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  • It is well and truly 2016 which means it’s time to revisit studies and data that might have changed. I always make sure the data I share is relevant to my audience and recent enough for it to be applied to a b […]

  • Hey Sunday,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    What is it exactly you like about BuzzSumo?
    Cheers, Warren

  • Hey Sunday,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    What is it exactly you like about BuzzSumo?
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    We all have our favourite social network. Most visual brands in industries such as beauty or fashion might say their favourite social network is Instagram or Pinterest. For me, there is one network where I […]

    • My favorite tool among this list is BuzzSumo. I have been using this tool for content idea generation for social marketing in the long run.

      Every social media marketer of Twitter marketer should understand what tools readily helps them save time,cost and resources in pursuing a valuable Twitter campaign.

      Twitter marketing is very effective and the best social marketers out there ensure that best tools like the ones above are utilized.

      Knowledge of what tools are needed for content creation and promotion is important for increased traction!

      • Hey Sunday,
        Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
        What is it exactly you like about BuzzSumo?
        Cheers, Warren

        • Hi Warren,

          BuzzSumo is one tool that helps me analyze what topics are popular and trending. With this I can access and assess the relevant contents to share by learning how it has become a success online!

    • I often use Hootsuite and TweetChat and they have been amazing in helping me manage my Twitter marketing.

      The other tools I will like to master include Twitalyzer and TweetReach.

      Perhaps, If have these tools in perfect control then it would become easier to improve on my Twitter marketing.

      Thanks for sharing and explaining this list!

    • Hello Warren,

      You have shared some very useful & interesting tools. Social media is a battle if you don’t have the right tools for it then winning this battle is impossible.

      Among all these tools i love Buzzsumo and i would like to suggest one more tool (which i love & use) for your list – Tagboard

      once again thanks for sharing these tools.

    • Hi Warren,

      I have quite a few number of these tools and I agree with you on what each can do.

      For someone who has no knowledge of these tools, it is important that take the time to study how each can benefit their social marketing needs.

      Of course, setting up a Twitter account and having the profiles completely filled up should be the top priority for anyone who will maximize the use of any of these tools!

    • Hi Warren,

      I have never heard of Nuzzle or Seen. I will have to check them out. I love using the Buffer and Crowdfire. Twitter has it’s great analytics now too so that makes it easier using their network. It always amazes me how many Twitter tools there are out there today. They just keep on growing too! Thanks for sharing these with us Warren.

    • Hey Warren,

      The only one I use in this list is Buzzsumo, but besides that, I never heard of the rest of the tools here.

      There’s one tool thats been helping me that is a great twitter tool and that is Revive Old Post. It’s a wordpress plugin and it allows you to tweet old blog posts automatically.

      There are two tools you mentioned that are interesting to me and they are Trendsmap and Ritetag. These two will give me some idea of what blog posts to write and share among my twitter friends.

      Thanks for sharing Warren! Have a good one!

    • Hi Warren,

      Thanks for sharing this article. I was excited to read it as I love Twitter too. I find that the Twitter audience is quite active and I do get some traffic to my sites from Twitter.

      Two of the tools that stood out to me that I want to try are Ritetag and Seen. It’s always great to see what tags and article are popular in your niche and follow along on the bandwagon.

      Thanks again for sharing.

      Take care,


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