Yes, there are many other sites like Brainly for peer-to-peer learning for students, teachers and even parents.

This article reveals up to 24 of the very best alternatives to Brainly and why each is awesome.



At one time or another, we all could use a little help in our lives.

Sometimes we are faced with a difficult decision and often we are too close to the challenge, or the problem and we can’t see clearly.

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It’s like not being able to see the forest for the trees.

Consequently, we need a little direction or hint or little push in the right direction.

For the students attending school today, there are a lot of pressures and challenges that they face that those who are older did not necessarily need to address.

The reality of peer pressure has been magnified extraordinarily, school shootings; the rampant use of drugs, and on it goes as to some of the difficult situations that young adults of today have to contend with.

Added is the primary purpose of being in school and obtaining an education.

Fortunately, several student aids can help young people with their social challenges as well as their academic challenges.

Academically, many online websites and apps provide help in the form of calculators, learning resources, visual aids, calculators, etc.

All designed to not do the homework for the young adult but to help them along in the process.


What is Brainly 

For the uninformed, Brainly utilizes a peer-to-peer learning process that allows for teachers, students, and parents to not only ask homework questions but get answers as well.

Brainly has incentive elements to it and offers more visual points and ranks as questions are answered correctly.

In addition, the platform encourages users to interact with others on the platform to answer each other’s questions.


24 Best Websites Like Brainly


1. Chegg

This educational technology company offers a variety of student services to those who utilize the platform.

Some of those services include digital and physical textbook rentals, online tutoring, textbook rentals, etc.

Click here to check out Chegg


2. Jiskha

This website is a lifesaver for thousands of students in helping them with their schoolwork.

The content is published daily and one of the services offered is the provision of instant help to students who are in urgent need.

The platform is available seven days a week around the clock and is provided at no charge.

Additionally, no registration is required.

Click here to check out Jiskha


3. Study

Study facilitates the student’s learning process in improving their grades through interactive and fun videos that are provided by experts.

Additionally, step-by-step instruction for homework help is offered.

This particular website is available anytime and anywhere for struggling students.

Also, this website allows for test preparation as well as the opportunity to earn credit which can be transferred to the school of an individual’s choice when thinking about college entry.

Click here to check out Study


4. Wyzant

Wyzant is an educational website platform that promotes itself as having 80,000s tutors available to personally help a student with their various classroom studies.

Also, added to the mix, is the offering of over 300 subjects that are available in which the student can be tutored.

The cost is $25 an hour and the tutors can interact with the student either on a one-to-one basis or online.

Click here to check out Wyzant


5. Quizizz

This Indian developed platform has developed software that can be utilized in group settings, provide pretest reviews, offer pop quizzes, and provide assessments based on the student’s involvement and progress.

Additionally, it is a “quiz sharing” website.

Click here to check out Quizizz


6. Socratic

This particular website allows the student to take a picture of their homework question.

The picture is then submitted, and the app goes to work in providing a solution, with explanations, and videos.

Subjects that a student can get help on include math, history, English, science, and a variety of other subjects.

Click here to check out Socratic


7. Quizlet

Through the use of flashcards, practice electronic assessments determining the student’s understanding of the subject, matching games, and flashcards, Quizlet utilizes these tools and presents them to its users for studying and learning.

It is estimated that two out of three U.S. high school students use this program for their learning and preparation for exams.

Click here to check out Quizlet


8. Toppr

This app is one of the largest educational apps in the country of India.

The main purpose and vision of creating this app is to help students learn and for that learning to be fun through their interaction with the software.

Of particular focus, this app is meaningful with a beneficial core element being for individuals to practice a variety of answering questions for entrance exams.

Also provided are ample amounts of questions to practice.

The subjects covered the areas of physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics.

The app also has built-in features such as scheduling, reminders for study time, etc.

Click here to check out Toppr

Also See: Sites Like Pixabay & Sites Like Appen.


9. Transtutors

This educational online website focuses on students that are pursuing a variety of different academic subjects and who are enrolled in a variety of universities around the world.

Their staff consists of over 100 qualified experts in a variety of fields as well as individuals who provide tutoring.

Their purpose is to help students work through their subject challenges and problems.

Also, this site has a variety of modules which include homework help and test preparation.

Click here to check out Transtutors


10. Slader

Slader is a virtual educational platform that provides the solutions to questions posed in a variety of textbooks.

In addition, it is an educational social network that allows students to interconnect with each other and thereby learn and share content as well.

Click here to check out Slader


11. Qanda

Qanda specializes in allowing the student and the platform to obtain answers to tricky questions.

Also, the website provides resources to help a student in preparation for their ACT/SAT exam and also help the individual with their homework assignments.

Click here to check out Qanda


12. Coursehero

This online education platform provides 24/7 days a week help and provides tutors as needed.

Also, it helps the student with difficult questions and provides the answer but explains the process through a step-by-step method of showing how the answer is achieved.

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Click here to check out Coursehero


13. Bartleby

Bartleby has three particular modules involved in their website.

There is the Bartleby learn, write and research options.

The learn option provides textbook solutions, library research, with the writing module it helps the student with their grammar and spelling and the research option provides research resources to help the individual find the answer to the questions.

Click here to check out Bartleby


14. Wyzant

Wyzant is an online educational website that is headquartered in Chicago Illinois.

The website began operation in 2005 with two Princeton graduates who utilized funding from their family members.

This particular website helps students learn by offering tutors that are qualified in a variety of educational subjects and topics.

The database of active tutors that are available through this website totals 76,000 and almost 2.5 million hours of tutoring has been provided.

Click here to check out Wyzant


15. Mathway

As the name infers, this is a calculator available on the web and on the website that solves simple to complex math equations.

Not only does it solve these equations, but it shows you how the problem is worked by showing step-by-step instructions and directions.

Subjects include the basics of high school level mathematics including trigonometry and calculus.

Click here to check out Mathway


16. Gradpoint

Gradpoint is a technology-driven educational opportunity and process for young people attending grades six through 12.

Gradpoint provides a powerful and enriching educational experience over several courses that helps the student to meet their educational requirements.

The lessons are designed to be engaging as well as motivate the students through the learning process.

Gradpoint prides itself on being a quality blended virtual learning experience, helping to mitigate dropout prevention, keep the student engaged, and provide special education, summer school opportunities, and more.

Click here to check out Gradpoint


17. History

This particular website focuses on the history of civilization.

The educational process includes the viewing opportunity of full episodes of informative history series as well as investigating and researching thousands of historical articles.

The website is a history-rich resource opportunity for an individual/student to learn the valuable lessons that history can share.

Click here to check out History


18. Lumenlearning

Lumenlearning equips the student with the proper educational tools and services to help them effectively grasp the core of the subjects being taught.

To accomplish this goal, they provide a quality interactive learning experience, online homework, and sharing constructive feedback to the student to help them be more effective in their learning experience.

Their specialties include open textbooks, learning analytics, personalized learning, and digital courseware.

Click here to check out Lumenlearning


19. Blackboard

Blackboard is an educational website that focuses primarily on technology and provides services to help students learn.

The learning process is not just one way but encourages the student to learn in their unique way and fashion.

Click here to check out Blackboard



Khanacademy has been highlighted on many informative newscasts and is designed to engage the student through visual presentations.

Through a whiteboard, the subject matter comes to life and engages the student entertainingly and educationally to help the student retain the information that is being shared.

Click here to check out Khanacademy 


21. Udemy

This online educational platform is a popular website for learning as attested to the fact that 7 million students are enrolled.

The 7 million students are enrolled in over 30,000 courses and are taught by a staff complement of over 19,000 instructors.

Click here to check out Udemy


22. Prezi

Prezi offers interactive presentations, virtual educational teaching methods, and unique software that allows for interactive visuals.

Its uniqueness is that the visuals are right next to you on-screen as the presentation is being made.

The focus of this educational website is to engage, educate and inspire the student.

Click here to check out Prezi


23. Edgenuity

Edgenuity boasts of being a provider of online curriculum for grades kindergarten through 12th grade.

Their focus is a blend of learning solutions plus online courses and providing instructional services.

Click here to check out Edgenuity


24. Doubtnut

This educational app was created in 2016 in the country of India.

Its creators are Tanushree Nagori and Aditya Shankar.

The uniqueness of this app is that it solves mathematical problems through picture taking.

Click here to check out Doubtnut


Personal Story

While growing up in Wisconsin we always had to contend with harsh winters.

There were many times where we would get stuck in the snow trying to make our way to work or get the kids to school.

Sometimes, the snow and the ice would win, and we would be stranded waiting for someone to come by and give us a little nudge or a push in the right direction.

Fortunately, that was always the case either sooner or later that someone would come by and, in those days with the cars being heavier, would give us a little push with their vehicle.

So, it is today with the young adults who are attending school.

Often, they just need a little nudge or little push in the right direction to get their academics on course.


Best Alternative Websites like Brainly FAQs


Is It Proper to Give Answers to Students?

Yes, if the student does their utmost in trying to work through the problem.

As it relates to mathematical problems, it is important for the student to show their work to reflect their understanding of achieving the solution.


Is It Possible to Ask Questions in Brainly?

Yes, the individual simply clicks on the button entitled “Ask Your Question.”


You Can Do It

The Internet provides a great venue for many tutorials, educational, research, and practical tools to help a student better their educational experience and excel in all subjects.

The vastness of the resources and yet the personal attention available can be likened to having your specific teacher on call to provide the added needed instruction.



There are many challenges that the average student faces today.

Their primary purpose in being in school is to learn academically.

However, sometimes the challenges from the outside world intrude into the classroom and provide less than an optimal learning experience in that setting.

Fortunately, the student can retreat to the privacy of their home and access several websites to help them refocus and learn the various subjects so that their educational experience is optimized.

Sometimes things happen and we get stuck.

All we need is a little push in the right direction to get us moving once again.

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