If you want to know what to do with 50k, this article will help a great deal.

It reveals a lot of helpful information as well as best tips on how to know exactly what to do with 50k.



When it comes to money, many slang expressions can be utilized to denote different denominations of American currency.

In the 60s money was referred to as bread.

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Also, people use the word about money as dinero or when they received the money, they would imitate the sound of the cash register by saying cha-ching.

Also, large denomination bills have their description.

A $100 bill is known as a Benjamin because the picture of Benjamin Franklin is on the bill or the $100 bill can be also known as a C-note which represents the Roman number C which means 100.

Also, as it relates to the $100 bill, another way that you can refer to a $100 bill or several $100 bills is to use the term Franklin’s.

All money is serious.

There are larger amounts of money that become more serious.

When we start referring to Gs we are talking about money in increments of $1000.

Consequently, having 50,000 Gs is a significant number of G’s and no matter how you slice this bread it is important to know what to do with $50,000 if it happens to come your way.


25 Best Tips to Help Know What to Do With 50k


1. Pause

There are a variety of ways that we can find ourselves suddenly holding a $50,000 check.

It could be through an inheritance, a court settlement, a lucky game of chance, etc.

The reality is it is an exciting moment and can be a little bit on the overwhelming side.

The question is, what to do with this money?

For some, the tendency might be to do something impulsive and spend it on something that they have always wanted.

For others, the response may be something more subdued and wanting to explore potential investment opportunities.

In either case, the money is yours to do with as you see fit.

It would seem that either option is fine in that it is your money but perhaps it would be important to pause at the moment, reflect on your good fortune, and with a grateful heart think through what possibilities this money has brought to you.


2. Research

Whether you decide to spend the money or invest the money, it is best to do your research.

The research would entail what items you are going to purchase and get the best deal or if you are going to invest the money the same plan of action is suggested.

It is important to remember that good decision are informed decisions.


3. Indebtedness

One of the possible options to utilize $50,000 would be to pay off any debt that you may have.

Paying off any high-interest credit cards or loans would in essence be saving you money in the long run because of the decreased interest payments that you would be making.

Decreasing or eliminating your debt would ultimately free up more money for you to utilize within the family budget and in essence, be significant savings.


4. Increase Your Assets

If you are not a homeowner, chances are you are paying rent and increasing someone else’s wealth through this rental payment.

Good use of $50,000 would go a long way in putting a down payment on a home so that you can increase your assets and begin to build your wealth rather than someone else’s.


5. Stock Market

Despite the ups and downs and fluctuations of the stock market, this has always proven to be a tried and proven way of increasing one’s wealth.

You can go with a brokerage firm and have someone invest your money for you in the stock market or you can investigate your own companies that you would wish to invest in and utilize several financial apps that will help you in the process.

One of those apps would be Robin Hood.


6. Real Estate

If you own your own home another opportunity to earn income each month would be to buy an investment home.

An investment home would increase your assets and you could rent out the home and become a landlord.

Through this action step, you would not only realize income each month through the receiving of rental money but increase your assets as well through the purchase of the real estate.

There also may be associated tax benefits in being a landlord.


7. Alternative Investments

Perhaps you have a solid portfolio and wish to purchase other assets to further diversify your portfolio.

A possibility of diversifying your holdings would be to consider alternate investments.

An alternate investment would be the investing of and purchasing of gold, silver, artwork, or other tangible items of wealth.

An individual can own a portion of the artwork.

To further explore this possibility you can click here.


8. Emergency Fund

The importance of an emergency fund cannot be emphasized enough.

An emergency fund is an amount of money set aside that in the event of something financially and negatively impacting your budget, the monies are available to overcome those challenges.

Possibilities of negative financial situations within the home could include the loss of a job, medical illness, major purchase or repair of a household appliance, etc.

This strategy can be realized by holding in a high interest-bearing account an amount of money equal to 3 to 6 months of expenses within the household.


9. Be a Business Owner

A possibility of utilizing $50,000 would be to look at investing in a business, becoming a business partner, or purchasing a franchise.

This investment would also help to realize ongoing income as well as provide other possible tax benefits to the individual choosing to start a business.



10. REITs

A real estate is always a good option and a possibility of owning real estate along with other investors can be realized through a Real Estate Investment Trust or a REIT.

Within REIT, several bricks and mortar locations are owned by you and others as represented by a percentage of this ownership.

Types of buildings that are owned through this investment option could include office spaces, commercial real estate, apartment buildings, malls, warehouses, etc.

By investing in this option, you earn dividends from these real estate properties and you don’t have to worry about the mundane day-to-day activities such as managing or financing any of the properties.


11. 401(k)

If you are a business owner or are considering starting a business with your $50,000, there are added benefits associated with being a business owner.

One of those additional benefits is the opportunity to invest larger percentages of your money towards your retirement.

This can be done through a 401(k) or a SEP IRA.

The business owner can contribute up to 25% of their compensation as their employer.

Of course, IRS tax laws change and so it would be important to consult with your tax advisor or CPA on whether these tax options and benefits are still available and if so at what percentage.


12. Online Brokerage

If wishing to invest the $50,000 an optimal way of investing your money is by working with a financial institution that will facilitate the investment process.

Some of those highly respected and dependable firms include Vanguard, Fidelity, and Schwab.

If pursuing this course of action, it is also important to research the various companies to gain a sense of their commitment to their customers, their focus, how they invest the monies, what type of research are they involved in, do they use a cookie-cutter approach or are there investment plans personalized?


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13. ETFs

An Exchange Traded Fund or ETF is similar to an Index Fund.

The major exception between an ETF and an Index Fund is that these funds are purchased throughout the day as if purchasing stock.

ETF is a hands-off managed investment and generally, automation is depended upon.

Therefore, there is not much interaction for the purchase of these funds through a fund manager.


14. Bonds

Also, companies wish to reinvest their profits or money back into the business.

This is done for several reasons which could be modernizing infrastructure, purchasing new equipment, investing in new upgrades in technology, etc.

To raise this money, they offer to individuals the opportunity to buy a bond.

When an investor buys a bond, these investments are utilized by the company and in turn, when the bonds become mature, the company distributes to the investor a return based on the agreed investment percentage.


15. Financial Advisor

Investment of money can be a little bit overwhelming and one, rightly so, would want to exercise caution and perhaps engage an individual whose job it is to invest for a living.

Therefore, you may wish to engage a financial advisor.

A quality advisor will work with you and understand your specific needs and provide a plan of financial activity that involves what the goals are and the purpose that you wish to achieve in investing.

There are fees involved with the use of personal finance.


16. Continuing Education

If you have children and if they plan to go on to college, an investment option for the educational financial needs of your children would be through the 529 plan.

It is considered as a gift and as such not only helps the children with their financial educational needs, but you may receive some tax benefits when filing your taxes.


17. Retirement vs Brokerage

If you decide to set up a brokerage account, there are typically two types of accounts.

The retirement account is comprised of 401(k)s, separate IRA, Roth IRA, etc.

These particular funds concentrate on providing growth utilizing a tax-deferred basis and are long-term investments.

The other type of account is a brokerage account.

The brokerage account maximizes the growth potential for the investor.

With these accounts, they still have access to their money for other investment possibilities that can be taken advantage of either in the short-term or long term.


18. Diversity

When considering your $50,000 and the possible goal of investing that money, it is important to remember the word diversify.

Diversifying means that you don’t put all of your investment dollars in one particular investment vehicle.

The money should be spread out, usually by percentage, to other investment vehicles.

Some of those other investment vehicles can be stocks, alternative investments, bonds, etc.


19. Stocks

Another investment opportunity is the purchasing of stocks.

When you purchase a share of stock you are purchasing a part of the company

Therefore, if choosing to purchase stocks, it is best to review the company’s various financial reports, consider the popularity of the product, ascertain their growth and potential of growth, etc.

You certainly want to buy stock in a company that is relevant and financially healthy.


20. Index Funds

If you purchase Index Funds what you are doing is owning bonds or an accumulation of other portfolios of stocks that reflect a specific index.

This method of investment gives you a great deal of variety and diversity across a broad spectrum of holdings or investment ownerships.

Index Funds often come with little or low management fees and therefore allow a significant percentage or portion of your investment money to be placed in ownership rather than overhead.


21. Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are vastly different from Index Funds in that mutual funds provide more of a hands-on management option.

With mutual funds, there are added dimensions such as how much can be contributed, by whom, and issues surrounding tax return filings. (Joint or separately)

As with any investments and tax implications, it is important to consult with a financial planning advisor or tax advisor as it relates to best investments and any tax implications.


22. Charity

A potential option of what to do with $50,000 may be the involvement in the pay it forward philosophy.

By contributing to charities, you are not only helping out others by giving thanks back to the universe and financial resources to potentially help others in their personal lives.

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23. Family

An option to potentially use some of your $50,000 is to consider family members.

There may be that family member who is struggling and needs a boost financially.

Rather than giving an outright gift to the individual, you may wish to consider drawing up a loan contract and lending the money to the individual.

The contract would be similar to any other official lending document in that it outlines the terms, payback schedule, interests, etc.

Although you wish to help a family member you don’t want to give a handout but a hand up.


24. Vacation

It is certainly not selfish to consider yourself and your loved ones as it pertains to any potential windfall of money that you receive.

In essence, if there is a special trip or special purchase that needs to be made, by all means, do so as this is an investment in yourself as well.


25. Education Fund

Perhaps, it is always been a dream that you wish to finish your education and receive your degree or go on to earn an additional degree.

This also is a good investment in yourself in that it is a proven fact that an individual who earns a degree or continues their education has the potential of equating that investment into additional wage earnings.

Therefore, any investment in yourself, education included, is an investment in not only you but your financial outlook.


What to Do With $50,000 FAQ


How Long Would It Take for $50,000 Invested to Become $100,000?

If you invested $50,000 and didn’t contribute any more money and earned 7% interest, in roughly 10 to 11 years you would have doubled your money.


What is most likely the best investment for $50,000?

Due to its limitations, property investment is one of the better investments.

You are most likely to make more money, especially on the long term with an investment of $50k in property, especially as you can use the leverage of bank loans and tenant paying rents, to help you get the best from property investment.


Personal Story

Like the ancient farmer of old when seemingly good things happened and he responded we will see and when seemingly bad things happened he responded we will see, his outlook on life was cautionary.

For me, the “we will see” came when I quit my job due to the workplace environment.

At the moment, on the surface, things appeared to be very bleak when in fact, it turned out to be a blessing and I was to move on with a consulting job and earn a much better wage.

Although I have not been the recipient of $50,000 in one lump sum, it was during this time, through severance pay and other financial disbursements, that I was able to seed a retirement fund for $10,000.

In retrospect, there were a variety of options available and temptations that could’ve been indulged in to utilize this money differently.

However, rather than go that direction, the direction I chose was an investment that ultimately grew to $50,000 and beyond.


You Can Do It

You have come into 500 Benjamin’s.

That is a lot of Franklins and you have the possibility of turning those Franklins into more Franklins.



As William Shakespeare said a rose is a rose by any other name.

In this case, money is money no matter what you call it and $50,000, in anybody’s estimation, is a considerable amount.

Let your money work for you and if referring to your money as 50Gs let the G stand for growth and allow your money to work for you.

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