What’s the Most Popular Piece of Content You Ever Produced and Why Do You Think It Was Successful?



I think we can learn from each other by answering this question: what’s the most popular piece of content you ever developed and why was it successful?

My most popular post was Five Tips For Successful Brainstorming. I reposted it from my blog to LinkedIn Pulse and Inbound and promoted it via its Twitter feed. I think it was popular because it had:

  • a succinct headline which clearly told you the subject
  • “5 tips” in the headline which tells you it’s probably not a long read
  • evergreen, actionable content
  • dark humor
  • the luck to be picked up by LinkedIn Pulse.


The piece had 6,142 views, 614 likes on LinkedIn alone, and 58 comments.

So, once again – what’s the most popular piece of content you ever developed and why was it successful?


  1. Awesome share, Harry! I like the part about asking the right questions. It is able approaching the situation with the correct mindset so you don’t waste time coming up with the wrong solutions.

    As for my most popular post, it goes to “The Best Damn List of Content Marketing Tools EVER: 160+ of ’em!” at NicheHacks http://nichehacks.com/best-content-marketing-tools/

    – 347 shares (not including Twitter)
    – no idea about the traffic since I don’t have access to the site’s analytics

    It is popular because of the following reasons:

    Skyscraper Content – Following Brian Dean’s method of building better content out of the ones found in search engines, I was able to compile a comprehensive list of content marketing tools in the market which is the most in a single post so far. Visitors are attracted to big posts like this (almost 6,000 words I think) and are shared often

    Comments as call to action – I ended the post by asking users for more suggestions of content marketing tools on the post. The idea is to engage users in discussion and build the list with more useful tools that I missed out originally

    Tweetable quotes on body of content – I used quotes from market leaders to vouch for the tools featured in the post. I then created a link that enables readers to tweet out the quotes to their followers. The method allowed me to increase social signals by making it easier for people to tweet the content through quotes

    Hope you can apply these reasons when developing your content to make your content popular to your audience. Cheers!
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  2. I’ve had other pieces more popular that were published in big time blogs but in our own compnay blog, the most popular piece of content is this:

    It was so successful because I mentioned some very influential people in it, the content was unique and as I was told “awesome”. Then, I hounded them to share it, which a few did. The next is history.

    Actually, you can read about it more here: https://www.adngin.com/blog/blogging-best-practices/how-we-onboarded-490-websites-in-5-months/
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  3. My most recently successful piece of content is the one linked below. I consider it successful not because necessarily because it has a lot of shares and links, but because when I find conversations online where people are asking about business / marketing conferences, I find that other people are recommending my post to them.

    Hence, I no longer have to promote it (but I still do). It’s good enough that people not only have seen it, but they remember it well enough to promote it to others.

    By my definition, that makes it successful.

    I’d say that it was successful for the following reasons.

    1. I posted a similar guide in 2015 and it was my most popular post that year. So I made the 2016 version twice as good.

    2. I spent twice as long promoting it as I did compiling it, and I can assure you, it took a LOT of time compiling the information.
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  4. Hey Harry,

    The first four reasons you mentioned about why your content was the most popular are the same reasons why I would read it. This is usually the criteria I follow when I choose blog posts to read.

    As far as mine is concerned, the most popular piece of content thus far that I published was a review of Kingged.com I did in October of 2014. Here’s the URL if you want to check it out:

    When it comes to popularity I measured it by engagement. So far I have over 116 comments on it, which is way more than I usually get.

    I’d say it was the most popular because I focus on the fact that my audience in general want’s fulfillment. There are three elements I see in this post.

    1. I asked why and answered with a because
    2. I showed the benefits of joining kingged.com
    3. I showed the solutions if bloggers are having problems with traffic and engagement.

    Despite those 3 elements it also helped that I had an audience, and that Kingsley helped to spread the word about this post.

    When you’re consistently connecting and engaging with a specific audience, I find that with the inclusion of these elements and networking with the right people will in due time make certain blog posts popular.
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  5. My most popular piece of content by far is:

    Every time I out this post out there, it gets shared. You can’;t see the tweet count any more, but I recall it being the highest of any of my posts. You can see the number of Stumbles it got so far.

    This is a simple post with an understated, almost amateur, Infographic that I had whipped up on Fiverr.

    But it helps people demystifies at a very basic level how Google reads backlinks, which is something that many people find confusing. I think that is its allure.
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  6. I have two very popular blog posts that I believe got popular for very different reasons.

    The first one:


    It was a post that I didn’t pay much attention writing, I certainly didn’t have hopes for it to bring me a lot of traffic.

    After several months of publishing it I started noticing in my analytics that it is generating views daily.

    Apparently, I ranked for this long tail keyword, which is a full quote and there’s a bit of search volume there.

    Even though, on my blog I don’t often write about self-improvement it’s still traffic that’s nice to have.

    Now, the first version of the post was much worse, once I noticed that this is getting me traffic I edited the article and also created a whiteboard video to increase time on site and hopefully seal my position on Google.

    The second blog post that’s very popular in comparison to my blog’s traffic:


    This was a post that took me a lot of time to write, well not necessarily to write, but more to research all the blogs out there that accept guest posts.

    I did expect it to become popular and it did, mostly because of the outreach campaign (I did contact most of the included blogs) and it also got some natural backlinks as well.
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  7. My most successful post was a round up post with a couple of other bloggers. I asked them about their three most important tips to start a blog “with a bang”.

    I myself wrote the basics (i.e. what blog software to use, how to install, design, and so on). The other bloggers should add their insights on what to do the moment the blog goes online.

    There are a couple of reasons why I think this post was so successful:

    -The topic is very popular. There are still many people (and companies) who want to start a blog.
    -It had the word “BANG” in the title (what can go wrong with that???).
    -It’s also valuable for people who already have a blog.
    -I asked the experts to help me share the content (what they did).
    -I optimized the content for google.
    -I published the post on a site that already has a good following.
    -I concentrated on delivering real actionable tips to the reader.

    The most successful post on one of my other blogs is also a roundup post by the way. It’s a massive post that ranks very well for its keyword.

    Creating this kind of posts is a lot of work because you have to find the expert, talk to them, find the right questions and so on. But the result can be great.

    Try it!

    ——————— INFO ———————-
    PS: I don’t want to link to the article since it is in German and most of you would have no benefit at all. If you speak German and want to check it out, just send me a message and I give you the link.

  8. Hi Harry!

    I just checked out your valuable post on LinkedIn Pulse. Great tips you are sharing there!

    And great traffic stats for an article on LinkedIn Pulse. I am starting to share more content there, as well.

    I have a few blog posts on my internet marketing blog that have become popular and they are still pulling organic traffic and automated leads.

    One of the posts is titled; “60 ways to generate network marketing leads”

    This one was a hit and still is!

    If you Google; “generate network marketing leads” – you will find that blog post on the first page 😀

    There is another blog post that has been bringing me a lot of traffic for a long time now, it is titled; “free solo ads that work”

    If you Google that exact phrase my blog post is right at the top of the search results. This one blog post has actually been making me some affiliate commissions! 🙂

    My most popular pieces of content have been the ones ranking high in the search engines – and without doing any Off-Page SEO.

    They rank high because of the tremendous value I share in them

    As you should already know; Google really loves unique, fresh, very valuable and epic blog posts that are 2,000+ words (you can get away with 1,000+ words as well 😉 )

    I am able to rank on the first page of Google for long tail keywords WITHOUT doing any Off-Page SEO (backlinks and stuff) for a few reasons:

    1) I look at every page ranking on the first page of Google search results for the long tail keyword I want to use.

    2) I look at many On-Page Factors to see Why these pages are ranking high for the long tail keyword.

    3) Then, I start crafting my blog post (that I want to rank for that long tail keyword) – and I make sure I OUTWORK these pages. Meaning that I really make sure that my blog post is 10 times better and more valuable than all of the pages (ranking) combined.

    You get what I mean?

    Ranking high on the search engines is more about delivering the Best of the Best of the Best Content for the Keyword. In other words, kick the competition in the butt!! 😀 lol

    Outwork your competitors, outwork yourself, over deliver like there is no tomorrow – and the rest is history!

    This is what I would add to this topic here.

    I hope is helpful!

    Keep up the great work, Harry!

    Have a fantastic weekend! 😀
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  9. Hello Harry!

    What a great topic my friend!

    As for my most popular post, Time to Get To Know Me “Chery Schmidt”

    I wrote this a while back just so my readers could learn a little bit about me and I actually just thought it would be fun.

    It was shared almost 200 times and I have about 40 comments
    and I really have no idea about the traffic since it has been a while since I published this one.

    This the kind of post I think we all should write, At Least Once!!

    Thanks for sharing

    Chery :))
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  10. Hey Harry,
    The popularity of a piece of content is dependent on value it provides for many readers.

    Thus, most popular contents are those that can easily be read and shared widely.

    I have known my most popular contents to be SEO and mobile friendly.

    They are infused with enough social share buttons and they are created having the specific needs of the audience in mind.

    In addition, they have short titles!

  11. This is my most popular post on the blog

    It still gets a lot of subscribers and shares up to this day.

    I got 3000 new eyeballs on it the past 3 days so Im super happy that it got picked up and shared again and again.

    – It’s at 10k+ shares now if you count Tweets.
    – It’s an infographic with a content upgrade lead magnet
    – People commented a lot on it and its super useful
    – I promote it to people as something they can print out and put on their wall
    – It just got shared a lot so social proof is a huge deal, especially when it becomes part of a course, an internal process for a company and even mentioned in university courses.

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  12. Hey Harry,

    I have never really boasted of posted any popular piece of content but I have some content that have attracted some high level of traffic for my business.

    For most content marketers, the best content out there are successful because they address the needs of the audience.

  13. Hi Harry,

    I can’t think of any particular piece of content that has made the most mark.

    What I have to say is that most content that have attracted good readership are those created and promoted to the right target audience.

    A well written and timely post to the right audience is sure to garner the right attention.

    So, my advice to bloggers is ensure they create and promote content to the right audience!

  14. Hi Harry,

    For me, the success of the piece of content I have shared was as a result of value I projected in it.

    First off, I wrote for the audience and addressed their pain points.

    Yes, writing posts that promote empathy is sure to bring about quick success! This is because since you have identified with the needs of the audience, it would be easy to respond to your call-to-action!

  15. Hi Harry,

    Every content writer has his/her individual experience when it comes to the result of the content published.

    For me, the content that readily yields more attraction for me are those published on social media.

    It simple means that posts that are shareable and engaging would always succeed online.

    Knowing this, I have started implemented same in my blog posts!

  16. Hi Harry,

    I will say that the success of any piece of content is dependent on it meeting the needs of the target audience.

    Every word should be properly crafted and the message must meet the needs of the audience.

    Most content of mine that became successful shared these features!

  17. I love the ideas shared by commentators in this post. Indeed, I have discovered that different factors readily affect the success of a piece of content.

    Sometimes, the thing that has contributed most to the success of a content is not known. However, whatever it is, there is a high chance that it relates to helping the audience solve their problems!