If you are struggling as an Internet marketer because of information overload, this article will prove very helpful. It shows you exactly why less is more and how you can use that to your advantage, whether you are a newbie or even an intermediate marketer. 

Internet marketing has some big advantages over other ways of making money.

There are some online business-methods which can be started for free and still make a profit.

Some online business methods can make you money within the first few hours.

Many ways of making money online can be started small, tested easily, and when profitable can be up-scaled rapidly and effectively.

It is also often possible to outsource the work involved in an online business, so that the owner still makes a profit without doing much of the work.

Given these major advantages, and the fact that some internet-marketers are making very significant profits (with claims of well over a million dollars a year not being unusual) it can be a very enticing area to get involved in.

Yet with failure rates for internet marketing newbies quoted at 97% or 98%, it’s clear that it’s not as straight-forward as many adverts for internet-marketing courses make it sound!


Information overload

information overload

One of the most significant factors causing newbies to fail at creating a successful online business is having too much information.

With very large numbers of internet marketing guides and courses being available, and lots more released every single day (in addition to the vast amounts of free information in forums and websites), it’s no wonder that information overload is very common for newbies.

Yet most people on earth today have an emotional desire to have more that they would never think to question. More money, more success, more fun . . . and more information. It can seem logically “obvious” that the more information you have, the better your chances…

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

The problem is that most of the information available is simply not suitable for most individual newbies.

Let me give you some examples of this …


Great online business methods, that might be no use to YOU

Example 1)

There are plenty of courses about selling online services to offline businesses. The sales-copy says how some beginners rapidly land clients who pay tens of thousands every month, and how some people are making big bucks within their first few weeks at this business.

But what they avoid pointing out is that for the majority of people, this kind of business-system is simply not realistic at all.

The reason is that most offline methods involve selling, and for a quiet or introverted personality (which is even more common in online activities than it is in the general population), the ability to sell effectively is just not going to happen, and no amount of instructions, or even coaching, is typically able to change that (despite the success stories of the few).

Some offline methods claim that this doesn’t matter, because you can just outsource the selling (and white-label the service delivery, so you don’t need to know anything about anything), but in practice this is challenging to say the least.

I’ve outsourced a lot of work over the years, from website customization to beautiful 3D models, from simple copy-and-paste admin to challenging software creation. Most outsourcing is easy enough, but trying to outsource sales is a very different story.


Example 2)

Using paid traffic can be very powerful, because once a profitable funnel is found, it is usually easy to up-scale rapidly and massively, scaling-up the profits too.

There are many great online business-methods involving paid traffic, whether FaceBook ads, AdWords, PPV, PPL or whatever.

They can certainly succeed for some people, with case-studies showing people going from a few hundred dollars investment to several million in profits, in under a year.

But, the basic math concepts of testing are rarely even mentioned (even in most courses on the subject), because people might start to realize that it’s not as realistic as it sounds.

For example, a newbie I was helping was trying to make a profit with CPA offers for loans. These can sound amazing to beginners, with payouts of $250 being common. But this newbie was spending $20 on leads to do a “test”, then getting no conversions at all and quitting.

What she didn’t understand was that, given the fact that random events are much more clustered than people imagine, a good “rule of thumb” for testing is that you need to spend four times your potential profit, for each test.

This is because you might buy $240 of leads and get no conversions, then in the next $10 of leads you buy, suddenly get 2 conversions. That’s the way random events work . . . they are far from evenly spaced.

Which means, in practice, that to test a CPA offer which pays $250, realistically will cost you $1000, for EACH test. And that means that when you change one word in the text that visitors see, that’s a new test, each time.

So, while paid-traffic methods can certainly be profitable, unless you’ve got the necessary cash to keep testing until you find a funnel that makes more than it costs, all you’re likely to do is lose money and quit unless you can afford to do the testing properly.


Finding a good fit

The solution to these problems is to start from the other end. Instead of continually buying new methods, trying some of them and getting frustrated when they “fail”, start from yourself.

Ask yourself what your strengths and weaknesses are, and be honest about your situation. Are you a natural born sales-person with an outgoing personality who can convince anyone to do anything? Or are you a quiet type.

Do you have tens of thousands of dollars cash that you can afford to spend without difficulty, to do enough testing to make sure you can find a profitable funnel?

Or do you have only a handful of dollars to invest initially?

You need to be really honest about your personality, experience and learning ability as well as your situation.

Don’t worry . . . you can keep the answers to yourself, no-one else needs to know 🙂

When you’ve done that, decide to really USE what you’ve found about yourself.


Using what you’ve found about yourself

In practice this means that you don’t even consider methods which are not a good fit for you.

If you like, you can keep information you come across that’s not a good fit for you right now, in another folder to look at later, but don’t spend any time at all on it yet.

Only consider methods that are a really good fit for your current strengths/weaknesses and situation etc.

Sure, you can learn new skills, but leave that for later. When you start, it makes more sense to make things as easy as possible to succeed (there are enough challenges when starting a new business, without adding more unnecessarily).

Make some decent money first, then later challenge yourself to learn things that do not come naturally.


Less is more


The results of the process I’ve outlined above, is that you can ignore (or keep for later) the majority of the information on internet-marketing that you come across.

This means you are no longer overwhelmed by information-overload, and you can focus on what stands the best chance of succeeding, rather than trying things that are never going to work for you.

Make sure you clearly and emotionally see the advantages in focusing on what has the best chance of success.

It’s easy for your sub-conscious to continue with the emotional attitude, that “more must be better” and you find yourself buying more and more methods, most of which, if you really think about it, are not a good fit for you, right now, even though each time you do it, you then realize that you’re not really doing what works.

Hint . . . if your mind knows what you should be doing, and your emotions are still doing the opposite, the emotions usually win!

Make sure you commit to applying the information you have . . . find a method which is an ideal fit for you currently, and understand that you’re likely to make mistakes at first and need to learn and improve as you go along (which is one of the other great advantages of online-business . . . if you’re website starts out less than ideal, that’s easy and quick to fix later).

If you don’t understand the results you’re getting, ask specific questions about precise aspects of your process on relevant forums, or find relevant articles here and ask the writer.

If others can succeed at internet-marketing then so can you. When they first started it, they didn’t know anything either 🙂

If you choose your path carefully, and keep learning and improving, you too can make money online.


Final thought . . .

Emotions and attitudes play a big part in whether you succeed or fail. There are many assumptions which benefit from being questioned, I’ll leave you (for now) with one final thought on this . . .

. . . weaknesses are a PLUS (when using the method I outlined above), because they eliminate the majority of information-overload.

Think about that, and about how you feel about weaknesses and limitations in the context of the information in this article etc.

Yes, less really CAN be more, for a newbie at internet-marketing.





  1. Hi Chris

    I very much agree with your article. Shiny object syndrome is especially rampant within internet marketing and I think most of us have paid some price for that.

    It takes more concentration and patience to stick with one or just a few things within internet marketing but it pays off. I know from personal experience that the times when I fully focussed on one project or one traffic source it was successful. But when I jumped around I just lost time and money!

    This is why I chose my username: ‘Keepitsimple’ as a constant reminder to do just that

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Mark !

      Yes I agree, Shiny Object Syndrome is even more common in internet marketing that other areas, and yes, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and then be disappointed. However I’ve learned at least something from each course I’ve bought, so it all helps in the end.

      Yes, sometimes it can be good to focus on one thing at a time with internet marketing. On the other hand, with many “guaranteed methods” being unworkable in practice (as many of us have found out when trying them), it is sometimes better to learn different things from different methods until you know enough to get one working, than stick to only one which can never actually work.

      Yes, keeping it simple is often a good idea, in some areas.

      Thanks for your comments !

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  2. Chris, you have no idea how immensely grateful I am to you for writing this post. :’)

    As a freelancer struggling with several health issues, including sensory overload (I’m still undiagnosed at the moment, but it’s possible I might have Asperger’s), marketing can easily become too much so I get lost and burnout.

    Respecting (and accepting) one own’s personality and limitations, I found, is the way to go to live a fulfilling life and reach success. Still a long way, the journey just started for me, but reading your post reassured me to a high degree and fueled me to keep trying to find my own balance and successful strategies.

    YES, less IS more! 😀

    – Luana
    Luana Spinetti recently posted…Freelance Writing – How I Got Myself Started (And How You Can Do It, Too)My Profile

    • Hi Luana,

      I’m glad that my post was of use to you.

      If you want a “spiritual” perspective on your sensory overload . . . most people use fixed-datums to avoid contact with the overwhelming and confusing amount of perceptions from contact with reality. You’re not doing that to the extent that most people are.

      This use of fixed-datums is not ideal, but it is one way to solve the problem of overwhelm and confusion (which are due to other non-ideal factors in ones “spiritual” condition). The fact that you’re not connecting to fixed-datums as much, can result in challenging states and less reality on the way other people see things, but also has its advantages as you, in some ways, have more awareness and perspectives that others generally lack.

      Autism in general is the fact of not being connected to some of the standard mechanisms that most people are connected to, which has its advantages (since those mechanisms are limitations), but gives less connection with “reality” as most people experience it via those limitations.

      I hope this perspective might be of some use to you.

      All the best,

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

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  3. Hi Chris,

    I suffer from information overload sometimes too. You are right, it’s not true that the more information we have the better our chances. Too much information just confuses.

    Your tip to only consider methods that are a really good fit for your current strengths/weaknesses and situation is good tip.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Hello, Chris

    I am Kingging this for sure. You are correct doing less is more for internet marketing for Newbies.

    Simply because Newbies should try to familiarized themselves with one thing at a time and not do too much. Patient is the key. I post a similar post giving advice for Newbies and this post and the post I wrote goes hand in hand.

    Good you share this post because I am always learning new thing to improve my marketing skills.

    Good info to get to Newbies and beyond. Thanks for sharing.

    Take Care.

    • Hi,

      While patience, and learning one thing at a time, is generally good advice, there is a major problem with that advice commonly given to internet-marketing newbies . . . “pick one method and do only that until you succeed”.

      The problem with that advice is that many “money-making methods” sold in the subject-area of internet-marketing and making money online, are not real methods, and just do not work in practice. So the advice of working with only one method until it is making a profit, can make it impossible to actually succeed in internet-marketing, if the method doesn’t actually work.

      Reasons methods don’t work can include out-of-date steps in the method . . . there are many methods still being sold, that don’t work now, because something’s changed. An example is writing product-reports giving advice to help someone make a buying decision, for Amazon affiliate products. This is not realistic now, as Amazon refuse to allow you to quote what buyers have said, or quote user-ratings, or even summarize or generalize, as you used to be able to do when that kind of method worked well (I made money myself doing this).

      And some “methods” are just fake . . . compilations of steps that sound possible, but just don’t work in reality.

      So yes, some degree of patience is useful, and in some ways learning one thing at a time can work in internet-marketing, and in other ways it can guarantee failure.

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  5. Hi Chris, it’s very inspiring and motivating post, thanks! This is the first time ever I heard weaknesses are a Plus. I’m not quite an outgoing person, and I always see this is a weakness that I should get rid of.

    Instead, what I should do, or what we all should do is embrace our weaknesses, and focusing on finding the way that work best for us.

    I’m still finding my path, wish me luck! 🙂


    • Hi HonWai,

      thanks for your comments, and I’m glad you found my post useful.

      There’s a concept from Neuro-Linguistic-Programming which is called “re-framing”, which means finding a different perspective to look at something, to change how it effects you.

      So as you say, it is possible to see weakness as useful in some contexts. Certainly in making money, and many other areas, it makes a lot of sense to start with the easiest route to success, then one can learn more challenging things later.

      Another extremely important reason for accepting ones current condition, is that doing so makes it very much easier to change, and change can sometimes happen naturally when one is accepting oneself. By contrast, anything that one doesn’t accept, one is holding in place, since opposition is two equal and opposite forces going head-to-head, that is a persistent situation which will tend to stay the same. But as soon as you accept the situation as it is, the natural flows of change can very much help things to evolve and improve.

      I wish you the best of luck in finding your path !

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  6. Good points!

    One of my favorite concepts for new businesses is “Saturate then Scale.” By that I mean, get really good at one thing before you try to become a Jack of All Trades.

    If small businesses would work to dominate one area of their marketing efforts first, then they’d do much better once they moved on to new efforts.

    • Thanks Elliot !

      Yes, getting something to work well before scaling is essential.

      All you need to succeed with internet-marketing is one method that works.

      The challenge with the typical advice to internet-marketing newbies . . . “stick with only one method until it succeeds” is that many “internet marketing methods” just don’t work in practice. So, with some choices of method, sticking with one method “until you succeed” will guarantee failure, because the method itself is false.

      Examples of this include a mailing-list I was on until a few days ago (having bought one of their products recently) . . . they described how to build a mailing-list, then how to sell internet-marketing products to it. Part of their method was to copy and paste “email swipes” to mail to the list and sell products. Anyone who’s ever tried to actually do that, will know that all that will get you is that your mailing-list-management will immediately block your account! Which is useful, as it means I could ignore their so-called “methods”, unsubscribe from their list, and focus on information from people who actually know what they’re talking about !

      So, in internet-marketing, sticking with one method needs to be balanced with the understanding that some “methods” are just fake, and all they do is make money for the people selling them to others.

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  7. Hi Chris,

    I love this post because I also suffer from information overload, despite how much I already have learned.

    I agree with the points you made about it but I think there’s also a psychological problem at play which makes us think we haven’t learned enough and need to keep learning.

    Or it could also just laziness which makes learning easier than taking action. It’s easier to keep learning than taking action.

    Do you agree?

    Or there’s much more to it than just that?

    • Hi Eleanore,

      Glad you like my post !

      Yes, I agree with both of your points. Yes, there’s certainly psychological problems that make people want more and more information, for various reasons. One of the reasons is hat internet-marketing can be challenging to succeed well, and it can feel easier to find more information and try another method, than to work on improving results with what one is already doing.

      And yes, it can certainly feel easier to get and read more and more information, and challenging to take effective action, especially when one has failed a few times in an area.

      There are also many other factors, too. One of them being that people selling “internet marketing methods” can make money whether the “method” actually works or not. Another, which I mentioned in the post, being that people in general are unwilling to look at their limitations and use them effectively to narrow the choices.

      Thanks for your comments !

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  8. Fabulous stuff.

    There are some of these “masters” who might bundle this data up, and take a stab at offering it in an online class for $997 … As a beginner, I understand the measure of truth and learning that Chris and numerous other Kingged individuals share out in open. This stuff is gold! I do not take it for granted and want to thank you, Chris!

    It’s groundbreaking stuff for me. With members like Chris + others, I have the data to start my journey to a better start, yet learning of a subject doesn’t truly mean anything I see. It’s utilizing it to put forth a concentrated effort and strive to achieve my objectives.

  9. Hello Chris,

    I’ve been exploring options of using paid traffic. Do you have any advice on which method has worked best for you on a personal experience? I guess I’ve found it too risky exploring this, in fear I might just end up losing more than what I actually make back.

    Can’t agree more with your final thought. I feel emotions and attitudes really might sound cliche; but does play a driving factor into how successful you’ll be as an internet marketer.


  10. Hi Chris

    Thanks for your input and knowledge on this topic very informative.

    I can relate to this topic because as what you would call a “newbie” I would get overwhelmed with information on “tactics”, strategies and ways to promote a product online.

    It got to the point where unneeded stress and negative feelings would cloud or fog my thoughts and actions therefore hindering my progress.

    I just wanted to make money fast, not realizing the knowledge/system I needed was not up to par.

    Sometimes newbies if not all the time starting out needs a mentor or a system that will take you step by step to grasp whats at hand, which should help keep you grounded in understanding Marketing as a whole.

  11. I agree so much with this article, information overload is a big problem with this business. Even just going to youtube there are so many videos all for free that it can get overwhelming.

    I really like your suggestion for anyone to make some decent money first, then later challenge themselves to learn things that do not come naturally!

    Great article.