Where Does Your Money Go?



What kind of a person are you?

Where Does Your Money Go

Are you the kind of person that holds on to every dollar you make or do you spend like crazy, not having a care in the world where your money goes?

Let’s talk about both here for a moment.

If you are so concerned about spending your hard earned cash you probably have this feeling of scarcity!

You are holding onto your money for an emergency or perhaps this just goes back to your childhood.

Did your parents ever tell you there wasn’t enough?

This could be a reason you hold on to your money because this is what your parents have done.

This Energy Can Be Stressful!

Your energy inside about where your money goes is based on the feeling that you will never have enough. This is going to stop you from making some choices in your life that just may help you move forward.

Think about this OK?

Now on to the other side the person who cannot hold on to a penny, these are the people who have no clue about money. I heard that these kind of people feel they are not worthy, not good enough so they figure if they spend their money on everything they want this void will be filled.

But of course this does not work!

With both sides come a pattern from what we have learned. Neither are a very good way to live.

How Does Your Money Flow In & Out Of Your Life

Here is a new way to have money flow easily in and out of your life in a way that supports you.

Your goal should be to be able to spend your money and feel good about it Right?


  1. Hi Chery!

    Great topic!

    I think this is a topic not too many really pay attention to or even care to analyze. Your beliefs about money will play a huge factor when you are trying to become wealthy.

    You are right about the Two kind of people here. There are those who spend money in a reckless way – and those who are quite the opposite.

    A wealthy person would not fall into neither of these two type of people.

    The wealthy person falls right in the middle of both!

    I have learned a lot about money throughout my journey in the internet marketing and entrepreneurial arena.

    Money is just Energy.

    If you really think about – that all it is!

    It is also an Arbitrary belief. It is just Paper Money (monopoly money) -really!

    So, with this being stated, if you want more money in your life, then learn more about Energy Flow.

    It is your Beliefs that dictates the flow of money in your life. Your beliefs cause you to have Emotions. And what are Emotions, you might ask?

    E – Motion = Energy in Motion

    Here is how we all work (to put it in a simple formula);

    Beliefs affect the way you think >> the way you think affects the way you speak >> the way you speak affects the way you feel >> the way you feel builds your emotions >> your emotions dictate how you act >> how you think, speak, and act – creates your reality.

    Hopefully I have put it in a way that makes sense! 😀

    You see, everything is Energy. And we all are the creators of our own reality through energy. You are always creating. We create in Three Levels. Thought, Word, and Action. In religions these would be what they call; The Father, Son, and Spirit. In science these are; Consciousness, Super-consciousness, and Unconsciousness.

    Creation is divided into three parts. When all are put together with a lot of energy – matter is created.

    Knowing this and actually playing with this knowledge – will really help you manifest more Money Flow in your life.

    I have experienced this myself and it is so fascinating how simple everything is! 😀

    When you spend money in a reckless way – you are not really respecting money and most of the time you regret spending all of your money. The spending is not really the problem but the Regret afterwards.

    Holding on to your money – is a clear belief that you do not believe in ABUNDANCE.

    You don’t truly believe you deserve an Abundance of Money – so you experience exactly that which you are the most afraid of.

    This is also tied to the Law of Attraction.

    If you have read the book or watched the movie – you can also see how it is all about Energy.

    What you think and what you feel, and what you experience – are always a match. Every single time!

    The Universe is merely a Mirror to you.

    But it is a bit more complex than most can imagine.

    For instance; lets say you Pray for more wealth.

    Asking for wealth in prayer is actually an Act of Declaring the current lack of money in your life. So, the Universe will reflect to you that which you are – at that moment. You are Lacking Money, and you are Confirming that you are lacking money, because you are saying; “I WANT to be Wealthy” – that statement clearly sends out the energy that You are Currently NOT Wealthy.

    So, the real prayer is not Asking but THANKING.

    You want to manifest anything in your life?

    Do not ask; but THANK in advance. Feel it through your heart and bones that you already have that which you want. You will be so amazed at how fast the universe (God) – will match your energy and help you bring the opportunities and situations to get you what you want.

    This is also why a Gratitude List is so so powerful!

    This is how I treat money and how I am building my own wealth.

    I already know I am wealthy.

    I already know that I am abundant in every aspect of life.

    It has already been decided in my heart – what I truly want in my life.

    Now, is just a matter of time and everything is in the process of manifesting.

    This is also where pure faith needs to kick in. You have to trust that everything will be alright.

    Do not be Reckless with your money – but do not be too frugal with it either. Find the balance right in between – and RESPECT your money.

    This would be my 2cents, Chery! 🙂

    I kind of just ranted here! hehehe … I hope you don’t mind!

    Great topic, by the way. I am very passionate about such topics!

    Thank you for sharing, and keep up the great work!

    Have a wonderful week my fellow blogger! 😀
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  2. Hello Freddy I certainly can see that this is an area that YES You are passionate about! Kudo’s My Friend!

    My Grandpa used to talk to me like this. he said money was nothing more then paper and yet talked about money as an energy.

    He was a very wise man and I thank you for bringing him back into my memory!

    I actually didn’t even think about him when I wrote the this morning WOW how different this post would have been it I did..

    Awesome Comment Freddy!!

    Thanks Again
    Chery :))
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  3. Hello Chery,

    I spend my money on thing for my business and also on self-improvement books. I feel like when I buy books about self-improvement it is helping me improve myself and when I improve myself I do better in my business. I have been applying what I learn and it really does help. Because in business you have to stay motivated.

    My laptop stopped working the other day. So, I am now looking for a new one. I’m just thankful that I have a desktop computer I can work on until I can replace it. So, I will now be spending money to get a new one.

    Thanks for sharing!
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  4. Hi Chery,
    My money goes to anything that will help add value to my personal and business life.

    However, there are times when it becomes obvious to make hard choice between what is “needed” and what is “wanted”.

    In such moments, I readily allow my set goals to overshadow my reality.

  5. Hey Chery,
    Where I spend my money depends on what is demanded at the moment.

    The demands of the moment determines the motives for holding or dispersing money.

    It is always important to consider what is important before spending money.

    Every piece of money that leaves us should give us a reflective feeling.

    Therefore, if we must feel good at all times, then it becomes necessary to prioritize our spending!

  6. Hello Chery,

    This is a really important question.

    Money is good to spend but we have to know where it goes and watch how we spend it.

    I am guilty of spending too much money on the wrong things, but hopefully I get a better handle of it as I grow older.

    Thanks for sharing this.
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  7. Hello Chery,

    This is a question everyone has asked themselves at one time or another, lol.

    Unfortunately most of us have no idea where the money goes because it goes too quickly.

    And even when we do have an idea, it’s hard to stop the money from being spent.

    I think part of the problem is we don’t seem to have as much money now as we did in the past or the money we have now doesn’t last as long.

    But you are right with what you said about parents telling there wasn’t enough money but they are right now with how quickly the money goes.

    Thanks for your tips on how to feel better about this whole money thing.

  8. Hi Chery!

    At this point of my life, money goes to investments. Investing in team members and their growth to build out my startup, and other related costs

    Obviously, as I bring more people on board, the money gets tighter. I definitely need to be more mindful of it. A lot of people rely on that money and that includes me and my family LOL! 🙂
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  9. I am thankful that you put the list of questions (to ask myself) in the article. I need to confess that it’s not easy to routinely answer those questions since sometimes, we are just too lazy to record every transaction but I realize that the discipline to record everything will make me get closer to what I want in life. Thanks for this share, Chery 🙂

  10. Hi Chery,

    As I get older I am definitely getting better with my money. I now have a family so most of my bucks go to providing for them.

    When I was in my twenties my motto was “Work hard play hard”. I liked to spend my money on getting as much energy out of life as possible. Travelling worldwide, taking in new cultures and just having a blast.

    Now I just work hard and I’m happy knowing my money provides a fun/happy life for my family.

    Getting older is much easier on the mind and body 🙂

    Have a lovely day.

  11. Hi Chery,

    I like to save but only so I can enjoy my money. I would rather bring a lunch to work rather than eat out so I can enjoy a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant on the weekend with my girlfriend.

    I think extremes are always bad. You shouldn’t be afraid to spend money and enjoy yourself but you also should save for unexpected emergencies.

    You never know when your car may break down or your dog get sick.

    So I save some but spend a couple days of the week.

    Take care Chery… Have an awesome weekend!


  12. I enjoyed this article, Chery! And the responses that followed. It’s interesting to see the variety of mindsets at work here. As for me, I’m a firm believer in having fun. I have priorities that include investing, but I like a sizable sum of what I call ‘play money’ each month and I consider that sum a necessary expense. We all have our own priorities -I’ll admit shamelessly that I’m here to live lively!

    Thanks for the thought provoking post!