If you are wondering what to sell on Etsy to make good money, then you should absolutely read this article.

It explains a lot about how selling on Etsy works and the very best products you can sell to make money.


What is Etsy?

Just for the sake of definition… Etsy is an online platform where sellers of unique goods are connected to buyers of those goods.

It is one of the popular online marketplaces like Amazon for buying and selling crafts and handmade items.

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If you think of what is offered at a local craft show, then think of Etsy.

Millions of people use this platform to buy and sell handmade, vintage, and craft supplies.

The best part is that these items are created and curated by millions of Independent sellers.


Who can Sell on Etsy?

Anyone who creates handmade items can sell on Etsy. Also, anyone who can curate vintage or craft supplies can sell on this platform.

All you need do is sign up with the site and list the items you want to sell.

You can utilize the features of Etsy to manage your inventory and orders.


How to Be an Etsy Seller

If you would like to start selling items on Etsy, here are steps you may want to take:


Decide What You Are Going to Sell

First off, you have to decide on the item you are going to sell.

While you may want to sell just about anything on this platform, you should sell items you are passionate about.

These items should be under any of the categories like vintage items, handmade items, or craft supply items.


Come Up with Shop Name You Will Use

Etsy allows sellers to open an online shop where they can display what they sell.

You need a name that your shop would be known for.

The shop name should be reflective of what you will be selling.

Make sure it is something simple and easy to remember.

Also, the name must not be in use by others. So, it must be clean, short, and unique.


Create a Seller’s Account

You can create an account with Etsy if you want to start selling on this platform.

You need to provide answers to the questions asked on the “Sell on Etsy” page.

Once you complete your registration, then you are good to go.


Set Up Payment & Billing Information

After completing your basic information, you can set up payment and billing details.

Etsy will guide you on how to do this.

Payment and billing information talks about how you are going to be paid by customers, and other fees that may be incurred when using the online store.


Open Your Shop & Promote

If you have completed all things about registration, then you can open your Etsy shop for business.

You can then start listing the items you want to sell.


22 Best Items to Sell on Etsy 

There are lots of things to sell at Etsy. However, some of the best items that will bring good money for you are discussed in this section.


1. Arts and Collectibles

Arts And Collectibles are among the best sellers at Etsy.

These items come in different variations and make from different materials.

Arts could be in the form of photographs, carvings, busts, pieces of jewelry, and other crafts.

They may include collectibles which may include antiques and valuables.

Selling these Arts and Collectibles like in Flea Market Flipping will help you make a lot of money.


2. Baby bows

Baby bows are pieces of decorative interlacing ribbons used for babies. These items sell well at Etsy.

If you have creative skills for bow and clip making then you can use them to create these items.

You can also learn how to make these decorative items from different tutorials online.

Sign up with Etsy to sell your baby bows.

A lot of mothers make extra money selling these baby blows and clips on Etsy.


3. Bags and Purses

Handmade bags and purses are among the best sellers on Etsy.

Most people buy these items for their uniqueness.

So, if you can make handmade bags and purses then consider listing them at Etsy and you will find many customers.

To make the most money, ensure you make them in different designs that would suit different buyers.


4. Candles

Candles are sticks made of wax with a wick in the middle.

They are used for lightening a place and for decorative purposes.

Some people use candles for rituals and religious purposes as well.

You can sell candles at Etsy and make a lot of money. It very profitable selling candles at Etsy.

The cost of making candles and that of buying for reselling is often low.

Candles sell well because of their importance and varieties.

They come in different colors, sizes, and designs. Some are also made with scents that suit the taste of a specific individual.


5. Digital Prints

Digital prints include photos, logos, and designs that can be printed online.

These are among the best sellers online.

You can use simple software like Word and Canva to create digital prints which people can download from the Etsy marketplace.

Digital prints are one of the best things you can sell on Etsy to make money.

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They are cheap and easy to make.

You can easily make and upload these items. And, you can sell the same single file over and over again without additional cost.

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What to Sell on Etsy


6. Handmade Pieces of Jewelry

Handmade pieces of jewelry are among the best sellers on Etsy.

They include handmade bracelets, earrings, necklaces, anklets, rings, and more.

Handmade jewelry is used for fashion, gifting, or commemorating a special occasion.

You can definitely make and sell Jewelry at Etsy for good money.

One of the reasons these items sell well is that they can be customized or personalized to suit the needs of specific individuals or groups of people.

Handmade pieces of jewelry can be made with various kinds of materials which may include beads, stones, metals, plastic pellets, and other items.


7. Jewelry Supplies

Since a lot of people love handmade jewelry, it would naturally mean that jewelry supplies will sell well.

At Etsy, jewelry supplies are among the best sellers.

You can buy them cheap locally and sell them for good profit at Etsy.

If you make jewelry supplies by yourself then selling them at Etsy would be a very good decision you make.

A lot of people prefer to buy supplies and make jewelry for themselves.


8. Kids’ Clothes

Kids’ Clothes are among the best-selling items on Etsy.

If you have a huge collection of baby clothes, sweaters, jackets, and dresses, then you can list them on this site and make money.

Kids’ Clothes can be sold as used clothes or as new ones.

You can clean out your kid’s wardrobe and make extra money selling those used clothes they no longer need.

Of course, the clothes must be in very good condition.

It would interest you to know that knitted outfits are among the best types of Kids’ Clothes you can sell for money at Etsy.


9. Mugs and Socks

A mug large cup for hot liquids, usually cylindrical and with a handle.

A sock is hosiery or stocking consisting of a cloth covering for the foot; worn inside the shoe; reaches to between the ankle and the knee.

Mugs and socks are popular items that sell at Etsy.

They are practical in usage and most people buy them as gifts for others.

You can sell handmade mugs and socks at Etsy and make extra money.


10. Organic Self Care Products

Organic self-care products are popular at Etsy.

You can start selling them to make a lot of money.

Most people demand eco-friendly and organic products devoid of harmful ingredients.

Organic self-care products may include soaps and beauty creams.

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11. Paper Crafts

You can sell paper crafts at Etsy and make a lot of money.

These are products made from paper and cardboard.

They may include wrapping papers, cardboard boxes, paper bags, and similar crafts made from hard or soft papers.

Most people prefer buying paper crafts because they are friendly to the environment when disposed of.

They can also serve as better alternatives as gift items, decoration materials, and packages instead of plastics and metals.

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12. Party Decorations

Party decorations include ribbons, balloons, banners, medallions, and other accessories used in beautifying party events.

These items are among the best sellers at Etsy.

It is not a surprise since a lot of people organize and attend different types of parties daily.

They often visit shops online like Etsy to shop for items that suit their tastes and styles.

You can make more money if you sell unique party decorative items that can be used for special parties like weddings, birthdays, carnivals, and more.

These are definitely some of the things kids can create and sell for easy money.


13. Pet Supplies

You can make money if you sell pet supplies at Etsy.

These items include clothes, food, and games that are meant for pets.

A lot of people love their pet dog, cat, bird, etc.

They are willing to spend thousands of dollars daily on pet supplies. That’s why some dog owners have no problem paying a lot of money for dog walking jobs.

You can sell these items at your Etsy shop and make money.

Some of the bestselling pet supplies on this platform include tags, collars, leashes, bathing essentials, toys, and so on.

So, start selling pet supplies and make good money on Etsy.


14. Crocheted Items

You sell crocheted items on Etsy to make money.

These are handcrafted items made of needle stitches.

They are made by interlocking looped stitches with a hooked needle.

Ideas of crocheted items include Beanies, scarves, blankets, shawls, handbags, and so on.

Make and sell these items at Etsy and make money. Most people buy crotched items for their uniqueness.


Other items that will make you good money at Etsy include

15. Printable and Digital Artworks

16. Photography

17. Seasonal Decor

18. Soaps

19. Stickers

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20. Toys

21. Vintage Goods

22. Wedding Supplies



As this article has shown, knowing what to sell on Etsy is the difference between success and failure.

It also revealed the best products anyone can sell to make good money on Etsy.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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