Yes, there are really good paying work from home jobs for felons to make money.

This article reveals as many as 20 easy such jobs for felons to work from home and get paid.


Importance of Work From Home Jobs for Felons

For the uninformed, a felon is an individual who has been convicted and sentenced due to a major crime.

Examples of major felon crimes could include murder, rape, burglary, kidnapping, and arson.

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Understandably, an employer knowing, before hiring, that an individual is a convicted felon may raise some concerns.

Those concerns could be the safety and well-being of their employees, their customers, and the judgments of people knowing that a felon is on staff.

If a felon has been released from jail it has been determined that they have done their time in satisfying their punishment for the crime.

Unfortunately, being stigmatized is a very real judgment that is placed upon individuals whether they have been rehabilitated or not.

Giving in to judgments based upon what people did in the past and not what their lives are like in the present moment can also be a crime.

Additionally, this crime can lead to difficulty for a convicted felon who has paid their debt to society and is trying to find employment.

This difficulty in finding employment may be based upon the reality that their talents and skills once used to support themselves and their families may have been eliminated or revamped and the individual is no longer qualified for that job or the job they once did is no longer available.

Fortunately, with the advent of working remotely, the potential risk to all involved can be minimized with the advantage being that a rehabilitated individual can find employment.

Let us, therefore, look at opportunities for individuals who have paid their debt to society and look at remote opportunities and companies that open the doors of employment.


20 Easy Work at Home Jobs for Felons to Make Money & Legit Companies Paying


1. Data Entry 

A potential job for an individual to work from home who has a criminal history would be the employment job of entering data.

Although the job is important and requires data that is entered to be accurate, there are not any particular special skills that are required.

It is just a matter of accurately typing into the spreadsheet or software program the data without any mistakes.

Although it may seem like a job that is pretty routine and not very exciting, is an opportunity to feel good about the work that you do and earn a living.


2. Blogger

Due to the power of various social media platforms, several companies hire individuals to write content for them or by blogging about the company and its activities.

This is an important role because it’s an opportunity to tell the company’s story, gain a visible presence on the social media platforms and possibly attract new customers.

If the individual who is looking for a job has good writing skills this may be the perfect opportunity for them to utilize those skills by blogging.


3. Online Translator

Because the business world and the community in general around the globe are getting smaller because of the Internet, there is an increasing demand for individuals who can translate English into a variety of other languages.

The other languages that require this translation to occur include English into Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, French, etc.

If an individual is multilingual and can speak one of these languages, they could make an application as an online translator and help companies increase their customer base and maximize business opportunities.


4. Video/Audio Transcriber 

Additionally, opportunities for being paid a higher wage abound in medical, financial, and legal fields, and more.

Being a transcriptionist is another online opportunity that is needed and that doesn’t require any significant specialized skills.

It’s just a matter of listening to video recordings or just audio files and transcribing what is being said.

The transcriptionist’s role is to capture the communication verbatim.

The skills required would be an individual who can type fast has good hearing and has a penchant for detail.

A good transcriber can earn up to $25 an hour.


5. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant is an employment position that can be done remotely and is not demanding as to the requirements or the skills needed.

A variety of companies, large as well as small, hire virtual assistants to manage their ongoing daily tasks and scheduling.

The specific duties would include the management of calendars, reminding individuals and customers through email reminders, possibly preparing power points, transcribing videos, and phone calls.

There are freelance contracting websites that often advertise for a virtual assistant.

One of those websites is

By registering with this online company, you can search the database of jobs being offered which sometimes includes that of being a virtual assistant.

If it is something that you want to make an application for, you simply submit a bid and if accepted then you go to work.


6. Social Media Content Manager 

Circling back to the power of social media platforms, many companies use these platforms to promote their business product.

Examples of social media platforms include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tiktok, etc.

By utilizing these platforms, they can connect more powerfully to other people to not only promote their products and services but also be able to take surveys and help to get brand recognition.

To fully utilize these platforms, companies are looking to hire social media content managers to help write content and gain visibility in the social community.

An individual who is familiar with these platforms would be a good candidate coupled with their ability to publish videos, respond to comments, post pictures, logging, etc.

The value of this position can be seen as some companies will offer anywhere from $25-$30 per hour.

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7. Customer Service Call Center Rep 

One of the efforts of companies was to aggressively reach out to customers through call centers.

Many companies no longer use this business model because of the expense involved.

Now, they have outsourced this process by hiring individuals to call from wherever they may be residing.

Because of the general acceptance of English around the world, the majority of businesses prefer to hire native-speaking English individuals as well as individuals who know another language.

The individual that would be perfect for this position is an individual who enjoys working with people to provide support and enjoy finding resolution during moments of conflict.

Companies will provide the training needed and instruct employees on how to interact with customers by providing answers to questions and help to get the customer to a level of satisfaction by teaching how to troubleshoot a product.

The salary for an average customer service representative can be anywhere from $10-$15 per hour.

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8. Online Survey Taker 

The action of conducting surveys is a powerful way of getting feedback from customers to obtain their opinion about the products and services that are being offered.

The data that is accumulated from these surveys helps to inform the business on how to better manage and market their product while making sure that customer satisfaction is a priority.

Therefore, the employment position of being an online survey taker is a critical one and is something that can be accomplished remotely.

The average length of time to conduct a survey ranges anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes and more elaborate surveys could take 20 to 30 minutes.


9. Online Tutor 

One additional remote employment position is the position of an online tutor.

One would think that teaching experience is required but this is not necessarily the case.

There are a variety of tutoring jobs on websites such as TutorMe or Brainfuse.

Although teaching credentialing and experience isn’t necessarily needed, most tutoring positions do require that the individual have a bachelor’s degree in a subject area that they are looking to instruct in.

A tutor can earn anywhere from $10-$20 per hour and if experiences coupled with higher ratings from the students, they could command $50 an hour.



10. People Per Hour

This particular website engages individuals that have a talent and skill related to technology.

Some of those skills and talents include search engine marketing (SEO) and software engineering.

With this site, there is an application process, but no background check is conducted.

The jobs on this website are above average in their pay.

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11. Upwork

Upwork is a website and app platform that connects freelancers with individuals who need to have jobs fulfilled.

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All the individual needs to do is register on the site, describe a little bit about themselves and what talents that they can bring to the freelancing table.

There are a variety of jobs and certainly enough listings that would resonate with the talents and skills of an individual.

There is no background check associated with being a freelancer on the site.

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12. Ifreelance 

Similar to Upwork, this site matches individuals with freelancing skills and talent for work that is posted.

The significant difference of working on this site is that when a freelancer completes a job there is no charge to the freelancer or percentage of the job given back to the company.

Working with the site requires no background check.


13. IntelliZoomPanel (Formerly WhatUsersDo)

This website pays you to share your experiences with a variety of products.

These products are well-known in the retail industry.

When an individual sign up to partake or participate in this program they commit to 15 to 20 minutes and give feedback on the product.

Also, you can participate remotely in studies based on your schedule and these studies can be done from your car, from the comfort of your home, or while you are out in the community

Payment through PayPal will net you $8 for taking the test.

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14. User Testing 

Companies such as Lowe’s, Domino’s, Samsung, utilize this website to determine what their customers are experiencing and thinking.

The process requires that you submit your email and participate in a practice test.

You then browse through the website and answer various questions to match with testing opportunities.

New tests are offered and released frequently.

When you take the test, you then share your perspectives with the matched test and help the various brands to aid in their improvement of services and their products.

This site will offer you a five-minute test four dollars and a five-minute test ten dollars and for every 20-minute test the range of pay will be anywhere from $30-$120 for live interviews.

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15. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research enlists and pays for the help of individuals as it relates to testing and reviewing a variety of new concepts that are related to products and services offered by companies.

The company advertises their need for individuals to complete online studies and provide their opinion and be an influencer as it relates to companies.

Each time you participate in a test you are awarded points that can be redeemed for cash or prizes.


16. Enroll

The Enroll App is an opportunity for an individual to review and test websites.

A major part of being accepted as a qualified candidate to review websites is based on demographics.

The demographics are usually based on the person’s age, gender, part of the country they live in, etc.

The testing runs the whole spectrum of websites that are tested and as a participant, in the review of these websites, you will discuss ease of navigating the website, their logo, and other items such as reading the content and proofing the content for errors.

There is no enrollment fee and no specific professional skills are required.

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17. Mechanical Turks

Mechanical Turks is a great option for someone who has excellent typing skills.

The essence of this job, affiliated with Amazon, is that the worker is shown a receipt and on that receipt is a dollar amount and that dollar amount must be transcribed.

The difficulty comes into play as sometimes the numbers are hard to see or can be very extensive in length.

Other potential data entry transactions would include the entry of the UPC or the color of something.

With this position, there is a significant amount of work and may lead to better opportunities.

The individual is paid per piece or batch and there may be up to five receipts per batch.

The pay depends upon the difficulty of the task.

There is no background check, and this can provide an excellent working opportunity for an individual who has a sordid past.

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18. Appen

Appen will fulfill the function of being a web search evaluator.

The pay is roughly $15 per hour and is open to all United States residents.

The work requires that the individual commits to 20 hours per week.

The basic function of a web search evaluator is to verify the relevance of search engine results pages.

You will be assigned certain keywords to search and analyze the relevance of the results.

The skills required include the ability to think analytically, an understanding of search results through the use of the Internet, a broad knowledge of a variety of subjects and familiarity of people today and being able to work independently.

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19. Fiverr

Fiverr is another freelance website in which the individual simply registers and begins looking for freelancing opportunities.

Those opportunities range anywhere from writing to being a virtual assistant to providing graphics, etc.

There are over 400 categories for a freelance to potentially be involved with.

Click here to check out Fiverr


20. Freelancer

Freelancer is another freelance site like the previous that works in similar ways


Personal Story

In my state of residency, we have overcrowding of our correctional facilities.

To release some of the pressure of that overcrowding, some prisoners were identified for a pre-release program.

It was determined by law enforcement that, although they were felons, their crimes did not rise to the same level of being dangerous as other prisoners.

We took in 15 to 20 of these pre-release prisoners who wore ankle monitors and had to check in with their probation officers but during the day they were free to go to school, look for employment, etc.

It is easy to be deceived by their ability to adapt in life and say the things that they know other people want to hear.

They are survivors, not living, but just surviving.

The only problem is that because of their background, wearing an ankle monitor, and being in a prerelease program it was difficult for them to find employment.

The majority of them indicated that they wanted to find employment but the actions of some and their motivation were questionable.

I would wonder if their outlook was affected by their circumstances or whether their circumstances affected their outlook.

Even though they weren’t confined by a jail cell, it appeared that the power of the mind was more confining as it related to their freedom from their past and the stigma of others.


Money Earning Working from  Home Jobs for Felons FAQs


Is It Legal to Ask About a Person’s Criminal History as It Relates to Employment?

In all states, an employer can ask a potential employee about any felony convictions that they may have before they extend an offer for employment.

What is illegal in some states is to ask an individual about their criminal history before they make an offer.

Therefore, when an employer is looking at hiring an individual at that point, they can do a background check which involves asking about any convictions.


How Many Convicted Felons Find Jobs After They Have Been Released From Prison?

According to a recent study released prisoners finding employment after the first full year of their freedom was at a level of 55%.

This percentage of individuals reported work-related earnings.


You Can Do It

It is easier said than done but the truth and reality are that today is a new day and you are not defined by your past.

Therefore, there are new opportunities available to you that may help to break free from some of the stigmas.



Many companies say yes to employment opportunities for felons.

Some of these job opportunities can be performed online and some companies will hire felons in workplaces.

The point is to continue to be a survivor and move on towards living.

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