WordPress Users: What are your favorite plugins and why?




I primarily use the free WordPress plugins for my blog. But I have just bought the Thrive Visual Editor plugin from Thrive Themes ($67). This plugin makes it easy to develop landing pages, lightboxes and even allows you to override the wordpress theme editor so you can develop content that doesn’t conform to the layout of your installed theme.

Here’s more information if you are interested – https://thrivethemes.com/

What plugin are you really enjoying now? 

What wordpress plugins are your favorites and why? 



  1. Hi Harry,
    There are many plugins for WordPress I utilize but my favorites remain WordFence – for security and backup
    WP Rocket – for speed and quick load
    Yoast – for SEO
    TinyMCE – for editing and proofreading.
    I have used these tools for a long time and they sure very effective!
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  2. Good discussion post.

    My single favorite plugin is Akismet because of how much it saves me from comments spam.

    Before I installed Akismet I used to get frustrated with the number of spams every single day on my affiliate blogs. But since installing and activating Akismet, most of the spam are caught and kept in the spam section where I just delete them all.

    I also like Akismet because it’s completely free and works very well. Comments spam take up too much time that should be spent doing other things.

    There are many plugins for fighting comments spam but most people agree that Akismet is still the best at dealing with comments spam.

    I agree too and have to say it’s one plugin I can’t do without.

  3. I think it depends on the purpose of your wordpress site.

    For me, here are few basic plugins I must install in every new wordpress site:

    – Yoast SEO
    – W3 Total Cache
    – Mailchimp
    – Shareaholic

    If you are running an ecommerce, there will be another set of must use plugins. By the way, you have a nice video!

  4. For me it’s the SumoMe Pack mostly the Welcome Mat plugin. All of their tools are geared towards increasing the conversion rate of your blog.

    They are giving away so much for free. You can easily double, triple your conversion rate with these free plugins and they are all made professionally and are extremely easy to use.

    If you want to increase your conversions you need to get SumoMe.
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  5. The plugins I’m most in love with at the moment are Yoast SEO and WP RSS Aggregator.

    Yoast SEO takes care of all of your SEO settings as well as social open graph settings to ensure that your posts look good when shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

    WP RSS Aggregator is perfect for anyone that contributes to multiple blogs as you can use it to combine all of your author RSS feeds and create one page that has your latest posts from multiple sites. You can see what I mean by visiting my portfolio page at http://kikolani.com/portfolio 🙂
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  6. Hey Harry,

    Here are some of my favorites:

    -Antispam Bee: No more spam comments

    -Page Builder by SiteOrigin: Similar to Thrive Visual Editor

    -Shortcodes Ultimate: Probably my absolut favorite

    -Table of Contents Plus: Super useful

    -Wordfence Security: Never had any security issues anymore since starting to use this

    -Yoast SEO: Must have

    -ZenCache: Easy to use cache plugin

    -Widget Logic: Show different widgets on different pages

    -Google Keyword Suggest: For quick research while writing

    -Ninja Forms: Easy to set up forms

  7. Hey Harry,

    I’d have to say

    Commentluv Premium – It gives the commenter the incentive of leaving a link of one of their last 10 post they’ve done and I have more control who can leave their link.

    Sucuri Security – The tech team helped to get rid of a lot of malware I’ve had on my blog, and the constant protection I get from them.

    Thrive Leads – This is where I create my opt in forms. I like the fact that they’ve made A/B testing much easier and convenient to execute

    Sumome – This is a great social share tool with a lot of free and paid features including analytics and the welcome mat (which I plan on implementing soon)

    Social Warfare – This is another great social share tool and what I like most about it is that it’s mobile compatible. I can set up the social buttons to appear at the bottom of the blog post and set it to follow the reader as they scroll down to the end of the post

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  8. Hello Harry, What a great topic to bring to the table! Plugins. Yikes there are so, many good ones.

    I do agree with Kevin on the Akismet plugin, this has always been a time saver, but starting a few weeks ago, my Spam just got out of control. I was getting anywhere from 30 to 40 Spam comments sneaking in GRRR It was frustrating. Then a friend of mine had me add En Spam and so far so good. Not a one has got in.

    I also think it is important to protect your blog somehow and found both Limit Login Attempts and Bad Behavior to be the plug ins of choice.

    I am always curious about how many plugins we should have. Perhaps you can help me with this one Harry! How many is to many?

    I will be back to see what you have to say about this. Love this discussion you have going on here.

    Great Share
    Chery :))
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  9. Pretty much most of the good plugins have been mentioned (SumoMe, Thrive, Yoast SEO, etc.). But I’ll try to add other useful plugins that weren’t mentioned:

    InboundNow – Create attractive call to action forms/buttons without any design experience. Control where they will appear on the page (within content, pop up, etc.).

    Social Locker – Creates gated content, only way to unlock it is by sharing the post on social media or liking any of your accounts. Great way to build buzz around your content on different social channels

    WPtouch – Creates mobile-friendly version of your site. Makes your site load faster on mobile devices and increase conversion.

    Plugmatter – Awesome call-to-action/optin-form that appears on top of the page. Highly customizable and optimized for conversion.

    Hope these help!

  10. Hey Harry!

    Here are my top favorite WP plugins:

    – Yoast: this plugin makes my life so much easier. I just need to make sure everything checks in green 🙂

    – CommentLuv: allows your visitors to leave comments and a link back to their latest blog post.

    – Smart Layers: makes pretty share buttons on your blog that look elegant and fancy.

    – Wordfence: for site security and brute force attacks.

    – Google Fonts: you can use this to add other fonts to WP.

    – Easy Facebook Likebox: allows you to place a box showing your Facebook page to get people to like it on your blog.

    – Google Analytics: self-explanatory 🙂

    – Pretty Link: allows you to shorten your links and track clicks on them.

    – Tag Pages: allows you to place tags on your pages as well.

    – OptimizePress and/or Instabuilder: I love both of these. They allow me to create landing pages and funnel super easily and quickly.

    – Anti- Spam: this stops spam comments.

    Hope this helps 🙂
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  11. Hey Harry,
    WordPress is a CMS with lots of flexibility for design and management of content.

    With its varieties of plugins one cannot but play around with various workable options.

    For me, the best plugins for my WordPress blog are those that ensures that optimization of my site is highly effected. The All-in-One SEO plugin is one that has worked productively for me in this respect!

    Also, I cannot do without security plugins like Wordfence!
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  12. Hi Harry,
    I cannot say I am enjoying any particular WordPress plugin more than the other. This is because every of my plugins are unique in what they do.

    However, the plugins that ensure that I do proper editing, share contents on social platforms and optimize the site for easy ranking are MUST-HAVEs.

    Hence, I always ensure that scripts like Yoast SEO, POWr social plugins, W3 Total Cache, and TinyMCe are handy! I am still studying how to make the most Thrive as a WordPress editor!

  13. These are the plug-ins I swear by:

    GetSocial.io a freemium WordPress plugin that enables you to track social shares on WordPress.

    SumoMe, the best free list building tool on the internet.

    Yoast for SEO..

    WP SEO Structured Data Schema– To build Google trust.

    Custom 404 pro to create default 404 pages.

    I like to keep plugins to the minimum to increase page load time.
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  14. Right now, I am enjoying Yoast SEO + WP AMP and +Yoast Glue for AMP

    Since AMP is sorta new, this speeds up a lot of the things needed to get AMP up and running. I just love the combination right now!

    You guys should take a look at it. Always make sure you check your Search Console for errors though. We don’t want that happening.

    I’m in the middle of creating a WP list of plugins that I recommend to bloggers to help their SEO out of the box. I’ll post about it here when I’m done with it.
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  15. My favorite plugins are most definitely these 3:

    1. Commentluv premium – readers love it and I love it as well (I’m glad it’s used here, too)

    2. Thrive Leads – THE best lead generation plugin at the moment in my opinion. There’s so many options, it’s almost ridiculous 🙂

    3. Thrive landing pages – I also use a Thrive theme, but even if you don’t, you can get the landing page builder. It’s a really good deal if you want to create high converting landing pages without paying the monthly fee for something like LeadPages.
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  16. Hey Harry,

    Here is my favorite ones –

    1. Akismet – For spam protection.
    2. SEOpressor – For SEO
    3. Pretty link lite – For link cloaking
    4. Thrive leads – For generate leads
    5. Thrive content builder – For content design
    7. W3 Total Cache – For Caching

    Currently I’m using genesis theme but I design my content with thrive content builder. And it works great for me.

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  17. Hi Harry,

    Here’s the list of the WordPress plugins I use on all my WP sites. I run four WP sites currently.

    WordPress Security
    Akismet – Free
    Wanguard – Free
    WordFence – Premium from WordFence
    UpdraftPlus – Premium Backup/Restore

    Visual Editing of WordPress Pages and Posts
    Visual Composer – Premium from Envato theme forest
    Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer – Premium from Envato theme forest

    Comment Luv – Premium from Comment Luv

    Simple page ordering – Free.
    This is a drag and drop tool for ordering pages created in WordPress.
    You can group pages together the way you want them.
    You are not stuck with the order in which they were created in WordPress.

    WP Better Emails – Free.
    This plugin ensures that all emails sent out to my subscribers / customers are attractively formatted. I can determine the Email formatting.

    On Page Search Engine Optimization
    YOAST SEO – Free
    This plugin ensures that I get my OnPage search engine optimizstion correct.

    I offer A Social Network to my subscribers / customers
    BuddyPress – free
    BuddyPress Social connect – free
    This combination of free WP plugins allow my subscribers / customers to create their own social network around my website.
    That’s how I try and keep them as engaged with each other and the website as possible.

    I offer A Forum to my subscribers / customers
    BBPress – free
    This WP plugin I use to deliver a Forum to my subscribers / customers.

    Formidable Forms – Premium
    All the forms I offer on my website are created using Formidable forms.
    I them use the short code generated by Formidable forms, wherever I want the form to appear in my pages or posts.

    Social Media Marketing
    NextScripts – Social Networks Auto-Poster – Premium
    This WP plugin can be set up to announce my posts on about 48 different social media channels.
    I set it up and the plugin will fire my Blog post updates on my choice of social media channels on the date and at the time of my choice.

    Capturing Email Ids
    Layered PopUps – Premium Envato Theme forest
    I use this WP plugin from Envato to deliver appropriate popup forms – On Exit – from my website pages and posts.
    This is how I’ve built my mailing list.
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  18. Hi Harry!

    Good question man!

    This is definitely for the WordPress Lovers! 😀

    It’s really hard for me to choose favorites when it comes to plugins – there are just so many!

    Too many to pick a few!

    So, let me just share a list of the plugins I am currently using on most of my blogs;

    Better Click To Tweet
    Better WordPress Minify
    Bottom of every post
    Broken Link Checker
    Comment Redirect by Yoast
    Dagon Design Sitemap Generator
    Easy Lightbox WordPress
    Easy Tynt
    Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags
    In Depth Articles Generator
    Jetpack by WordPress.com
    Opt-In Panda | BizPanda
    Page scroll to id
    Pretty Link Lite
    Q2W3 Fixed Widget
    Rublon Account Security
    SEO Smart Links
    Social Locker | BizPanda
    Srizon Responsive Youtube Album
    StyleRoller Add-on
    Top 10
    Top Authors
    WP Admin UI Customize
    WP Smush
    WP Super Cache
    Yoast SEO

    I know I know …. this is a big list!! 😀

    But these are the plugins behind my main blogs right now. I could choose a few that I like more than the others – but I thought I would just share my entire list in case some people might be wondering what I personally use.

    Now, I wouldn’t recommend using this many plugins if you have Shared Hosting (the cheapest hosting). For an instance, if you have the basic Hostagor Hosting Plan – this many plugins and a lot of traffic might crash your site for a few minutes. I am able to use these many plugins because I have a premium hosting plan. Just for a side note 🙂

    I hope this information helps!

    Have a nice weekend, Harry! 😀
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  19. Hi Harry

    My favorite wordpress plugin is wordfence, free version for security.

    My favorite premium plugins are:

    Fast member: for membership websites
    Wp optins: for squeeze pages
    Wp estore: for selling digital products
    Associate goliath: amazon affiliate plugin
    Cb goliath: clickbank affiliate plugin

    My favorite premium themes are:

    Genesis Themes by studio press
    Elegant Themes by elegant themes

    Thanks to everyone that commented about the plugins that they use of their blogs, I’m checking some of them out and plan on using some of them on my blogs.

  20. Hello Larry,

    This is a good question. My favorite plugins probably include the following.

    Yoast – SEO for my posts.

    Really Simple Share – for my social media.

    Product Review – A neat plugin for affiliates like myself, where you can plug in reviews for a product you’re promoting.

    Akismet – for detecting spam comments