Want To Make Real Money Online? Then DON’T Ignore These 6 Key Truths!


robert-kiyosaki-rich-dadAccording to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad, there is flow diagram that consists of :

– Employee,

– Self-employed,

– Business Owner,

– Investor.

Were you previously aware of these? If not, you are certainly not alone. There are many others who haven’t previously heard of this flow diagram.

Let’s quickly analyze them together, shall we?


Being an employee, even if it (sometimes) gives good salary, gives us a time limitation.

Those who work as employees have to work from 9 to 5 almost everyday. The working time is limited by others and we can not do things we want in the determined time.

In this case, we also work hard to help others reaching their goals, not us. I do not say that it is wrong but it is surely frustrating because we can not do what we really want and we can also be fired anytime.

So, who said that being an employee is the safest option?

It is actually the most dangerous option because our financial life will be determined by others, no matter how hard we work.

The next option will be self-employed, which means that we determine our own working time and we are fully responsible to reach our goal.

But, the downside of this option is, we will not get money if we do not work, because we are the main employees in our workplace.

Being in this area is good but, we do want the money to keep coming in even when we sleep, right?

Then, we need to go to our main discussion for today, which is business owners who make real money online. It is all about system so, you can finally make money even if you are sleeping.

There are so many opinions regarding make real money online. Some people say it is easy while the others say that it is impossible.

To me, both of them are…


… wrong!

Making real money online is not impossible but it is also not easy. People who say it easy are actually not lying but it is because they say it after years of learning, failing and being focused.

But, for people who just start it, make real money online is not easy. Before you decide to start making real money online as one of your income sources, please consider these very important truths :

1. You need to invest money


There is no business without capital and if you take the online business seriously, you will know that it’s better not to use free domain and hosting.

It’s safer and legitimate to use the paid one and therefore, you need money. You will also have to spend money for autoresponder and sales funnel if you plan to build a long-term online business.

At the beginning of the business, there will be some ups and downs and you will need good amount of money as the back-up for your downs.

There are so many people fail just because they want to start without capital but to me, it is very important to start with money so, you can invest in necessary things and also, you have back-up plan If you fail at one particular time.

2.  You need to invest time


Yes. I know that you decide to make real money online in order to have more time with your family or more time to enjoy your life but, at the beginning of the business, you need to realize that you need to invest time to learn.

You need to understand at least the basic of SEO, list building and traffic. The knowledge gained after investing time to learn is priceless.

There’s nothing more powerful than knowledge in doing internet business.

3. You need to trust yourself

Even if people call this time is internet era, making real money online is still new for particular groups, especially when you live in the place when being an employee is the biggest achievement in life.

There can be this condition when you are now a manager in one restaurant and decide that make money online will be your way to financial freedom.

People will keep calling you stupid because you leave your comfort zone and try something that is uncertain. Do not hate them because they just do not understand.

Just trust yourself. You can do this and just do not stop because people keep calling you stupid for your decision to make money online.

4. You need to Focus


Since internet business is simply used by simply connecting your PC to internet network, there will be so many deals, guides and even ways to make money online.

Some of them are offered for free while the others require the payment to be accessed.

Some people say that the paid one is the better one but to me, it’s all the same as long as we focus. When you start “diving” in internet business, you will find overloaded information that will make you confused regarding where to start.

Just choose one field that make you interested and stick with it until becoming successful.

Do not waste money to buy guide that will not work just because you never implement it. You only read it and then leave it in your dusty computer folder.

Invest your money in something more important that is related to things you are focused on at that time.

5. You need to consider outsourcing as option

Life is always about choice and in internet business, the choice is mostly between money and time. Which one do you have right now?

If you have time and only small amount of money, then you will need to start by your own and try to set everything up from zero.

Do not worry, it is doable but surely will need your time and energy since you will do everything by yourself.

Now, what if you have good amount of money to start? Then you will save your time and energy because you may ask others to do your works.

You will save time to learn and the setup things can be done even when you sleep.

6. You need to find a good mentor


This thing is actually highly related to my previous point. If you have good amount of money to start, find a good mentor to teach you everything.

Having a mentor will give you good direction so you will use your time and money efficiently.

I am currently using this super powerful program as one of the ways to earn money online. It’s working very well for me and helping me make good money. Give it a try and see if can help you too.

And if you are into social media like Instagram, you can check out how to make a killing with Instagram.


  1. Hi Ivana,

    I like the quick points you made in this article and I like the easy flow from point to point.

    The 6 key truths you mentioned are obvious but you are right, they are often ignored or forgotten by many of us.

    The best for me here is the need to focus. Lack of focus is a very big problem for most of us, myself included.

    There are too many shiny objects online that focusing is very hard for most people.

    One of the best ways to focus is to get off many email lists. If we remain on many email lists we get bombarded with one opportunity after another, it’s impossible to focus that way.

    One more truth I will like to add to the 6 is the need to be persistent until successful. We should not give up when things are not working out as fast as we thought. Persistence while working on the right things is important.

    Thanks for sharing these truths, Ivana.

  2. Hey Ivana,

    Indeed, these are key truths to making money online. Anyone that wants to make real money must be ready to do what is necessary to achieve good success.

    There is no point ignoring the needful and doing things that are comfortable. The Internet is practical even though some may see it as way too ephemeral for making real money.

    It takes time and money to truly make it online. In addition, having a good mentor will surely make the journey shorter.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post!

  3. Hi Ivana,

    It is a fact that making money online is simple but not easy. Sacrifices must be made to achieve set goals.

    Many are often discouraged after a few months of not making anything online. However, the truth remains that most of them never invest enough money, time, networking, and value that are needed to blossom the business.

    I guess the points shared in this post would be a reminder of what is necessary!

  4. To succeed online, the basics must be complied with. There is a price to be paid for success and this is true with online business as well.

    The six “truths” you have explained are in order. I am particularly taken by truth number three which talks about trusting yourself.

    You are right about it because if you make the best investment in time and money but don’t believe you can make it online then it would probably not happen.

    So, in spite of the perceived impossibility around, a steady focus on doing the necessary things would spur you to succeed with ease!

  5. Hello Ivana,

    It is great you have shared this awesome piece. Indeed, it reveals the mindset and the basic inclination for anyone who wants to make it online.

    There is no denying the fact that making online is real but there are factors that would just about make the process easier.

    I want to state that working with mentors is a great truth that can easily make anyone succeed online. Mentors are there to guide the entrepreneur so that he would avoid mistakes that would hinder his progress!

  6. Hi Ivana,

    I like how short but straight to the point this article is.

    For your first and second points, what if you don’t have money to invest but have abundant time? It’s said that time is money, right?

    What then?

    • Hi Abigail,

      Thanks for your appreciation.
      You’re right. Time is money. If we have time and choose to not spend money at first, we can still make it but, it’ll be slower.

      As example, I want to build a minisite and have two choices : write the content by myself or outsource it. Outsourcing the article will save me time and I can do other stuffs to maximize my revenue while, writing it by myself is also ok but only if I have time.

      As another example, when I began my internet marketing journey, I use blogspot to make money and write content but now, I want my blog to look professional so, I buy domain and hosting.

      I can keep doing it with free hosting like blogspot but since I have money, I need to bring my business to the next level.

      Ivana Dee recently posted…How to generate Your First $$$ Online?My Profile

      • Hi Ivana,

        Right question asked by Abigail @abigailchow

        I’m a example of the time. When I’m serving & blogging:

        1) I don’t have a good job with good salary.
        2) I know the business system, but I did not carry it
        3) I am a good & hard employer, but the job was very hard for low amount of income
        4) Who believe me without property or bank balance!!!

        I was very tired, but I did not stop the make money journey in the harder road. Over 6 years in the journey ongoing, now i’m a successful online business holder as a good service provider with my own ways.

        I feel everything is time with a system, if we carry the system well then career will be well very early. I have read & follow thousands of make money guides from biggest biggest make money room, but it was waste in my life. Because of it was only a shadow.

        Thanks for everything and all the make money guys, come & catch the guide and grow with us.

  7. Hi Ivana

    If anyone wants to make real money online then that person would have to pay the necessary price.

    Unfortunately, most of the times, bloggers or Internet marketers seem to forget that paying a price is necessary.

    They only focus on what they would get instead of what they can earn by their effort.

    The truths you have shared are “key” for online success. I want to add that networking with others would help facilitate your success online!

  8. Hello Ivana,

    In your great post, I have learned a few things that I really need to know to start off my Internet Marketing career, such as trusting myself instead of hearing from others who don`t like to believe that making money online exists.
    However I think you`d better to make “the number 6” the first one because having coach or mentor will help you walk through the rest of the steps very well.


  9. Hi Ivana,

    Indeed, these are powerful truths that must be followed to make real money online. There is no doubting the fact that making money online could be difficult.

    However, if the right approach is applied then the journey would become easy.

    Staying focus with a goal and doing all that is ‘necessary’ to achieve that goal online is a mindset of the most successful online entrepreneurs!

  10. Hey Ivana,

    I think being in the information age is great.

    But as well all know, there are pro’s and cons to it.

    You can get information overload and chase every shiny object that looks like it will make you successful. This will definitely be detrimental in your online marking venture.

    On the other had, the internet can be convenient when it is used wisely. The key is Focus which you mentioned in #4. Focus on one strategy at a time. Figure out how to make it work for you first and then move on to the next.

    Also it’s going to take capital in this business. Whether you’re starting a blog, using tools, or using some paid advertising, as a result you’ll get more results faster than with a lot of free tools and strategies.

    Thanks for sharing your 6 points about making money online! Have a great week ahead!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…What If You Can Only Blog Once A Month?My Profile

  11. Great post, i think what most people do is invest their time, but very few invest their money online to get returns. Atimes, these investments in monetary terms don’t turn out to be profitable, hence some quit on the way out of frustration.

    I think being an employee to someone in 2016 should be least on any one’s priority list, especially when there are so many opportunities online to make money. Like you said, one will end up laboring for some other person and making them more wealthy. And years later they’ll look back and wonder if they could’ve done better.

    One i wasn’t expecting is trusting one’s self, especially when no one does and make a mockery of your effort. Any one new to the online business would’ve had one moment or two when they doubted themselves and wondered if they shouldn’t just give up and try doing what every other person is doing. But like they say, as long as you know what you’re doing and where you’re going, don’t give up.

    Best part of the post is having a mentor to guide you, so you don’t go round in circles making so many mistakes before you finally do the right thing and finally start counting your first online cash. A mentor will definitely point you in the direction, that’s if it’s a good one.
    Grace Joseph recently posted…Apple iPhone 7 Plus Specs & PriceMy Profile

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  12. Hi Ivana,

    An excellent post! You’ve done an excellent job with explaining your points. I myself am self-employed and it has been a very long journey so far, and I’ve learned so much. You mentioned in point 1 that you need to invest money: I’ve tried escaping this truth in the very beginning, but things were happening very very slowly with an added turtle power on the side. So many things, if not all things you have mentioned are spot on.

    Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂
    Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) recently posted…How to Get More Followers on InstagramMy Profile

  13. Hello Ivana,

    Your truths are right on point. It really bugs me when I speak with people who are in an online business and are trying to make it work, but do not want to invest money in anything-education, tools, etc. To make some money, you must invest some first.

    The same with time, if you can’t afford to outsource then you must invest your own time in before you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    This post will open the eyes of someone who is thinking of trying to make money online, because this most definitely isn’t for everyone! Thanks for sharing!
    Marie Yovcheva recently posted…What I Used To Go From 0 To Over 330 LeadsMy Profile

  14. Hi Ivana,

    Making money online is not something that just happens. Actions have to be taken and investments have to be made.

    The 6 truths you have shared are very practical. For anyone who wants to make impact on the Internet, taking those steps should be a lifestyle.

    I want to add that having the mindset of helping others will help bring you to a level of where you are trusted and rewarded with ease online!

  15. Hi Ivana,

    Wow, I totally agree with you. Indeed, those who say that earning money online is easy, there is actually hard work in it, but they do not realize it because it is their passion.

    If I recall what I went through to earn money online, it made me realize that I have a strong determination to try to make money online.

    And yes, the knowledge, it is very important. And I think, that knowledge can be an asset for our future.

    All of your points here hit the target. Nice work!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…30 Days Using Instagram: What I LearnedMy Profile

  16. These are some great insights to what you need to do in order to build a successful business of any type.

    You definitely need to invest time and a little bit of capital, but before you do that you have to invest in yourself and do you due diligence.

    You also need to focus, but this can be easier said than done with all the distractions in the world. It it very important that you be patient as well. Things may not come in the time frame that you want them to come.
    Lawrence Berry recently posted…Investment Insight: Why Real Estate Investments Continue To Pay OffMy Profile

  17. You’re right on point Ivana!

    I would say lack of “focus” and “commitment” are two of the biggest contributors of failure for marketers.

    In terms of getting a mentor, i suggest you (not you personally, but anyone who’s looking for one) find people who are getting good results in their business AND share your same philosophy.

    When you find this mentor/coach focus on what they do, buy their products, etc…

    it’s best to focus on no more than one mentor at a time or else you may get pulled in many different directions and get conflicting advice.

    I like the way you write Ivana – keep it up.

    Side question – why don’t you link to YOUR blog in your bio?

    Corrisa recently posted…What Can I Do to Make Money On the Side That’s Not a Business?My Profile

  18. Hi Ivana,

    This is one of the most honest information I ever read on how to make money online.

    Your #1 is my favorite on the list.

    I already lost count on numbers of beginners I have met hoping to earn their living through online marketing but want everything done for free.

    Quality massive traffic? They want it free.
    Professional blog design? They want it free.
    Premium SEO Tools? They want it free.

    Okay, you can get all these for free but only if you’re ready to spend the required time to acquire the needed knowledge, skills and experiences.

    And even at this, you will struggle to reach your dreamland with your blog.

    Thank you, Ivana…nice share.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…10 Link Building Strategies Smackdown!My Profile