Why Do You Need Call Tracking To Generate Qualified Leads?



One of the strategies that businesses today employ to generate leads and boost sales is calling tracking. Telephone calls is not new as businesses have been adopting this strategy long before the coming of the Internet. However, call tracking and recording in businesses are as relevant today they were pre- Internet days.

If you are not utilizing calling technology in your online business you could be losing qualified leads and money. Today we are in the era of mobile marketing where it also implies that many consumers have easier access to making calls to express their needs.  It becomes necessary for marketers to tap into this trend to generate leads and make sales.

Potential customers can get in touch with your business by calling on the number(s) you left them on the website’s contact page, search results, email, and newsletters, paid ads, and so on.  Thereafter, you can track these phone leads and optimize your marketing campaigns.

You Should Avail Call Tracking, Recording, and Scoring Software

The good news today is that there are many calls tracking, recording, and scoring software that can  be availed. These tools will help businesses to:

  • Record and track calls from potential leads
  • Reinforce and redefine customer care efficiency


With the right tools and trained personnel businesses can harness the power of telephone calls to:

  • Generate more qualified leads.
  • Increase the chance of converting those leads into sales.
  • Assess the profitability of the leads presented.


If you are not convinced on why call tracking, recording or scoring is necessary, here are quick points to note.

You will understand what the customer wants.

It is important to understand the customer so that the right marketing campaign can be administered. With effective call handling the mind of customers is known to many organizations.  Call tracking and recording provide opportunities for marketers to listen to complaints, recommendations, comments or questions asked by the customer. In other words, get to understand the pain points and address them.   Solutions can be proffered if the problem of the customer is understood through calls

You can Link and Connect Sales Performance with Calls Handled.

 For call based business, it becomes highly central to link sales performance with quality of calls made. This helps in analyzing performance and making recommendations across board. Calls are attributed to different departments and this will help the business determine where better leads are generated. Attribution of calls will help track inbound calls so that management can note how these calls were handled and whether the customer was   satisfied or not.

You can Assess and Train call handlers for improved performance

Recorded calls can be reviewed to assess the performance of the staff that handles calls. Poor handling of calls from staff can result in customer dissatisfaction and this automatically will result decreased sale. Tracking and scoring calls will help management know if the staff needs training or re-training.

You can improve the efficiency Channels That Generate Most Qualified Leads.

Businesses could be receiving calls from different channels they have created. For instance, calls can come from webpages, social media, newsletter, emails, or paid ads, etc. The inbound calls can be analyzed to identify where the best leads are coming from.  Also, identification of non-performing channels will give management idea of how to re-strategize to improve ROI in the long run.

You invest and Implement Better Call Handling System.

Call monitoring developing and managing efficient call handling system. Data analyzed from inbound calls will help to make upgrade decision. Monitoring of missed calls and received calls will check on the effectiveness of any call software. So, to catch qualified leads and catch more opportunity, it becomes imperative that calls be monitored with regards to the level of technology in use

You will drive getter leads and make Quicker Conversion.

 It is one thing to generate leads from calls but it’s quite another to close that sale. It becomes necessary ensure that staff who are handling inbound calls are properly trained and equipped to drive leads and help the sales team convert such leads to sales.


If you are an online business and never considered investing in call tracking, recording and scoring, you might be missing out on quality leads. It is time to rework your customer service, invest in the right call tracking software and boost your sales opportunity.

Now, it’s your turn. Do you implement call tracking in your business? If yes, how are you generating qualified leads with this technology?