Insider Tips To Why You Should Be Using Email Marketing


emailsNo matter what type of industry you may be doing business in, you’ve probably heard about a little thing called “email marketing” or “email newsletters”. So how can you benefit from this type of marketing, even though you may not be in an industry typically associated with the internet technologies of 2015?

Well, that is the easiest part, apparently. This article will provide some street-wise tips and tricks of the trade from a home-based email marketing expert, Jason Lee, who says he can build an email list of three thousand subscribers in less than 30 days and show you how to make profit from your email list by contacting them over and over again until they buy.


The Money IS In The List

Now, you’ve probably heard the saying ‘the money’s in the list’ right? Well the fact is this is very true for many companies who have built up a decent size base of leads. For example car dealerships are extremely active with building their lead databases and marketing to them both online and offline.

Any other business you can think of has likely done some type of marketing, so naturally everyone has heard of email marketing. But how does it really work, and how can you use it to grow your business?


First, here is a brief outline on how email marketing actually works.

When a potential customer (or visitor to your website) subscribes to your ‘newsletter’ via a simply email signup form, you can instantly them all at once from a single system. Over time, many businesses are able to quickly build email subscriber lists in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. For a small local business, it might only add up to 1,000 new subscribers per year, but that is still a really great start!

OK, that sounds easy enough, but …


How do you actually CONVINCE people to subscribe?

Also, once you have built up some email subscribers, how do you actually profit from it? No matter what type of business you are in, the fact is you likely have valuable knowledge you can share with your potential customers to entice them to become a subscriber of your email list. This is nothing short of shameless bribery, but if done well it can produce extremely good results. So basically, step one is to convince them to subscribe, so you offer them something free in exchange for subscribing. This is usually an info-product of some type such as a coupon download, a whitepaper, or ebook or free report.

The main point is to provide value in exchange for the email address, so much value that your perfect customer would consider it a more than fair deal. In fact, if you target your offer really well, you will even find that you can generate raving fans. So just make sure that you provide value with the free gift you offer for subscribers and then deliver it to them so they feel satisfied.


Setting Up ‘Automated Followup’ Campaigns

So, with step two you will be contacting your email subscribers regularly to stay in contact and remind them of your great offers. The easiest way to do this is by setting up what’s called an ‘automated followup’ campaign where each subscriber will receive an email in time with when they signed up, and it flow through a pre-configured series of these emails, sending them at the appropriate daily intervals and doing all the followup for you hands-free. Once you setup these emails to be delivered every week or month for the first year, you will have your own automated email marketing system working for you behind the scenes so you can focus on generating new subscribers.


Staying In Touch With Your Subscribers

Another way to carry out step 2 of staying in contact with your subscribers, is by emailing them anytime you feel with updates, a monthly newsletter, or new coupons, etc. This is a great way to not only followup, but also stay relevant to what may be happening now in their town or in the world. So keep in mind, although you can choose only one method of following up, manual or automated, but you should really be doing both.


Getting More Subscribers

Step 3 of your plan should then be primarily driving new subscribers and building your list. Once you have started getting subscribers and know your system works, and can see the automated email followups going out, and have sent a manual followup for yourself, then you are ready to do step 3.

You should start to focus 90% of your efforts on driving visitors to your email marketing subscribe form. You will need to use advertising to drive traffic to your website so they can use your subscribe form and become a subscriber. Where can you get traffic? The same places as anywhere else you may try to advertise! You can advertise online or use other methods such as flyers, postcards, or even word of mouth – the point is to just get people to your subscribe form to get the free gift.

So.. you might be asking yourself…


How fast can this be done and how fast can you start to see results from it?

This is simply a numbers game. The more subscribers you can generate daily, the faster your database will grow, and the faster you will start to see results. It also depends on your industry.  Someone selling realtor services might need much longer followups than someone selling organic milk delivery services… to finally get a sale from a subscriber…. simply because people buy homes less often than they buy milk. You also have to consider how many subscribers you have, because the bigger your email list, the more sales per month you should be generating from it.

For many companies, these email lists are a highly valued asset. These databases of potential leads can produce sales on autopilot if handled correctly. These email marketing systems and services provide one of the most affordable ways to stay in contact with your potential customers (or leads) and be at the top of their mind when they are finally ready to buy.

The bigger and faster you can grow your list, the more sales per month you will be generating in income simply from “following up” via email.  Keep this in mind when you strive for the long-term goal of building your list over time.  The end result will be worth the long-term effort if you can stick with it and build a huge list.


Rinse and Repeat

Now that you have a general education about how email marketing works, and now that you have read this article, the trick is to actually get out there and do it! Stick with it, because in 5 years time from now you will certainly be glad you started using email marketing.



  1. Epic and informative article!

    To sum up the best reason to use email marketing: It’s easy, effective, and inexpensive no matter what type of industry you may be doing business in, right?

    When it comes to reaching mobile customers, it’s effective and has far more space for content than text messages, allowing for better marketing pieces. In addition, emails are effortless to customize and there is a real value to staying connected to customers.
    Metz recently posted…Let Help Your Blog Make Money… With Ease!My Profile

  2. Good introductory post to email marketing. I look forward to a more comprehensive or kind of insider information about email marketing, you know those types of top secret tips to succeeding with email marketing that only the “gurus” know but most other people don’t know? lol

  3. Thanks you guys, I hope by sharing this article I can provide value to both this community and anyone searching for more info about email marketing in general.

    Yes, with email marketing it can definitely provide a very high ROI considering the low cost and instant reach-ability. The ease of use and wide range of ways to both implement and profit from email marketing means it can help improve the bottom line for practically any type of business.

    I hope to be able to provide more helpful tips on subjects like email marketing for both the newbie and experienced user.

    Currently I am using two autoresponders, one is TrafficWave and the other is GetResponse but I also have used Aweber in the past. Another thing I have is a regular import/backup of all my subscribers into a self-hosted autoresponder living on a hosting plan specially meant for the autoresponder script. This gives me a reliable backup plan in case something were to happen to my lists that were hosted with a third party service like getresponse.

    SO, does anyone here have an email autoresponder service and if so, how do they like it?
    Jason Lee recently posted…How Would You Like To Get Traffic From This Blog?My Profile

    • Good, an email marketing expert in the house, right 🙂 I’ll shoot some questions your way for sure. First question is, why can’t we all successfully use self-hosted autoresponders hosted on our hosts rather than keep paying monthly subscription for aweber, getresponse and others. Second question, in case you answer that it’s because of lower deliverability rate of self-hosted autoresponders as compared to others, then how do we improve that? With very high cost of aweber when you have lots of subscribers, self-hosted ones look attractive. Thanks for your expert answers.

      • Hey Kevin, good questions. Same ones i have always wrestled with myself. Many people are able to successfully run an autoresponder on a self-hosted server however the costs and time involved of actually maintaining it and keeping the server reputation clean will go up exponentially as your list size grows.

        Most of the time unless you already own your own servers and datacenter, it will cost you more to go this route then just paying for an email autoresponder service. This is because it takes many man-hours to constantly remove your server IP’s from spam blacklist databases, which is the main thing stopping delivery.

        Some 2nd-tier services or even self-hosted autoresponder scripts will use SMTP integration to route mail sending through an SMTP service who is then responsible for deliveribility and server reputation, but those costs can stack up since you are still paying per-email-sent even if it may be less than a penny each. This is ultimately why third party email autoresponder services are always valuable because they can be held responsible for things like server up-time, email deliveribility, spam reputation management, etc for a lower cost than if you did it yourself. For 99.9% of businesses out there it just makes sense to outsource this.

        In my case I hope to never actually be forced to use my backup self-hosted autoresponder because if I did, the shared hosting server that it’s on would only allow me to throttle-send at most 500 emails per hour and even then it could still cause issues with server spam reputation if done too many times or too many spam complaints are received. So I mostly stick to using GetResponse or TrafficWave for sending out large blasts and just import from there to my self-hosted script just in case I ever need to use it.

        For many people with large lists, it’s always recommended to make exports or backups of your list periodically in the event of data failure, hacking, or other data loss that can happen when hosting your list with a third party.
        Jason Lee recently posted…How Would You Like To Get Traffic From This Blog?My Profile

        • Thanks for answering my questions in so much details Jason, that’s almost as long as some posts out there. It’s obviously an indication of the quality of content you put out, if you can reply like this!!! You’re right about the costs of running an autoresponder on self-hosted server. I can imagine the high cost in terms of time spent to try getting server removed from spam blacklist databases. The highest cost would be getting shut down by your server without warning for spam related issues. We’ll be better off spending the time actually running our business, right? Makes a lot of sense. Thanks one more time for very detailed and helpful reply!!!

          • Sure, Kevin, thanks for your questions, they are definitely common questions that folks are probably thinking and some i have wrestled with first-hand. Yes the cost and trouble involved with this sort of thing makes it almost a no-brainer to outsource to an experienced autoresponder company who can handle all the technical aspects as well as ensure deliverability of your emails to your subscriber’s inboxes.

            Another interesting thing to note is that most of these companies are already “whitelisted” if you will with many of the top inboxes such as gmail, ymail, hotmail, etc however many of the second-tier autoresponders who are not as big as Aweber or Getresponse, may not have these relationships with the email providers which is why using a top-tier company usually gives you better deliverability than others.
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  4. Hey Jason,

    Great tips on why we should be using email marketing. When I first heard about this, I was more focused on people buying the products/services I promoted right off of my site instead of focusing on building my list and using email marketing although I was taught the money is within the list.

    But the one thing that I believe we need to get across and have embedded in our minds is that the money is in the relationship that we have in the list. Usually people don’t just by from strangers. They buy from people that have a rapport with. Once you build this, the sales process becomes easier!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!

  5. If there is one thing I regret in my “internet marketing career”…… One of my first blogs (in 2007) reached over 10’000 visitors in a short time and I had a couple of good years… Then came Google with some update (you know what I am talking about)…. My traffic was gone!

    Unfortunately I learned about email marketing too late and so my list was still small when Google hit me 🙁

    Building a list from the beginning could have saved my blog. Now I know better 🙂

  6. Hi Jason,
    Obviously, this piece details the basics of email marketing. For newbies and professional Internet marketers the details remains invaluable.

    Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies for online lead generation. Every marketer that knows his onions can effectively make the most of converting leads easily.

    Its great to see that the process has been simplified effectively in this post!
    Sunday William recently posted…Setting Blogging Goals is Very Important!My Profile

  7. Hey Jason.

    Nice overview of email marketing for newbies here.

    Here’s a question. Do you think we will get to a stage where we become blind to email marketing?

    I mean, every single site wants us to join up to their list, do you think there will be a time (if it hasn’t already happend) where people just become blind to it?

    I mean, the last few sites I have visited have had an exit pop up. I closed everyone down without even reading the content. I’m sure others are the same.

    What do you think?
    Richard Martin recently posted…My Name Is Richard And I’m A CheatMy Profile

    • Hi Richard, yes I think people are becoming blind and immune to the typical squeeze page or capture page. Annoying popups that try to stop you from leaving are pretty unpopular with nonmarketers. Some of these things do more to scare away potential leads than convince them to stay. I find that nowadays what works best is simplicity and no gimmicks, just being real.

  8. Hi Jason!

    Great tips on email marketing man! ….

    I agree with everything here.

    There is just one line I would re-phrase; the money is in the QUALITY of your list – not so much in the size of the list.

    I am talking from my own experiences and from the knowledge of other very successful internet marketers with huge email lists.

    Most people can get a bit confused with this saying; that is why we must be careful what we are actually teaching people.

    The money can be in the list, yes. No doubt about that statement. BUT, what really makes you the money from that list, IS the relationship you build with the people in the list.

    Building a very good and healthy with the people in your list take good work, and the right actions.

    Do not build an email list just for the sake of building a list. You must learn how to build trust with your subscribers and followers.

    Just my 2cents here! 🙂

    THank you for sharing this valuable information, Jason!

    Have an awesome weekend!

    Cheers! 😀
    Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…4 Tips to Ensure the Success of Your Off-Page SEO CampaignsMy Profile

    • Excellent advice!!! Yes I would have to agree with you that QUALITY of the list is more important than size. and the relationship you build with them is key. I love what you said here: “Do not build an email list just for the sake of building a list. You must learn how to build trust with your subscribers and followers. ” This is so true!!

      Anyone can go out and buy a list or even buy enough traffic to build a list and I have plenty times, but those lists will perform horribly, and getting traffic/sales from them will be like pulling teeth. BUT when i build a list by actually helping people with value and building a relationship with them of trust then I see that emails are being opened, read and clicked in high numbers every single time i email them.
      Jason Lee recently posted…Make good money without sponsoringMy Profile

  9. Hi Jason,

    I really like what Freddy says, the money is in the quality of your list not its size. About six / eight years ago one could purchase a largish Email list and actually make some decent money by shooting out emails to the list. In those days the number of Emails one sent out determined the amount of income.

    Today due to some serious SPAM filtering this approach quite simply fails. Today with double opt in coming of age, there is some semblance of – Focused – people getting on to your list, i.e. people who have some interest in the products and services you deliver.

    Your reply to Kevin was brilliantly detailed. Thanks for sharing this information Jason, as Kevin says there is an Email marketing expert in the house.

    I hopped across to which redirected me automatically to I’m told that Google does not really like this sort of re-direct is there any truth in this?
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…Why Are Focused Site Visitors Great For Your Website?My Profile

  10. Thanks you guys for recent comments!! Yes you guys all are correct in your additions, in fact I think I must not be the only email marketing expert in the house as you all seem to know some great tid-bits of helpful advice as well, so I am thrilled to have found this community of wise marketers and only wish I had discovered you all sooner 🙂

    Yes Ivan my old domain is forwarding to the new but google usually will carry the old domain’s reputation to the new as long as a permanent 301 redirect is in place, so im hoping it wont affect too much… although my SEO wasn’t really existent anyway in the first place so i guess it cannot be any worse hahaha!!!!
    Jason Lee recently posted…Make good money without sponsoringMy Profile

  11. Hello Jason,

    You really are an expert in email marketing. I learned much more from your answers in this post than the post itself. You displayed a big desire to help with how freely you answered the questions here.

    Everyone should read your answers and learn a lot from them. I know I did, and a lot. 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your wealth of knowledge shared here!

  12. Email marketing is a great way to gain clients and sell products. If a person was inclined enough to enter their email and subscribe to your website, they must want or have gained some valuable knowledge. The best way to email market, in my opinion, is too offer more exclusive products that will further enhance the readers knowledge or help the reader gain some type of value. You are also correct that one of the best ways to capture emails is through offering something free in exchange for their email. This is something you will have to be creative about. The more creative and the more value it gives your readers, the more inclined they will be to enter their email.
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  13. Hi there Jason,

    You sure are very good with email marketing. It’s a marketer’s best way to make money online.

    The key tip in your post is the rinse and repeat. Even with 100,000 subscribers, you have to keep rinsing and repeating to get even more because many will unsubscribe each time you send a mailing. As some unsubscribe, you keep building more 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hey Jason,

    We knew about the importance of offering something for free to get subscriptions, but not about how critical automated emails can be in keeping subscribers active and dedicated to the list.

    Staying in touch is always critical to a good relationship (the more personable with list members, the better, we think).

    Thanks for a great post!

    Laasya Adusu
    LaasyaAdusu recently posted…19 Backlink Building Ideas for 2015 (and 2016)My Profile

  15. Thanks for sharing your great piece of content,

    When done right, email marketing can be the difference between success and failure.

    A good email marketing campaign will take your conversion rate to entirely new levels and can even boost your conversion per customer rate above 1, allowing you to increase your total sales for every person you get on your list. It’s a must have for every good marketer out there, no matter what you’re selling.

    Thanks again,

  16. Hi Jason,

    Its good to be reminded of the importance of email marketing. It is one of the most convertible marketing strategies for online marketers. Doing it well would readily bring about the right conversions.

    It is important that the right audience identified, the right tool is acquired and the right steps taken.

    Offering prospects or subscribers ‘goodies’ for opt-in is cool and it is important that great value accompanies that act.

  17. Hi Jason, great post.

    Would love to add these points:

    1. If you are just getting started with building your mailing list, there is no point paying so much for your email marketing service.

    I highly recommend Mailerlite [not an affiliate] because that is what I currently use. It’s free for your first 1000 subscribers and you get all of their features [not some]

    2. Building your email list is so important, it’s worth spending the time and or money to create an opt-in offer for your visitors.

    3. Another strategy is to include a content upgrade, aka, offer them the PDF of the post or another freebie, in all your post.

    4. And of course, promote your blog any chance you get so you can actually drive targeted visitors to your website. People can’t subscribe to what they don’t know about.

    Hope that helped 🙂
    Hannah Edia recently posted…How to make $1000 in 24 hoursMy Profile

  18. Hello Jason,

    Email marketing really seems like a clever and lucrative way to make even more income from your websites.

    I am planning on figuring out how to get more subscribers first to my websites before taking advantage. That sounds like the best plan before you start sending out email offers with your products in.

    Once you develop a good and loyal following. The potential seems endless. Very good article.

  19. Hi Jason,

    Thank you for sharing your article. I think people should be realistic in that building a list can take time.

    A lot of the people that build lists into the thousands I think “know people” and do so through joint ventures.

    This should not discourage people from building their own list but rather encourage them to keep trying if it appears harder then they expected.

    What do you think of creating a “one time offer” to offset some of the cost of advertising?

    Thanks for sharing Jason and have a blessed day!

    Take care,