If you want to know the best Voice-Over Jobs for Beginners, this article will prove very helpful.

It reveals the very best such voice over jobs that beginners can do online, to make good money.


Jerry Springer is quoted as saying that someone once said to him that “He had a face for radio and a voice for newspapers.

Pretty funny! However, the takeaway is that regardless of whom we are or what we look like, we often have a talent that can be commercialized and be put to good use.

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Have you discovered what your hidden talent is and if so, are you making the most of that talent both personally and financially?

Examples of those hidden talents could be creative writing, a particular knack for a hobby, a love for math, or other artistic gifts that you’ve had training in.

All of these skills, talents, and experience can be utilized in the freelance market.

There are always individuals who are looking for writers, purchasing a unique hobby creation to share as a gift or tutors who can instruct students.

The list is considerably long of talents and skills that are marketable. Those individuals on the lookout for freelancers with various skills will pay good money to put your quality skills to use.

Another skill that one might think is fairly commonplace is the skill of language or speaking.

It is meaningful to some people who are willing to utilize that everyday ability through the voice-over freelance marketplace.

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Importance of Voice-Over Jobs

With the advent of technology, the convenience of audio books, podcasts, YouTube presentations, etc. the need for individuals with a pleasant-sounding voice has increased in demand.

Often, creators of these types of audio broadcasts are looking for individuals who may have a unique dialect or an accent in order to enhance the marketing of their audio presentation.

For example, if a book or written article is about Southern life a southern accent is most likely what the creator of that audio product is looking for.

Another example would be the uniqueness of the Northeast accent and if a magazine wishes to capture an audio version of the written piece, they may wish to use a voice-over that has a Northeast accent.

Certainly, the ambiance of the script will be enhanced if it is matched with the dialect of the geographical area.

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Voice-Over Trivia

Let’s play a game of trivia!

With the trivia category being famous voices in movies, what would you guess was the first character in movies or radio that utilized the voice-over technique?

The clock is ticking.

Times up! If you guessed the movie “Steamboat Willie” starring Mickey Mouse and the utilization of the voice-over process you are the winner of this round.

“Steamboat Willie”, a Disney film, was released in November of 1928. Of course, mice can’t speak so a human voice was required.

Although the dialogue or script was not very intense, the voices or sounds were all provided by Walt Disney.

Interestingly, this was a Walt Disney film and even to this day, the artistry of voice-overs continues to be a popular vocal tool that utilizes celebrity voices for the animated characters.

Examples of Walt Disney movie voice-overs include such celebrities as Oprah Winfrey as Eudora in “The Princess and the Frog,” Tom Hanks as Woody in “Toy Story,” Whoopi Goldberg as Shenzi in “The Lion King,” and Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone in “The Incredibles,” to name a few.

Bonus question?

Who was the famous voice of both Mufasa in the Lion King and Darth Vader in the early Star Wars episodes?

If you said James Earl Jones you are dubbed the king of Trivia.

By the way, did you know that James Earl Jones had a serious stuttering problem until he reached high school where an English teacher helped him through his impediment?

Pretty inspirational for a man who is not only known for his acting ability but has such a recognizable command with his voice diction and enunciation.


Clearing Your Throat

You may have been complimented on your voice and how it resonates with people.

In fact, some may have seriously said that you missed your calling and should have been on the radio.

However, having a voice that may be conducive to broadcasting and actually recording your voice in a professional or semi-professional manner may require an individual to push the pause button.

Many individuals think that recording your voice and having it used for audio books, movie trailers, voice-overs for YouTube videos would be as simple as speaking into a recording device.

Often, an individual will simply pick up their smartphone push the recording app and make a recording.

However, in order to be seriously considered for voice-over work, one needs to have certain pieces of audio equipment available.

The basic audio equipment that one should invest in include a quality microphone, microphone stand, set of headphones, use of the computer, downloading of specific audio editing software such as Audacity, and be able to retreat to a quiet or more of a soundproof room.

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5 Best Websites to Find Voice-Over Jobs for Beginners

What better way to secure a voice-over job than to have the potential client come to you.

One of those websites that provides this approach to those who have registered their voice talent is:


1. Voices.com

An individual who wishes to be part of the talent pool simply signs registers with the website.

There is no charge for registering. The individual just provides their name, e-mail, user name, password, and phone number.

This voice-over provider boasts of a pool of individuals from over 160 countries around the world.

Of course, as one would expect, there are almost just as many languages offered from the talent pool along with individual dialects.

Once registered, you can begin to build your profile. In order to sell yourself and your voice, you will present yourself to potential clients.

Introductory information would include a picture of you from the shoulders up, your name, age, your gender, and your geographical location.

Most important of all you will upload demos or samples of your voice that highlight your speaking skills. The audio format of the speaking samples needs to be with an mp3 extension.

Once this has been accomplished, you may receive voice-over invitations from prospective clients.

Your response would include a written response, bid and a sample of your voice reading the script that they provide.

The individual single voice-over process is completed with payment to the talent through the website and with a rating provided by your client.

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Click here to check out Voices.com


Other similar voices over Internet websites that provide the same basic fence function include the following websites.

2. Voice123

Click here to check out voice.com

3. VoiceBunny

Click here to check out voicebunny.com

4. Fiverr

Click here to check out fiverr.com

5. VoiceCrew

Click here to check out voicecrew.com


4 Best Voice-Over Jobs for Beginners that Pay Well


1. Narration

If an individual is well-versed in the Scriptures, they could offer their voice-over talent to read the Scriptures or share an audio version of devotional thoughts.

Generally, the voice for this work should be commanding, soothing, or comforting, and be able to properly pronounce the various Biblical names and places.

Included in this category would be the reading of meditative or spiritual books.

Obviously, the voice would be able to keep the individual hearer engaged and promote the tone of the book.

Most likely the tone of the book would be inspirational, challenging, and instructive. The voice-over would need to match and communicate that intent.


2. Audio Books

Another popular voice-over job is in the audio book market.

The popularity of audio books is increasing due to the fact that many people have long commutes or prefer delving into a good book through the audio experience rather than actually reading.

Therefore, voice-overs in the audio book market are increasing in demand.

In addition to the individual considering this type of voice-over job, it goes without saying that they should have a pleasant and soothing voice to listen to.

However, with the narration of a book, the voice-over individual may need to capture the various characters that are portrayed in the book and make them come alive to the hearer of the novel.

Therefore, not surprisingly, many individuals who do voice-over jobs in the audio book world have a strong background or experience in acting.

Consequently, if considering audio books as one of your options to provide voice-overs, having this acting experience or taking acting courses would be most beneficial.


Best Voice-Over Jobs for Beginners


3. YouTube

Another popular venue to record voice-overs for remuneration is through the YouTube platform.

The talent or the voice-over provider will read from a script provided by the YouTube individual who has produced a video.

Often, the producer of the video has a particular voice in mind to narrate what the YouTube presentation is conveying.

Another aspect of using the YouTube platform is to make your own “how-to” video presentation on doing voice-overs.

This can be a valuable experience to not only teach others but to present yourself as knowledgeable and, in the process, marketing your own voice.

Of course, like all things, competition is fairly strong in the voice-over market and especially when it comes to YouTube.

Hopefully, your voice is especially unique or is presented in such a manner that when listened to it resonates with those hearing your vocal talent.

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4. Animation

Another voice-over genre that is gaining popularity today is in the animation market.

A quick search on a freelancing website known as Upwork.com, utilizing the search words voice-over, will direct you to a number of opportunities to possibly utilize your voice for pay.

One such recent search revealed a job opportunity that was looking for voice-over female talent for a Disney-like character who could also sing.

Consequently, a double advantage to not only having a pleasant and sweet voice is to be able to sing as well.

Perhaps your voice could be the next “Elsa.”

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You Can Do It

Individuals have complimented you with your very comforting voice.

Maybe, upon hearing you, others have stated that you missed your calling and should have been on the radio. Hopefully, they were not referring to your looks.

Thinking back on past conversations have comments been made about your voice sounding comforting, unique, or pleasant and having a soothing tone.

Voice-over freelancing opportunities may be in your future.

Add in your pride with the ability to have good pronunciation, ability to speak with emotion, a trusting voice, and having a commanding voice are all pluses to achieving success in the voice-over market.

Also, remember uniqueness could be what others are looking for.

Your voice does not necessarily need to sound angelic or have the full richness of a baritone timbre. Unique demands could include a high pitch sound, bass tone, or the ability to alter one’s voice.

The voice-over needs may require what your voice can bring.

The voice-over market is as unique as the variety of voices in America. If you feel that this is your niche, then by all means speak up!

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Ever since we were newborn babies, we have always had an urge and drive to communicate.

If we were hungry or needed a diaper change, we communicated our need to our parents who would act accordingly.

Our parents would thrill over our first word and would gleefully share with family and friends our first word of gibberish.

Our lives continued to move forward as communication still maintained its importance and always remained front and center.

Through communication, we speak expressions of love, proposals of marriage, speeches, and other notable and memorable occasions when words reflected what was in our heart.

Today, communication is at the very core of our relationships. Whether we speak, use body language, sign language, or simply look, we are communicating.

Today, our personal and business lives require communication. Opportunities abound in that not only can we speak for ourselves, but we can speak on behalf of others and receive pay for what comes naturally.

The voice-over market is increasing in volume and demand. Why not use your voice to speak for others through the voice-over dynamic? Consider the freelancing world of voice-overs.

The audio world is listening!

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