This article reveals the very best wood crafts to sell at craft shows for the most money.

It also explains a lot about how and why you should get these wood crafts and how to make the most money selling them at craft shows.

You will not only learn a lot about these wood crafts but also how to get the best results selling them.

So yes, if you have the skill in carving or fashioning objects from wood then you are good with wood crafts.

Selling your wood crafts for the best money is something you surely would desire.

A craft show is one place you can make the most money selling woodcrafts. This is fair where items made of wood are bought and sold.


15 Best Selling Wood Crafts to Sell at Craft Shows to Make Money


1. Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

You can sell indoor and outdoor furniture at Craft shows. These pieces of furniture are made of wood and they can come in a variety of forms.

Indoor furniture that can be sold at Craft Shows includes back seats, dining tables, reading tables, wooden beds, and so on.

Outdoor furniture that sells well at craft shows includes outdoor table sets.

Many families go to craft shows for customized pieces of furniture.

So, if you are a woodworker, a collector, or a hobbyist then you should offer your unique indoor and outdoor furniture.


2. Wooden Cutting Board

Wooden Cutting Boards are used by cooks. They are used to chop food items like vegetables and fruits.

Also, they can be used as gifts during the holidays.

You can sell Wooden Cutting Boards at Craft Shows for good money. They are in hot demand as gifts by families, teachers, and so on.

If you are good with wood making then you can create fancy Wooden Cutting Boards.

Alternatively, you can create a business around selling these pieces after buying from other sources.

There are plenty of ready-made pieces out there for you to choose from.

To attract buyers at Craft Shows, decorate the wooden cutting boards with stripes so they look like gift items.

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3. Wine Rack

Wine Racks are used to place wine. These items are popular with many people because a lot of people drink wine and love to show off their wine collections.

Wine Racks can be customized to suit the taste and personality of the owner.

Wooden Wind Racks do attract a lot of buyers at Craft Shows.

Homeowners visit these shows to find the most suitable wine racks.

You can sell your wine rack at a craft show as they appeal to many buyers.

Customized wine racks sell more.

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4. Storage Box

A storage box can be used to store things in the home or basements.

It can also be useful as decorative furniture in the home.

Many families use this wooden box to store things like clothes, toys, equipment, and other items.

It can be built in different sizes and shapes depending on available space and the need of the household.

At Craft Shows, wooden boxes are among the best sellers. So, you should consider selling them to make money.

If you have fantastic woodworking skills then consider building and selling storage boxes at Craft Shows.

You can also sell these boxes if you collect woodcrafts.


5. Picture Frame

A picture frame is used to hold a piece of photograph. It is a framework on which a picture is mounted.

People take lots of pictures to preserve memories and using the right picture frames would help preserve or hold the memories of the past.

If you are looking for one of the best things that can sell at Craft Shows then consider picture frames.

To make good money with picture frames, you may need to make them unique.

The uniqueness is what would distinguish your woodcraft from the frames of millions of other people.

Also, the type of wooden material you use to make the frame would affect the value.

So, create and sell customized picture frames at craft shows.


Best Wood Crafts to Sell at Craft Shows


6. Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box is always in hot demand.

This is not surprising as many people – especially ladies – invest in varieties of jewelry and would love to keep them safe.

So, a keepsake box like a jewelry box becomes handy.

A Jewelry Box is used to store jewelry that includes necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, tiara, and more.

Jewelry Boxes do sell well at craft shows.  You can make the most money from jewelry boxes if they are uniquely made or customized.

The type of wood pallet you use and the creativity you apply will go a long way to help make a better sale on any jewelry box project.

If you have the skill to make Jewelry Boxes then go ahead and sell them to potential buyers.

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7. Wood Bathtub Caddy

Wood Bathtub Caddy project could be one of the best wood crafts you can sell at Craft Shows.

This item is used to hold items you would like to use in the bathroom.

The items will naturally include things like candles, books, laptops, notebooks, or snacks.

Wood Bathtub Caddy may provide you with the convenience you need in the bathroom.

As a wooden item, it can add to the decoration of the bathroom.

At craft shows, Wood Bathtub Caddy projects sell well.

So, you can take advantage of their features and start making money with woodcrafts.

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8. Wooden Planters

You can build and sell Wooden Planters at the craft shows. These are planter boxes used as decorative pots for house plants.

Wooden planters are made from wood. They are found in gardens, decks, patios, and decks.

They can be placed indoors or outdoors.

So, exercise your creative skill and design this piece of woodwork. Sell them at the nearest craft shows for a good profit.


9. Wooden Dog Beds

Many people love dogs and would invest any amount to see their canine friend comfortable.

A dog bed is a platform where dogs sleep. Wooden Dog Beds look esthetic and strong.

Also, they provide good comfort for dogs and they are easy to make.

They are designed and sold by people who have woodcraft skills.

It would interest you to know that these beds attract many buyers at various marketplaces including craft shows.

Wooden dog beds could the perfect alternative to plastic beds which may dog owners use.

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10. Birdhouse

Many people keep birds as pets. They often seek birdhouses where their birds are sheltered.

They are also referred to as bird feeders.

Wooden birdhouses are sold at craft fairs or shows.

This is not surprising because they look elegant, comfortable, and durable.

At craft shows, you will find different designs and sizes of birdhouses.

A wooden birdhouse not only provides shelter for the birds, but it can also add to the beauty of the outdoor where it is placed.

It will interest you to know that there are many distinctive types of birdhouses sold at craft shows.

Surely, you will find your choice.


11. Toy Building Blocks

You can sell wooden toy building blocks to buyers at Craft fairs and shows.

A lot of people go for these blocks because they last longer than the hollow plastic ones.

These items can be sold to kids, parents, and seniors to enhance learning.

One of the ways to make good money from wooden toy building blocks is to design them with quality woods.

Also, you can give them a nice color and present them in varieties of shapes and sizes.

Customize them to suit different users.

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12. Garden Bench

Garden Bench is an outdoor seat for more than one person.

This is one of the popular demands of many buyers at craft shows.

The bench adds to the esthetic of the garden, and people can relax on them.

You can use your woodcraft skills to design and build a garden bench.

All you need to make more money from it is to customize its design to meet the needs of different buyers.


13. Bed Headboard

You can sell Bed Headboard at Craft shows and make good money.

You need to use quality wood and add some creative touches to make it sell.

Bed Headboard is woodcraft you can construct with ease.

Since this is the head of a bed, you need to be creative with your designs so you can appeal to many bed users.


14. Cat Houses

Cat Houses are popular at craft shows.

You can construct and sell these wood projects to many people who want their cats to have comfortable shelter.

The design, wood, and creativity employed in the cat house are some of the things that would attract buyers to the project.

Wooden cat houses are durable and can be used as shelters and feeding houses.


15. Beer Tote / Beer Caddy

A beer tote or beer caddy is a small carrier for a few beer bottles.

People love these items as they come in handy to help them move beer around.

You can make this woodcraft project as a gift or you can sell it for Craft shows.

Use a good wood pallet or quality food to construct one.



As you have seen from reading this article, it revealed the very best wood crafts to sell at craft shows for the most money.

It also explained a lot about how and why you should get these wood crafts and how to make the most money selling them at craft shows.