What Important Element Makes Your Landing Page Effective?


 A landing page is any separate web page of a website that stands alone. This page is designed to achieve a particular objective. In online marketing, most landing pages are designed to capture and convert leads.

Landing pages could be “Click-Through Landing Pages” or “Lead Generation Landing Pages”. The former have the goal of persuading visitors to click-through to another page, while the latter comes with a form and description of what the visitor will benefit after submitting a personal data.

Marketers utilize different types and designs of landing pages to suit their different marketing campaign needs. Nonetheless, whichever landing page type or style that is used, there are core elements that can make the page effective. These include:

The page must have limited distractions – You should limit the number exit points or navigation on a landing page so that the focus of the visitor remains on the site. You can hide all navigational elements to allow for reader to focus and attend to the call-to-action.

The page must be short – Ensure you keep short all details in the landing page. The longer the details of the form, the more difficult it would be for many people to convert. Keeping a landing page short means that the information contained therein is straight forward and readily increase conversion rate. Remember, most web visitors have low attention span. So, you must tap into this and ensure you simple and short details are provided in the form to inspire quick action.

The page must have a compelling offer – You must deliver value in your landing page so that visitors are compelled to take action. If your landing page has valuable offer and description, it becomes easier for the visitors to fill in their names and give up their emails to you.

The page must have Testable areas – You should a landing page built with page elements that can be tested. This is important so that you can decide what works in the page and what does not work. The areas that can be tested may include the design, the navigation, form, call-to-action button, color, text, titles, etc. The ability to test a landing page gives opportunity to determine how you can improve the site.

The page should have sharing links – Marketing in these days embraces social networking. Thus, you can tap into the huge community of the audience by enabling sharing button on your landing page. Share buttons and links added to the landing page will encourage visitors to share your offers to their audiences.

These are important elements your landing page must have. What other important element do you think can be added to the above list?