What Quality Is BEST SALEABLE If You Plan To Sell Your Online Business?


A valuable online business is that which provides monetary and monetary benefits for stakeholders. If you plan to sell your business or website then it becomes vital to make it VALUABLE to attract buyers easily.

That said, in the eyes of most entrepreneurs, a business worth selling should be built around the following basic qualities:

Great earning potential – The business’s financial prospects should be expectantly high in the now and in the nearest future.

Ease of ownership – The business can easily be transferred from the seller to the buyer.

Low and mitigable risk – The risk involved in running the business should be low or could easily be mitigated.

Strong potential for growth – the material and financial resources of the business should be strong enough for potential growth and development.

If your website or online business is built and run based on the above basic qualities then selling will not be difficult.

However, it’s not all that ‘black & white’. Selling a business is beyond having the basic qualities shared above.

Factors like availability of buyers, location of the business, opportunity and time cost as well as nature of the business could influence the success of buying and selling of a website/business.

An entrepreneur should have idea of what is the best or most beneficial quality to build around a business.

In your view, what is the most valuable quality an online business should have if it is time to sell?


  1. If I understand what you meant, then my most Salable quality is what appeals to the client.

    Good content and increased marketing skills is a must for increased traction.

    However, the qualities to lookout for by the seller and the buyer as pointed above is very revealing!

  2. Hello Sunday,

    I will have to go with “Great earning potential” as you mentioned.

    If an online business is making money already and has more potential to make more money, that should be the best reason to buy it.

    Why waste money to buy an online business without potentials, right?

  3. Revenue, Revenue, Revenue, and then expenses.

    Seriously, many start ups are valued pretty well before they are even profitable simply because they are generating high amounts of revenue.

    Of course, profitability is important so expenses also matter, but you’d be surprised that some buyers only look at revenue.

    Just my 2 cents working on the tech start up world.

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    • Hey Kelly,

      Yes, revenue potential and the expense of maintaining a website are crucial check points for deciding the “saleability” of a business.

      If expenses are not balanced with the potential earnings then the profitability potential of the business would be misconstrued.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Yes, low and mitigable risk, high earning potential, ease of ownership transfer and strong potency for growth are qualities that must be not ignored when buying or selling a business.

    These qualities would readily help the marketer or buyer to arrive at a good decision when it comes to online business.

    At least, these will give the novice heads up on how to sell profitably!

  5. Hi Sunday,

    I will keep it in mind all the basic qualities you have shared in this post. These would come handy whenever I am ready to buy a new website.

    I am happy you mentioned that the website must have an earning potential and I agree with you on this!

    I want to ask if there is any tool that would easily make one detect the earning potential of website before buying?

    • Hi Amit,

      Indeed, knowing that a business has earning potential is a reason to invest in it.
      I cannot recommend an tool right now that can detect the earning potential of a website, except for what the webmasters say about them on flipping sites.

      However, if the website has Adsense, affiliate programs or other system where reports are provided, you can ask for such reports!

  6. Hi Sunday,

    The best quality trait that every saleable business should have has been defined in this sentence:
    “Great earning potential – The business’s financial prospects should be expectantly high in the now and in the nearest future.”

    Yes, every business should be hinged on a solid earning potential for both the buyer and the seller!

  7. Hi Sunday,

    You said it in the first point, “the business’ financial prospects should be expectantly high in the now and in the nearest future”.

    I’d say “SHOW ME THE MONEY” 🙂

    If an online business is making money and has been making money for a long time, that’s the best quality for a potential buyer, any day.

  8. Hi Sunday,

    This is an easy question 🙂

    Gavin above answered it perfectly. The best salable quality of an online business is profit.

    If any business is making profit, it’s easy to sell. And easy to sell at a profit, forgive the pun, 😉

  9. Hi Sunday,

    I would have to agree with most of the people that the most important thing is whether or not the business is making a profit.

    Other things to consider is whether the new owner will be able to “easily” continuing making a profit?

    How much work is involved in continuing to make a profit?

    Is there opportunity to make even more profit?

    Maybe even will the old business owner train the buyer on the necessary tasks of running and growing the business?

    However, it all comes down to whether or not the new owner will be able to make a profit.

    Have a great week Sunday. Be blessed.


    • Hi John,

      You are right. It is important that the new owner is motivated by the prospect of continuously running and making profit from the business.

      A business plan that doesn’t promise profitable continuity is likely to flop, right?