What Is The Best Time To Monetize Your Blog?


Soon after establishing your blog you receive an advice from everywhere to monetize your blog. But here two questions are very important.

  1. Is it wise to monetize your blog without getting traffic?
  2. Or you need to wait till you get a huge traffic on it.

These are the two opinions about how you should monetize your blog. Both points of view have their own arguments. Their arguments can’t be rejected outright. Nor can be accepted.


So first we should discuss them to go for any of these two options. This is the most rational way to monetize your blog.

Monetize your blog initially

Many bloggers say eventually you have to monetize your blog. Even if you want to do blogging just for fun, you have to earn money with it. You need money to meet your blogging expenses. So you want to cover up your expenses by earning from it.

Secondly if you put a few ads on your blog you can judge how they work. Suppose you have ten visitors initially. Out of them if two click on your ads what does it mean? It means 20 per cent visitors are hitting your ad.

It shows response level of your ads placement. It does not mean this percentage will remain fixed. It may decline or rise but you get an initial feedback on your monetization strategy. So it is better to keep trying various monetization methods to finally pick the best one. Meanwhile you will have quite good number of traffic.

Monetize your blog later

The supporters of this opinion say initially you must focus on attracting visitors on your blog. Then you need to develop your blog’s community. After that you have several options how to earn money with your blog.

If your visitors are loyal you will not go for pay per click option. If you have more unique visitors you can try Google Adsense. So first make a clear picture of your blog community then select the best monetization strategy.

It is also very correct to first know your visitors then make them your customers. This strategy works more successfully if you have clear idea of how to sell affiliate products. The best way to earn money from a small audience is selling your own and affiliate products.

What should you do?

One thing is quite clear about blogging now. You can’t get huge number of traffic in short period of time. You need to wait even for years to get huge traffic. Meanwhile how you would manage your blog expenses at least.

So it is better to develop a small community of your blog and sell them affiliate products. This is the most viable strategy in present times.

Yes as soon as your visitors increase, expand your monetizing strategy.

So the moral of the story is this – adopt a mid-way. Neither fully avoid placing ads and selling products nor stuff them on your blog.

What do you say?

Have you already put some PPC ads on your blog and also started selling products on it?

Or you are just planning to monetize your blog?

Or you are also in favor of adopting a mid-way as I suggested in this post?

Do share your views to start a great debate for concluding what is the best option for a newbie blogger.



  1. Hi Mi Muba!

    For most bloggers, the answer is sooner than you think! Well, in fact, it’s a good idea to put as much thought as you can into monetization before you even launch your blog.

    Hmmn, I deem on day one, it’s best a good idea to set reader’s expectation. You may choose to tweak if needed, I recommend if you want to put some ads, choose an easy to use blog theme, or writing review posts with affiliate links in, or have a section about your upcoming ebook in your sidebar. You may read some great tips on Ryan’s new blog posts.

    Additionally, you can do some tweaks if needed. As a reminder, it can be a win-win situation for all, as long as you do things right.
    Metz recently posted…Which is Best Social Networking Sites For Marketing Blog – CyberNairaMy Profile

    • Hi metz

      I appreciate your analytical way of commenting where you express your opinion and do value others opinion as well. It shows your deep insight into the topic.

      You are right it ups to a blogger what is the best time for him to monetize his blog. If he runs an ecommerce site then obviously from the day one is the best time to try to earn mone with his blog.

      Thanks a lot for your wonderful views which added value in this post.

      I hope to get more your views in my future posts and sharing here.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Mi Muba,
    Monetization strategy differs with different bloggers. For newbies, many are tempted to start earning on the first post published.

    Without targeted traffic the monetization would be in vain.

    I agree with your submission that a kind of mid-way should be employed to achieve the set objectives.

    However, monetizing a blog earlier or later would still depend on what works for the blog!
    Sunday William recently posted…Mighty Deals: Get Daily Discounts For Web And Creative Professionals My Profile

  3. Hi Daayur

    Very valid point you noted in this post. A good seller does not need a big crowd to sell. He just needs the people who really want to buy his products. This is called targetted traffic.

    Thanks for yor wonderful views and also for appreciating my work.

    Hope to see you around.

  4. Hi Mi,

    I have no issues with anyone monetizing their blog at any point in time.

    But what I do have issues with is people whose main concern is the adverts, and it’s pretty clear as soon as you land on a blog what their priorities are.

    I have come to some blog post and it is littered with ads in the post content, as well as in the sidebar, header and footer area.

    It turns me off. Especially when the content is really poor too.

    Thing is, ads will only ever work if you add some sort of value first, and this is what many people miss.

    Write an awesome post that is either helpful, informative, educational or even entertaining – and the visitor will spend more time on the site increasing the likelihood of one clicking an advert.

    Interesting post, i’m sharing this one out on Twitter and Kingging it.
    Richard Martin recently posted…Money Mentality: Why You Should Start An Internet Business TodayMy Profile

  5. Hi Richard

    Very valid point you raised here. I appreciate it. People never land at a blog to see ads there. Yes if they fully satisfied with the contents for solution of their problem then they look around if anything more of value is on blog.

    So the primary concern of a blogger should be to offer stuff that pleases visitors, servie their needs, solve their problem and at secondary level he should convert the visitors into customer.

    Thanks a lot for your stopping by, sharing it on Twitter and also your valuable views here.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Mi Muba recently posted…A true story of a flop blogger to define blogging correctlyMy Profile

  6. Hi Mi,

    Great topic to expand upon. I personally put ads on my website early on, when I first started. I guess I did so because I was excited to start trying to make money online. I personally do not think it would be harmful to start early, but it should not be your main focus. You can put little ads on your site, and never over do it. I think when first starting, your main focus should be to create valuable content and increasing traffic. Once you can some traction, expand your monetizing options. This is just my opinion. Thanks for sharing!

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…Financial Freedom: 9 Financial Principles Everyone Sould Live ByMy Profile

    • Hi Lawrence

      It is good to know you opted to monetize your blog from the very beginning. It means you must have a robust monetizatin strategy to achieve your blogging goals.

      Yes, it is a great point we can monetize from the start but it should not be our main focus. We should concentrate to provide value and solve our readers problems related to our blog niche.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your awesome views.

  7. Hi Mi Muba,
    I’ve tried it both ways and I don’t really have a strong opinion either way. I’ve had one or two new blogs that were able to start making some ad revenue from the very beginning, and that was nice for covering hosting and other costs of running the blog. And I’ve had other blogs that took several months before monetizing. In most cases I prefer to wait until traffic increases, but I don’t really see either approach as right or wrong.
    Marc recently posted…15 WordPress Plugins for Growing Your Email ListMy Profile

  8. HI Mi

    I can definitely see both sides of the argument for when you should monitise you blog. However …when to actually do this? I think it depends on the individual and their blog.

    I certainly don’t see any harm in monetizing right from the word go…I mean what have you got to loose?! The problem however that many bloggers make, is that they are so desperate to make that initial income that they end up stuffing their blog with ad’s. I know I was guilty as charged for this with my first blog!

    Too many ad’s is detrimental for SO many reasons. Namely: too much choice for people so they don’t click on anything anyway & it’s so obvious that you are desperate to earn an income online!

    If you do it sensibly, then I can’t see any harm with monetizing a site right from the word go.
    Catherine Holt recently posted…Top 10 WP Plugins For Your New BlogMy Profile

  9. Hello Mi,

    It depends on the goal of your blog. If you want to make money with your blog I think that you should monetize it in the beginning. I don’t think that it is anything wrong with monetizing your blog as long as it is done in the right way. There is always a right way to do something but there is also a wrong way to do something.

    Many bloggers do it the wrong way. They don’t know anything about blogging but they think they can make money. So, they just start putting affiliate links and ads in all of their blog posts with no content whatsoever. They fail and then they don’t continue blogging.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Maketta recently posted…Mighty Deals: Get Daily Discounts For Web And Creative ProfessionalsMy Profile

  10. Hey Mi,

    I would say, from experience, that I’m happy that I waited before trying to monetize my blog. Heck I still haven’t done it but I’m in the works of changing that.

    The reason I waited was because I wanted to sell Info Products and I couldn’t sell anything to anyone because they didn’t know me. No matter how great the product was, it wasn’t going to sell because when you’re selling something like that, alot of trust is needed. And if people don’t trust you, they’re not going to purchase.

    If your audience goes for it, I see no problem with monetizing right away … if that’s your intention and it doesn’t cheapen your blog or your brand.

    – Andrew
    Andrew recently posted…4 Surprisingly Common Reasons Readers Unsubscribe From Your Email ListMy Profile

  11. Hello SIR,

    Most youngsters joined blogging and at once start looking to monetize their Blogs without giving any fore or hind thoughts. They put all these anonymous publisher ads on their Blogs, but sadly money doesn’t grow on their trees which they have planted in delusion. To be honest, initially I was led to believe in such foolhardy notion. But in time I realized my imprudence and retraced my steps back. After my such stupid gig, I learned that I should first build a sound relation with my fellow Bloggers, friends and People as a whole. And once I embarked on this path, the road has been fairly smooth.

    Everything aside, if and only if you want quality traffic then you need to put your effort behind it. And for that first preference I will always give to a solid content. But I wish it had ended just right there. However, as we see the matter continues with other important facets as well. Like Social Promotion, Quality Comments, A Good & Attractive design and layout, building a very personal relation with your reader so that they regularly drop by etc.

    And once you see the steady incoming of Traffic, you can very subtly monetize your Blog.

    Congratulation Sir for your First Unique Blog Post on Kingged.

    Wish you have nice weekend ahead.

    Sarmista Aun recently posted…Why WordPress Is The Best Platform To Build Your BlogMy Profile

  12. Hi Sarmista

    First of all I appreciate you and your team for such a deep involvement in all the main activities of blogging.

    What I observed is that your whole team is not stereo-typed in any activity and uphold the human aspect higher. That is why you are getting wonderful response of your sincere efforts.

    Money doesn’t grow on tree. If everyone does understand this reality he will never make haste to earn money and first create value and build his image then go for monetization.

    Yes if someone is fully confident that from the day one he will be offering value and attracting visitors then obviously he does have the right to monetize his blog from the very beginning.

    There is a big difference among a mob, crowd and community. You can bring a big crowd at a place once. But to make huge number of people visit somewhere regularly requires to make them your community.

    No one works in this world without a purpose. If a group of people visit somewhere regularly they all must have a purpose. That place must have the potential to serve their purpose. It means that is your quality audience.

    Thanks a lot for another wonderful piece of great inspiration for me. I get so happy when passionate bloggers like you talk to me in such a detail which encourages me a lot and also makes me learn a lot from their experiences and enthusiasm.

    Have a nice weekend ahead.
    Mi Muba recently posted…10 reasons to give a damn if millions of blogs are already thereMy Profile

    • I am absolutely humbled by your reply Sir. There is nothing to brag about but yes, our team is typically not stereotypical. We love to play with ideas and really want to do something better for everyone.

      When readers come to our blog regularly, it signifies that what we are offering is of some value to them. It’s a two way process actually. We can serve people with knowledge and at the same time can monetize.

      I’m really glad that it was an inspiration for you. And it’s always great to meet fascinating people. Have a great weekend.

      Sarmista Aun recently posted…APPLE iPHONE 6 Plus And iPHONE 6 FeaturesMy Profile

  13. Hi Mi Muba,

    I see both sides for sure. I personally am not crazy about ads. It would have to be a good deal between the advertiser and I. It also would have to be a non intrusive looking add.

    Something that is really flashy etc would distract from the content and wouldn’t work for me.

    If I had to choose I would say it doesn’t matter. As long as the person is realistic knowing that the big bucks will not come in until ‘targeted’ traffic increases.

    Nice post Mi Muba! Have a good weekend!
    Steven J Wilson recently posted…Bloggers Beware! Your Blog Could End Up Looking Like This… [Infographic]My Profile

  14. It is kind of difficult to figure out when you should monetize your blog.

    There is one school of thought that says that you should do it early so that people who visit your blog will get use to it being monetize from the very beginning. Others say that you should wait because if you monetize it to early, you could drive away potential blog visitors.

    The answer probably lies somewhere in the middle.
    LetsJustBlog recently posted…Mastering Adsense – The Program You Need To Learn How To Make Money With Google AdsenseMy Profile

  15. Hi Mi Muba,
    Nice to see your unique post here at kingged.

    Though I started my blogging from different platforms since few years and I never thought or not aware bout monitization! In fact i was not aware of it and i started blogging with Googl’s knol pages and unfortunately its sudden demise was a worry to all knol writers, and of course as i mentioned about it in some of my comments or posts they (Google) did a wonderful job of migrating all our contents to wordpress platform and everything saved there without any loss. At that time i have a zero knowledge of wp and someone suggested me to go to blogger.com start writing from there, and i left all the migrated one at wp just like that i still do not know the fate of it, of course it looks like all my published post at my main blog will automatically get notified in those wp pages too. In the meantime i started my blogger page and one by one i posted back to blogger page and i applied for adsense with the suggestion of one of my friends at knol pages, accordingly i applied from my blogger page and i got my page registered and i got the adsense account in three months time , as my friend said you need to wait for minimum 6 months. But then again nothing knowing about monetizing the page, and i left as it is but in the recent time i got a domain and migrated all my blogger stuff to there basing on the platform wp and continued the work and now i could sense the flow of traffic to my page, but still i am in the same boat of not doing any monitization etc, LOL

    Now I think i need to do some more home works or to think seriously to get some result out of it, hope if anyone reading this comment can give some more light on this!
    Oh no Mi you can guide or suggest some idea on this line. I am sure you know very well about my page and your help will be very much appreciated. LOL

    Hey my alexa rank too is now in a favorable position, it shows today: Global 164,730
    Alexa Traffic Rank
    India Flag 12,025
    Traffic Rank in
    Sites Linking In
    I do not know how to go further 🙂

    Hope i may get some suggestion on this problem. I mean how to move further to get some bucks LOL

    Thanks Mi for giving some light on this subject. I need to depend on you to get some more info. on this line. 🙂
    Have a great week ahead 🙂
    ~ Philip
    Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…Philipscom Invites Guest Posts – Be Our Guest And Write For UsMy Profile

    • Hi Philip

      First of all a big congrats on not giving up and continuing blogging despite several zig-zags in your blogging struggle.

      It means you have real passion for blogging and will eventually make it.

      Your Alexa counts are not very disappointing but you still have a lot to do.

      What I observed at your blog is of its having multi niche but most of them are poles apart. You put together blogging, your personal views, social work, writing together and may be many other together.

      Yes it is the benefit of multi niche to write on whatever topic you want but for monetization you will have only the option of PPC ads of Google Adsense, Chitika and Info links. It means your entire monetizing strategy relies on it. Look why.

      Visitors at your blog will be from several niche. Some have interest in blogging, some want to listen your personal views, some want to know about social work etc. So all of them don’t want same product. Their product needs are also different.

      PPC ads are displayed on each page of the blog in synch with the contents of the page. All the PPC advertisers do this under a built-in system.

      This is equally a fact that you need thousands and thousands of visitors at your blog to earn with PPC. Also you need to write contents on all the niche with keywords that are costly for Google. You can know this fact at Google Planner where value of each keyword is also mentioned in dollar or your local currency term.

      Also you need to bring traffic from countries where clicks are costly and Google pays high amount for their clicks.

      It means you have to put only one egg at your basket. If it is broken, what you will do . Don’t worry. I tell you below its solution.

      Continue all the niche but focus more on the one that is your favorite and you can either create your own product or sell affiliate products on it.

      So first pick the niche which you like most. Then search if best seller products related to it are available in abundance at Affiliates like Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay etc.

      Also check if you have a lot of ideas to write more unique posts on that niche and also you can create your own product or offer online coaching on it. If yes then make it your lead niche and keep working on others also.

      If no niche at your blog has the referred features as I mentioned above then you can add another niche with these fetures. Just you need to take a bold decision and then you can develop a smart monetization strategy to earn with your blog.
      Mi Muba recently posted…10 reasons you should not follow all popular blogs to earn moneyMy Profile

      • Hi Mi Muba,
        What a great help is this,
        I thank you and appreciate for your valuable time to help us out in blogging needs. Though i too felt that while checking out with other blogs, and someone even suggested to categorize contents as you said, but somehow I could not do this thus far. Now I understand the urgency of doing this.
        I just downloaded this informative feedback and will surely follow the steps accordingly, and ha, I am come again to disturb you in between!! I know for sure that its not a disturbance at all!

        Oh! This is really interesting and thought provoking:

        “It means you have to put only one egg at your basket.
        If it is broken, what you will do . Don’t worry.
        I tell you below its solution.”

        That is indeed a great help!

        Thank you Sir, for all the tips here,
        May you have a great and profitable week ahead.

        ~ Philip
        Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…World’s Most Contagious Falsehood: Some of the Most Common Myths. 88 Myths Revealed!My Profile

  16. Hi Muba,

    Bloggers should wait a for a right time to monetize their blogs. Bloggers want money in first night which is not possible. They should wait for 6-8 months. Hard work really pays.

    When blogs have a huge traffic then there are lot of ways to monetize blog content. Like – Adsense and other ad programs. Affiliate marketing and so on.

    ~Gagan Masoun
    Gagan Masoun recently posted…Hostgator Black Friday 2014 – 75% Off On All Hosting PlansMy Profile

  17. Hi Muba,
    I think you got lot of responses for this article, it’s tricky question to ask ourselves, everybody wants to earn money from their blogging, in my opinion first establishing ourselves is important rather than concentrating on earning, all the big giants like Google,Facebook,Whatsapp followed the steps of first concentrating on building relation, later they thought of how to monetize it.
    siddaiah recently posted…Top Ten Must Have IPad Apps For Bloggers.My Profile

    • Hi Siddaiah

      I do agree with you that first bloggers should establish their blog and then think for the monetization. But the question is there is no benchmark to say now one has established his blog.

      That is why it is wise to set a few targets like number of posts published, number of average daily visitors, level of readers engagement through comments and then should monetize his blog to let his visitors know how professional he is.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful views on this topic.
      Mi Muba recently posted…20 shocking confessions of a successful bloggerMy Profile