What Type of Plugins Do You Use to Automate your Blog?


I don’t know about the rest of you, but before I used WordPress to build my websites it took me weeks and sometimes months before I got it right. As if building the plain site wasn’t hard enough I also had to build Landing Pages, Pop-ups, ad code for email integration, upload files to my index using an FTP file manager…

You get it.

It was the most horrible and time consuming process I have ever had. But then I heard of WordPress and how to create a blog. My life and dreams had finally been rescued from countless hours of frustration, I finally had the end product that I wanted! or did I.

Now that I could basically build a blog in a day instead of spending a week trying to figure out how to place a pop-up on my website, life was but a dream. That wasn’t even the best part, once I discovered that WordPress had plugins that basically did the heavy lifting for me I was feeling like a professional six figure blogger and I hadn’t even published an article yet.


There was a plugin for every feature I ever you could dream of. I felt like I was in website heaven and all I had to do is click a button to add excitement to any feature on my blog. So like most beginners with big dreams, I wanted it all and I wanted it easy. It took me about a minute to see that WordPress had so many plugins covering so many different widget features I could spend a year just looking for the perfect set. There are just too many so I had to narrow my focus a little. I had to calm down and develop an actually plan of what plugins would be best to accomplish what I was trying create.

Since my main business didn’t really involve blogging and the only reason I was trying to develop a website was to create a brand. I had to re-think my entire strategy. Blogging is hard work and as an affiliate marketer who runs paid campaigns I didn’t want to waste all my time and resources trying to create a popular blog. My blog was created to help other marketers, but If this blogging thing was going to work for me , I needed to find a way to automate as much of the process as possible.


My first problem was how to add content, and I needed quality content that has already been shared. After all, content is what blogging is all about and I wanted to be about providing useful content. So my first goal was to find the best plugin that I could to scrape the internet and search for keyword generated content.

The best tool I could find was pflogo_transparent, it’s a free plugin that allows me to collect, discuss and share content from a number of sources on the internet and quickly edit, schedule and publish my post. This tool saved me from hours of tedious content curation and it had the right price, it was free. I’m not saying that you don’t have a better plugin for this purpose, so please let us know if you do.

Now that I had my content lined up I needed to perform some SEO so the search engines could find my articles. I went directly for Squirrly SEO and I was happy because it did would they said it would do. It helped me write content that was SEO friendly that a human could understand. It helped me improve my rankings with Google, did a weekly SEO audit and sent me an email report. It even helped me find the best keywords to use. But that was me and I chose it because it did what I needed and it was free.

I definitely needed Google Analytics so I could track what was working. So I used the highly rated Better Google Analytics plugin, it allowed me a way to add Google Analytics code to my website and track every movement without logging into my Google account. I get heat maps, reports, charts, events and site issue tracking , and I can control it all right there in my WordPress admin area. I love it, it’s awesome, but most of all..it’s free.

Of course me being an affiliate marketer I wanted all those keywords to count for more than just SEO, So I monetized them using a VigLink plugin. It was the easiest way to monetize the links on my site. VigLink automatically affiliates my keywords to monetized links, it even links to posts you’ve already written with no extra editing! I get stats on which links are making the most money, which links get the most clicks. VigLink is my content marketing workhorse, and of course it’s free.

I had to have a Landing Page with an integrated opt in form so I use the Ultimate Landing Page plugin. It basically outlines the areas I need to build the landing page and I just fill in the blanks. Building a landing page couldn’t have been easier and the form integrated with my email provider so what more could I ask for…okay ….It’s also free.

My automation wouldn’t be complete without social integration and I needed a platform that linked it all together like a well constructed machine.

What about you? 

What Type of Plugins Do You Use to Automate your Blog?

Please share with the rest of us in the comments here. 



  1. Hi Gordie,

    WordPress is a platform that provides users with lots of flexibility.

    This is effected with the various plugins that can be used to customize and automate features.

    I am not really a heavy blogger but I ensure that the necessary plugins are installed and utilized as needed. Some of my top choice plugins include JetPack, Yoast, and Google Analytics.

  2. Hey Gordie,

    When it comes to the automating a blog, the tools utilized will depend on the need of the blog. The good news is that with WordPress blog, we have so many options to choose from.

    It is revealing that you have shared the plugins you use to automate Content creation, SEO, landing pages and Analytics, etc. There are other bloggers who would align with your choice as well.

    For me, I make do with whatever works for me.

    Thanks for mentioning the function of VigLink plugin. This is my first time of learning about it. I will give it a try!

  3. Hey Gordie,

    There are now tens of thousand plugins that can be installed to run a WordPress blog. The good news is that some are free and others are paid.

    At least, one can use the free ones to test the real functionality and features of the plugin before making investment in the paid version. This is cool.

    However, choosing the right plugin to automate a blog depend on the activities to be carried out on the blog!

  4. Hey Gordie,

    Automation does save us a lot of time. This is why using wordpress would be the most convenient platform to help grow our online businesses.

    As for me there’s only two main automation tools I use which is for syndication. They are TwitterFeed and bufferapp. As I’m networking with others, TwitterFeed will automatically populate my Facebook page as well as other features on twitter, Facebook, and linkedIn.

    I can set buffer app to syndicate a certain amount of times per day or per week.

    But from my experience, for automated syndication to work, it would benefit more if you had a following and rapport with different people within your niche.
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    • Thanks for your comment Sherman.

      The last statement about establishing a rapport made me think of this platform. I’m still pretty new to Kingged, but wouldn’t it be great if we had a forum here for ad swapping, article swapping and joint ventures so we could work collectively to establish rapport in our niches.

      Successful online entrepreneurs do it frequently and it works to spread their audiences.

      Sorry I went off topic, but you just stirred my creative juices with that comment. But you have provided me with solution to the last statement of my article as far as social integration goes. I checked out Bufferapp and I think I’ll give it try, thanks.
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  5. Hi Gordie,

    If I am not mistaken, there are millions of plugins that can be availed by WordPress bloggers. This is the beauty of this blog publishing platform.

    However, the use of specific plugins to automate a blog is a matter of choice.

    The type of business, the type of content, and the type of customers,etc, can affect the choice.

    I do use Thrive for content creation, JetPack for user experience, Yoast SEO for optimization, Mail Poet for landing page and email marketing, and Google Analytics

  6. Hi Gordie,

    Its so revealing knowing about PressForward and VigLink. These plugins are new to me. I love their features as you have explained. They are ‘must-install’ plugins for every WordPress blogger.

    Automating a blog is very important. Especially as helps to save time, cost and energy for improved productivity!

  7. Hey Gordie,

    Its a good thing you have reminded us of the need to automate blogs – especially on the WordPress platform.

    use of plugins has become essential because they ensure increased flexibility and user experience for blogging success.

    Automation of blogging processes is cool with WordPress plugins. I use different types of plugins to automate my blog.

    Google Analytics and Wordfence are must install automation plugins for me!

  8. Hi Gordie,

    Automation of a blog with the right WordPress plugin is important.The good news is that there are some plugins that makes for easy automation in various aspects of Internet marketing.

    As a WordPress user, I have across different types of plugins for my blogs but the choice I make usually depends on the quality of the plugin.

    This question is interesting but the answer is relative!

    • Quality is important Celine, which is why it’s so difficult to choose a plugin.

      I normally read the lowest ratings first to find out what the problems were, and if there were just too many problems I’d skip it.

      There are thousands of plugins and some don’t actually work. So I like to eliminate those that don’t work by listening to the words of the actual users.

      But I do wish you would have shared with us the plugin that you’ve chosen because they might actually help someone who’s trying to make a decision on which plugins to choose.

      Thank you for comment, it’s always appreciated.
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  9. Hi Gordie,

    It is always important to verify if a WordPress plugin has proper customer support or not.

    If this is available then choosing the right automation plugins becomes easier for me.

    Since we can access hundreds of thousands of WordPress plugins to automate a blog, the type chosen is often determined by the functions and features of the blog!

    • Well to be honest I won’t try a plugin unless it has a free version. Experience has taught me that the product doesn’t always work as it’s described, so with plugins I need to see for myself before I buy. The most important feature to me is compatibility with my current version of WordPress and associated theme. Thanks for sharing how your choice is made it was very helpful and a wise method of segregating.
      Gordie Chase recently posted…What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?My Profile

      • Hello Gordie
        Great post: It was very insightful and informative for me. I have been doing a lot of reading and the word is automation is the way to go. Gordie thanks for being so detailed
        I just got my new website today vitaminchief.com and I think I’m going to strap it with all the plugins you suggested.
        Thanks for the heads up on Press forward and Viglink they’re new to me.Thanks for sharing
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        • Hey Darrell, whats up?
          Those are just two plugins I’ve recently tried. There are actually so many good plugins out there it’s pretty hard deciding which ones to use. I went for Viglink because I needed more flexibility for monetizing my blog. I initially tried Google Adsense and WordPress ad widget, neither converted. Viglink will check your traffic before adding links but as your traffic grows so does your flexibility of links. I like it because it does all the tracking and FTC advisories for me, which makes it total automation in my book. I don’t know how it works on new blogs but its increased my click thrus from tens to hundreds.
          Gordie Chase recently posted…What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?My Profile

  10. One of the most amazing plugin I love to add to my website is Jetpack by WordPress.com!
    In fact, Jetpack can do A LOT of different things for you automatically and it’s completely free.

    That said, here’s are my four favorite things I’m loving with it on my site that I highly recommend you do too:

    1- Site Stats: it shows your daily visitors, where they come from, what they click on.
    2- Enhanced Distribution: Jetpack will automatically take the published content from your website and share it instantly with third party services like search engines, increasing your reach and traffic.
    3- Publicize: Publicize allows you to connect your blog to popular social networking sites and automatically share new posts with your friends. You can make a connection for just yourself or for all users on your blog. Publicize allows you to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo!, and Linkedin.
    4- Monitor: Nobody likes downtime, and that’s why Jetpack Monitor is on the job, keeping tabs on your site. As soon as any downtime is detected, you will receive an email notification alerting you to the issue. That way you can act quickly, to get your site back online again!


  11. Hi Gordie,

    I remember creating sites in Kompozer and having to FTP the information too! We have come a long way.

    One paid plugin I use that I find very useful is called Fotopress, it will search and find royalty free images and place them anywhere in your blog posts. You also can edit the photos right in the dashboard while you are creating a post.

    This saves me a lot of time in looking for the perfect images.

    I of course use Yoast SEO and Google Analytics.

    I also use a paid plugin called “Instabuilder” to create squeeze pages and landing pages.

    This is an interesting post as there are so many great plugins. Thank you for starting this discussion.

    Take care Gordie and have a great weekend!