Working from home is the future, and if you’re in the airline industry, you may wonder if you can work from home.

While they do need in-person people, there are work-from-home airline jobs available that pay decently.

You do need to look around for this, and there are some considerations to think about, but here are the 15 best companies that are offering work-from-home airline jobs for people.


Can I Really Work From Home?

Yes, you can.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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There is one downside where you may need to come in for onsite job training before you work from home.

So, it might not be feasible if you’re located too far from the airport.

But sometimes, these companies aren’t hiring a lot either.

There may also be some limitations if you’re not based in the US.

But, with people working from home more and more, and lots preferring this, it’s something to be aware of and to consider down the line too.


Types of Work-from-home Jobs

Usually, these jobs fall into four major categories.

First, you’ve got reservation agents, where from home you get people’s flights booked, and also help them if they need to change a flight sometimes.

This also is chat or email-based, rather than phone-based.

Sales and marketing are another.

If you know marketing and sales, you can join promotional teams for airlines to help with this.

Internal support jobs such as technical support for their sites, HR, training personnel, and of course accounting.

Basically, all of the administrative jobs outside of the people on the planes themselves.

Customer support handles delays, cancelations, and other problems.

You also may be in charge of figuring out where bags are located and alerting the customer in the event they’re lost.


15 Best Companies Offering Work-from-home Airline Jobs


1. Southern Airways

This is a company that does offer job openings for jobs in the US.

While it doesn’t pay amazingly, still $15 an hour just to sit down and take reservations is good.

Plus, it’s full-time, and the requirements are either a GED or diploma, but also a year of call center experience if it’s dealing with customer support.

They are always looking to hire, so it may be a good one to consider as well.

Click here to check out Southern Airways Express


2. Alaska Airlines

This is a company that offers agent positions, and while it doesn’t have it explicitly stated to be work from home, you do get the option once hired if you want to.

You need to be within 100 miles of Kent, WA, or Boston, MA, and if you need training, you have to come in.

There is also the problem of being micromanaged with this, so be mindful.

It also pays only about $12 an hour, but it also may be something to consider, and you do get the travel benefits and insurance benefits too.

Click here to check out Alaska Airlines


3. American Airlines

While it pays much less than other companies, there is always the potential for raises and growth.

It’s the largest airline company, and they constantly have work from home positions.

You also just need to be over the age of 18, based in the US and have a GED to get employment.

You do need to be near Dallas, Miami, Cary, NC, or the other major centers, and it does require 10 weeks of onsite training before you can work from home.

You do have to work shifts, and you do need a good computer. But, if you want to work from home for them, it’s very easy.

Click here to check out American Airlines


4. Omni Air Services

Omni air services group, which is now a part of the Air Transport services group, does have work from home jobs.

They’re not the best company to work with, but they are always hiring for scheduling and charter sales.

The job itself involves working with the customer service base to follow the metrics and make sure that they’re met, as indicated by the manager of the department.

It’s all from home too, but you might need to as well come in for training.

It is a possibility, but they don’t have the best repute, so keep that in mind.

Click here to check out Omni Air Transport


5. Delta Airlines

Delta airlines are GA-based and have been around since 1924, and is always looking for new people to work for them.

They offer work-from-home positions on occasion, and it’s pretty good.

They do have conditions, such as you need to be in Texas, Utah, Atlanta, or Minnesota and must have 6 months of onsite training.

Bilingual is usually what they want, but mostly just sales reps, and you get $12.85 to start, with raises every 6 or so months.

Click here to check out Delta Airlines


6. JetBlue

JetBlue is located in New York, but they also offer work from home positions in Florida and Utah.

While they are one of the newer airline companies, they do a lot of work around the US, and they usually are looking for those to help as part of the reservations team.

If you want to get hired, it’s recommended that you at least have a couple of years of customer experience before you get hired.

They also do offer reservations positions, IT support, and receptionist positions too.

Click here to check out JetBlue


7. Sun Country Airlines

This is a company that offers customer service work, but you need to live in the Sun country HQ location and must be located in Minneapolis for you to be qualified.

The training is virtual and is about 4 weeks long.

It’s $15 an hour to start and is full-time.

The only thing that you need most to qualify for this is some past customer service job experience before they consider you for it.

Click here to check out Sun Country Airlines


8. Southwest

This is based in Dallas, and it offers low-priced flights for many people.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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They also offer plenty of customer support positions, and the pay can be higher than others.

They also are pretty flexible with the jobs as well.

They need QA analysts, those who do email marketing, HR, and other positions.

You can find it directly on their site or on Flexjobs too.



9. United Airlines

They are the third-largest airliner out there, and they handle many travers in many different destinations and countries.

They hire reservation agents to work both part-time and full-time in their work from home jobs.

While they are remote, the training is done at their call center hubs.

For this job, they do offer all of the benefits, including free standby tickets, along with fares discounted for every route.

They also offer health insurance, paid time off, and sick leave, too, if you take this.

Click here to check out United Airlines


10. Spirit

Spirit Airlines are known for its low costs, and they also offer work from home jobs.

Theirs are more service-desk-focused, but there are also support analysis and customer service reps as well that offer remote jobs for you to try.

The requirements do that you need to be near a hub or that you’re willing to travel to go to one of the hubs that are out there.

Click here to check out Spirit Airlines


11. Frontier Airlines

Based in Denver, this one offers low-cost fares and flights.

They offer work from home services, too, such as flight benefits for your family and yourself, health insurance benefits, and 401K plans too for you to try.

This is for data analysts and pricing analysts, which is definitely more numbers-focused than anything else.

Click here to check out Frontier airlines


12. Virgin Atlantic

This one has over 100 places that fly around the world.

While they are a UK-based flight company, they do have locations in the US that also are looking to expand and have more agents.

There are tons of travel benefits that come with Virgin Airlines, including travel partner benefits and Virgin holidays too.

They do also give you reduced discounts for flights and products from the airlines as well.

They also do offer health benefits too, rather than just travel benefits.

The one condition is you may have to possibly go to one of their hubs, but they do offer management and PR jobs.

Click here to check out Virgin Atlantic


13. Allegiant Air

This is in the top 10 commercial airliners and works in many major cities.

They do have charter travel to the US and Canada, along with telecommuting jobs for people to try.

Usually, these are customer service jobs that do require you to handle inquiries and complaints, and their careers page does offer more options for you to choose from as needed.

Click here to check out Allegiant Air


14.  GAT Airline Support

While airline support is usually done onsite, there are online airline jobs that you can do.

This is usually talent acquisition, possible analytics, and of course, HR positions.

GAT airline support focuses on making sure that the air traffic control support at the base is perfected, and this job is mostly HR-focused.

But they do offer other jobs that involve administration and management of the service that this company provides and ensuring that all flights are properly managed as they leave and come.

Click here to check out GAT Airline Support


15.  Air Transport International

Air transport international is another air transport consultation company that oversees the management, scheduling, and also changes for trips.

They do also specialize in freight forwarding, along with contracts with the government military, so this is less airline-focused, but it can also benefit the airlines.

They also make scheduled trips and answer questions for customers, along with complaints as well.

This is work from home, and they also are travel consultants, so they work with the airlines to ensure that all people are on the flights that they’re paid for.

They do have flexible hours and competitive pay and are worth looking into.

Click here to check out ATI

Other interesting high paying jobs to check out if you are interested in other jobs:


Airline Jobs to Do Working From Home FAQs


Are Online Work From Home Airline Jobs Good?

If you’re good at customer service and handling inquiries, then yes, it’s a valid means to really connect with customers and make some good money.

They’re great starter jobs, and if you want to work for airlines, but you don’t want to work in-flight as a flight attendant or a crew member.

Usually, it’s pretty simple, to begin with, and most of them require minimally a GED or diploma, but also a little bit of customer experience.


What Skills Do I Need to Work From Home for an Airline?

You should minimally be good at communicating both verbally and written since you may have to handle chat support and voice support.

You also should be good at handling the inquiries of customers and being able to think outside the box if there are any problems.

And finally, you need to be organized.

It does involve a lot of work, and you should be ready to know exactly where you need to go with everything so that you know the ins and outs of the business and everything at hand.

Basically, if you know customer service, this is a wonderful opportunity for you.


How Much Can I Make From an Online Work From Home Job?

Customer support, reservations, and any chat support jobs tend to be entry-level, with little room to grow.

But if you know IT and service, you can get more experience and skills from the industry.

You also can make more money if you are bilingual since they do offer a pay bump for this.

The hourly rate is very minimal for starting out with, about $15 an hour, but if you want to make some extra cash on the side or get your leg into the industry without needing to commute every day to the airport, this is one great job for you to try.

Plus, you get free travel and other benefits, so what’s not to love?



Airline jobs, especially work from home, may be starter paying jobs, but they are legitimate and a good way to earn money.

Plus, if you want to get those sweet travel perks and even benefits, this is one way to do so, and airlines have a lot of these, so feel free to check them out.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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