative assistant.

The qualifications that they are looking for include an individual with three years of experience and having a bachelor’s degree.

The job calls for the individual to answer phones and serve as office manager which consists of assisting teachers and students with administrative responsibilities, scheduling, and general office duties.

The job posting indicates that this position can be fulfilled remotely.


7. Remote Customer Service 

HSN (Home Shopping Network) has the need for remote Customer Service and Order Specialists.

The qualifications for this employment position include being a high school graduate or having a GED and the needed equipment to fulfill the responsibilities.

Starting pay for this position is $11.50 per hour.


8. Content Writer 

One Firefly, with this advertised position, is looking for a writer to provide SEO content (Search Engine Optimization).

The position requires an individual to have four years of experience with the position being full-time with a flexible schedule.


9. Communications Lead 

With the position of Communications Lead at North Highland the qualified individual will assist the company’s clients with creating, strategizing, and implementation of branded communications throughout a variety of projects.

The company is located in the Pacific Time zone and the qualified individual would need to be able to accommodate that time zone with their work schedule.

North Island is a consultancy firm that helps businesses create powerful and cutting-edge solutions to help with the transmission of their business as it relates to customer service, their workforce, and day-to-day operations.


10. Talent Acquisition Temp 

The employment position advertised by HarperCollins Publishers is for an individual to support recruitment efforts.

The position involves organizing and interview scheduling, posting employment listings, and other admin support.

The open position is a full-time position on a temporary basis.


11. Consultant Support Representative 

Scentsy Consultants is a producer of scented wax products.

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The job opening of a Consultant Support Representative provides support to consultants affiliated with this company.

This is accomplished through phone, chats, and e-mail.


12. Digital Media Coordinator 

Rain the Growth Agency wishes to employ a Digital Media Coordinator that brings one year of experience.

The job description of the successful candidate requires one year of experience.

The specifics include providing organizational support for the digital media team, keeping the line of communication open regarding updates, scheduling, and compiling projects.


13. Recruitment Coordinator 

A Recruitment Coordinator with experience is being recruited by Allegis Global Solutions.

Allegis Global Solutions is a talent acquisition company.

The position entails providing support to the recruitment team, scheduling interviews, providing offer letters, and communicating with candidates.


14. Quality Assurance Specialist 

The function of this employment position is to provide oversight and review customer service calls with the purpose being to ensure a quality experience for the customer.

EverRise is a technology company that involves the blockchain process.

The company provides bridging and security answers for its customers.


15. Lead Project Coordinator 

A Lead Project Coordinator is offered to the individual having 4 to 6 years of experience in planning, managing, verifying, and tracking orders for Lumen.

Additionally, the individual must have at a minimum an associate’s degree.

The pay range for this full-time employee is $65,070 to $144,840.

Lumen is a telecommunications company headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana.

Also See: Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment.


16. Social Media Manager 

Booster Fuels is an energy-delivering business that provides sustainable fuel for its consumers.

The company has been on the innovative edge of supplying power for its customers and significantly reducing carbon emissions.

They utilize remote workers such as advertising for a Social Media Manager.

The position calls for managing the company’s presence on social media platforms.


17. Customer Service Agents 

Amazon hires virtual Customer Service Agents to process calls to the company.

Paid training is offered as well as the provision of the needed equipment to successfully perform the job.

Starting pay is an entry-level of $10 per hour.


18. Travel Consultants 

The positions of travel consultants are available through American Express.

The job description requires the service representatives to plan, research, and follow through on customizing the experiences of the travelers and their itineraries.

As an added incentive American Express trains individuals for these roles and offers pay during the process.


19. Remote Guest Support 

Fancy Hands employs individuals to provide customer service requests.

Those requests include phone calls, facilitating appointments, making travel arrangements, and performing data entry.

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistance service in the United States.


20. Reservation Agents

The Hilton hotel chain employs individuals as Remote Reservation Agents.

These Customer Representative Agents engage customers and help to facilitate their hotel reservations.

Pay ranges from $10 to $12 per hour.

The positions available can be full-time and benefits include discounts for employees during their stay at a Hilton.


Personal Story

Six years ago, I retired.

I had just turned 66 and was looking forward to being with my wife and enjoying our retirement plans.

Our dream was to travel across Canada by railroad and in fact, at my retirement party, my fellow employees and board members had gathered up a sizable contribution to help facilitate that dream.

Unfortunately, I began to notice some troubling indicators of my wife’s failing mental state.

My fears were confirmed after attending a volunteer board meeting and upon returning home a squad car was parked out in front of our home.

Evidently, my wife had called the police indicating that someone was in the house.

It was all part of her imagination and a doctor’s visit soon followed with the diagnosis being the early stages of dementia.

All that to say is that working from home has been a significant blessing because home care became our choice of healthcare measures taken due to the extreme expense of professional residential care.

Also, as my wife’s primary care provider I am able to work remotely and earn a bit of money to help offset the costs but even more importantly give me something constructive to do in addition to being the caregiver for my wife.


Work at Home Jobs Without Investment FAQs


What Are the Advantages of Working Remotely for the Employee and Employer?

In addition to the obvious advantage of not having to commute to work is that it has been proven that employees working remotely were just as productive if not more productive.

The insight reflected is there are fewer distractions at home than working in an office.

Additionally, for both the employee and employer there are distinct cost savings.

The savings for the employer were less office space and transportation costs and for the employee less cost commuting.


Are There Any Disadvantages to Working Remotely From Home?

The potential disadvantages include the possibility of difficulty in staying motivated, limited social interaction, possible communication issues, and possible technology issues.


You Can Do It

There are a variety of reasons why working remotely is the perfect solution for your situation.

These opportunities and significantly more are available to meet your needs and the needs of your future employer.

Why not limit your commute from your home to downtown by commuting from your home to your home.



There are quality employment positions that need to be filled by quality employees.

For a variety of reasons, some of the quality candidates are unable to fulfill the job description in the traditional fashion.

Fortunately, these careers can be successfully accomplished remotely, and working remotely is increasing in popularity for both the employer and employee.

These accommodations have proven mutually beneficial to all involved.

Why not take your place in the employment market by working remotely and being a model employee from the comfort of your own home.

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