What’s so special about WordPress SEO?


Google ranks all websites together in one pot. It does not separate out WordPress sites for a special index. That means that WordPress SEO is, at its base, no different than SEO for any other website.

As with any other website, you need both on-page and off-site SEO – both proper coding and content and good links and social signals.

As with any other website, it’s not how good your SEO is, it’s how much better (or worse) it is compared to the competition.

As with any other website, the title tag is prime real estate, as are the h tags and the bold tags.

As with any other website, the speed of loading and the mobile compatibility are crucial.

As with any other website, you need to know which search terms (keywords) people are searching for and, more importantly, which ones convert.

What’s so special about WordPress SEO

What’s different is that WordPress is a content management (CMS), so there are very specific ways to control some aspects that affect SEO.


  1. Hi David,

    When it comes to improve our on-page seo, we always consider Yoast, it really helps us create XML sitemaps that support images.

    It also gives us the ability to have advanced configuration such as removing a specific post, page, post type, or a taxonomy from the sitemap.

    It notifies search engines automatically once your content is published.

    Thanks so much
    Omar Saady

  2. I’d agree, Yoast is definitely the best SEO plugin on wordpress. It makes sure you’re optimize your SEO the best to stand a greater chance for ranking high in google. I’ve never yet to find another plugin that even comes close, personally.

    I always use site maps like Omar suggests, and I always put my keywords in the images as well.