Wondering if there are work from home jobs that provide equipment?

Wonder no more because this article reveals as many as 20 such jobs and example of some companies to consider for this.


Why Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment?

As the saying goes, to do the job properly you have to have the proper tools.

However, sometimes the job at hand requires a tool that is unavailable and so we have to be innovative to get the job done.

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Wallace D. Wattles says, “It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools be used in the right way.”

Employers want their employees to succeed.

A successful employee will get the job done and lead to a successful and productive company that keeps all involved happy.

As part of the efforts to have successful employees, it is important that they are encouraged, have the right training, and the right tools for the job.

Let us look at companies that are committed to this formula of success.


20 Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment


1. Equipment Needed 

For an employee to complete their job description they most likely utilize tools.

For a traveling salesman, the company may provide a company car, for an administrative assistant it would be a phone and computer equipment, for a construction worker it would be a hammer or other necessary tools.

The issuing and proper training of tools provided by a company are necessary to complete the task at hand.


2. Internet

For companies that hire workers to work remotely, an absolute must is a quality internet connection.

The Internet service should be high-speed and hard wired through a cable to ensure security and maintain a constant connection.

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3. 10up

10up is an online website company that helps businesses develop their web and provides a strategy for their customers that emphasizes the user experience and the management of simple content on the webpage.

This company employs remote workers and supplies the needed equipment.

The equipment that they provide is through the process of an equipment allowance that is given to the employee.

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4. Acceleration Partners

This company helps their business and corporate customers to facilitate their growth by refining their affiliation partnerships.

The equipment that this company provides to their remote workers is the provision of a monetary allowance that can be used towards the purchase of technology, investment of tools, or office equipment for the individual employee to efficiently perform their job duties.

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5. Articulate

Articulate relies heavily upon employees that work remotely.

As their name implies, they endeavor to help businesses and corporations to better articulate or relay their story that not only resonate with the customers but provide a significant impact.

They have helped businesses within the education, science, healthcare, and philanthropy segments of the business community.

This company provides remote workers with the needed equipment to set up their home office and appropriate technology to adequately perform their duties.

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6. Auth0

As a web and mobile security entrepreneurship, Auth0 needs workers who can work remotely from their homes.

Their commitment to those that they employ and who work from their home is to provide the equipment needed so that the individual can excel at being a quality employee and fulfilling their job description.

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7. Automattic

Automatic is a pioneer as it relates to utilizing their employees through a remote process.

Their complement of employees consists of individuals all around the globe who work from their home office.

The core of their business operations is WordPress.

The equipment that this company offers to their employees is whatever is required for them to fulfill their job description.

The costs of items that are purchased are reimbursed to the individual.

Those items can include both software and hardware.

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8. Chili Piper

The focus in service of this company is to provide software solutions for their clients and customers.

They provide a scheduling platform that enhances the engagement of the buyer through qualified leads that are automatically booked through a meeting or call after a potential customer has filled out a site’s contact form.

This company is committed to the success of its employees and as such is committed to providing any equipment, technology, and software needed to fulfill the job description.

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9. Collage

This is a company that takes the photos provided by its customers and creates beautiful designs and accessories.

Their business model is based on being remote.

This model is an extension of their commitment to maintaining the happiness of their team, realizing that a happy team is a productive team.

The company is committed to providing the needed equipment required by its complement of remote workers.

In addition, they also reimburse the worker their Internet expense.

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10. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a cloud space company that focuses on business and its data storage needs.

The commitment of Digital Ocean to their remote employees is the provision of computer equipment and a grant or stipend of up to $100 so that the individual employee can purchase quality headphones of their choosing.

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11. Doist

This company was founded in 2007 by a student that was attending college and was endeavoring to find a way to efficiently handle all of his daily tasks.

He ended up creating an app that is called ToDoist.

This app manages the personal and work schedule of an individual and categorizes and gives importance to the tasks at hand, rating them from the most common to those of the highest priority.

This company issues their remote employees the needed hardware for the job and also reimburses the employees for their Internet expenses.

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12. Enterprise Holdings

This company can be defined as the parent company of a majority of the car rental services that are available throughout the communities.

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Enterprise Holdings has a remote employee work base that is called upon to be call center representatives.

As part of the employment position, remote employees of this company are provided with a phone system that includes a microphone/headset.

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13. Files.com

This cloud-based company provides a data storage platform for companies and their files and workflows.

The company aggressively seeks out employees who can fulfill a variety of jobs within the organization.

As part of their company model, they utilize many individuals who work from home.

The equipment that they provide for the employee to fulfill their roles and responsibility is the giving of a computer that is state-of-the-art.

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14. Formstack

This company provides their customers custom forms that are needed as well as other documents.

Signatures on the documents that are presented by a company to their customers also collect e-signatures for validation and verification.

This company relies heavily upon remote workers and the workers are located around the globe.

In addition to the extensive benefits package, remote workers are provided with the needed technology and various tools that are required to function and meet the job expectations.

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15. Gitlab

This DevOps platform company is utilized by Project Managers to perform a variety of tasks that are connected with a project.

The platform allows for the development, securing, and operating of software through one application.

For its remote workers, it allows the employees to purchase the needed equipment required to perform their roles and responsibilities.

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16. Glitch

This platform is used by a significant number of customers to create web apps.

Heavily invested in remote workers, Glitch offers their remote employees their choice of technical set-up.

Also, they provide $100 a month as a stipend to the employee to cover home-office expenses.

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17. Hotjar

Hotjar is a globally connected company that employs workers all around the world.

Their product or service is a product that allows their customers to observe how their websites are being used by individuals.

Because of their extensive use of remote workers, to function from their home base, Hotjar offers a monthly allowance to offset the costs associated with their performance of the job.

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18. Hyatt

Hyatt provides a hospitality service to its customers through the provision of hotel rooms and conference facilities.

As part of their working model, they utilize remote workers that fulfill the job responsibility of being customer service representatives.

Understanding the importance of customer service, Hyatt provides its remote workers with the necessary communication equipment to ensure that customer service is a quality experience for all.

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19. InVision

InVision offers a digital product design for their customers.

They rely on remote workers to meet the customer’s needs and fulfill the company’s vision and mission.

To support the work efforts of their remote staff they provide the needed tools as well as the equipment to set up a productive home office.


20. LaCalle Group

LaCalle Group is a conglomeration of companies.

Their business provides innovative human senses technology including audiology and speech pathology services and products.

Those employees working remotely are provided with the home office equipment required which includes office supplies, a personal Mac computer, and a monthly stipend to cover the costs of the Internet.

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Personal Story

I am a caregiver for my wife and part of my caregiving role and responsibilities are to give her prescription medication.

She is either unable or refuses to take her medication that is in tablet form.

Therefore, I needed to grind up the tablets and put them in her food so that she will take her medication to keep her as healthy as possible.

To grind up the medication I used a small coffee grinder at first.

When that small appliance gave out I had to find another means for the process.

I finally broke down and went to a local drugstore and purchased a device in which you place the medication.

The top of the area where the pills are placed had small plastic teeth.

After placing the tablets in this area, a similarly constructed top would be placed and with several twists the pills would be ground down to powder.

Unfortunately, my wife’s condition sometimes causes her to take things and either throw them away or hide them.

I have yet to find that item.

Now, the tool that I have settled down upon is a small screwdriver that has a handle that is rounded at the base.

I take her medication and put it in a porcelain shot glass and grind up the medication that way.

Not the proper tool but certainly effective.


Working at Home Jobs that Provide Equipment FAQs


Are Stipends Taxable?

Stipends are considered as awards, and they are not earned.

Therefore, they are not considered as wages for services and consequently, taxes such as Social Security and Medicare are not withheld from stipends.

However, stipends are still considered taxable income and should be claimed on one’s IRS return.


As a Remote Worker How Do I Account or How Does My Employer Account for My Time?

Often, an employer who has remote workers will require documentation to reflect or demonstrate that an employee is working.

This can be done the old-fashioned way where an employee will fill out a timesheet and submit it to their supervisor for approval on the hours worked.

However, more than likely, there will be software installed on the employee’s computer that will track the time and electronically convey the worker’s hours to the payroll department.


You Can Do It

If an individual is properly trained and is provided with the proper tools, then virtually any job that is required can be accomplished.

The formula for success is to ultimately have successful employees who are encouraged by having the right training and the right tools for the job.



It would appear that the workplace is continuing to evolve and remote workers are going to be a critical component of the workforce.

Companies more and more see the value of hiring and investing in remote workers.

The use of remote workers utilizing the proper office equipment is a trend that will be beneficial to employers, employees, and customers alike.

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