What Is Your Most Horrific Weakness And Why?



Let’s just think about this for a minute, let’s think about it like answering the flip side to this question is “What are your acceptable strengths?”

We all know what are strengths are, or we should anyways.

Now let’s talk about the definition of horrific, it is something that is terrifying or causing fear.

Of course this is nothing to be afraid of, so perhaps horrific was not a great choice of words, but I am sure it did get your attention.


Well we all have a weakness, nobody is so perfect as to not have aweakness.

If you have been following me, well then you know that last week I went and visited my family for a few days.

While I was gone, I neglected to go over my e-bay inventory and I had 3 orders that came in that were out of stock.

At this point I could NOT say I am a perfectionist by no means. But I do strive hard for this one LOL!!

My Horrific Weakness!

I am pretty sure one of my most horrific weaknesses is trying to always make everything perfect!

Although being a perfectionist is not a bad thing, it is just unrealistic to think I can do everything right all the time!

So perhaps my horrific weakness is also my greatest strength, which is being a perfectionist.

I do seek perfectionist is each and every task I take on!

Perhaps consistency could be one of my horrific weaknesses?

I have learned from experience that consistency and success go hand in hand!

You cannot just maintain consistency towards your goals once in awhile and expect to achieve the success you want.

You do have to be committed to getting the job at hand done, whether you do it yourself or have someone do it for you.

I have heard this somewhere before and know it fits with what I am sharing here today.


So instead of Freaking Out about the fact that I didn’t complete my tasks on time, we need to learn that there will always be more to do.

So I guess my point is that we really need to decide which activities fall into that critical “MUST DO” category and then let the rest go.

What is one of the best ways to overcome your horrific weakness?

I guess in this case it is to maintain consistency no matter what I am up to.

When you stick to an action plan, you will have a much easier time reaching your goals.

This is why consistency is so important!

Consistency helps you take your horrific weakness more seriously!

I need to learn that this is a business, not a hobby!

When you stick to your word and maintain consistency with your actions, then others will take you more seriously for this.

If you are not consistent people will therefore question your motive and passion.

Don’t let that horrific weakness get in your way, if you have a goal you are planning on reaching, you have to maintain with everything you do!

Every factor no matter, how big or small, everything plays a huge factor!

You cannot just do something half assed as I did last week and expect to get the same results!

Nope we cannot just do one thing and let something else slide.


The more consistent, the easier things will become as this will become a habit and habits lead us to our goals.

Yes, I guess I just need to accept that I will never get everything done by myself and perhaps it is time for me to hire on someone to help.

Yikes nobody likes to admit they have a weakness, but we can take this weakness and turn it into a strength.


So what did I learn from this experience and how can I overcome this from happening in the future?

My horrific weakness is trying to always achieve perfection!

I need to learn that I am not perfect and I have to quit being so critical of my achievements and give myself the credit I deserve for the things I have accomplished thus far.

I will always strive to be the very best team player and always, always use positive thinking to help get me through the tough situations.

How about this?

My most horrific weakness is accepting my mistakes!

I am putting this down on paper here to remind myself I do need to cut myself some slack now and again making room for improvement!

So have you learned anything from this post?

How about sharing in the comments below about your most horrific weakness and why you think this is so?

So, tell me, what is your most horrific weakness?


To Endless Possibilities

Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

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  1. Hi Chery,
    Indeed, the word “horrific” is somewhat scary! However, we need it to define the pleasantness or loveliness we embrace!

    Just like everyone, I also have horrific weaknesses. My most horrific weakness is indiscipline. This trait has affected me in most times and whenever I manage to take control of it, I always feel “pleased”.

    In both my business and personal life, indiscipline is dreadful and the thought of not sticking with my plans or doing things that “have to be done” often leads to fear that affects my psyche.

    The good news for me is that I have come to realize and recognize the damage this can done . I thrive to ensure that I deal with this squarely by rewarding every little achievement or accomplishment I have made to push off indiscipline in the long run!
    Sunday William recently posted…How Has Repurposed Content Helped In Converting Your Target Audience?My Profile

  2. My most horrific weakness is distraction. I tend to be easily distracted when I am supposed to meet some important business obligations. This has cost me a lot in the past and I am just trying to take a hold of it.
    I guess recognizing that this is a weakness is a sign that I am track to deal with this fear.

    Thanks for sharing this piece, it reminds me once again that I should deal with my worst fear to embrace by desire!

  3. Hi Chery,
    I cannot really put a finger on one particular weakness or fear that would be the “most”. Every fear I have is worst for me because they limit my ability to perform.

    Hence, what is important for me is to identify the fear that creeps up on our emotion and affect our productivity at the moment.

    Since there is no perfection for me, it becomes really vital for me to do all I can mentally and Physically to overcome my fears.

    Being on the urgency side is a dealing with my fears!

  4. Wow Chery,

    What a question.

    So, this is not as bad as it was when I first started working online, but I was absolutely terrified of speaking to another living person.

    I got so bad that I would answer voice messages with an email. If that person were to call me back, I would watch the phone ring and I would listen to the message and again respond to the call in an email.

    You can probably guess I was not doing very well when I started.

    I did many things to combat this. The most outrageous thing I did was becoming a licensed Life Insurance agent because I would be forced to sit on a phone with people who I did not know in order to do my job. Some of those calls even forced me to sit at a table across from these people and actually talk to them face to face.

    It was a fantastic experience but I dreaded every moment of it.

    I still struggle with this, I avoid talking to others when I get tired and I loose the control I am building.

    But, I am aware of the issue and I am always striving to do better.

    Adam D. Mason recently posted…What The Graham Norton Show Taught Me About MarketingMy Profile

    • Hello Adam,

      WOWSY My friend you sound exactly like me! I guess I was so afraid to talk to people because i had NO idea what I was doing HEHE

      it does help to have some experience before you can share with others how to do something.

      You know the old saying fake it until you make it! Well if hiding from talking to others was faking it, I was a pro!!

      You brought back some great memories Adam, I am laughing my A** off right now.

      Thanks for sharing your story with us. Yes indeed Practice Does Make Perfect. Or at least close to it LOL
      Chery :))
      Chery recently posted…What Is Your Most Horrific Weakness And Why?My Profile

  5. Hi Chery

    I think I have the same problem that Sunday mentioned – discipline.
    I just do not seem to be able to accept my day planner as my time mangement master.

    If I am not finished with a blogpost I want to finish it, even though my planner tells me it is time to to move on to another activity.

    If I try to comment on a blog post and I cannot think what I should write at first glance I panic and jump away to something else.

    One day I will learn to get it right but in the meantime it feels like I am here, there and everywhere without getting anywhere.

    Thanks for mentioning that sometimes we have to concentrate on the “must do” activities and let the others go. Maybe I should trim down that day planner.

    Your post is quite an eye-opener. It made me sit back and reflect. This is not a hobby – some things have to be done. The best way to achieve that is to just get out there and do them.

    Thanks for posting.
    redtiger recently posted…How to use your websiteMy Profile

    • Hello Redtiger, Sorry I didnt respond to your comment sooner, HUM?? Somehow I missed this one!!

      I would like to point out that our day planners are not set in stone my friend, therefore if we have not completed our blog post ina timely fashion, no big loss.. The important thing is that you are taking action..

      Keep up the great work.
      Thanks for sharing
      Chery :))
      Chery recently posted…Taking A Summer Break From BloggingMy Profile

  6. Hello Chery,

    I think your weakness of trying to always make everything perfect is not as horrible as you think.

    When I saw the title of this post, I was expecting something really horrible, but your urge to make things perfect is a good thing.

    It’s good you realize yourself that it’s actually your greatest strength.

    I agree with you that when you stick to an action plan, you will have a much easier time reaching your goals.

    Thanks for sharing your weakness with us here.

  7. My horrific weakness is speaking in public or to people I don’t know.

    I even turned down the chance to be my brothers bestman at his wedding as I just couldn’t cope with the idea of standing there giving a speech as lots of people looked at me, expecting a great funny speech. Not great, something I will always regret but I know I would have frozen on the spot.

    I spend a lot of time speaking to people by messengers, text or email. Once I get to know people I have no problem, in fact I am a very outgoing person once I feel confident in peoples company.

    I never answer the phone if I don’t know the number, I will see if they leave a voicemail and then decide if I will call them back.

    Ha ha reading this back I sound like a freak!!