What’s the Best Blog Community? Why Kingged.com Wins


searching for the best blog community

If you’re a blogger, you probably find yourself on blog communities quite frequently throughout your week.

If you’re looking for a place to promote your posts, or read quality content in your niche, blog communities are absolutely great places to do just that.

But I’d wager most of you are looking to make money too.

So why not do all three?

With Kingged.com, you can.

Kingged.com is a blog community that I came across roughly two months ago. After connecting with many of the members on that site, I quickly grew very fond of it.

While I do use a couple other communities every now and then, Kingged rapidly rose to the top of my list as blog communities go.

Why Kingged is the Best Blog Community in my Books:

They Have Quality Contributors

Kingged has an amazing group of contributors that actively contribute content to the site. This helps to ensure that there are a wide array of awesome articles to read from, aside from what is being individually submitted.

You Can Share Your Own Content in Seconds

Another great thing about Kingged is it’s a great place to share your blog’s content, or other content that you love. And you don’t have to pay a dime to sign up for the site unlike some of the other blog communities that exist on the web.

The Kingged Team Cares About its Members

Unlike my experiences with other blog sharing platforms, the Kingged team really cares about every member. Many of the contributors have personally reached out to me and other bloggers I’m friends with, which says a lot about the values that the community is built on.

There are Daily Money Giveaways!

Kingged.com recently launched an amazing new program in which they have decided to give back to the Kingged community. This involves daily cash giveaways that can be awarded to literally anyone that uses Kingged. Be sure to read the giveaway rules on the Kingged website so you can get in on the action ;) .

See for Yourself

Overall, if you’re looking for the best blog community out there, Kingged.com is the place to go.

They have a team that wants to get to know you, and they offer any active member a chance to make some money.

So create an account with Kingged and start making money while sharing your blog posts and reading some awesome content.

You won’t regret it. I sure haven’t!

Concluding After Post Note:


I’ve had a rather bad experience with the BizSugar blog community. I’d recommend not wasting your time with them. They almost never approve your posts, and do not respond to tweets, and or emails concerning account issues. They are not an upstanding community like Kingged, and are not a community that I recommend using.

Also note: I was in no way given or paid any money to write this post about Kingged.com. I wrote this post out of my own accord because I personally believe that this community is worth your time, and is a great community to be a part of. See you here and on Kingged! ;)


  1. Hi Josh!

    Such a nice review about Kingged.com! Yes, you are right about this amazing new program in which they have decided to give back to the Kingged community.

    It isn’t just a community, it is a circle of people who can be friends on or offline. They are contributing a lot and giving time to share their posts and thoughts that may help everyone.

    Personally, I am grateful that I belong to this community. 🙂
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  2. Thanks a lot, Josh, for not just calling Kingged.com the best blogging community but writing exactly why you say so. It’s obvious that you have such nice words to say about Kingged because of your personal experience, re the kind of traffic and engagement you have gotten from Kingged all this while.

    Of course we are not (yet) the best blogging community to everyone else, 🙂 . Why do I say that? Because everyone else haven’t had their articles shared on Kingged and so haven’t gotten the kind of awesome results you have gotten since you started having your articles shared on Kingged.

    But we are sure that will change, as more people continue to say good things about Kingged. We are getting very good reviews from more bloggers now and from looking at the Alexa ranking page of many blogs, we see Kingged.com as one of the top traffic referrers, and that always makes us happy, knowing that we are helping bloggers spread their awesome content to more people, 🙂 than they would have on their own.

    Like I have said before, the awesome results you and other bloggers have gotten from Kingged is nothing compared to what’s coming in the weeks and months ahead. We have grand plans in the works to ensure that most of the content that get to the frontpage of Kingged will get viewed and clicked on by hundreds or even many thousands more people than the original writers ever imagined; and without any serious work on the original writers’ part.

    And yes, Kingged is free to share and read KINGLIKE content, and intends to remain that way for a long time, hopefully forever, 🙂

    Once again, thanks a lot for writing this. We hope your readers will participate in our daily cash giveaways. If anyone has any problems, please ask me here or on the main Kingged post.

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    • I keep hearing more bloggers complaining about BizSugar these days. I remember you, Piyush, sometime ago, saying they didn’t publish the articles you shared.

      Hmmm, it seems those at the top might not be aware of what’s really happening. Sometimes support staff members can take (or not take) certain actions that affect the reputation of a business without those at the top knowing. Maybe this is the case here?

      But of course this is not the case with TheWritersSocial, since you said the owner was the one who responded negatively to you.

      Anyway, we here at Kingged actually wish all the blogging communities out there will sit up and actually do much more to really help bloggers get their awesome content out there.

      So, sorry, you can’t flush them down the toilet, Piyush, 😀 because we actually want them to rise up even more, rather than fall. The more blogging communities help bloggers get their content out there, the more focused bloggers would be to write even more awesome content.

      And we all, as a community, will be the BETTER for it, at the end of the day, 🙂

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      • Hey Kingsley, I’m happy to tell you I’m now doing fine, at least a little bit. 🙂

        Like I still remember very vividly the day Piyush shared very bitterly his bad experience with Bizsugar and the latter community.

        I had read that comment pretty keenly and had to respond to it anyways and had to calm him down. It was on Cudjoe’s blog and it was my first meeting with Piyush and it turned out to be a gem for me.

        Speaking of flushing them away, don’t let us do that as it would really cause us bloggers a lot, those are one regions and mediums to which we get our voices out there.

        BTW, I love your responds boss Kingsley, a noble reply and one seasoned with wisdom.

        I like your guts, always embracing the competition. 🙂

        So piyush, hope we won’t flush’em out no more?


    • Haha Piyush you are awesome man 🙂

      And yeah BizSugar seriously has been terrible to me! I will never use them again…

      I’m glad you liked the article though, and thanks for introducing me initially man to such an awesome community with Kingged!

      • Hey Josh!

        Sorry for the late reply. I agree, they have been treating newbies the same way. It is almost like they will only favor “established brand names”, and they will not allow other people to come up. This is a real bad attitude, may be the worst of the kind that people like us have to avoid!


  3. You know, i just thought of something. How about a “Negative” PR niche? Giving negative reviews to such “High and Mighty” PRICKS who think they are better than everyone else around them.

    Hmm, that could be a great niche. Cutting overinflated brands down to size 🙂

    I do believe i feel like Mr. Hyde 🙂

  4. Hi Josh,
    You are spot on. There are many blogging community out there but only a few really CARE about community members. In kingged.com members are family.

    Your review covers all and it only makes sense if bloggers take advantage of the offers of blog community and take advantage of the “goodies”.

    Kingged.com is REAL and I would recommend it to any blogger who seeks for the best community to SHARE, READ, AND MAKE MONEY from content.

    A good share!
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  5. Kingged.com is indeed an awesome blogging community and the best community i have joined since i started blogging, apart from the daily cash giveaway you stand to gain or the relationships you can build with other top class bloggers, you can also greatly improve your site traffic and engagement from Kingged.com.

    Since i joined Kingged.com i have seen a great improvement on both my site traffic and engagement and i will always recommend this community to other bloggers just as you have done here.
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  6. There are many blogging community out there but Kingged.com is really have great potential in all aspects.

    Your review covers all and it only makes sense if bloggers take advantage of the offers of blog community, make money, ideas exploring and take advantage of the “goodies”.

  7. Well one more awesome post on kingged. These site is now emerging as one of the biggest blog community. Thanks Josh for taking your time writing about kingged.com.

    There are some points that makes this site different and much better than others are

    1. Everything is free and easy
    2. Admin and other team members know well about thier tasks And they are really running this site smooth without difficulties.
    3. Large number Active members help in engaging conversations.
    4. Dedicated to almost everything. Categories are specified perfectly
    5. Giveaway contest, that makes it more attractive.

    Well I can continue this list For long but for now this is what I can write.

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  8. Josh, you’ve said it all. Kingged.com is in a world of its own at the moment. They have decided to do something different from the traditional way of doing things online by introducing a month-long incentives for their users.

    When you do something unique, you also get a unique result. A lot of bloggers are trooping to kingged because like you said, they have excellent staff, incentives, help improve engagement, give you more traffic, etc. Who would not want to take leverage of such site?

    Within a few days of joining Kingged, I can say I have established a cordial relationship with Kingsley. He has paid me several visits on my blog. Moreover, Sunday and Metz are equally doing well in this regard. Besides, I find it difficult to understand the energy level of the Kingged.com staff; they are all working like robots responding to every comment and then reaching out to their members. They are a great team.

    As for Bizsugar, I have been having a fair time there. My posts have been approved without any problems except for the first few ones which might have gone to the wrong categories. The only place I had problem was with Blokube where my account suddenly disappeared. Some of those communities can really be funny you know?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend
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  9. Hey Josh, it’s good to be on your blog again after a long vacation, let’s up things get right for me soon I should always be here all the time. 🙂

    Like seriously, I already am considering of writing a post solely about Kingged dot com as it has now become the trend.

    Everybody has a good view of Kingged, so do I but it wasn’t always like that. Maybe if I had stuck it out during the early days I heard bout Kingged, who knows what juice I will be getting from then now.

    That said. Kingged is not currently providing me any traffic juice neither am I getting too much comment from them. Nah! But I do believe that if I stuck it out I’d get the utmost from this community.

    Truthfully speaking matey , aside from the daily cash giveaway Kingsley offers, I have come to love the community in what I like to call ‘free will’ and the fanatism is one of a kind.

    I don’t know Kingsley and I don’t know where’s from, even when I was trying to introduce one of my blogging buddies to Kingged, he has asked me who he was and what is surname is, I couldn’t and have since closed that chapter but I have a strong feeling he’s from my country and if he’s from my country and can have this huge online presence and massive following then it’s worth spending my every time on his network.

    Now bout your post, it was short but totally on point! I love the way you presented it, different from the many have come across and I hope this guides me in writing my own very post about Kingged dot com.

    Thanks for sharing and for winning yet another set of souls to Kingged dot com, it’s much appreciated! 😀 Do have a magical week ahead brother.


    • Hey Sam,

      I must have missed this comment when you placed it, but just seeing it now.

      Good to hear you saying kind things about Kingged. It’s nothing compared to what you will enjoy in the coming days, with what we are going to be adding pretty soon, 🙂

      You said you are not receiving any traffic nor comments from Kingged yet? Of course you shouldn’t as I don’t see your posts shared here. Have you shared any post here that got to the front page and didn’t give you traffic? I don’t think so.

      From what I can see, you just submitted your first article today!

      More so, it’s important to get involved here, make friends, comment on posts, king other posts, etc, and you will get known enough that other Kinggers (members) will also do the same for you and your posts, when you start sharing them.

      About the “daily cash giveaway for commenting on Kingged.com”, I see you have won some cool cash for 3 or so days now. Sweet, right, 🙂

      Ask the other people who have also won, like Nwosu, and they will tell you that it’s much more than the money. They have also got good traffic and engagement on their blogs, as a result. Same will happen for you the more active you get on Kingged.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment and hope to see you even more active in the coming days. If you have any questions or issues, always feel free to hit me up via PM.

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      • Oh no worries sir.

        You are right sir, and that was my effort not anybody’s effort. Serves me right!

        3 or so? I don’t even know at all. I guess all this shit are happening majorly because I surf from the phone.

        Another great package? You guys never ceases to amaze us and that’s one advantage you have sir over your competition.

        You help get us noticed, spoil us like brats by giving us daily giftings and now another one!

        I’m glad to be a part of this.


  10. This is a true community! More than any other platform I know. The key lies in giving, and Kingged members give freely of their time and talents to make this page a Top 15K site on earth. That’s why I work it so hard. I love winning contests of course but the friends I’m making and traffic I’m driving and people I’m helping thru here, well, it’s all worth it!
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  11. I was searching for do follow blogs to comment on and then I found klinkk and from there I found kingged.com. I got everything here- do follow blogs, great learning and the best of all giveaways for engagement. Really a time worthy community and surely one of the finest communities I am proud to be a member of.

    Anyways, where and how I can redeem king points?
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  12. Hi Josh,

    I guess it’s the team behind kingged and we the kinggers that distinguish Kingged from other blog communities.

    And, like you said, the team kingged cares its members . This is such a rarity nowadays in the blogging communities. I had been a member of other blog communities for almost two years and I have never seen such engagement in those sites. Here each and everyone is willing to help others.

    Josh, you have a written a short and nice review about kingged. Thanks a for spreading the word. Mouth publicity is the best :D.

    Have a nice week.

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  13. I must confess Kingged is becoming one of the best blog community out there.. I remember when someone ask me to join kingged that it was the best blog community.. I checked the community and I didn’t see a reason to join and eventually I joined and I can’t say currently that I regret their service… I like kingged so much.. Thank you Josh for sharing this ………….

  14. Hi Josh,
    You brought out all here about this wonderful space called Kingged.com. 🙂

    I appreciate you for writing this valuable review about this amazing community called “Kingged.com.”

    I am here since few months only, when I joined I had a negative feeling that: “Hey here is yet another page with lot of offers!” So i kept away from the community almost one and half months and recently i have noticed that many of my so closely associated blog authors are members here and that made me to renew my membership, I mean started commenting. One important thing as you mentioned here is the prompt response its members receive from the Admin. Without taking much time they respond to your mail with all your satisfaction, my few weeks experience with this community I can very well testify that. As you mentioned about some community they never respond to your post or any of the queries.
    This is one of the remarkable thing about this community and I really appreciate Kingsley and his terrific team 🙂
    Keep up the good works my dear friends.
    Best wishes
    Have a wonderful and profitable week ahead.
    ~ Philip
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  15. Hello Josh,
    You are one of the proud members of Kingged.com like me.
    I can surely recommend Kingged.com if anyone ask me “which community should i join?”.

    Kingsley, the admin of Kingged.com and moderator team takes care of everyone personally. They are spending thousands of dollars on us, what else we want?

    I feel here like family. Every member of Kingged is a part of family.

    Thank you for writing this review!

    Have a Nice Day!
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  16. Hey man, first of all i must say, whatever you share, its worth reading. Worth sparing time.

    coming over to the post. http://Kingged.com surely is the best blogging community i’ve came across since the time i started blogging. and yes i’ve tried many.

    Kingged is the Best, and yes its low loading is totally avoided as it gives much more to the members for free.