What Is Your Optimal Number Of Hashtags For Social Media Engagement?



What is hashtag?

Hashtag is a word prefixed with the hash sign (#). For example, #writing or #blogging embedded in a message shared on social media is a hashtag. This word is used to tag to label a category. Or, it is an identifier associated with a piece of data.

According to Wikipedia, A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content.

Thus, Hashtag is a social media tagging system that categorizes content for easy interaction.

Major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Instagram allow the use of hashtags. This act has helped marketers increase engagement and traffic. Yes, hashtag makes it easier for users or followers to easily interact and engage in topics they have interest. Thus, this should be a tool to appeal to targeted audience.

To increase traffic and conversion in social media marketing, it becomes necessary to explore effective hashtag policy. It’s relieving to know that doing this is not rocket science because hashtags is easy to implement.

Here are quick tips on the optimal number of #hashtags to be used in Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram.

#hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags on Facebook is picking up unlike when it was when it was introduced. Posts with words embedded this sign are more interactive when there is between 1 and 2 hashtags. It goes to show that for increased interactions and traffic, limited numbers of hashtags should be preferred.

#hashtags on Twitter

This is the platform synonymous with hashtags usage. Research has shown that Tweets with hashtags get more retweets and engagements. What is more, the optimal number of hashtags that increases engagement in Twitter is 1 or 2. Anything more would reduce engagement and traffic drastically.

#hashtags on Google +

Hashtags on Google + is automatically in-built. Nevertheless, you can add or edit the number you want based on the shared post or comment. Google+ posts with hashtags double exposure opportunities than posts without the hashtags. Furthermore, related hashtags search feature in Google+ offers good brainstorming opportunity for smart marketing. Optimally, 1-2 hashtags will improve engagement and traffic in Google + than posts without one.

#hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is another social media where the power of hashtag can be maximized. Unlike the three platforms above, more hashtags on this platform means more engagement and traffic. Posts with 11+ hashtags generate more interactions. Stats from a QuickSprout infographic revealed that 79.5% interaction per 1000 followers is achieved compared to 29% interaction per 1000 follower when 1 hashtag is used.

Social media posts with hashtags tend to increase engagements or interactions. This automatically means that businesses can explore it usage to increase traffic and interact with targeted audience. Ultimately, it could be a boost for conversion. It becomes important to know what number is optimal for a platform. While some social platforms do well with 1-2 hashtags, others are more engaged with multiple hashtags.

So, are you using hashtags on your social media? What is the optimal number of hashtags for increased engagement in your platform?


  1. Hey Sunday,

    I actually just started using hashtags more consistently within the last few months this year. I’ve seen I’ve gotten a slight increase in traffic from the shares and comments I’ve been getting.

    I’ve only been using them in Facebook and Google+ ironically. I never used them in twitter, but will started using it more there.

    Usually I put in at least 4 hashtags whenever I share my posts on Facebook or Google+. This sounds like it may be overkill but the words I used correlate with the topic.

    Thanks for sharing Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How You Can Easily Create SEO Friendly Blog PostsMy Profile

  2. Hi Sunday,

    I too started using hashtags recently like Sherman, but I don’t optimal number hastags we have to use on different platforms, instagram is the only one place where we can use huge number of hashtags for better engagement, I use hastags in Twitter a lot but from today I will concentrate on all platforms, thanks for sharing the valuable information about hashtags see you soon.
    siddaiah recently posted…Top 5 Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins To Manage Affiliate LinksMy Profile

  3. Hi Sunday,

    Yep I use hash tags when posting on Social Media.

    I usually use Hash tags in my social media content to inform another human being that I’ve made a reference to either them or some of their content.

    Perhaps I’ve linked to one of their Blog posts and I want them to know that I’ve made this reference.

    I rarely use hash tags (almost never) so that people who are searching for something specific on a social media stream will find or locate my FB / Twitter (or other stream) post.

    Truthfully, I find it hard to believe that if I use #digitalmarketing somewhere in my post on a social stream, others who are searching for (digital marketing) will be magically displayed my post on that social stream.

    Hence, I never use hash tags in that context. Just sharing my POV that’s all.

    Thanks for sharing Sunday. Enjoyed the read.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…5 Signs You Are A Lousy CommenterMy Profile

  4. Hi Ivan,
    Its an interesting observation you have made here. #digitalmarketing is a generalized hashtag.

    However, I still believe that you are still going to get some search result if you implement #digitalmarketing on your social stream.

    What matters is the level of exposure of that hashtag to your followers online.
    Sunday William recently posted…Is It Possible To Remove All Of Your Personal Information Online?My Profile

  5. Really enjoyed this helpful post Sunday.

    I’ve always used hashtags in my social media posts but never really knew how many to use. I generally stuck with 3-4 across all platforms but now I know to reduce them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

    It’s interesting though how 11+ hashtags on Instagram gets the most engagement, that’s a huge difference! haha
    Marco Reeves recently posted…Is Knowledge Really Power?My Profile

  6. Hi Sunday,

    Glad to see someone writing about this topic. While most people use hashtags on social media (those who don’t are limiting their growth capacities), it’s important not to overuse them or it devalues your post (much in the case of Twitter – where it ranks your Tweet lower).

    Something that is really useful to note, which you outlined nicely, is that you can’t use the same amount of hashtags across all mediums. Twitter & Facebook rely on scarcity, while Google Plus & Instagram do much better with larger amounts of Hashtags.

    Usually in the cases of Facebook & Twitter (especially when posts are limited to 140 characters) I think long about what my hashtags will be as they will define how it’s found in the search. I usually pick two types of hashtags both that are completely relevant to the post. The first type is a high activity tag, these will have hundreds of thousands of posts (at least), more likely millions and will have dozens of posts a minute (as you’ll gain a lot of random search activity) & then I choose a lower activity tag much more specific to the post which generates less views but a stable life span for the tweet. Lower activity tags will only have less than ten thousand tweets.

    In terms of Google+, I have no limit on how many hashtags I use, I generally find that because very few people utilise the feature I gain a lot more traction from using a lot of non-specific and specific keywords even as simple as my location, or describing a picture in the blog.

    Instagram is completely different though is very important to get right. I usually use 30-40 hashtags and can get up to 100 likes in the first 5 minutes if I choose the correct hashtags. Usually I choose #like4like & #followtrain hashtags to start with as they guarantee blind likes (people just liking to gain activity on their account), then I proceed with more relevant, yet still vague keywords such as location & ideas and then finally I tap into hashtags that smaller accounts and businesses use, could be as simple as the hashtag “madeinmelbourne” (used to support Melbournian business). Much like twitter I choose tweets that ensure both quick likes and a continuing life for my Instagram picture to be found.

  7. Hi Sunday,

    My optimal Haghtag number for social media networking is dependent on the platform. Like you rightly stated, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, each has their specific algorithm for the perfect engagement.

    Before now, I only do hashtag when it is necessary but after going through this piece, it becomes vital to put in lots more concentration on it.

  8. Hi Sunday,

    It is interesting learning about #hashtag in this post. I have a clearer understanding of what it is and also of the optimal number that would appeal to the type of platform I am using.

    Surely, this sign’s usage would help to improve social media engagement and also improve conversion.

    It beckons on the social media marketer to do what it takes achieve perfection with #hashtag.

  9. Hey Sunday,

    #hashtag usage is effectual in effective social media engagement. It is important to ensure this ‘tool’ is implemented effectively across all social platforms to increase engagement.

    However, it is interesting to know that Instagram marketing requires more #hashtag usage than other social marketing platforms!

  10. Hi Sunday,

    My social media marketing is purely based on two platforms – Twitter and Facebook. I often use #hashtag when I feel like.

    However, after reading this post, it becomes important that increasing social engagement can be maximized with the implementation of a good #hashtag policy.

    Its time to do more! 😀 Thanks for sharing this awesome post!

  11. Hi Sunday,

    It is now obvious that to increase social media engagement, there must be a proper use of #hashtags. Every social media marketer must understand this.

    #hashtag is a crucial part of social media marketing and maximizing its use is very crucial.

    Thanks for reminding us of the optimal numbers of #hashtags that would be deserving for social media engagements!

    • Hey Steve,

      Yes, #hashtags usage can increase social media engagement. Implementing the right numbers for it is very strategic.

      Social media marketers must ensure they do all that is necessary to increase social engagements with #hashtags for their business.

      Yes, this is a reminder for us to start implementing the best social media engagements with the right #hashtag policy.

  12. Hi Sunday,

    I wish there was a good tool that helps on which hashtags to use, etc, to drive better traffic to offers. Right now, I’m experimenting with hashtags on my Pinterest account to drive more traffic to my pins.

    I’ve not really seen any results yet.

    However, I’ve only been doing this for about a week so it is too early to tell how it goes at this point.

  13. Hey Sunday,

    #hashtag for social engagement is very important for success. We must not ignore the importance of using this tools for social media engagement.

    For every social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, etc there is a workable number. Implementing the right number is crucial for social media success.

  14. Hey Sunday,

    #hashtag is one of the most profound features of effective social media marketing. It’s usage helps at ensuring the right keywords are targeted.

    There is an optimal number for every social media platform and it is vital that social media marketers understand what bests suits the platform used.

    For me, this post is an eye-opener in the sense that it has reminded marketers of the importance of following and effective #hashtag policy!

    Thanks for sharing this post!

  15. Hi Sunday,
    I just recently started using hash tags. I believed they were a waste of time. And, to be honest, I thought they made my post look sloppy. But, just as you say, they bring more engagement.
    I would have started using them in the beginning if someone would have explained what exactly they were and why we should use them. On this point you did an exceptional job. I have never heard hash tags referred to as a “filing system” of sorts.
    Thanks for the value. I will use your recommendations.
    Bubbie Gunter recently posted…Drowning in Obscurity: How to Build Your Personal Brand OnlineMy Profile

  16. Thank you for this information Sunday.

    I’ve only used hashtags on Twitter because I wasn’t aware they could be used on other social media sites. Now I know that I have been using them incorrectly. I see that you have suggested that we shouldn’t use more than 1-2 hashtags on Twitter. I’ve been crowding in as many hashtags as I can think of. That stops today.

    I’m so glad that you chose to write about hashtags because I’ve only recently learned about them. Every bit of knowledge helps, and now I know more about hashtags.

    Susan Woodard recently posted…Blog and Promote Affiliate ProgramsMy Profile