What Social Media Security Policy Do You Have In Place For Your Business?



Your organization needs social media to gain exposure, traffic and conversion. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and the rest are achieving these. However, social networking must be secured to prevent harm for the business.

An insecure social media policy can eat up productivity and bandwidth.  If employees have access to the business social media account, then extra security policy must be in place to prevent breach and infiltration of harmful malware and virus.

You wouldn’t like hackers to infiltrate your accounts through activities of employees operating your social media platform, would you?

So, what social media security policy do you have in place for your business?

There are reasons your business needs a reliable social media security policy. These include but not limited to the following:

Your data needs to be protected all the time

There is no doubting the fact that data protection is vital for business sustenance. Compromise in social media accounts via activities of employees can result in security breach and loss of data. This is more so if an unswerving security system is not in place.

 Virus, malware, and other forms of security threats can comprise data and affect business negatively. So, it becomes necessary to put place a policy that would ensure valuable business and sensitive information as well as user credentials is protected.

Social media growth increases threat

As the use of social media increase, so would the threat. With more individuals using social media it becomes easier for viruses, malwares, Trojans, etc. to spread within the organization’s network. Infection will increase easily if many users are connected to a company’s network without proper protection. It becomes necessary to have a policy in place to curtail OUTBREAK of viruses in the system.

You can prevent class action suit and penalty

Yes, if you don’t have your social media security in check, it could result in class action suit against your company. You could be charged with purposeful breach and compromise of data. Furthermore, your action can result in hefty fines (millions of dollars) for non-compliance with relevant security recommendations. Losing your legal rights and credibility could be costly for the business in the long run.

Quick suggestions to set up a social media security policy

If social media security policy is so important, how you put it in place? Here are some quick suggestions:

Limit and Monitor Employee Access to the business accounts

Limit access employees have on the business social network. You must ensure that only limited number of personnel have access to the account. For those with access to the account, there is need to put a policy of checking that valuable time is spent on business related networking instead of personal networking.

Build a multilayer firewall within the network

Ensure you build multilayer security technologies around your social media network. This can be achieved by installing a dependable firewall technology inside and outside of the network. All security appliances, IPS software, hosted services, and routers should be “firewalled” to prevent attacks within any of the security perimeters!

Ensure there is a Periodic Update on the software and Devices

The best policy for social media security in the firm must ensure that users update their devices regular. Hence, browsers, social media plug-ins, antivirus software, and media players used in both static and mobile devices must be regularly updated to prevent SQL injections and other threats which poses danger to the organization.

Educate employees on secured use of social media

The employees should be educated on the proper use of social media to prevent infiltration and hacks. They must use strong password and change same periodically. They must never give private information about the company in social communication, they must customize account usage and contents shared online must be decent.

These are quick suggestions to build a solid social media security policy. Every business needs a secured policy for data protection and sustainable growth and development.

I ask again, what social media security policy do you have in place for your business?


  1. Hey Sunday,

    I don’t have my own company with employees but I understand the importance of securing your social media account when you do have employees as well as your business grows.

    Social media site like facebook and twitter are big time and sites like these attract hackers. It’s very important to make your accounts as secure as possible to make it more challenging for these hackers to infiltrate sites.

    It’s vital to put in a firewall within your network too. Working in IT I can honestly say that firewalls have prevent many attacks at my job, and plus a very good firewall gives you more granular features so you can monitor the activities of your employees on the internet.

    Thanks for sharing Sunday! Have a great week ahead!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Why Social Media Automated Tools Won’t Work For YouMy Profile

  2. Hi Sunday,

    I think you write this post concentrating on organization with employees, I am an individual blogger still I read this post to know what is security policy for social media.

    You pointed out the right points for the organization with employees, thanks for sharing this post, you are frequently writing post on Kingged, keep up the good work.
    siddaiah recently posted…SiteGround Coupon 2015 – Christmas Holiday Sale 60% OFFMy Profile

  3. Hi Sid,
    Surely, this post concentrated on social media security policy for organizations with employees.

    However, individuals can take a cue from the principles and establish a robust social media security for their business.

    The basics of security for businesses can be generalized for individual and corporate businesses!

    Thanks for your kind words!
    Sunday William recently posted…Why I think Facebook for Local search can help Your Small businessMy Profile

  4. It’s just me, myself, and I in my business, but my security precautions are:

    1. Don’t click links in emails that ask you to login and verify something for security purposes. Most are phishing scams.

    2. Don’t click on weird links in people’s posts. Likely hacks.

    3. Don’t take quizzes that make you log in through Facebook first. Likely thieving your information.

    4. Use unique passwords. At least if one network gets hacked, not all will get hacked.

    5. Keep an eye on notifications. If you get hacked, at least you’ll know quickly.

    6. Regularly clean up apps that have access to your social accounts. You never know.

    7. Regularly clean up people who have access to your social accounts. You never know.

    8. Never give anyone else admin access or access high enough that they could remove you from a social account.
    Kristi Hines recently posted…The Ultimate Guide to 160+ Business and Digital Marketing Conferences in 2016My Profile

  5. Hey Sunday,

    When it comes to social media security policy, every business must be proactive about it. It is not something to be wished away.

    I have a couple business friends who ensure their staff adhere strictly to security protocol relating to social media policy. I guess this method has been working for them and still does to date.
    Winford Moore recently posted…How Can I Build A Successful Home Based Business?My Profile

  6. Indeed, one needs to be protected all the time. Social media security should be taken seriously.

    Every individual or organization must have a reliable system in place to enforce security on its social media engagements.

    The tips you have shared here are in order. I guess its time to be more practical!

  7. Simplicity is my watch word when it comes to social media security policy.

    I ensure that everyone understands what is at stake and the ramifications of every security breach.

    Therefore, those in charge of social media are provided simple technology that would help them achieve secured social system.

  8. I never had any security policy in place beyond the basic login and logout steps in social media account.

    However, after reading this post, I now realize the importance of keeping social media data and reputation safe.

    The details you shared are revealing, and every proactive social media marketer must be ready to implement them for success!