What Do You Think About The New Facebook Like Buttons?


Facebook recently introduced the new like buttons.


They will allow Facebook to gather even more data from its users and to better monetize them, but what effect do you think it will have for social media marketers?

Do you already have some ideas how to utilize them?


  1. Hey Liudas,
    For every change made by any website behemoths like Facebook or Google, there is expectation that users and the platforms would enjoy a WIN WIN situation! At least, this is what I think.

    After some research, I think Facebook has come up with the new like buttons to explore better interactions and user experience.

    For social media marketers this move is sure to improve engagements, generate leads and attract convertible traffic.

    However, I am of the opinion that the real impact for any social media marketer would be felt if already the site as solid traffic base!
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  2. Hello Liudas,

    I like the new Facebook like buttons because it’s nice to be able to express your feelings. When it was only the like button it was hard. Sometimes you didn’t always want to click the like button because you didn’t actually like an article or post. Now, you have more options. A friend of mine shared a video and it was really sad. So, I was able to use the sad button.

    I think it will definitely help with more participation on Facebook.
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  3. Good discussion post. I made this comment in a similar post here on Kingged some minutes ago. As this is the same topic, here’s the comment I made:

    I think it’s still too early to tell about these new reactions.

    From what I hear most people are still using the same like button they were previously using, somewhat ignoring the other love, anger, sadness, “wow,” and “haha” buttons.

    It could be that they can’t just be bothered or change is still hard, or as is always the case, they are in a hurry and it’s just easier to click the usual “like” button and be on their way to another post, video or whatever else they usually do online.

    Marketers will likely benefit a lot from these new reactions, as they get new insight into how users really feel about their content and brand.

    It’s good though that these new reactions won’t change the algorithms, as confirmed by Facebook. But maybe that will change when they have data to work with.

    What would have changed the algorithm right away would be if Facebook unveiled the much talked about “dislike” button.

    Talking about the dislike button, let’s wait and see when or if Facebook will ever unveil it. That’s the button that will get everyone talking, particularly marketers.

  4. Hey Liudas,
    This is a good discussion post and one that every Facebook marketer should care about.

    The newly introduced like buttons could be interactive and help marketers to be more engaging.

    The real effect on social media marketers is hinged on better understanding of what the marketer is feeling than what obtains in the previous like button.

    In others words, Facebook just added some bit of “human” feeling on the platform!

  5. The new Facebook like button is a welcome development. With the image-like characters or symbols engagements will become more meaningful!

    I don’t know if this is going to affect monetization in anyway. Only time will tell.

    For now, I am for better engagements and expression that would lead to better relationship.

    Hopefully, the full benefit of these buttons would be expressed in the shortest time possible!

  6. Hi Liudas,

    I am a fan of the ‘like’ buttons on Facebook. After the introduction of the ‘new’ buttons, I have seen my engagement sort of increased for the positive.

    Thus, I would remark that the new Facebook like buttons have been phenomenal. They readily help portray the feelings of the user for better understanding!