What Is the Best Content Curation Website?


Kingged.com, hands down. I am an active member for sure but feel Kingsley honestly provides the best curation site on the web. His metrics are outstanding and get this; he even offers a cash award for active engagers each day. Sounds good. Factor in that he and his staff review comments for legitimacy and you have a special curation site.

I’ve enjoyed my time on Kingged.com, and few topics are off limits.

Making money online, social media, mobile, and a score of other topics are curated multiple times daily.



  1. Hi Ryan! 😀

    I couldn’t agree more! You are totally right about Kingged.com as the best curation site. That is proven and tested! Newbies must not ignore this post.

    I’m convinced too that winning awards aren’t the main purpose of the commenters; it’s the KNOWLEDGE and LESSONS that they have absorbed from reading multiple up-to-date posts that are linked to from Kingged on a daily basis.

    To wrap it up, this is a remarkable post from one of the people I admire a lot! I wasn’t surprised to read this, given that I know how great you are, Ryan, and how awesome Kingged.com is!
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  2. You said right Bro – ‘Kinggers are some of the more loyal online folks out there. If you want to make money online join Kingged.com today.’

    Several curation sites i have used and still using but Kingged.com is the best from all. Once people will join Kingged.com, they will never forget to visit daily because % of engagement is really amazing.

    I am trying to be a regular active member of this site and want to stay here maximum time because i get various useful articles (in different – different category) and many friends from here. Thanks rayan for sharing this nice topic.
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  3. So Ryan is good to see you here this afternoon and very pleasant it is to have stumbled upon your post about Kingged Networks.

    Indeed it is the best of all! I use several other curation sites but this is the one I most enjoyed.

    I planned on creating a community too someday but Kingged makes me wary trust me.

    Now, aside from making money via Kingged, the traffic, the comments and engagement is what I loved. Plus I get to learn from the many post shared here every single day.

    I can go on but my phone is giving me problems and I’m sure I will be active here as soon I get myself a PC.

    Thanks for the share sir! 🙂


  4. Your post on Kingged.com is very correct. i started using it since last week, i must confess ,www. kingged.com is the third largest source of my traffic at the moment and i have landed on some quality website that have taught me great stuff. And the opportunity to make extra money while generating traffic is awesome. As for being the best curation website, it can’t be argue by any blogger that have use or using the platform. i think the best way to experience the goodies of the kingged.com is to become a registered member and become active. The possibilities is unlimited
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  5. Hello Ryan,

    I absolutely agree! I have gotten more interaction at Kiinged than anywhere else. I am so glad I joined Kiinged. I have met some awesome bloggers here! Kingsley is a great host! He really makes sure that you are using Kiinged correctly so that you can receive the benefits of the community. I feel completely at home here. This is by far the best community! I will be spending more time here. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Maketta, me too! More engagement here than on any social network, and its so easy too. I need not jump through hoops or go nuts trying to get responses; Kinggers are more than happy to jump in and reply.

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. Yes Ryan,
    Kingged.com is the in-thing for content curators now. Its very practical and credible! You are one of the most active members in this content syndication site, and I am sure your followers would know better. The proof of the pudding is in the eating :D.

    Those who want more engagement and socialization as blogger should take cue from bloggers like You 😉

    Thanks for sharing this, and I agree with you , Kingged.com is the best content curation website!

  7. Hi Ryan,

    Well plotted article about Kingged.Com. Yes definitely this would be the best content curation site mainly for Internet Marketing. This act a single platform for member to get the best information from online related to Internet Marketing.

    Content Syndication, Socialization and Engagement are the best three thins which Kingged.Com give to its members.

    All the information shared are very useful and thus this make the visitors work easy to scatter their needs in one roof.

  8. Kingged.com is the best content curation website surely . I Indeed love being affianced here and the admin is always ready to solve any problems associated with the users.

    I started posting comments here from last two weeks and i have learn from this site all the unique post and article made me really inspired and its more of the useful content which helps in my projects .

    I am really excited to get useful tips and techniques by the post and its a good platform to connect with some bloggers.

    Thanks mate .

  9. Hello Ryan,

    There is one thing I liked about this post; you didn’t drag it any further trying to complete certain word counts.

    That’s makes this statement just right:

    “A good writer passes his message out in whatever words it takes to deliver”

    Back to the main discussion – for the moment, kingged just knock all others syndication sites off.

    The level of energy and commitments kingsley and his staffs put into making kingged a better place is uncommon.

    I hope they continue this way for years.

    Thanks Ryan, good write up.
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  10. No doubt! The first time I got to this website, I couldn’t leave without signing up. Who wouldn’t want such a beautiful content sharing site like this.

    But funny enough it’s becoming a daily job for many to come on here to comment on posts and that’s the beauty of it.

    Enjoy such an amazing site and also earn something 😉

  11. I agree with you, Ryan!
    You’re right that kingged.com is the best curation site ever. I’m just a newbie here at kingged.com and I have been reading and commenting on many awesome blog posts. I enjoy working here as I learn more about different business niches that are linked to from Kingged.

    I also agree that Kingsley is doing a great job in this content curation website. No wonder this website is called the best.

    This is such a remarkable post.
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  12. Hi Ryan,
    It is interesting to read a review about the wonderful content curation site 🙂

    I just happened to visit this informative site very recently and I joined at once
    but unfortunately i left it as it is for quite sometime and recently i visited back and noticed the importance of being here for sometime everyday, in the second visit i was able to get into the wildcard category and that really motivated me to stick on and in the second time I could reach to the third position and bagged some offered prize. and of course that again enabled me to re-open my almost dead PayPal account and I did it. And the account is streamlined and I could find some outstanding balance in my old pay pal account,

    Thanks to Kingged.com for this guide. I am sure since they are planning to renovate the present site and also planning to create a New Market place for all category people to present their product and services, I fully agree with you and affirm that this is indeed one of the best content curation site in which the authors can make some profit. I could see many of my blog friends for that matter some well-established bloggers are members here and they curate their contents here. I could notice a tremendous traffic flow in my pages after joining here.

    Thank you ones again for this wonderful yet short note on this curation site.
    Sad to note that I felt the post was an abrupt end.
    You should have said something more 🙁
    Of course you placed the link of kingged dot com to tell it all 🙂

    May you have a wonderful week ahead. 🙂
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  13. No doubt, Kingged is the best content curation platform in every respect, whether its getting high traffic, finding qualitative content or interacting with brilliant minds in the blogosphere.

    Further, there are some other content curation sites too that I used to publish content for more reach. Although these are not having any rewarding program.

    Here are some other preferred Content curation sites:
    1) ScoopIt – Global Alexa Rank 638
    2) Listly – Global Alexa Rank 7753
    3) BagTheWeb – Global Alexa Rank 24074
    4) Storify – Global Alexa Rank 4500
    5) Bundlr – Global Alexa Rank 14944

    These Alexa traffic ranks are for today.
    I would recommend bloggers and content marketer to try these curation sites too for more traffic and wider reach.
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