Video Marketing-How To OverCome Your Fear Of Making Videos



Video marketing seems to be one of the quickest ways to turn cold market into warm or even hot market. The fact that people can see and hear you lets prospects know you are real and the fact that you actually took some time to make a helpful, informative video for them means you’re not just trying to sell something, but want to help with a problem your target audience may have.

But let’s face it-most marketers have a fear of getting on camera and letting the world hear and see them.

I know I was the same back in 2014. In fact, I remember when I was just learning about internet marketing and people telling me to get into video marketing, I was terrified to say the least. Just the thought of making a video I would sweat, get panicky, and honestly my mind would go crazy with stupid and ridiculous thoughts!

Then when the time came to actually do the video, that’s when I forgot what I wanted to say and I used a bunch of filler words, especially “um.” I also did probably 100’s of takes, specifically my first couple of videos that I ever made.

My videos are still not perfect but they have gotten a lot better since my very first video. Since fear of making videos seems to be a common problem among marketers, I want to share a few tips that could help you conquer your fear, and get you going in video marketing.


Look Good, Feel Good

My first mistake was I didn’t take any time to look my best. At that point, I was working 6 days a week and I would just make a video when I could. Sometimes that meant after work, weekends or late at night.

I believe this is a huge problem because if you are really trying to build a brand for yourself, you want to put on your best face. You don’t have to go all out and wear a suit and tie or an office dress, but at least put on a nice top, fix your hair (which I didn’t always do) and refresh your makeup if need be.

When you are looking your best, you usually feel good too. This can boost your confidence level and possibly improve the way you speak in your videos. Something that isn’t touched on often is the way we talk. If you feel down and are speaking in a low tone, your audience is going to feel this. But if you feel great and have a bit of energy in your voice, your viewers will see that too.



Well, this probably sounds like a “duh” moment, right?

But, what I mean is practice in front of the camera with it off. I personally use my tablet to record most of my videos. Since I can see myself while recording, it helps to do a few practice takes without actually recording.

This means I don’t have to delete 100’s of useless takes, which is something I didn’t do before.

It also helps because when you do hit “record” it feels like a practice take and you may not even realize that this is the real deal now. You’ll probably feel more comfortable after you’ve stared at yourself talking for the last 10-15 minutes.  I know I do!! 

Write It Out

Have you seen any of my videos? If you have, you may have caught me reading!

But that is okay because your videos aren’t about you-it’s about the information you’re giving. So if you do have to write out your guideline or even a full script, that’s perfectly fine.

I used to write everything out, but then I started using my blog and I would just use my computer to see what I wrote there for guidance. Sometimes I’ll read word for word and sometimes I’ll just go with it.

Either way, have your main points that you want to discuss in your videos written out so you don’t forget them.

Don’t Be A Perfectionist

I’ve talked to many marketers who want everything to be perfect before they start making videos. Guess what? Perfectionism is the enemy of done!

It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect lighting, perfect studio or place, perfect recording device or whatever excuse you’re making.

Understand that no one started out professionally, instead they started from where they were and used what they had. In time they were able to upgrade to better equipment or have a studio or a sound guy. So why are you waiting?

There’s no better time than now to get started working on your future!

Get Off Camera

You’re probably like “wait, what?”

I know, I just said look your best and practice in front of the camera, but if you are deathly terrified of being shown, then start out with just sharing your screen.

You can put together a slide show presentation, record your screen using a software like screencast-o-matic and give information out that way. The best part is that this software is free and you can record up to 15 minutes. If you do use the free version-they will have their watermark on your recordings, but there is a paid version if you want more recording time in 1 shot or the watermark off your videos.

This way you can practice just speaking and sharing your screen. In time you may become more comfortable with actually being on camera.

The More, The Merrier

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear this tip. But the more videos you do, the less fear you’ll have over time with the words “Video marketing”

Remember how I said in the beginning I would get terrified just thinking about doing a video? Well I’ve done around 90 some videos, give or take, and now I’m not scared to do them any more.

Sure, once in a while I’m worried that I’ll forget what I want to say or that I’ll use those filler words, but that is what having a guideline or script and video editing is for!

You can always edit or re-do any part of the video you are not happy with.

In the words of Nike- “Just Do It”

Summary & Final Thoughts

Fear is something we all have. Sometimes we let fear control us, and sometimes we conquer it. But the only way to make that fear disappear is to do the thing you’re most afraid of. Over time video marketing won’t seem so scary and it’ll get better!

So just remember:

  • Look your best to boost your confidence
  • Practice with the camera not recording first
  • Have a script or guideline written with your main bullet points you want to discuss in the video
  • Don’t worry about having everything perfect-start out where you are and with what you have
  • Try a screen recording type of video if you’re really terrified of doing face videos
  • Keep doing videos-the more you do, the less afraid you will be over time!


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All The Best,


-Marie Yovcheva


  1. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for sharing these simple but helpful video marketing tips.

    You are right about the fear most of us have, particularly introverts. And it seems most of us are introverts who prefer to hide behind our computers. Making videos don’t appeal to the introverts in us, lol.

    The tips you shared here will help overcome the fear for those who want to give it a try.

    As you said, the only way to make that fear disappear is to do the thing you’re most afraid of.

    But what if one’s fear is not looking good enough for video? You have to admit not everyone looks good for video. For such people, what’s their recourse?

  2. Hi Marie,

    What a very well written and helpful post.

    Video Marketing is something I have not given much thought too. I have the “fear”, talking on video makes me sound like a complete stranger. What happens to my voice 😬.

    I do like the idea of a few trial runs in front of the camera when it’s not actually recording. This may help my confidence, see how many times I catch myself filling the time with an “um”!!

    Without doubt your potential customers would feel more confident in what you’re selling if they can see your face and you are talking clearly and well informed about the product.

    Thank you for adding this great post.


  3. The fear of doing video for publishing is related to the fear of managing a stage filled with people for the first time.

    It could be overcome by the instilling of confidence, which could arise from a lot of practice.

    Your advice in this post are clear and for every intending video marketer, they come handy for productive video making!

  4. Hi Marie,

    For all intents and purposes, I like your concluding thoughts :

    Fear is something we all have. Sometimes we let fear control us, and sometimes we conquer it. But the only way to make that fear disappear is to do the thing you’re most afraid of. Over time video marketing won’t seem so scary and it’ll get better!

    Video making may be difficult from the onset but with time, the marketer will get better! Thus, consistent action and practice should be in place!

  5. Hi Marie,

    I am not really a video person. This is not to say that I never valued the importance of video marketing.

    Perhaps, what I have been dealing with is the fear of doing a video with poor quality output.

    Thankfully, after reading this post, I am inspired once more to give video making a shot.

    Your tips are hands-on but I want to ask if you can recommend any best video making equipment out there!

  6. Hi Marie,

    These are very helpful tips. Overcoming fear of making videos is possible if one readily takes the right steps.

    Practice makes for perfect when it comes to video creation. The more practical we are with it, the easier it becomes creating videos that would make a difference!

  7. Hi Marie,

    Your advice to those who fear about making videos is timely! Video marketing is one of the ways of achieving great success online.

    I have similar experience like you in the beginning but today I cannot say I am perfect but I can confidently say that I am no novice.

    This advice is my best takeaway: “Don’t worry about having everything perfect-start out where you are and with what you have” Thanks for sharing this awesome post!

  8. Hi Marie,

    I would say that if one consistently put video making into practice, then it would be easier to excel in it. This is a fact you have already pointed out in this post.

    Indeed, many fear video making and it could be a psychological thing.

    Appearing in a video is not different than appearing in public speaking. It is understandable if first timers experience stage fright.

    However, with time and constant practice, this fear would be overcome!

  9. Making videos is scary because it is almost like you are talking in front of a crowd of people. Studies show that people fear public speaking more than death.

    That is a crazy thought, but the suggestions you have given here are great. I think the best thing that that you have stated is to practice.

    The more you practice and get those videos out there, learning your mistakes and how to improve, the more confident you will be.

    Great post!

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…5 Ways Cleaning Your Home Can Help You Clean Your MindMy Profile

  10. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for good sharing

    I think that creating a successful video marketing campaign does not need to be difficult task after reading your valuable post. It really may encourage lots of guys (including me) to take their first step towards achieving success with video marketing

    All my best,

      • Hi Marie,

        Actually video marketing is not my main strategy of advertising my business. The reason is that I`m not English native speaker and I don`t have enough body language skills to touch on my audience mind. Instead I make all my videos with screen shot and Power point/slide shows

        However, I must admit that one of my best source of traffic is publishing videos on Youtube and Dailymotion.

        As in my little experience in Youtube marketing, no matter how many videos you have on your channel, the matter is how to produce appealing videos to your audience.

        Thanks Marie

        • Hey Omar,

          Glad to hear you’re getting a good amount of traffic, even though video marketing is not your main source of advertising.

          I did attended a webinar where they said if you are consistent in video marketing and you post 1 daily in YouTube that it helps rank your videos for organic reach Because they see you’re active there. And since Google owns YT, the ranking is good.

          Since video marketing is not my main source either, I don’t make videos to post everyday, so I have not tested this, although the person that did the webinar, YT was his main source, and after about 3 years is now making 6+ figures for his business using videos, so I wouldn’t doubt this information! LOL
          Marie Yovcheva recently posted…Asking The Experts-Leads & ConversionsMy Profile

          • Hi Marie,

            Yes consistency is the most important factor on video marketing as you will keep your channel frequently loading with interesting videos for your subscribers.

            Another strategy with consistency is promoting your whole channel by using tools like and, these are two seo and social media sharing websites that will help you get more subscribers to your youtube channel as well as rank your videos high in search engine.

            Take care,

  11. Hello Marie,

    You did a great job with this post, thank you very much, i will kindly want to ask, between a video with just screen shots and slides, and a video where you sat behind the camera to do a recording, is there any reason why one of them will have more effect on your audience?

    I ask this considering if sitting behind the camera does not seem like a good option a first, will that make me loose anything?

    Thank You
    Mark Beni Bernard recently posted…Google Allo Messaging App ReviewMy Profile

    • Hi Mark,

      You’re welcome. So you are asking about a powerpoint/slide show type of video and one where you are on camera, correct?

      I don’t see anything wrong with being off camera as I do have videos myself where it’s powerpoints or screenshare, but I do personally think that being on camera will help your audience build a bit more trust quicker because they’ll be able to see you, and how your personality is by your facial expressions, body language etc.

      I don’t think you’d loose anything, I just believe that the rapport/likeability process is quicker if your followers can see and hear you. Hope that helps!!
      Marie Yovcheva recently posted…Why Your Sales Funnel Doesn’t WorkMy Profile

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for this. I always saw doing videos as very difficult but you made it appear easier with this post.

    What tip do you have for someone who has bad accent when doing videos for marketing to English speaking audiences?

    Won’t the accent be a turn-off? How to overcome that?

    • Hello Deangelo,

      You’re welcome. Glad to hear I made it sound easier 😉

      For those who have accents-I would say just be you. You are going to attract some people who like you, and some people who don’t. You can’t please everyone anyway, so why try??

      If you’re asking how to overcome that-it sounds like it’s a fear based thing, which the only way to conquer fear is to do the thing you’re afraid of. Therefore, just do it! 😉
      Marie Yovcheva recently posted…Snapchat Marketing TechniquesMy Profile

  13. Hello Marie,

    it was very interesting to read your post, thank you!

    I’ve never tried video marketing as yet, and I do have some fairs about it described in your post.

    After reading it, I got a question that I would like to ask you: you offer to try a screen recording type of video for those who feel uncomfortable of doing face videos. Will a screen recording video have the same impact as face videos to your opinion?

    Krystsina recently posted…9 Reasons Why You Should Track ExpensesMy Profile

    • Hello Krystsina,

      You’re welcome!

      The only way to get over your fear, is just do. I had the same fears before trying videos-but I just did it. Sure, my 1st videos were awful, but improve with practice and time.

      As for your question- I would say it depends on what you want to accomplish. If you are trying to brand yourself-but you only do screen shares/power points, then that probably isn’t the best option because at some point you want your followers to actually see you.

      If you don’t care about getting your name out and you’re just sharing some information, then screen shares are fine. You just need to know what you want your videos to do (share info only or share info and get your name/brand known) Hope that helps! 😀
      Marie Yovcheva recently posted…Inspiring Quotes To Motivate Your Entrepreneurial SpiritMy Profile

  14. Some good points about using video for online marketing on this post.

    Personally, I’ve come across a lot of hype about video over the years. Yes it can work, but in my experience, doing many different types of video for many different purposes, it’s not vastly better than other methods, like some people like to pretend.

    As for making videos, yes, one way to do it is to point the camera at yourself, and that can be good for some purposes, but there are plenty of other ways to make a video without showing your own face at all, some that you mention, and some of those are more suitable for specific purposes.

    I understand that you’re writing here for newbies, but I like to over-deliver when possible, so would like to help people be aware of wider possibilities, as well as just one approach.

    Same with the quality of the video and your appearance etc. While its good to look professional for many types of video, there are other uses, like video testimonials where it is much more effective NOT to look like a professional sales-person but to look like an ordinary, everyday person making a quick video on a mobile device 🙂

    Chris recently posted…Easy, Free Traffic from Forum Posting . . .My Profile

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for commenting. Yes I was writing for those who want to sell their offers through video, or brand themselves.

      I agree you don’t have to look “professional” to make a video, especially if you’re doing a testimony, but I what I meant was just look your best (a nice shirt, fix your hair, makeup etc.) I pointed that out because I didn’t always do that when I 1st started doing videos and I wanted to brand myself, therefore looking your best would be a good idea if it was for that purpose.
      Marie Yovcheva recently posted…What I Used To Go From 0 To Over 330 LeadsMy Profile

  15. Wow, great article Marie!

    You know, I think I did one video. The whole idea scares me but you’ve given me a little more inspiration and courage. You definitely made me realize that the more videos I create the better I’ll get. Even if it scares me to death. 😉

    I guess it’s worth creating some bad videos at first, just to practice and build up my confidence.

    I think tt is funny how you mention about doing many test runs with the camera off. I did this but once I turned the camera on it was quite more intense. Still, I think this is one fear I must face.

    Good job my friend! Look forward to getting to know you here at Kingged.

    Take care,


  16. I know that doing a ‘talking head’ video does take a bit of courage to begin with. I avoided doing one for years, sticking with power point talk overs, but finally I produced several videos with me on screen. I can certainly say that it gets easier the more you do.

    The thing that helped me the most was having clarity of the main points I wanted to speak about so I could share my thoughts in a natural and easy way.

    Thanks for your article, Marie

  17. You are touching on an important point. I know that video is important, but I have the idea that I don’t look good on video and also I don’t have the equipment – my tablet has a low resolution camera.
    I will have to make the jump one of these days…

    • Hello Peter,

      Yes, one of these days you will make the jump. Although your tablet has a low resolution camera, that shouldn’t stop you from starting if that is all you have to use. I know many people started using whatever they had and eventually upgraded to better equipment when they could afford it.

      The idea that you don’t look good on camera is a self belief, that only you can overcome. Remember if you get into online marketing-you will have haters and fans, so do not take it personal. All the best of luck to you Peter!
      Marie Yovcheva recently posted…What Donald Trump Taught Me About Network MarketingMy Profile

  18. Great article.

    The best for me here is that of not been a perfectionist. No one is ever perfect the first or even several more times, but we keep doing until we get better. So I agree with you, perfectionism is indeed the enemy of done!

    Thanks for sharing.