What is Website Optimization and Essential 5 Key Ingredients to Build SEO Friendly Site


Surefire guidelines to achieve great SEO results for your blog.

SEO is a collection of strategies that improve the level at which your website ranked in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) when a user searches for keyword or phrase.

SEO is most successful when you concentrate on one effort at a time. A great place to start focusing is on the way your site is built. One of the first things that attracts a search engine crawler is the actual design of your site. Tags, links, URL structure and content are just few of the elements that catch crawler’s attention. So first we understand the concept of web optimization or website optimization.

What is Website Optimization?

“Website optimization is all about creating a site that is searchable or discoverable by search engines and search directories”.

It sound simple enough but there are many aspects of web optimization to consider not all of them are about the keywords, links or HTML tagging of your website.

Below see the few important factors that acts vital role in website optimization:

Essential 5 Key Components of SEO Friendly Site

Learn how to make your website user and search engine friendly.

Building an SEO friendly website doesn’t occur by accident. It requires an accommodating of what basics search engines examine and how those essentials affect your ranking. It also requires including as many of those elements as possible on your website. It does little good to have all the right meta tags in place if you have no content and no links on your web page.

1. Domain Name Selection

When selecting domain name people think in terms of their business name, personal name or phrase that has sense for them. What they don’t think about is how that name will work for the site’s SEO. Does the name have anything at all to do with the website or is it completely irrelevant?

Have you wondered why a company might be willing to pay millions of dollars for a domain name? The domain name business.com  was purchased for $7.5 million in 1999 and was recently thought to be valued at more than $400 million. worlwideweb.com sold for $3.5 million. What’s so significant about a name?

A few more things that you should keep in mind when you are choosing your domain name include:

-Keep the name as short as possible. Too many characters in a name mean increased potential for misspellings. It also means that your website address will be much harder for users to remember unless it’s something startling.

-Avoid underscores, dashes and special characters.

-Try to get .com name whenever possible.   

2. Attractive Headlines or Titles

Page headlines or titles are one of the most essential elements of website optimization. When a crawler inspects your website the first elements it looks at are the web page titles. When your site is ranked in search results then page titles are again one of the top elements considered.

So when you create your website you need to have great page titles. Recently I read informative article about to create attractive blog headlines on kingged. There are several considerations when coming up with your page titles. Here are few key factors to consider:

– A better option is to use a expressive keyword or phrase that tells users exactly what’s on the page. This helps make sure that your search engine rankings are correct.

-Create titles short and catchy. However maintaining shorter page titles forces you to be accurate in the titles that you select and convinced that your web page title will never be cut off in the search engine results.

-Include a call to action in your title. There is an adage that goes something like, “You will never sell a thing if you don’t ask for the sale.”

3. Image Optimization

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Very true. Use of images on your website are essential because without images your page is just boring text. If images are a must on a website then there should be a way to use those images to increase your web traffic. And there is.

One method that will assist your SEO make use of visuals on your website is to tag those images with alt tags inside the img tags.

Alt tags are the HTML tags used to display alternative text when there is a graphic present. Your alt tags should be short, descriptive phrase about the image that includes the keywords used on that page when possible.

Graphic searches are gaining attractiveness so crawlers resembling the individual Google uses for its Google images search engine will gain momentum and image searches will add to the amount of web traffic that your SEO tactics help to build. But while not discounting the value of images, don’t overuse them on your web pages either. As with any element of a web page, too much of a good thing is just not good.

4. Content Strategy

Website content is another key ingredient of SEO friendly site that you should utilize plenty of time contemplating and finishing. Fortunately there are some ways to create web content that will make search crawlers love you.

Content should be precise and informative as well as avoid keyword stuffing. Consider implementing a content strategy that contains frequently adding up more targeted content or expand your content offerings. It doesn’t have to be a blog but news links on the front page of the website that regularly changing content (dynamic content) will help grow the attention of a search engine crawler.

You also have to carry through with regular updates and keep the links included in the content active. Broken links are another crawler pet peeve. Unfortunately with dynamic content links will occasionally break. Be sure you are checking this factor of your content on a normal basis and put up some kind of a user feedback loop so broken links can be reported to your webmaster.

Finally, when you are creating your web content consider interactive forums. If you are adding articles to your website then give users a comment section in which they can respond to the article. This leads to more frequent updates of your content which search crawlers love. The result?

An interactive relationship with your web users will keep them coming back and give an extra boost to your search engine rankings.

5. User Friendly Approach

When users comes to your website via SERPs then they want the site to work for them. That means they want to be able to find what they are looking for, to navigate from place to place and to be able to upload pages promptly without any difficulties.

Website users are impatient. They don’t  like to wait for pages to upload, they don’t want to deal with Flash graphics or JavaScript and they don’t want to be misplaced. These are all the fundamentals of usability that how the user navigates through and uses your website. And yes, User friendly approach has an impact on SEO. Specifically from the perspective of your website links and loading times.

When search engine crawler comes to your website it crawls through the website, looking at keywords, links, contextual data, meta and HTML tags and a entire host of other elements. The crawler will move from page to page and indexing what it finds for insertion in search results.

But if that crawler reaches the first page and can’t get past the fancy Flash you have created or if it gets into the website and finds links that don’t work or that lead to unexpected locations then it will recognize this and make note of it in the indexed site data. That can damage your search engine rankings.

Create sitemap for your website that is text and other XML sitemap. A sitemap allows you to include links to all you pages, two to three levels deep that includes keywords and anchor tags. When a sitemap exists on your webpage then search engine crawler can locate the map and then crawl all of the pages that are linked from it.


  1. Hi Gandahar,
    You are right, website optimization is as much important as content optimization.

    The overall website design and its content can affect optimization and ultimately the success of the business.

    The key ingredients you have discussed above are fundamental in establishing a well optimized site.

    If I can sum up the importance of these 5 key elements I will say that the very best of well optimized websites has high rate of user experience for the visitors and easy technical features for the search engines.

    The SEO of a website should be considered first hand before marketing or promoting the content there in!
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  2. Hi, Gangadhar,

    Yes, websites should be SEO friendly in terms of having the right keywords, meta tags and anchor tags.

    The most important factor is content which is king. Websites should also not be unduly overloaded with graphics which would affect page loading.

    Getting traffic is one thing but conversion must occur for traffic monetisation. That’s why social engagement should involved call to action.


  3. Hi Gangadhar,

    Very informative article about doing onsite seo, I really enjoyed reading it!

    I design affiliate websites a lot and I follow these same strategies to optimize the websites for search engines.

    Great article, hope to read more articles from you.

    Have a good day
    W. Moore