What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?


Well to begin with I’m not going to sugar coat it and I’m not going to lie. I have bought 100s of products purely based on hype. There was a time in my online career that all I had to do was see a fancy ad full of hype and I would hit the buy button without hesitation. Then once I received the product and discovered it was full of empty promises, the thrill was gone and so was my money.  You know what I was searching for….. the ever elusive…….

 At that time I was a novice and it was hard to recognize honesty from outright lies. Being new to internet marketing I didn’t have enough knowledge to tell the difference between marketing fiction and marketing facts.

Almost everything being promoted promised me six figure returns or easy profits and I was eager to believe it.

Of course I was, like all humans, the easy road looked a lot more pleasant to me than the obvious truth.  All it took was for me to convince my subconscious that somewhere out there somebody was marketing that golden key to success.

Once I  accepted that myth there was no turning back. Instead of being rational and realizing the fact that some people are truly dishonest, especially after being let down dozens of times, I just kept buying products with the hope that the next purchase might actually contain that ever elusive….. golden key to riches

It may have taken me a while but now I think differently, after being duped so many times by scammers, I won’t even read your ad if its too much hype involved.  If the Landing Page doesn’t give me an entire synopsis of the offer, I move on faster than you can hit the close button on a pop-up. Even if the product passes my initial screening I’ll still do my due diligence until I’ve discovered every pro and con that product has to offer .

One of the first things I do now that I didn’t do before is to Google the offer.  If too many affiliates are selling it, and each one is offering 600 bonuses, I’ll skip right over it.

Do you want to know why? Because in all likely hood the affiliate’s selling your offer have never purchased it themselves.  So instead of selling a product they believe in they offer all these bonuses to obscure the fact that they have no idea what it does.

Instead of buying into their bonus bribes, I check the RipOff report, the BBB and read all the reviews of the affiliate’s that don’t sell the product. Why? Because what I discovered was a lot of the reviews from their competitors will tell you exactly what’s wrong with their product, especially if it’s all hype.

The truth is ……

 so be diligent.

Sure it’s sad that you have to be this diligent just to figure out whether a person is being honest or not, but it’s necessary if you want to determine if the product is worth purchasing. Face it you have two choices, either be super diligent or continue to waste money buying totally useless junk.

Even trusted industry marketplaces like Warrior Forum have been bombarded by junk. Yes there are a lot of marketers promoting junk on Warrior forum, are you surprised?  I didn’t think so. The difference between Warrior Forum and most marketplaces is Warrior members are quick to tell it like it is. If your offer is over- hyped junk and you have the guts to put it in the Warrior forum marketplace then be prepared for the members to quickly point out that your offer is a scam.

In fact some of the members are so over diligent they may insist you provide evidence like , bank statements, sworn affidavits from your reviewers and even a note from your mom, before they purchase your offer. Then even after they purchase, if one of your claims doesn’t live up to the hype in your sales page or your support network is faulty, a forum member will  inform the entire world that you lied or that your product is totally useless.

So if you’re not being as diligent as a Warrior member then you have to ask yourself: Did I really do my due diligence or am just buying into the hype.


  1. Hey Gordie,

    Indeed, due diligence is the mother of good luck! I have also made some of the mistakes you have made – as it concerns basing my previous buying decisions on “hype”.

    There is always this thin line between honesty and hype when it comes to paying attention to the offers made by online marketers.

    There is need to do a thorough research before buying because there in lies the removal of any ‘dishonesty’ that might have obscured the product!

    Thanks for hinting about the strong points of being a Warrior Forum member!

  2. It is clear that following hype would only lead to frustrations. So, basing our decision on hype doesn’t do anyone any good in the long run.

    The importance of making research cannot be overemphasized. This post has just proven that being a member of a site like Warriors forum is great!

  3. I like that quote from Ben Franklin: ” Diligence is the mother of good luck”.

    There is no denying the fact that due diligence well placed would ensure increased the prospect for profitability in any decision.

    Hypes are everywhere but it takes absolutely good research to decipher between the thin line that exists between honesty and out right scam!

    • As you and I have both learned, scam is relative to the buyers expectations. A product designed for a newbie could be considered a scam by someone with more experience.

      So the thin line you referenced is true and the due diligence is required, as you said, it: ” increased the prospect for profitability in any decision.”

      You were right on target! That should be your first focus when considering to purchase any business product.

      Thanks for pointing it out, Amit. An enlightening response.
      Gordie Chase recently posted…What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?My Profile

  4. Hello Gordie
    Great and interesting post! I have been burned a few times in my earlier years not from hype but from someone I trusted in the futures ( stock) market. And stocks can be a real tough industry.

    But here the last 15 years I will take the time and do my research before making my purchase. Gordie I agree with you also that just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they won’t scam you. Sometimes they are also being mislead,thanks for sharing this insightful post.
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    • All I can say to the first part is “Money Master The Game” a must read.

      No insult but you’ve been around; you know we fell for a lot of products advertised by the sell out’s. Some of my best friends have convinced me to buy into some junk online scheme just to help them out.

      Now the Ponz’i schemes are even more elaborate, everyone is fad hopping to make the guy at the top some dough. I’m like you, take the long road and Brand yourself, if you need immediate cash flow sell physical products, it’s easy.

      Gordie Chase recently posted…What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?My Profile

  5. Hi Gordie,

    You are right, we have all also once bought products purely based on hype, like you. I have too.

    But if truth be told, we still buy products based on “some” hype even if we do research or due diligence on the product.

    Hype sells but not all hypes are wrong or bad. That’s why great copywriters are able to get lots of people to buy what they are promoting.

    As humans I think we want something to be hyped up a bit, to help convince our subconscious minds to buy it, even if we don’t really need it.

    The bad people take advantage of this to sell crap products but there are still good people who use this to sell good products.

    Don’t you agree?

    • It’s not hype it’s the science of marketing. The technique allows you to hype yourself.

      What upset me was the product mills. Every guru was pumping the fast money products game until all the products they were building for profit, became useless.

      It’s not the sellers fault, most of us buy the product skim it and never actually use it. Had we performed our due diligence we probably wouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

      Gordie Chase recently posted…What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?My Profile

    • I completely agree Dennis!

      If you’re any good as a marketer, you’re going to reel people in with good copywriting.

      Show me someone who’s not making money and I can tell you 9 out of 10 times they’re likely bad at marketing.

      If you don’t get your prospects interested in buying what you’re selling, you’ll soon be stuggling and eventually out of business.

      With that said, you can’t lie or deceive people in order to sell products which is probably more what Gordie is referring to.

      Just because there are a lot of affiliates promoting a product or giving out bonuses doesn’t make it a scam or a hyped up less-than-honest product.

      It very well may mean that the product is very good, converts well, is from a well-known/regarded marketer, or that the product is easily sold to noobs who don’t know any better.

      Don’t discount a product just because it’s being promoted a lot.

      Last thing is this…

      Before you buy a product, you need to ask yourself if this is something that will help you right now and/or fit in with your marketing plan at the moment or is the product something that you’ll likely use down the road?

      When you get honest with yourself as to why you’re buying in the first place and how/when you plan on using it and implementing its tactics, it will get easier saying “no” and not giving into the “hype.”

      Good conversation starter Gordie! Keep em’ coming!
      Corrisa recently posted…How Internet Marketing Works and Where the Four Percent Group Fits InMy Profile

      • Everything you said was right on the money.

        I’m really talking about obvious deception, where you claim a product does something that it absolutely can’t do. I’ve bought products from marketers I’ve trusted that turned out to be a parade of false claims.

        The truth is most marketers are in it for profit and will sell anything that can make a profit. That’s the business pure and simple. This is why I say due diligence must be applied uniformly for every offer you consider purchasing.

        Thanks for your comment Corrisa, and for shedding some additional light on the subject.

        Gordie Chase recently posted…What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?My Profile

  6. Hello Gordie,

    You asked a very good question here.

    I have also bought my fair share of products because of hype. I also research a lot now before buying products.

    But the problem is that many affiliates put up reviews about products they haven’t bought or even used just to get a commission.

    In such cases how can you find the true review when researching? It’s harder I think.

    • No disrespect intended but you must be returning most of the products you buy if that’s the case.

      Due diligence would surely make it possible for you to avoid buying on hype. The reason the products you return didn’t deliver is because you didn’t do your due diligence to eliminate them in the first place.

      We have all been where you’re at and eventually we chose due diligence rather than to endure the psychological effects of once again feeling ripped off.

      I’d rather spend that money acquiring a few more customers for my business.

      Gordie Chase recently posted…What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?My Profile

  7. Hey Gordie,

    Unfortunately there are many people who buy into the hype and people who hype the mess outta whatever they are selling.

    Almost everything that I have ever gotten into, I’m still with because I use it and it does have value.

    I usually Google whatever it is before I jump into something. But the last time I lost money is because my husband wanted to join into something that I told him looked like a scam, but his reply was “Well, let’s just see what happens anyway” (probably hoping the hype was real) And so far I believe we’ve been duped…

    But that’s life, you live and learn I guess!
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  8. Hi there,

    I like your honesty in this post. We have all been there, not only you.

    I have to say it all began because of the gold-rush phase of the Internet. We were all told it’s another gold rush to make us all rich.

    At least we didn’t lose millions or even billions of dollars like those in the dot-com bust time. They invested based on big time hype and lost millions.


    • I’ve been around since the BBS boards were the only thing online and the hype was just transferred from newspaper classifieds to BBS boards.

      By the time the gold-rush phase came in the internet was already bombarded with ads and scammers. In all honesty it was our gold rush mentality of get rich quick that fuels the scams.

      The more outrageous the claim the faster it get’s clicked.

      One of the first big scams involved the Real Estate industry which had nothing to do with dot-coms, but still dominated most online advertising. The human brain always looks for the easy solution, which is why we often hit the buy button when we shouldn’t.

      Gordie Chase recently posted…What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?My Profile

  9. I totally agree. It’s very important you do your due diligence before making a purchase decision. That said, if you are familiar with the seller and the quality of their free content is gold, you shouldn’t have much problems with their paid offer.

    I am also of the opinion that there is always something new to learn and a if I so much as sniff that there will be something new to learn from purchasing this course [of course I will do some research on Google as well], then I’d go for it

    • If it cost 7 bucks it’s normally a dime sale of some outdated ebook just to get revenue or just a snippet of info from the upsell to get you in their funnel.

      I understand believe me, I have about 60 of those $7 ebooks. But now that I’ve been doing this for awhile I wish I had kept that $420 for advertising.

      As a member of Warrior Forum, the actual birthing place of these $7 offers, I can assure you that buying them won’t increase your bottom line. If it cost 7 bucks you could probably find the information for free just by using Google.

      Thanks for your comment, and please refrain from buying those $7 ebooks.

      Gordie Chase recently posted…What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?My Profile

  10. Hello Gordie,

    I have not had the kind of issues like you and most of the commenters have had with products online. I guess it has to do more with the reasons that I am buying a product.

    My first mentor back in 2009 helped me gain a different perspective on things like this. He stressed to me that I was not buying the product to find the key to success or to find that one secret. He told me that we bought the products to see what our competitors were selling. This would give us an opportunity to make our products better.

    If one competitor was selling a collection of blog posts for $49 and getting decent returns, we could then create a product that we would have sold for $7 and make $42 more than we expected by targeting the competitors customer base. Those customers would be much happier with the product we sold because the competitors was such a let down.

    But as for your initial question, I am going to buy a product on hype. If it is being hyped by 100’s of marketers than that means there is a market for what they are selling. I will buy that product and see what I need to do in order to cash in on the hype going on around that product.

    I guess buying the product is my own kind of research.

    Thank you for such a thought inspiring post.
    Adam D. Mason recently posted…Make Your Goals StickMy Profile

    • That’s the same thinking thousands bought into with the recent MLM products designed to imitate a real product. People convinced themselves that if thousands were buying into it, then it must be legit.

      In one particular case when one of the highest paid members decided to drop out and pursue something else the founders blocked his commissions. Afraid all of the members under him would exit and leave them short. If it had been a viable product to begin with there would be no reason for this fear.

      As far as the Guru copy paste model of stealing your competitions model and improving on it, that’s your basic model of grand theft marketing an ethical business practice for sure.

      Everyone in online marketing knows if you want to get rich quick just join the con’s that are already working but when the con fails, and it eventually does, what then? I’d rather be a Neil Patel than a David Wood. If it works for you keep working it.

      Thanks for sharing.
      Gordie Chase recently posted…What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?My Profile

      • Hello Gordie,

        I apologize if my comment made it sound like I was promoting a tactic in where I steal other peoples content. That was not what I was trying to convey.

        If I were in to jump into the same field as Neil Patel or David Wood I would purchase their products to see what kind of products their customers expect.

        My content is always the best I can create at the time I produce it. So, by purchasing my competitors products I am better able to create content that I know my new customers will enjoy.

        Copy and paste, grand theft, con, those and never tactics that would be considered and I was not intending on promoting those ever in any endeavor I pursue.
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  11. Hi Gordie,

    What an interesting topic you started here. Great comments by others too.

    I also agree about the need for research before buying a product but what if the product is new and nothing can be found on RipOff report, the BBB or other sites but the product is good?

    What then?

  12. Hi Gordie,

    Thanks for sharing how you do your due diligence before buying a product these days.

    Like you, I have also bought products in the past based on hype. Some turned out okay but others didn’t. No surprises there, right?

    It’s hard to completely avoid buying based on “some” hype but I am getting better at it.

    I also do some research about the product and the vendor before buying.

    One more thing I do is take my time before buying a product now. It pays to take your time before buying a product, even if offered crazy bonuses for buying earlier.

    Usually waiting for a while might reveal bad experiences of early buyers.

    Is this something you do too?

  13. Hi,

    Two years ago my buying decision was based totally on hype without considering any matters at all. But sometimes I buy a product to know what`s new in the marketing world or what are the latest strategies used by the other marketers.

    Actually I try to be careful enough before make my buying decision even if the price is one buck. also I research the seller reputation and the costumers reviews to see if the product will fit my needs or not.

    Thanks so much

    • Well I don’t go quite that far, I will purchase a product below 10 bucks just to see if the hype sold me on the product or if it was actually worth it.

      I learn a lot from sales pages that convinced me to buy, but I like to keep those lesson cheap. Anything above ten bucks get’s mega scrutiny.

      I recently went through my archives of purchased hype and actually found some hidden nuggets in a few of them. That showed me you can find value in anything if you dig deep enough.

      Gordie Chase recently posted…What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?My Profile

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  14. Yes, as you say, there are a lot of scams in internet marketing, and it pays to do some research before buying.

    It’s easy for a newbie to get frustrated when following “methods” which turn out to be unworkable in practice. I’ve done that more than once, BUT I learned something each time, even if what not to do.

    I recommend newbies to treat internet-marketing methods as things to learn something from, rather than things to believe will give you what they say they will.

    As long as you keep learning, at some point you’ll know enough to make a method work for you, and keep on growing from there !

    Chris recently posted…Avoiding information overload with online business.My Profile

  15. Hi Gordie,

    I have bought way too many products based on hype.

    Unfortunately they are not only a waste of money but also a waste of time. It really takes a lot of time to build a successful business and these products can really be a distraction.

    One word of caution when doing research on a product is to beware of review sites or review posts on blogs.

    Too often these are just written by affiliates and of course they are going to say the product is the best around.

    Always look for affiliate links if they recommend the product. If so, be a bit suspicious of their positive review.

    Have a great week Gordie! Thanks for being so blunt with this post. It will be sure to help many people.

    Take care,