If you want to know some of the best wood crafts that sell at Flea markets, this article is really going to help.

It reveals the very best wood crafts that sell at just about any flea market and how to make yours also sell.


Why Sell Wood Crafts at Flea Markets?

First, for the uninformed…

A flea market is an open-air street market for inexpensive or second-hand articles.

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At this market, you can find different types of wood crafts items on sale as well.

If you are good at making wood crafts or anything from wood, then you should consider selling at a flea market as you can make good money doing this.

Keep reading to learn of some woodcraft ideas you may consider making and selling at flea markets.


17 Best Wood Crafts that Sell at Flea Markets 


1. Wooden Cutting Boards

Many people use cutting boards to prepare and serve food.

They are mostly meant to cut and chop their fruits and vegetables. You can make this woodcraft to sell at the flea market.

Apart from buying a cutting board to use, people can also buy it for gifting purposes.

You can customize the cutting board and engrave a name, date, or logo to meet appeal to specific buyers.

Just make sure you use a durable wood slap for the craft.

Cut it to the right shape and size. Sand and coat the wood to give a unique pattern.

Offer this item at the flea market and you will be surprised as to how popular this item is.

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2. Wooden House for Little Birds

At the flea market, you can sell a wooden house for little birds. A birdhouse is a project you can sell easily at a flea market.

Most people can pay even premium prices for birdhouses where their pet birds are going to be cared for.

Birdhouses are among the best sellers at flea markets.


3. Wooden Picture Frames

A picture frame is a framework in which a picture is mounted. It holds lots of memories for people.

It is one of the best sellers at the flea market.

You can make and sell picture frames at the flea market.

Most people buy frames that are customized and stylishly designed.

Wooden picture frames can be carved or designed to suit the needs of the buyer.

Learn how to make an offer pictures frames in various sizes, colors, and designs at the flea market.

Make them simple and intricate with a lot of fine details.

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4. Wooden Storage Boxes

A wooden storage box is a container you can use to keep items safe.

You can use this to save space in the home.

This is another woodcraft you can sell at a flea market. You can sell both a newly crafted storage box and a used one.

Most people buy wooden storage boxes to safe keep their items.

Some stylishly designed boxes can serve a dual purpose of storage and decoration.

You can make and sell different sizes of storage boxes to fit the needs of different customers.

Also, make sure you add some creativity to offer boxes.

For instance, you should consider a wooden storage box that can still serve as a sitting platform in the home.


5. Wooden Candle Holders

A  Candle Holder is an item that is used to hold a piece of candle in place. It is a holder with sockets for candles.

Candles are widely used by many households and places of worship. They can also serve as decorative items at events.

For these reasons, they sell well in the marketplace.

You make candle holders with wood and sell them at the marketplace. This is one of the woodcraft items you can make good money from when you sell at a flea market.

You can offer different types of wooden candle holders. Carve them in different styles and heights to appeal to different buyers.

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6. Wooden Serving Trays

Serving Trays can sell well at flea markets. These are items you can use to display and give out a portion of food or drink.

Wooden Serving Trays make great wood crafts that sell at flea markets. You can offer this item to potential buyers.

Your buyers will include regular people, restaurants, and gift shops.

If you offer the trays with unique and personalized features then you will make good money when they sell at a flea market.

So, considering making, promoting, and selling serving trays as one of the best wood crafts that sell at the marketplace.


7. Wooden Doormats

A wooden doormat is a mat placed outside an exterior door for wiping the shoes before entering.

This is made of wood that can be customized to welcome the visitor.

You can decide to leave it plain and simple to achieve the rustic feel of the wood.

You may consider a wooden doormat as woodcraft that sells at a flea market.

To make this type of wooding project, you can use pieces of wood pellets and join them together.

The cost of making this woodcraft may not be high and you can sell for a good profit.

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8. Wooden Beer Caddies

A beer caddy is a container for storing beer.

It can be used at restaurants or bars to carry bottles of beer from the bar and serve to the customer at their tables.

Wooden beer caddy is a great woodcraft project that sells at the flea market.

This is an idea you will find profitable especially these days of increased production of craft beers.

Most people love their beer and would want a container that can be used to distribute the drink to customers safely.

If you can make a caddy, then you should consider making and offering a beer caddy.

Just make sure that you offer unique and well-crafted beer caddies.

Use strong and durable woods material and be creative with the design, shapes, and sizes.


9. Wooden Christmas Ornaments

A flea market is a place where people go shopping for a variety of cheap and used items.

If you have wood-crafting skills then consider selling Christmas ornaments at this market.

These are decorative items that can be used to beautify the homes and environments for Christmas.

You can use wood to make ornaments of different shapes and sizes.

For instance, you can make personalized shapes like snowflakes, stockings, and more.

Apply laser cutters and engravers to make personalized creations.

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Wood Crafts that Sell at Flea Markets


10. Wooden Letters

Wooden Letters are signs which adults and kids can combine to make and spelling meaningful words.

These are wood crafts you can easily make and sell at the flea market.

Wooden letters are suitable for tutorial purposes at home.

People may buy wooden letters to post a meaningful notice on their homes.

They would be useful for instruction and direction.

This woodcraft will potentially make you a lot of money especially if you design and make them with great wood materials and finish products.


11. Wooden Garden Benches

Most people have gardens where they relax and work out.

A garden bench is a vital asset where people can sit to talk, play and read in the quiet of the garden.

Garden bench will sell at flea markets. You can make many garden benches to sell at the nearest flea market.

If this woodcraft is uniquely made then it will easily sell well.

You can etch the wood with customizable patterns and colors.


12. Wooden Utensils

At the flea market, you will find various types of items.

Utensils used for cooking are not scarce in this market.

They are essentials used in the home.

Wooden utensils are like spoons, plates, knives, spatulas, salad tossers, etc. sell well.

Just make sure they are uniquely designed and customized to meet the taste of customers.

You should use the right woods so that the design and durability feature would appeal to customers.


13. Wood Arts

You can make wood art and sell it at the flea market. This is woodcraft that sells well because of its uniqueness.

Wood art is simple and artwork make from wood. You can use scrap wood or pieces of wood pallets to make the next art projects.

A lot of creativity can go into the type of artwork you are making. With the use of wood, you can make a masterpiece that can be used to decorate the home.


14. Wooden Coffee Tables

A wooden coffee table project is woodcraft that sells well at the flea market.

A lot of homes drink coffee and would love to have a special table for this beverage.

You can draw in from your creativity to make this piece of furniture.

Use good wood and create different designs and shapes of tables to appeal to different clients.

Making a wooden table of any type can bring in good money especially if it is uniquely designed to meet the needs of customers.

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15. Wooden Toys for Kids

You can make sell wooden toys for kids at the flea market.

This item is one of the best sellers because woods may last longer than plastics.

Parents may prefer wooden toys instead of plastic toys because of their durability.

Another reason why these wood crafts may sell well at flea markets is because of their safety in usage.

So, consider making and selling wooden toys for kids at the flea market.


Apart from the above wood crafts, other crafts that will sell well at flea markets include:


16. Wooden Planter Boxes

17. Wooden Wine Bottle Racks



A lot of wood crafts types can be made and sold at the flea market.

You need to draw in from your creative mind and make what people want.

The best-sellers are wooden crafts made with durable and customizable materials.