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For a moment, let us talk about ratites.

Ratites have nothing to do with rats, nor are they a substance that is geologically mined.

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Ratites are groups of birds that are unable to fly.

Ratites derive their name from the way that their sternum or breastbone and specifically like a keel on this part of their anatomy, which prevents them from flying.

Also, this group of birds has underdeveloped pectoral muscles (chest muscles) and a lack of well-developed wings.

Examples of ratites include emus, rheas, cassowaries, and kiwis.

In addition, the largest ratite and the largest bird in the world is the ostrich.

Ostriches are indigenous to Africa with two specific species.

The one specie is known as the common ostrich and is native to the sub Sahara and African geographical area of Africa, and the Somali ostrich is native to the horn of Africa.

Ostriches, due to the strength of their legs, have been clocked at achieving a speed of 45 miles per hour.

Another interesting fact about the ostrich is the misnomer that they hide their head in the sand when danger approaches.

This accurate depiction may stem from the fact that ostriches when danger approaches, will lie on the ground with their neck outstretched but not with their head buried.

Let us take a look at these fascinating creatures and, in particular, the ostrich egg and the ways that the egg can be purchased.


25 Best Sources & Tips on Where to Buy Ostrich Eggs



1. Know the Size

One of the distinguishing features of ostrich eggs is their size.

The average egg weighs 3.1 pounds, the color ranges from white to cream, and the thickness of the shell of the egg is .06 inches.

Although the ostrich egg is the largest, in comparison to the size of the ostrich that lays the egg, the ostrich egg is the smallest.


2. Use By Ancient Cultures

Many ancient civilizations used the ostrich egg for a variety of uses.

In some cultures, they were used as tools, whereas in other cultures, they shaped the shells into arrowheads for defense and hunting, as well as utilizing the eggshells as potter combs.


3. Exotic 

An ostrich egg is more expensive than traditional eggs, where a jumbo egg is about 70 grams while an ostrich egg is about 1400 grams on average.

Consequently, it would take 20 chicken eggs to equal one ostrich egg.

Also, an ostrich egg is considered an exotic food and therefore, an associated additional expense would be realized.

Ostrich eggs, like other eggs, can spoil, so therefore, once the decision is made to eat an ostrich egg, it would need to be accomplished within a set time limit.


4. Strength 

It is interesting and amazing to realize the strength of the eggshell.

That strength is demonstrated as the shell can bear the weight of an adult man.

This makes the shell extremely valuable when considering the creation of a variety of arts and crafts, including hand-painting the shell as well as engraving.

Some works of art utilizing an ostrich shell can be sold for $150 or more.


5. The Egg Laying Process

A healthy female ostrich, hen, can lay 40 to 100 eggs per year.

The eggs are laid or nested in a communal pit.

The dominant female lays her eggs first and the other hens in succession.

The dominant female determines which eggs are kept and nurtured and which eggs are rejected.

The eggs contained in the same area are represented by 2 to 7 females, with each of the hens being able to determine which eggs are hers.

Both the male and female ostriches take turns incubating the eggs and protecting the nest from predators.


6. Health Benefits

The eating of an ostrich egg is extremely beneficial as it relates to the health benefits derived from the consumption of an egg.

The egg has:

  • 176 g of protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium


7. Preventative Health Food

Also, an ostrich egg has bioactive compounds that work as a preventative health food and ward off various types of diseases.

It is believed that the egg is able to ward off various diseases because of the richness of the nutrients that the egg contains.


8. Digestive Benefits

Other health benefits associated with an ostrich egg and the eating of this nutritional food are that there are ingredients such as triglycerides, phospholipids, etc.

These ingredients help to promote digestion in the human body and regulate metabolism.


9. Cooking

The cooking process of an ostrich egg would be similar process involved with an egg from the chicken.

Those similarities would include cooking the egg through boiling, which takes about 90 minutes, making an omelet, or frying.

The number of eggs that would match the number of chicken eggs to match the cook of an omelet from an ostrich egg would be the equivalent of 24 chicken eggs.

Given the size of the egg, it would take an especially big cooking pan to make that size of an omelet.


10. Empty Contents

Many ostrich eggs are used for decorative purposes.

A hollowed-out shell of the egg can be used for arts and crafts decoration.

Typically, an ostrich egg is hollowed out by utilizing a small diamond drill bit to remove the yolk and egg white.

Following the removal of the contents, the shell is then sterilized in a bleach bath before the empty shell is shipped out.

The ostrich egg that is used is non-fertile.


11. Fertility Treatments

In Babylonian and Assyrian texts, the ostrich egg is mentioned as being used for medicinal purposes.

Many believed that it protected individuals against blindness.

Also, it was thought that ostrich eggs were symbols of fertility and prosperity, as attested to in ancient Greek sanctuaries.

Also, in some cultures, the ostrich egg was found in graves as many believed that the eggshells symbolized resurrection and eternal life.


12. Use of Eggshells Today

Today ostrich eggshells are placed on the roofs of straw huts or placed within a chandelier of a modern home in North Africa.

Also, the shells are used in a variety of ways, such as in small ornaments and jewelry.

Additionally, small sections of different types of shapes are cut from the shell and used to make necklaces, belts, anklets, and pendants.


13. Cost

The cost of purchasing an ostrich egg is roughly $30 and, of course, in comparison to chicken eggs, is much more expensive.

Many places do not sell edible ostrich eggs because of their impracticality and not economical.


14. When Available

As one can imagine, ostrich eggs are only available during certain times of the year if wishing to purchase ostrich eggs for eating.

The ostrich egg production season began, in 2022, in the month of February.

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Where to Buy


15. Search Online

An option in trying to locate ostrich eggs is to conduct your own research online.

As part of the research, utilizing a search engine, you would be able to see what products are available and what online companies offer ostrich eggs for sale.

Also, it would be important to conduct any reviews or search on any reviews posted for these particular companies to ensure that there was customer satisfaction and that what was received was what was promised.


16. American Ostrich Farms

American Ostrich Farms offers a variety of ostrich-related products.

Some of those products include prepared ostrich meat, ostrich treats for dogs, ostrich oil, and various skin and hair moisturizers.

In addition, offered for sale are various types of ostrich eggs.

Some of those ostrich eggs include eggs defined as:

  • Ostrich Eggshells Matte
  • Ostrich Eggshells Natural Sheen
  • Ostrich Eggshells Scarred
  • And Imperfect Shells

Click here to check out American Ostrich Farms


17. Etsy

On Etsy, you can find virtual stores that offer a variety of nicely decorated ostrich eggs.

These beautifully decorated eggs are plain, engraved, painted with beautiful artistic creations etc.

Click here to check out Etsy


18. Amazon

Ostrich eggs are available for sale on Amazon.

The price range for undecorated eggs starts at $26.99, ranging up to $36.99.

Also, through Amazon, you can purchase ostrich eggs that have been decorated.

To learn more, you can go to https://www.amazon.com/ostrich-egg/s?k=ostrich+egg.


19. eBay

On the retail website of eBay, it is possible to find ostrich eggs that have been hollowed out.

The price range for these eggs varies with price range starting at $7.99 on up to sets of five at a price of $129.99.

Click here to check out eBay


20. Wayfair

A retailer that offers significantly high-end ostrich eggs for sale is Wayfair.

Some of the ostrich eggs offered for sale are mounted on nicely designed decorative legs, resting on a sculpted ostrich, taking on the appearance of a decorative bowl, etc.

Click here to check out Wayfair


21. Atlantic Coral Enterprise

Atlantic Coral Enterprise imports empty ostrich eggs from Africa.

The eggs can be used for decorating and art.

The eggs are boxed separately.

These eggs are approximately 5 to 6 inches in height.

The price per egg is $18, and two at a minimum must be purchased.

Click here to check out Atlantic Coral Enterprise


22. Local

Another option to find ostrich eggs would be to conduct a word search on a search engine.

The possibility of finding ostrich eggs locally may present itself, and therefore one would not have to pay too much money in shipping costs and possibly even purchase and pick up an egg at the same time if there is something within traveling distance.


23. Floeck’s Country Ranch

Floeck’s Country Ranch is located in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

On this ranch, they specialize in the care and breeding of large birds such as the emu, rheas, ostrich, and so forth.

It appears on their webpage that eggs from each of these birds are available for sale.

Their line of ostrich eggs includes eggs for:

  • Eating
  • Hatching
  • Or decorating


24. The Gilded Frog

A website that offers natural ostrich eggs for sale is the Gilded Frog.

The website assures the potential customer that the eggs have been obtained naturally and in an ethical manner and from the continent of Africa.

The Gilded Frog is located in Columbia, South Carolina.


25. Welch Exotic Birds Farms

Welch Exotic Birds Farms offers ostrich eggs for food and for hatching.

Located in California their website indicates that the customer can purchase ostrich  eggs online and that these eggs are not tainted by pesticides or hormones.

They also sell ostrich hatching eggs for customers who wish to incubate and hatch their own ostriches and arrays on their farm.


Personal Story

As a family of five, some of the best times that we had were when we went on vacation.

One year we decided to go to South Dakota.

One of the places that we stopped at was Reptile Gardens, but we did not pay the needed fee to go inside.

Being a family of six, we were on a limited budget.

However, my father did go in and came out with some samples from the famous exhibit and had us all try the sample.

When we had eaten, we were then informed that we had just eaten rattlesnake.

Of course, the joke was it tasted like chicken.

I have never eaten ostrich and don’t know how it tastes, but perhaps it tastes like chicken.


Buying Ostrich Eggs FAQs


What is Involved in the Process of Hollowing Out an Ostrich Egg? 

The hollowing out of the ostrich egg or blowing out ostrich egg can be accomplished by drilling a hole in the top of the egg utilizing a diamond bit drill.

Once a hole has been created, you can begin to draw out the contents of the unfertilized egg.

After the majority of the contents have been removed, you can then “blow” into the egg, which will help to expand the egg and make it easier to blow out.

The process generally takes 20 minutes; you know the ostrich egg is ready to be “blown out” because of the appearance of the egg being dull with a powdery texture.


How Many Eggs Do a Female Ostrich Lay?

The hen or the female ostrich reaches their maximum egg production years between the ages of seven and 11.

In the United States, females lay their eggs between the months of January and September, and in warmer climates, the eggs can be produced for as many as 9 to 10 months.

The average number of eggs laid by a female ostrich during the course of its life can be calculated at 40 to 100 eggs in a year, with their lifespan being 25 to 35 years.


You Can Do It

The ostrich is a magnificent and powerful bird.

The egg that is produced from the female ostrich is also a wonderful reflection of the majesty of this bird and is as equally strong and can be utilized in a variety of ways.

You can choose to purchase ostrich eggs to be consumed, or you can utilize the shell as a tapestry to create all types of artistic designs, engravings or paintings.



The largest bird in the world is the ostrich.

Contrary to popular belief, the ostrich does not bury its head in the sand when it senses danger.

The ostrich is known for many things other than its size.

Being able to run at speeds of 45 mile-per-hour, have powerful legs, and even be involved in some types of racing activities, the ostrich is a symbol of ways and beauty despite the fact that it is classified as a bird but unable to fly.

Equally as beautiful are the eggs that the female of the species produces and are also a reflection of its strength due to the hardness of the shell and can be used as a canvas to decorate a home and symbolically bring that elegance and beauty to a home’s decor.

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