If you are struggling as an Internet marketer because of information overload, this article will prove very helpful. It shows you exactly why less is more and how you can use that to your advantage, whether you are a newbie or even an intermediate marketer. 

Internet marketing has some big advantages over other ways of making money.

There are some online business-methods which can be started for free and still make a profit.

Some online business methods can make you money within the first few hours.

Many ways of making money online can be started small, tested easily, and when profitable can be up-scaled rapidly and effectively.

It is also often possible to outsource the work involved in an online business, so that the owner still makes a profit without doing much of the work.

Given these major advantages, and the fact that some internet-marketers are making very significant profits (with claims of well over a million dollars a year not being unusual) it can be a very enticing area to get involved in.

Yet with failure rates for internet marketing newbies quoted at 97% or 98%, it’s clear that it’s not as straight-forward as many adverts for internet-marketing courses make it sound!


Information overload

information overload

One of the most significant factors causing newbies to fail at creating a successful online business is having too much information.

With very large numbers of internet marketing guides and courses being available, and lots more released every single day (in addition to the vast amounts of free information in forums and websites), it’s no wonder that information overload is very common for newbies.

Yet most people on earth today have an emotional desire to have more that they would never think to question. More money, more success, more fun . . . and more information. It can seem logically “obvious” that the more information you have, the better your chances…

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

The problem is that most of the information available is simply not suitable for most individual newbies.

Let me give you some examples of this …


Great online business methods, that might be no use to YOU

Example 1)

There are plenty of courses about selling online services to offline businesses. The sales-copy says how some beginners rapidly land clients who pay tens of thousands every month, and how some people are making big bucks within their first few weeks at this business.

But what they avoid pointing out is that for the majority of people, this kind of business-system is simply not realistic at all.

The reason is that most offline methods involve selling, and for a quiet or introverted personality (which is even more common in online activities than it is in the general population), the ability to sell effectively is just not going to happen, and no amount of instructions, or even coaching, is typically able to change that (despite the success stories of the few).

Some offline methods claim that this doesn’t matter, because you can just outsource the selling (and white-label the service delivery, so you don’t need to know anything about anything), but in practice this is challenging to say the least.

I’ve outsourced a lot of work over the years, from website customization to beautiful 3D models, from simple copy-and-paste admin to challenging software creation. Most outsourcing is easy enough, but trying to outsource sales is a very different story.


Example 2)

Using paid traffic can be very powerful, because once a profitable funnel is found, it is usually easy to up-scale rapidly and massively, scaling-up the profits too.

There are many great online business-methods involving paid traffic, whether FaceBook ads, AdWords, PPV, PPL or whatever.

They can certainly succeed for some people, with case-studies showing people going from a few hundred dollars investment to several million in profits, in under a year.

But, the basic math concepts of testing are rarely even mentioned (even in most courses on the subject), because people might start to realize that it’s not as realistic as it sounds.

For example, a newbie I was helping was trying to make a profit with CPA offers for loans. These can sound amazing to beginners, with payouts of $250 being common. But this newbie was spending $20 on leads to do a “test”, then getting no conversions at all and quitting.

What she didn’t understand was that, given the fact that random events are much more clustered than people imagine, a good “rule of thumb” for testing is that you need to spend four times your potential profit, for each test.

This is because you might buy $240 of leads and get no conversions, then in the next $10 of leads you buy, suddenly get 2 conversions. That’s the way random events work . . . they are far from evenly spaced.

Which means, in practice, that to test a CPA offer which pays $250, realistically will cost you $1000, for EACH test. And that means that when you change one word in the text that visitors see, that’s a new test, each time.

So, while paid-traffic methods can certainly be profitable, unless you’ve got the necessary cash to keep testing until you find a funnel that makes more than it costs, all you’re likely to do is lose money and quit unless you can afford to do the testing properly.


Finding a good fit

The solution to these problems is to start from the other end. Instead of continually buying new methods, trying some of them and getting frustrated when they “fail”, start from yourself.

Ask yourself what your strengths and weaknesses are, and be honest about your situation. Are you a natural born sales-person with an outgoing personality who can convince anyone to do anything? Or are you a quiet type.

Do you have tens of thousands of dollars cash that you can afford to spend without difficulty, to do enough testing to make sure you can find a profitable funnel?

Or do you have only a handful of dollars to invest initially?

You need to be really honest about your personality, experience and learning ability as well as your situation.

Don’t worry . . . you can keep the answers to yourself, no-one else needs to know 🙂

When you’ve done that, decide to really USE what you’ve found about yourself.


Using what you’ve found about yourself

In practice this means that you don’t even consider methods which are not a good fit for you.

If you like, you can keep information you come across that’s not a good fit for you right now, in another folder to look at later, but don’t spend any time at all on it yet.

Only consider methods that are a really good fit for your current strengths/weaknesses and situation etc.

Sure, you can learn new skills, but leave that for later. When you start, it makes more sense to make things as easy as possible to succeed (there are enough challenges when starting a new business, without adding more unnecessarily).

Make some decent money first, then later challenge yourself to learn things that do not come naturally.


Less is more


The results of the process I’ve outlined above, is that you can ignore (or keep for later) the majority of the information on internet-marketing that you come across.

This means you are no longer overwhelmed by information-overload, and you can focus on what stands the best chance of succeeding, rather than trying things that are never going to work for you.

Make sure you clearly and emotionally see the advantages in focusing on what has the best chance of success.

It’s easy for your sub-conscious to continue with the emotional attitude, that “more must be better” and you find yourself buying more and more methods, most of which, if you really think about it, are not a good fit for you, right now, even though each time you do it, you then realize that you’re not really doing what works.

Hint . . . if your mind knows what you should be doing, and your emotions are still doing the opposite, the emotions usually win!

Make sure you commit to applying the information you have . . . find a method which is an ideal fit for you currently, and understand that you’re likely to make mistakes at first and need to learn and improve as you go along (which is one of the other great advantages of online-business . . . if you’re website starts out less than ideal, that’s easy and quick to fix later).

If you don’t understand the results you’re getting, ask specific questions about precise aspects of your process on relevant forums, or find relevant articles here and ask the writer.

If others can succeed at internet-marketing then so can you. When they first started it, they didn’t know anything either 🙂

If you choose your path carefully, and keep learning and improving, you too can make money online.


Final thought . . .

Emotions and attitudes play a big part in whether you succeed or fail. There are many assumptions which benefit from being questioned, I’ll leave you (for now) with one final thought on this . . .

. . . weaknesses are a PLUS (when using the method I outlined above), because they eliminate the majority of information-overload.

Think about that, and about how you feel about weaknesses and limitations in the context of the information in this article etc.

Yes, less really CAN be more, for a newbie at internet-marketing.





  1. Hi Chris,

    I found myself nodding along with many of the points you made in this post. It’s motivational as well as truthful.

    Some motivational type of posts only try to motivate without admitting the facts to readers. Yours did both.

    I knew the failure rate of Internet marketing for newbies was high but didn’t know it was as high as 97% or 98%. On the surface it appears very easy to make money with Internet marketing because of the low barrier to entry, but the high failure rate shows that’s not the case.

    I agree with you, less is more with Internet marketing for newbies and even intermediates.

    Like you rightly said, information overload is one of the major causes of failure for both newbies and intermediates. There are just too many ways to make money online and too much information that it just leads to Analysis Paralysis.

    Wikipedia defines Analysis Paralysis as:

    “Analysis paralysis or paralysis by analysis is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.”

    The less is more solution you proffered is surely a good solution. Ignoring (or keeping for later) the majority of the information on internet-marketing that we come across while focusing on the one or few, will help anyone, newbies and even experts alike.

    Thanks for writing this helpful post. I have sent you a friend request here on Kingged and look forward to learning from you and sharing ideas on getting more results with Internet marketing.

    Have a lovely day.

    • Thanks Gavin, glad you liked my article and found it useful.

      Good point about the “analysis paralysis”, although it could be said that from a certain perspective, the problem is LACK of analysis . . . once you’ve read through my article, for some people what I said is things they will realize they “should have thought of” but got too carried away in the emotions of chasing “get rich quick” and trendy new “secrets”.

      I wrote my post using some of the approach of the “Rino method” of sales-copy . . . basically talking about some benefits, then pointing about some of the problems, then talking about some solutions to those problems.

      This can work well with sales-copy (my best-converting WSO converts at 4.3%).

      Talking of selling . . . while the info I outlined in this article is some of the most valuable information which can help a newbie to dramatically increase their chances of success with online-business, unfortunately I’ve not found a way to make it sound trendy enough to sell well (I wrote a guide giving an exact formula to go through the points I make in this article, and some other very valuable info . . . including what an experienced internet-marketed friend of mine described the most valuable concept he’d every seen, anywhere, on creating a real online-business), but as with many areas in life, it’s easier to sell what people desire than what they really NEED. Even including 7 real online business-systems with the guide, it’s still not easy to sell . . . people desire new, trendy, secret “systems” rather than the general concepts that they really NEED but don’t “want”.

      Still, that’s the condition of human nature, I guess ! If desire aligned with reality, everyone would be getting a lot more success in life !!

      Yes, as you say, some internet-marketing methods have very low barrier to entry. But I guess along with that goes a low motivation to actually take action . . . as I know from selling WSO’s, few people who buy them actually read them, few of those take the time to think-through and understand what they read . . . 95% of the questions I get asked about my WSO’s are things I’ve already detailed fully in the WSO. Plus, most people read what I wrote, say they “understand” then do the exact opposite . . . for example I wrote in one of my WSO’s (on lead arbitrage) how I recommend sending cold emails that are as short as possible, initially, just enough to get some curiosity and a reply and no more, in the first email, and after reading that, one guy got me to look at the email he was just about to send out . . . it was several pages long, trying to explain every possible detail about the system!!

      It’s easier for newbies in IM to buy a bunch of courses, and assume that they are going to succeed by doing that, without actually taking any action at all, or really thinking things through. Unlike with a physical business, where I would think a larger percentage would take some action, rather than just thinking about it.

      So maybe that’s one of the factors in the higher failure rate of internet-marketing newbies compared to typical offline businesses (which fail about 95% of the time, I’ve ready).

      Anyway, hopefully people here on Kingged will read the article, and maybe some of them will even implement it, and get a big boost towards their success with internet-marketing.

      I hope you have a lovely day too 🙂

      Chris recently posted…Your Personal Online Success Formula . . .My Profile

      • Hi Chris,

        I guess the “truth” doesn’t always sell. People want the newest and easiest secret. People want fast and easy rather than the truth.

        I do think there will be some people that will be more loyal to you as a marketer for being truthful though. Maybe less customers but more loyal long-term customers?

        I am not sure though as I am kind of new to this all. I had marketed in the past with little to show. I can see from your article where I made a lot of mistakes. I guess it is a good time to examine what are my strengths and weaknesses? Thanks for your honest advice.

        Take care my friend,


        • Hi John,

          yes, as you say, truth doesn’t always sell in some areas (while it can work really well in others, such as product-reports), and there is a significant current trend for people to want instant results with no understanding and no work, particularly in the area of making money online, which is just not realistic.

          I agree, honesty might result in more long-term customers.

          Great that you can see where you made some mistakes in the past and can improve your results in the future. Yes, be really honest about your strengths, weaknesses, situation etc. so you can focus on the most likely methods to work for you personally.

          I hope things go well for you,

          all the best

          Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

          • Many thanks Chris for your response. 🙂 I am doing a good self inventory and also really trying to study Copywriting and writing. I think that is one skill that is essential and I really neglected it in the past. I also will be getting support from Kingged this time which I am sure will really help.

            Take care my friend,


            • You’re welcome John !

              I use a Copywriting method, which I think is called “the Rino method”, which starts with some advantages of the product, then reasons why it can be easy to fail in that area (if you don’t get the right advice) then how the product is the answer to those challenges. That is followed by some details of the product and bullet-point lists of relevant things such as “you don’t need experience to succeed with this product” etc. with some final comments on the value of the product and a reason why the buyer can get it cheaper than it is really worth.

              Using that approach, and looking at some successful products in the area I was selling in (such as make money online products), and I created some successful sales copy. One of my products sells at around 4.1% on one forum, from cold traffic (which is a good conversion rate).

              If you follow the link below, to my website, and have a look at my products, you can find some examples of my sales-copy.

              I hope this helps you succeed !

              Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

              • Thanks so much Chris. I will check out your website and also check out the Rhino Method. I want to learn how to write compelling copy but also just how to write persuasively.

                I think it is so important online and often overlooked.

                I know I overlooked it for sure.

                For example if I write an article, knowing who I am writing to so I know how to write to the audience.

                Knowing what article title attracts the most attention.

                Having the most compelling call to action to get people to your website from your article.

                How to get people emotionally involved…

                Right now I am reading an old ebook “Make Your Words Sell.” I just want to be constantly studying how to write more persuasively and emotionally.

                • You’re welcome John !

                  For writing articles, I recommend reading the suggestions by Alexa Smith about Article Syndication (similar to guest posting), which gives some good tips on writing articles that people want to read.

                  Also keep in mind that different subjects need different writing styles (both for articles and for sales-copy), and also different platforms . . . for example, writing to get interest on FaceBook will be very different from writing for a website.

                  As you say, the title is very important, as is the first few lines which will be shown in the search engines.

                  Chris recently posted…Example : using a FaceBook Page to market products on a website . . .My Profile

  2. Hi Chris,

    You definitely told it as it is, in this post. Less is truly more with Internet marketing and doing less will lead to success, than doing too many things at the same time.

    But there’s one thing which makes newbies continue buying info products after info products even when they don’t need them.

    I am talking about SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME.

    What’s your thoughts on this?

  3. Hey Chris,

    This post is brings to mind some reflections on the state of information use online. There is information overload online but only a few knows how to handle this.

    One fact that must not be taken away from newbies is that most want to make money quick. The sales pages and promotional tips they come across promises ‘butter and bread and cash’ with a just a few clicks and efforts

    Who would not want to embrace a system that promises easy money?

    It is only after the intended results are not seen that reality of the overload sets in.

    Indeed, one of the solutions to this is to concentrate on what works. This begins with understanding what is most suitable.

    This you have highlighted, and I agree that the less information we consumer the more benefits we enjoy as newbies and Intermediaries online!

    • Yes, it’s easy to believe marketing hype, especially in an area like internet-marketing.

      In today’s society a lot of people want something for nothing, with no work and no understanding.

      While it is certainly possible to make money online quickly (for example, a free report of mine tells anyone how to make money on the internet within about 3 hours, with no experience and zero investment, then go on to grow that into a real long-term business), but a lot of marketing promises will not produce results for the majority of newbies. Some of the reasons for that are the ones I pointed to in my article, and other reasons include the fact that some “internet marketing methods” are not real methods that the author has used to make money, just things they’ve read somewhere that are marketable to naive people.

      Yes, it definitely makes sense to focus on what works, as well as on improving those results by learning more, such as from articles here!

      thanks for your comment,

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

      • Hey Chris,

        Thanks for expounding this topic with the excerpt of your comment: “Some of the reasons for that are the ones I pointed to in my article, and other reasons include the fact that some “internet marketing methods” are not real methods that the author has used to make money, just things they’ve read somewhere that are marketable to naive people.” I couldn’t agree more with you!

  4. Hi Chris,

    Information overload does more harm than good. This is especially for newbie marketers. It is overwhelming and results in analysis paralysis as mentioned by Gavin MacDonald (@yakayaka).

    There are too many information that convinces newbies to make money online. Most are just gimmicks to earn and make more sales for the promotions.

    Desperation on the part of newbies to make money fast often leads to reading and doing just about any information that pops-up without a concrete result.

    It is wise to do one thing at a time. Mastering one step before going to another will help to fulfill the notion of ‘less is more’.

    This is a very helpful post!

    • Yes, as you say, there is plenty of information about making money online, which is not correct, such as out-dated information (an example being making lots of artificial back-links such as social-bookmarks, which will now get your content ranked lower, or even de-indexed entirely, yet the information telling you to do this is still being written and even sold, today).

      Yes, desperation can often result in problems.

      Doing one thing at a time can be a good idea, BUT the advice of doing only one internet-marketing method at a time and making that one profitable before reading about anything else, can be bad advice, because it the “method” you are using is not a real one, no amount of trying will produce results. So that advice only works if the method is genuine, and some of them are not.

      Glad you found my post helpful !

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  5. Hey Chris,

    With information overload, you can end up being like an octopus on roller skates, going in every direction but not going anywhere.

    Yes, you definitely must figure out what methods best fits your personality type. If you’re introverted, then you may do something like blogging and use more indirect methods.

    If you’re extroverted, you may want to do videos and podcasts, and be more direct in your approach.

    The only wrong method are those that aren’t aligned with who you really are. Once you find a method thats aligned with you, then focus on it while you’re filtering out the internet noise. You’ll definitely get a lot more accomplished and be more productive.

    Thanks for the share Chris! Have a good one!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…9 Tips For Introverted Solopreneur Bloggers To Create Productive GoalsMy Profile

    • Yes, it’s essential to find methods which align with your personality, as well as your situation, such as time and/or money to invest.

      Also, the sad fact is that some “internet marketing methods” are not genuine, and don’t work in practice.

      I’ve had experience with this, many years ago, such as buying one method and following it exactly. The method was somewhat complex, and when many people on the private forum for that method were asking how to do it, the author used my website as the example of how to do it “perfectly”.

      The method still made a loss . . . in 3 years, I made one single sale using that method, which didn’t make as much money as the cost of buying the method plus domain and hosting. Not one of the 88 people on the private forum for that method claimed making even one cent in the first few months. And that was for a method who’s title was exactly how much money you’d make in 14 days!!

      So unfortunately, there are wrong methods even when they appear to align with your personality and situation.

      Which means the common advice to newbies, to stick to one method ONLY until you produce a profit, is often bad advice.

      As you say, focus is important, especially when you’re getting some type of results, no matter how far from what you’d like . . . if you’re getting results at all, then you can read more information on sites like this, and ask questions about how to improve those results.

      You have a good one too 🙂

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  6. There are information fitting to individual webmasters and what they can do online. Understanding what works and what doesn’t is the key to making the most of information.

    Indeed, less is more but only when that the ‘less’ is the right information. It becomes important grab what is best and shun others for good!

    • Yes I agree . . . there is good information available (and plenty of bad information too).

      Yes, indeed . . . understanding what works is essential, and takes testing and experience. It can take a while to find a method that works really well, but it’s worth it in the long-term !

      I agree, having correct information is essential. There is lots of incorrect, and outdated information available on internet-marketing and related subjects, and often the only way to determine which information works, is to try a lot of different things, which can take some time and be frustrating at first.

      Thanks for your comments !

      Chris recently posted…Your Personal Online Success Formula . . .My Profile

  7. Hello Chris,

    The message presented in this post are thought provoking. Internet marketers are often overwhelmed with lots of information.

    It is unfortunate that most of us jump from bunch of ‘tips and tricks’ to another set of ‘secrets and facts’.

    After all efforts, there is often no ‘tangible results’ to show.

    Concentrating on ideas that work make sense. Many webmasters that utilize less information often get better results.

    • Yes, as you say, it’s easy for newbies to jump from one method to another over and over again and not get much results from any of them and then quit.

      Yes, focus is helpful, especially if you can use something like the methods in my article to exclude the majority of information that’s not a good fit for you personally, and thus focus on what is much more likely to work.

      Indeed, it can be frustrating to put time, effort and money into a method only to find out that either some of what’s needed is not realistic for you personally, or that the method itself, even done exactly as described, simply does not produce results (I’ve experienced “methods” like that in the past).

      However, it’s worth persevering and keeping on learning and improving until good results are obtained.

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  8. Hi Chris,

    Indeed, newbies are often overwhelmed with different kinds of information on how to make money online.

    Sieving through the information to get the right one is not often an easy task. I recommend proper concentrated knowledge to decipher the right kind of information.

    Thanks for sharing this all important piece! If less information is acquired then more reward would be attained!

  9. Hey Chris,

    The details of this post simply reminds me of the concepts of ‘generalization’ and ‘specialization’.

    Generalized knowledge is often overwhelming even though it could be promising.

    However, specialized knowledge makes more sense for increased learning and skill building. This is what every Internet marketer requires – especially newbies and intermediaries.

    To align my opinion with the facts and details of this post, newbies should pursue ‘less’ information which is more specialized and have the tendency of increasing more results!

    • Interesting point, Black.

      Yes, for a newbie, specialized information is typically more likely to make them money than generalized information, IF (and it’s a very important “if”) that information is genuine, correct, and up-to-date.

      Some information can be very specialized, giving what appears to be a precise step-by-step method to implement a specific internet-marketing method, yet can be either out-of-date (things change quickly online . . . a couple of years ago, I wrote a very detailed 98-page manual on exactly how to do a specific internet-marketing method. I was working with some one else, who wrote sales-copy and did other parts of the process, but by the time he had got close to being ready to get the guide selling, one specific website changed their rules, and the method didn’t work as I’d written it, so I never sold that guide) or just plain incorrect.

      It’s easy to find internet-marketing guides which are sold with big promises, and appear at first glance to be an exact money-making method, but when you do exactly what they say, money doesn’t get made, then you look more closely at the information, and on the list of websites the author says they use to make money “every day”, you’ll find some sites that have been down for years, and others that don’t do anything like what the author says they do (and never did), and then you do a quick Google search and you find the same out-of-date, poorly-researched lists of sites that supposedly help you to do a particular task. You realize that the “method” is merely a bunch of different free information put together and marketed, but certainly never implemented, or even tested at all, by the author.

      I know this for a fact, because I’ve bought such “methods” (years ago) as I was learning internet-marketing.

      So it’s not only specialized information that’s needed, it’s genuine, up-to-date and CORRECT information.

      One way around the problems of out-of-date and incorrect information is to learn a lot of general, rather that specialized information, and learn enough little bits of correct information from different places, to get at least one method working.

      But better still is to start with correct and specialized information, and make some money !

      Thanks for your comments !

      Chris recently posted…Your Personal Online Success Formula . . .My Profile

  10. Hello Chris,

    Indeed, “Emotions and attitudes play a big part in whether you succeed or fail”. This statement can easily be applied to newbies’ quest for online success.

    With ‘appealing’ online messages, newbies are often ‘lured’ to think that there is the ‘golden key’ to online success as promised by many writers and publishers.

    However, only a few of the overwhelming information can truly help in promoting value and helping newbies achieve online success.

    So, sticking with a few information that works is golden decision that must be complied to always.

    • Hi Celine,

      yes, emotions and attitudes are vital in any area of life. Among the variety of different internet-marketing guides that I have written is one which gives a specific method which enables people to really CHANGE their emotions and attitudes.

      A few years ago (less so now), the majority of internet-marketing guides included a chapter on emotions and attitudes. Unfortunately, most of those chapters assumed that these things were able to be changed effectively just by conscious decision, or by methods such as “affirmations” and “positive thinking”. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth, with precise, scientific reasons why affirmations CANNOT work if you really need them (yes, I’m an acknowledged expert in self-development as well as internet-marketing).

      Luckily, there are a few processes, that will reliably produce changes in attitudes and emotions. This can result in significant changes in any area of ones life, including the chances of success with internet marketing.

      Yes, it’s easy to believe all the hype and buy a bunch of different internet-marketing courses, and still never make a penny online. One indication about a reason for this is that most people who buy an internet-marketing guide never read it, let alone actually do what it says, as I know well from my experience selling them.

      Even the very few who read a guide, usually don’t understand much of what they read . . . nearly all the questions I get on my internet-marketing guides, are about things I’ve already answered precisely in the guide!

      Still, success is certainly possible, especially using the most effective approaches.

      Chris recently posted…Avoiding information overload with online business.My Profile

  11. Hello Chris,

    I agree internet overload is a problem with newbies and it is with oldies as well. 🙂 There are so many things that are coming at you. It is easy to get caught up in reading and not actually applying. I think for newbies I would recommend to them to find out what are their interests and then go from there;because it will be a lot easier for them to find their niche.

    Less is more when it comes to internet marketing. Too many times people get overwhelmed because they are trying to do too many things at one time. It’s important that people take it step by step. When you get overwhelmed it is easy for you to throw in the towel and that is why the failure rate is so high.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Maketta recently posted…How Do You Protect Yourself From Identity Theft?My Profile

  12. Hey Chris,

    Its a good thing you have shared this piece for online marketers. I agree with you on this statement “Make sure you clearly and emotionally see the advantages in focusing on what has the best chance of success.”

    The appeal of the many overwhelming information online may result in bad decision making, especially when the emotions have taken over reason!

    However, with good research, and the willingness to set and comply with set goals, it becomes easier to find a fitting information for online success.

    • Yes, good points . . . it’s easy to get carried away in the hype and information-overload, make bad decisions and fail.

      Good point about setting goals . . . although most people set them in a way which is very likely to result in failure, because most people set achievement goals, like “I must make $100 in my first week with internet-marketing”. Much better would be to set more precise, action-oriented goals, such as “today I will write 3 new blog posts”. The reason is that you have MUCH more control over YOUR ACTIONS than you do over what other people do, especially when using a method that you don’t have experience with, yet.

      As you say, most people have their emotions ruling their life, despite their believe that they are “rational” in their actions. One approach is to use effective methods to change both emotions and thoughts, and get them to align and work together.

      Thanks for your comments !

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  13. Hello Chris,

    Information overload is killing! Unfortunately we have large share of this online. What matters for now is that newbies and Intermediaries must accept learn how to sieve the chaff from the substance.

    Less is more in that it is easier to take action and make decisions with single information than with multiple information.

    It is important to avoid confusing set of information and focus on actionable content.

    The tips you have shared are in order!

    • Yes, there is a vast amount of information online. As you say, this is unfortunate as most newbies don’t have effective methods to sort the substance from the chaff.

      All you really need, to start with, is just ONE method that actually works for YOU. That’s usually enough to make some profit, out-source and scale-up and be making a real income online.

      Most newbies never get that far, but end up lost in confusion, overwhelmed by too much information and frustrated about information which is either not suitable for their personality and situation, or simply not correct.

      So effective strategies for sorting information, are one of the most valuable things in internet-marketing, although not the easiest to sell unfortunately, because most people’s wants are not a good match for their real needs.

      Glad you liked my tips 🙂

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  14. Hey Chris,

    Focusing on what has the best chance of success is vital for online success. A lot the information online would seem convincing but only the best fit will suffice.

    Your post is soul searching and every Internet marketer must be ready to do extra research and analysis on the information available!

    I totally agree with you on this

    Make sure you commit to applying the information you have . . . find a method which is an ideal fit for you currently, and understand that you’re likely to make mistakes at first and need to learn and improve as you go along (which is one of the other great advantages of online-business . . . if you’re website starts out less than ideal, that’s easy and quick to fix later).

    • Hi James,

      I’m glad you liked my post and agreed with some of my points.

      Yes, this is really vital information, which can make the difference between success and failure online. Yet it is not easy information to market, with most newbies preferring to spend their money and time on things which sound new, trendy, secret, and which promise to avoid having to actually understand anything or be honest with oneself.

      Such poor decisions by most newbies are one factor resulting in the extremely high failure-rates with online-business. Yet, it is possible to fix this, with the right information and the willingness to implement it.

      Let’s hope this discussion thread points more newbies to the information they need to dramatically increase their chances of success with making money online.

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  15. Hi Don,

    yes, good point . . . the majority of successful internet-marketers have probably read a large number of IM guides, tried a bunch of methods and probably failed for a while before eventually learning enough to succeed.

    This was certainly true for me! I know I’ve got hundreds of IM guides on my hard-drive, and gigabytes of information, most of which I’ve never looked at. I certainly tried some “methods” that didn’t work at all, and learned a whole bunch of stuff that I had to un-learn later.

    I eventually found a few things which produced some small degree of success, such as creating Squidoo Lenses (many years ago), the average of which made a dollar per year for a few years, then nothing. This was “success” for me back then, and I continued learning . . . a bit later, one of my squidoo lenses made me $137 in a year, from just a few hours work.

    Then I learned methods which produced a reliable residual income long-term (such as writing fact-based product-reports for Amazon products, which is unfortunately no longer usable, since Amazon forbids you to quote, summarize or generalize anything which adds value, now (unless you use their API, which makes it impossible to do most of what would really add value)).

    BUT, that doesn’t mean that doing what myself and other successful internet-marketers did, is the most effective approach for a newbie to increase their chances of success. Indeed quite the reverse, with the statistics of 97% or 98% failure rate for IM newbies resulting from just such an approach.

    Using the information in my article above, the chances of success would be considerably higher. I wish I had what I now know, to help me succeed much quicker and easier when I started 🙂

    Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  16. Hi Chris,

    You are right with the points you made here. The example you gave of the newbie who gave up after spending just $20 is not surprising.

    As I said in another comment some minutes ago, most people are not cut out to be entrepreneurs who take calculated risks to get results. It’s safer being employees and getting paid weekly, without taking risks. That’s why most are employees.

    • Yes indeed . . . the mind-set needed to be an entrepreneur is very different from the mind-set of an employee.

      Many people want the results that owning a real business gets, but are not willing to do what it takes to create one.

      As you say, it APPEARS to be much safer to be an employee, although really, a lot of people have goals which being an employee is very unlikely to achieve, so being an employee could really be seen as a safer way to NOT get what you want 🙂

      I have written a whole section on the different attitudes and understandings required to build an internet business, as opposed to those of an employee, in my guide for newbies, as it is essential information.

      Another example of the difference . . . for an employee, one single dollar in the first month, from doing one hour’s work, would seem like a bad deal. But to someone who has chosen to really understand the concepts of building a business, it can be the key to millions, if it is a residual income, so the second month gets another dollar for no additional work, and the third month another dollar and so on. Because after a certain number of months, one can use the dollars created, to outsource the creation of another similar asset, so then one gets 2 dollars every month, then 4, then 8, 16, 32, 64. This kind of exponential growth is a key to real wealth, for anyone willing to understand the simple concepts, and willing to take the necessary actions.

      Thanks for your informative comments !

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

    • Hi Muhammad,

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  17. Love this post 🙂

    My take on your point here though is that less is more after first spending a bit of time to learn as much as one can about general Internet marketing. The more we know, the more we know where to focus on.

    What you said about trying to outsource sales is very true. It’s difficult. In fact, if anyone masters it, they would make sales for themselves rather than others.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Sandra, glad you love my post !

      What I recommend is specifically what I said . . . being clear on ones strengths/weaknesses and situation (such as time and money to invest), which can then enable one to choose a suitable IM method. No amount of learning about general internet marketing will do this, as this information, though it is maybe the most valuable information for success, is not commonly available at all, maybe because it is not as easy to market as “new”, “trendy”, “secret” methods etc. I have hundreds of IM methods on my hard-drive, but none of them includes this information, except for the guide I’ve created myself.

      So it seems to me that it is very specific data (as I described in my article) that enables effective focus, not more general information on the subject . . . one could spend lifetimes reading more and more general information on internet-marketing and never come across the specific information needed.

      Yes, outsourcing sales is not easy, though outsourcing many other things is.

      thanks for your comments.

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  18. Chris,

    Thank you, thank you for a clearly written article.
    I had been “toying” with the idea of an internet business for some time, but had never pulled the trigger, mostly due to the glut of informational overload you discuss.
    I now find myself in the unemployment line and have been thinking that if done right and with the right intent, I can at least supplement my income (or lack thereof.)
    A very big thing for me at this stage is limited funds toward getting up and running and your article made very clear, something that we all probably know, but choose to forget by getting caught up in the emotional “high” of creating a new business, to keep it simple.
    I thank you again for the tips on keeping a log of things you might want to get to, once you are showing a measure of success.
    And of course, that less is more.
    And that, in my opinion, is a truth that goes beyond web based business and in fact to nearly every area of life.

    Thanks again,

    • Glad you liked my article, Bruce !

      Yes, as you say, the money you have available to invest is a significant factor when choosing a suitable internet-marketing method.

      Luckily, there are some viable methods of making money online that can be started for zero, and many more for a modest investment for domain and hosting.

      And yes, it is essential to keep such criteria clear, rather than getting caught up in the emotions that cleverly-written hype can illicit and only realizing later that the method requires investment that is not available currently.

      I agree . . . less is more can apply effectively to many areas in life, especially these days with a lot of people wanting something for nothing, instant results with no work, success with no understanding etc.

      Thanks for your comments, and I wish you all the best in your online business.

      Chris recently posted…Avoiding information overload with online business.My Profile

    • Hi Lyn, glad you love my post 🙂

      Yes, having ones attention too widely spread can be a problem when trying to learn something new.

      On the other hand, there are significant advantages to being more of a generalist in the longer-term . . . different areas can cross-fertilize each other (most new inventions are made by putting things together from different areas), a wider perspective is more realistic and stable than a narrower one, and since things can change in seconds on the internet, being too much of a specialist can leave one only able in an area that doesn’t exist anymore.

      It can make sense to start narrow, then enlarge ones perspective as one progresses in an area.

      Chris recently posted…Your Personal Online Success Formula . . .My Profile

    • Hi David, glad you love the image.

      Yes, as you say, the image of a fire hydrant is a metaphor, not a direct illustration of the concept. In fact, it can be said that all words are generalizations, which is their power, so when using words, one is always generalizing.

      100 years ago there was a lack of information. Now there is vastly too much information available for anyone to read in a lifetime. In fact, it can be said that by 1930, people were already overwhelmed with too much change, and since then change has been slowing due to people’s resistance to it.

      Information overwhelm is indeed common these days, particularly when starting in a new area. One needs not only focus, but effective focus, as focusing on the wrong thing is even worse than overwhelm.

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  19. Hi Chris,

    I totally understand your point. Indeed, information overload is one of the problems for the newbie. In my personal opinion, in online business, you should focus on one area first. Once you learn and get how the formula to make money, then you can learn other fields.

    In essence, the focus will give the best results in online business. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this great post.
    Have a nice weekend!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…30 Days Using Instagram: What I LearnedMy Profile

    • Yes, it’s very common advice to newbies in internet-marketing . . . to focus on one thing.

      I’ll comment here on two major problems with that common advice :

      1) Firstly, it is an unfortunate fact that many marketed “online business methods” in fact do NOT work in practice. I know this from experience, as I’ve followed more than one of them over the years, such as one where none of the 88 members of the private forum mentioned making a single penny from a course who’s title was how much money you’d be “guaranteed” to make in a short time. The method was simply nonsense.

      So if a newbie picks only one method, there is a good chance that that method can never work, and if they follow the common advice of sticking to one method “until it works”, then they have zero chance of success, EVER!

      2) Secondly, as my article says, many methods, even if they do work for some people, might be completely unsuitable for someone else. Such as a great offline-marketing method, which can indeed make big money in a few weeks for some. But if a shy newbie tries to stick to such a method until “it works”, they may never gain even a single client, because their personality is simply not going to get results with personal sales techniques, no matter how long they stick to it.

      So, while CORRECT focus can be very useful (given the advice in my article, plus a real, working method), the general advice given to IM newbies, of of “stick to only one method until it works”, can often be a DISASTER.

      Chris recently posted…How the most common advice to internet-marketing Newbies, can be a disaster.My Profile

  20. Hello Chris,

    The idea of less is more is perfect when thinking about the internet..from so many different angles.

    Like you said, there is a lot of information on the internet. Even if every tip on the internet was amazing, there is no way you could follow all of them. The key is probably find the few tips that you can follow and learn to execute well and then go on to trying more.

    Kind of like your tip about traffic. Once you start getting a little, then you can focus on getting a lot!

    Thank you for the post!
    Joe Wilson recently posted…Best Restuarants I visited In 2016; Seattle RestuarantsMy Profile

    • Hi Joe,

      yes indeed . . . there is currently far more information available than any one person could read in a lifetime. This is a big change from even one century ago, when the amount of information available was very much smaller.

      So it is essential to have strategies to deal with this challenge, and get some value from it. The other side of the coin is that, as internet marketers, we are usually attempting to get others to find and value the information that we are promoting, in competition with all the other information out there.

      Thanks for your comments.

      Chris recently posted…Avoiding information overload with online business.My Profile

  21. So I still don’t get it. Sorry, but you say focus on what works for you, but how do I know what will work?

    Are you saying, I have to try a hundred or so different methods, before I just might find something that works?

    Information overload is so correct, and so confusing, especially when most things are full of acronyms, and when you finally figure out all those, and you try it, it doesn’t even work.

    I don’t mean to be negative, but it is difficult to stay positive.

    Shirley Hollick recently posted…Maybe I’m A Little Slow, But SEO…My Profile

    • What you do is write down a list of your strengths, a list of your weaknesses, and your current situation in terms of time and money to invest.

      Then you only choose methods which are a GOOD FIT with the positives of THOSE things you’ve written down.

      So, if you’ve written down that you are shy and not good with people, you don’t need to consider a method that includes in-person selling (as many offline internet-marketing methods do).

      So, if you’ve written down that you have no cash to invest, you don’t consider payed-traffic methods, because you ALREADY KNOW that you won’t be able to succeed with them.

      This means that INSTEAD of trying hundreds of methods and finding out that most of them are a bad fit, you only try a very few that are much more likely to fit you, personally.

      To really understand how this works, DO it (don’t just read about it) . . . get a piece of paper and pen, or use the computer, and actually write the lists above, then look through a bunch of internet-marketing methods and see how well or how badly each one fits YOU.

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

  22. I was nodding rather too vigorously 🙂

    The deluge of information out there can get overwhelming if one is not focused on what they aim to achieve.

    Thank you for the well-detailed post. I believe that half the time, newbies are in a hurry to start earning and get sucked into all they hype.

    Like you rightly said, one needs to take time to understand what works best for them and implement judiciously.
    Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha recently posted…Publish posts on Niume. Start earning immediately.My Profile

    • Glad you agreed with my post !

      Yes, I think you’re right . . . newbies often just want to start making money quickly. Part of the problem is that marketing makes newbies believe that they can make millions, instantly, without doing any work, guaranteed 🙂

      As more experienced internet marketers know only too well, with many so-called methods for making money online, they simply don’t work as written, although it is usually possible to learn something from each of them, even if it is only what not to do next time.

      As you say, they get sucked into the hype, and want to believe it, however unrealistic it sounds.

      I also found an interesting phenomenon while teaching violin . . . what students actually DO, is choosing to play the instrument badly right away, rather than taking a little more time to learn to play it with much better technique from the beginning, which would result in much quicker and easier learning and far better results in the medium and long term. I think it’s likely that the reasons for this are complex, but I see it in many areas of life.

      Anyway, at least some of the newbies reading this thread might take the time to do things in more effective ways from the beginning, and thus get much better results than the majority who fail.

      Thanks for your comments !

      Chris recently posted…Newbie’s Cash-machine Secrets (includes 7 real online business methods).My Profile

    • Hi Howard,

      Glad you liked my post !!

      Yes, this approach applies to a wide variety of different things, as well as internet-marketing/making money online.

      Since there is vastly more information currently available than any one person can read in a lifetime, it is a general problem in the world today. One factor, which can be seen as partially a result of this . . . specialization, is also a big problem in today’s world, with specialists going down paths that are obviously incorrect from data in different areas.

      For example, all the current theories of economics are based on humans always making perfect decisions (sub-consciously). And psychology doesn’t even have a definition of a human who can make correct definitions, only of ways humans make incorrect decisions. Yet both continue in their narrow views, and unfortunately both are considered “factual sciences” by most people in the world today, even though it is very obvious that one or the other must be wrong !!

      And yes, as you say, even for experienced internet-marketers, too much information can be a problem. Luckily, the strategy in my post can usually be used to focus on what is more likely to succeed.

      Chris recently posted…Avoiding information overload with online business.My Profile