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What is Coliving?

What do you have when you take 5 to 10 or more individuals from different parts of the country or world and have those living together underneath one roof?

Well, the answer could be a reality show, or you would have what is known as a coliving environment. 

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Coliving is a practical way for several individuals to live together semi-privately to save money.

Additionally, it is also a socially exciting adventure about learning and enriching one’s own life from interaction with others.

When individuals come together under one roof, they share the rental expense.

Some of the individuals that reside under one roof could include students, full-time and part-time workers, retirees, etc.

And that is the beauty of the coliving experience.

It is a living environment comprised of individuals from all walks of life.

Living together under one room, within the parameters of private bedrooms, each having the opportunity to learn from the other.

This also facilitates the exchanging of ideas and interacting with different personalities.


Personal Story

There is a proverb that states “You should tolerate the opinions and behavior of others so that they will similarly tolerate your own.”

In other words, live and let live.

I remember one time in my business career that I had an opportunity to take a class about diversity.

It was explained that diversity empowers a group setting because several opinions and experiences are represented.

It finally hit home to me when the instructor illustrated diversity by talking about a mountain.

He explained that many views can be taken of the mountain if looked at from different geographical areas surrounding the mountain.

Each vantage point provided to the individual describing the mountain was accurate and concise, but different.

This is because they were looking at the same mountain but coming from a different viewpoint.


10 Tips for Co-living Successfully


1. Apprehension

New experiences sometimes cause a bit of apprehension.

This apprehension can make one a little bit nervous because of the unknown and make one feel uncomfortable before they adjust.

When starting a coliving experience it’s important to keep everything in perspective and approach this opportunity as an adventure.

Therefore, an important decision is to move forward with the right attitude.

Realizing that individuals coliving are most likely experiencing the whole gamut of emotions that you are experiencing.


2. First Impression

One doesn’t get a second chance at a first impression.

Therefore it’s important to be friendly.

This does not mean that you are over the top or Pollyanna in your interaction.

It does mean that a simple smile will go a long way and help people to warm up.

The first impression will be that the individual is approachable, cordial, and polite and will help others be at ease as well.


3. Doing Your Part

Everyone must do their part in maintaining a neat and orderly home.

As the old saying goes your mother doesn’t live here so clean up after yourself.

Therefore, it is important to do your part in maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen, the bathroom, and other living areas.

The individual does not have to be obsessive-compulsive about it but certainly cleaning up after yourself will go a long way in scoring points with the other inhabitants of the home.

Additionally, significant attention should be given to both the kitchen and the bathroom in maintaining an inviting environment.


4. Those Rules

When the number of individuals from different walks of life gathers together under one roof, it is important to have standard rules to follow.

These rules are for a reason and help each of the inhabitants to know what is expected of them and what to do to maintain a disruptive free environment.

Therefore, it is important to follow the rules.

Specifically, if there are quiet times that are set up at certain hours that timeframe needs to be honored.

Additionally, it’s important to know that you are not the center of the universe and that other people that you are living with, may have different schedules to keep in their personal life.

In other words, try to place yourself in their position and act accordingly. 


5. Noise

The use of cellular phones is a great convenience. They can also be a great nuisance.

Often, when we are on the phone we tend to concentrate on the conversation and not realize what is going on around us.

Sometimes people tend to pace as they are talking on their phones.

It is important to be aware of your telephone habits and how this may be annoying to other individuals.

It may be important to limit phone calls in the shared areas or take one’s phone call in the privacy of their bedroom.

Also, people have personalized their ringing tone on their cellulars.

Sometimes, these tones can be especially loud or play annoying personalized sounds…

This is not to deter the individual from taking their phone calls or to limit or restrict their personal life.

It’s just important to remember that there are others within the household.

This should be an especially sensitive item during hours when individuals are sleeping.

This can be a great disruption and can cause hard feelings amongst residents to take phone calls all hours of the night.

Also, a possibility is to have a phone conversation outside. 



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6. Communication

The best way to defuse any situation or amongst the residents is through communication.

Possibly, because each of the residents comes with different lifestyles and perspectives, they were never expected to help around the household.

Therefore, that expectation may carry over into the coliving area.

Additionally, if there are individuals who don’t honor the boundaries of using other people’s food or personal items may create conflict.

That person needs to realize, through communication, that attention to the social rules involved with coliving needs to be followed.

This reminder can also occur to everyone through various technology platforms such as Slack or instant messaging. 


7. Cleanup

If there is a spill in the kitchen or some other noticeable issue perhaps there are simpler ways to address the situation.

Rather than waiting for someone else to do the minor cleanup, maybe just make it happen.

Some of those minor issues could include replacing toilet paper, taking the trash out, counter spills, etc.

Leading by example is the best instruction on leadership. 


8. Be Sociable

Don’t be a hermit or an isolationist.

This living experience has been chosen by you and it’s best to go with the model of living together rather than living together separately.

It is important to be a participating member of this living together situation.

This can be best accomplished by joining in on the fun and bonding with your fellow residents.

If an event has been set up. Join in that event and not give the appearance of being unsociable.

If there are special meals that are prepared such as a potluck, theme night, etc. join in on the festivities.

It’s all about being a good roommate and enjoying each other’s company. 


9. Enjoy

Enjoy the experience.

Coliving is an opportunity to interact with other individuals who bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to the living situation.

Not everyone is going to be as perfect as everybody else but the reality is, in our diversity, we get along and we learn to cohabitate with one another in making the best of the situation. 


10. Cliques

It’s only natural then that when a group of people together cliques are going to be formed.

Sometimes, the formation of these groups can be counterproductive to the community as a whole.

Therefore, the suggested tip is that if you are part of one of these cliques or see these cliques being formed that you recognize that and endeavor to not exclude anyone from the community.


Coliving FAQs


What Kind of Events Are Organized at Co living Residences?

Every month, some events are generally organized by the individual members of the coliving residence.

Some of those events could be a yoga class, a poker tournament, a potluck, a simple meal together, etc.

The possibilities are endless and hopefully, something is planned that all residents feel comfortable in joining in.


How Many People Live in Each House?

The answer, of course, is dependent upon the size of the home that is utilized for individuals to colive in.

The minimum number of residents usually hovers around three and can extend upwards.


Am I Allowed to Have a Guest Spend the Night With Me?

Depending upon where the individual is living and what their policies are, this may or may not be allowed.

If allowed, the guest would need to stay in one’s private room and not sleep in any of the shared spaces.

Additionally, if a guest is brought into the house the house leader needs to be informed as to this happening.

Also, there are a limited number of guests that can be in the home at any given time.

As a good coliving neighbor it would be important to get everyone’s opinion on whether they have a problem or not with this happening.

Also, there may be an additional fee for an individual to stay the night.

The standard rate for a guest’s stay average $30 a night.

The hosting individual would be responsible to ensure that the guests follow the rules and did not overstep their bounds.


What Happens if a Resident Doesn’t Abide by the Rules?

It is first important to try to resolve the situation with communication and a give-and-take process.

The residential management most likely will have policies and procedures that addresses this situation.

It would be important before signing any contracts to review this policy as there may be circumstances that warrant the implementation of these policies.

The important thing is not to allow the situation to escalate and on your part try to defuse it as much as possible by staying to yourself.

Consequently, just let the management handle the situation and follows their policies regarding any irregular people. 


Will an Individual Be Able to Tour the Facility Before Any Contracts Are Signed?

Most coliving residences allow the individual to see what life would be like before they sign any documents.

This can be accomplished in two ways.

One way is through a virtual tour that provides a visual of what the living spaces are like including the various private rooms or semi-private rooms that are available.

The other way is through an actual pre-booking option in which the potential resident may be invited to tour the facility before they sign their lease.


Once I Have Taken Possession of My Room Are There Any Changes I Am Allowed to Make?

The policies regarding any changes to a person’s room or any remodeling are covered by the policies and procedures of the management.

However, most coliving residences allow the individual to arrange the room as they wish and order to make it their own.

It is important that when changes are made that there is no damage to the floors or walls or other areas within the bedroom.

Additionally, once the individual has fulfilled their contract and before leaving the residence, they need to return the room in the same way in which they took possession.


You Can Do It

If an individual wishes to take advantage of a coliving experience, they will be the better person for it.

This is because not only will they save money economically, but they will be afforded the opportunity of being enriched by learning about others and learning about themselves.



Coliving is not about setting aside your needs and your wants in deference to others.

Coliving is about finding common ground just as one shares the common area and this living arrangement.

Living in a coliving residence is a perfect simile of what life is all about.

It is a balance or blend of living privately, through one’s bedroom, and sharing life in a common space with others, and honoring diversity.

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