If you want to know the very best apps and websites to use, to sell stuff locally, this article is going to be very helpful.

It reveals the very best such apps and sites that anyone can use to sell locally and get good results.


Why Use Apps or Sites to Sell Stuff Locally

First off, you may want to use apps or sites to sell stuff locally for these reasons:

  • You don’t want to move from door-to-door promoting what you want to sell to neighbors and those living in your city.
  • You want to save time and enjoy the flexibility that selling stuff with an app or site offers.
  • You want to take advantage of free listings and promotions offered by many selling apps.
  • You want to take advantage of and reach out to a wider audience of some of the popular selling apps and websites.


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17 Best Apps and Websites to Sell Stuff Locally

Here are some of the best apps and websites for selling your stuff locally:


1. OfferUp

OfferUp is a website and app you can use to sell various kinds of stuff locally. It is an online mobile-first customer-to-customer marketplace.

You can use this app to sell various kinds of stuff such as electronics, home tools, garden tools, clothing, baby items, vehicles, toys, games, arts, and more.

To sell your stuff locally using OfferUp app, here are steps you should follow:

  • Download the app on your mobile phone.
  • Post the item you want to sell by following the step provided by the app.
  • Promote your item to achieve faster sales.
  • Once your stuff is posted, then the next thing you do is sell by following the steps highlighted on the “How to sell” page.
  • You’ll get messages from interested buyers right in the app.
  • Reply to these messages to answer any questions, then agree on a price with a buyer.

If you’re meeting the buyer in person:

  • Use the app to find a meeting location, such as a Community MeetUp Spot, and agree on a time to meet.
  • If the item is large or heavy, we recommend making plans to lift or move it.
  • When you meet, let the buyer check out the item.
  • If you and the buyer agree to the sale, swap the item and payment in person.
  • If the sale doesn’t work out, be polite, and don’t be discouraged. There are many more potential buyers on the app.

If you’re shipping your item:

  • When you accept a buyer’s offer, they will be charged through the app.
  • Ship the item using the label we send to you. If you don’t use the label we provide, you won’t get paid.
  • The buyer has 2 days to inspect the item after it’s delivered.
  • They will notify you when your money is securely sent to your account.
  • When the sale is done, mark the item as sold. They will let any other interested buyers know that your item is off the market.
  • Take a minute to rate the buyer. It helps build community trust and gives the buyer the option to rate you, too.
  • Your item will show as sold in your Selling tab. It will stay there for a short time for your reference before being moved to your Archive. You can also archive it yourself.

 Click here to check out OfferUp

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2. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app you can use to sell stuff locally.

It is more than just an app but can be referred to as a community of sellers who help curate the best shopping experience for their shoppers.

If you seek to sell your stuff locally then you may want to check out Poshmark.

How this app works is this:

  • First of all list the item you want to sell after downloading the app on your phone.
  • At Poshmark, sellers of clothes for men, women, and kids can take a photo and upload their closet. The listing process takes less than 60 minutes.
  • You can then share the stuff you have listed with your network of shoppers to discover.
  • If you share more pieces of stuff with your network, then you are more likely to make more sales.
  • If shoppers show interest in your clothes and you deliver the item using Postmark’s pre-paid label, then you will get paid.

Poshmark is a great app to sell your stuff locally – especially if clothes are from your closet.

Click here to check out Poshmark


3. ThredUP

ThredUP prides itself as an online consignment & thrift store for your closet, your wallet, and the planet.

This platform allows users to buy and sell different stuff.

You can shop for or sell items like clothing, handbags, hats, scarves, belts, and other items for women and kids.

You can use the features of this app to sell stuff locally.

The steps to sell items on this platform are:

  • You first free up space in your closet by filling your kit with gently used items you no longer need.
  • Wrap or package your kit into a shipping label provided by ThredUP.
  • Drop the kit off at the nearest FedEx or USPS.
  • ThredUP will take care of the sales.
  • You will get paid when eligible items sold

Click here to check out thredUP

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4. Chairish

Chairish is online vintage furniture, art, and home accessories sales service.

This platform is suitable for selling your furniture and related items to others locally.

Chairish has many features which you can use to sell your furniture and other items.

To start selling at Chairish, here are steps you should take:

  • List the items you want to sell, it is free.
  • Set your price
  • Get paid when up to 80% of the sales price when your item sells.

The benefits of selling on Chairish as highlighted on the platform include:

  • Depending on your seller plan, you will earn up to 70% or 80% of the selling price that goes back to you.
  • You list your items for free.
  • You can delist your items at any time.
  • Chairish will make your listings look professional, with edited photos and item descriptions.
  • Chairish manages payment and shipping details.
  • Listings are live for as long as a seller has the item available for sale
  • Chairish has award-winning customer support 24/7.

Click here to check out Chairish


5. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is part of the popular social networking platform.

It is an ecommerce platform that connects sellers and buyers through meaningful interactions and unique goods.

You can check out this platform if you want one of the best apps to sell your stuff locally.

On this platform, you can buy and sell items locally.

You can sell just about anything that includes vehicles, clothing, electronics, office supplies, musical instruments, and more.

There are many benefits of using the Facebook Marketplace to sell your stuff locally. The most outstanding benefits are:

  • It is free to use platform.
  • Anyone with a Facebook account can list and sell items with no hidden fees.
  • It allows sellers to list and sell their stuff to other Facebook users.
  • The marketplace allows you to use Facebook messenger to chat and connect with others.

Click here to check out Facebook Marketplace


Apps and Websites to Sell Stuff Locally


6. 5miles

5miles is a website and app that you can use to buy and sell stuff locally. This app has many features which help users sell different kinds of stuff.

You can use this app to sell cars, electronics, clothing, and other kinds of stuff to people in your neighborhood.

Also, you can use it to find great classifieds in your area.

The process of using this app to sell stuff locally is easy.

The steps to sell these items include:

  • Download this app and install it on your mobile phone.
  • Snap a photo, set the price, and add a description
  • Communicate with buyers through the in-app chat feature
  • Ship or meet up with a buyer

5Miles offers many benefits to users.

The Google Play review of this app highlights what makes 5Miles different from other buy and sell apps:

  1. “1. Phone number verification to reduce spam and fraud
  2. Access to SEAL (Safe Exchange Area Locators)
  3. Boost, a feature to move your listings to the top of the feed, free of charge
  4. User reviews
  5. Includes Services, Jobs, and Housing categories
  6. Tools to help sellers sell faster
  7. Shipping and online payment features
  8. Find or post Deals & Events in your area. Everything from restaurant deals to estate sales.”

Click here to check out 5Miles

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7. VarageSale

VarageSale is a virtual garage sale app that lets users buy and sell items in their communities.

It is one of the best apps you can use if you would like to sell stuff locally.

The app is used by people living in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, and Japan.

This app was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

To make use of VarageSale in selling your stuff locally, here are the steps you should take:

  • Download this app to your mobile phone.
  • Enter your location and join the community in the area where you live, work and play.
  • You can then connect with Facebook to confirm who you are. Once you do this, an admin will review your request and get you verified.
  • Once you are verified, you can then transact and sell stuff to people in your neighborhood.

Click here to check out VarageSale


8. Etsy

Etsy is fast becoming one of the very popular websites for selling stuff locally. Below are some helpful articles for selling on Etsy:


Other notable apps you can also check out include:

9. eBay

10. CPlus for Craigslist

11. Trove Market

12. Mercari

13. Wallapop

14. Nextdoor

15. Decluttr

16. Swappa

17. Gazelle

18. Carousell



As this article has shown, there are indeed very genuine and helpful apps and websites out there for selling stuff online.

Many of those mentioned here are completely free to use and they are really effective in helping you sell locally.