Vanilla Ice net worth

Vanilla Ice’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, as at 2020.

Born Robert Matthew Van Winkle on the 31st of October 1967, Vanilla Ice is the American rapper, dancer and TV personality who became famous for his hit songs and acting roles.

This singer is also a record producer who started his career from humble beginnings like most other celebrity entertainers.

Even though he’s no longer as rich and famous now as he was at the peak of his career, he still earns considerable money each year from his different endeavors.


Source of Wealth

His main source of wealth is the money he makes from the sale of his records and other musical activities.

Vanilla Ice also makes money from his acting roles and television show hosting type jobs.

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Early Life

Vanilla Ice is the stage name of Robert Mathew Van Wrinkle. He was born on the 31st of October, 1967. His birthplace is Dallas, Texas.

He never knew his biological father and was given the name of his stepfather from birth.

His mother divorced when he was four and she got remarried to a man who worked at a car dealership in Miami.

Vanilla Ice grew up in the period when hip-hop music was the rave. He got passionate about hip-hop at an early age and did a lot of practice to hone his skills.

His friends started calling him “Vanilla” because he was the only one in their group without dark skin.

He moved back to Carrollton in Texas with his mother when his stepfather was offered a new job.

Ice practiced a lot of breakdancing when he was 13 and 14 years old. He performed in the streets, and joined a breakdancing group called “The Vanilla Ice Posse”.

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Career Highlights

1989: He released his first album “Hooked”. This album contained “Ice Ice Baby” which was very well received by the public.

1990: Vanilla Ice signed with SBK Records and his album “Hooked” was re-recorded as “To the Extreme”. The changes are not only about the title, but there were changes in the artwork as well.

SBK advised and sponsored these changes to make Ice adopt a more commercial approach. However, Ice later regretted the decision.

Meanwhile, “To the Extreme” became the fastest-selling hip hop album of all time. It sold more than eleven million copies.

It peaked at number on the Billboard 200 for sixteen weeks. The album also received mixed reviews.

1991: Ice starred in the film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze”.

He released “Extremely Live” a live album on his tour. It was a live recording during his “To the Extreme Tour”.

This second album had songs like “Satisfaction, “Road to My Riches” and “Rollin’ in My 5.0”. It peaked at number 30 on the Billboard chart. However, on the whole, the album received negative reviews.

He played a leading role in the film “Cool as Ice”. This film opened in 393 theaters across the United States. It grossed well over $638,000.  At the week’s new releases chart, it ranked at number 14.

This film also received negative reviews. It scored a rating 8% on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie review compilation website.

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1992: Ice embarked on a tour of South America, Europe, Australia and Asia where he premiered songs like   “Get Loose”, “The Wrath”, “Now & Forever”, “Where the Dogs At? (All Night Long)”, “Minutes of Power” and “Iceman Party”.

1993: He toured Eastern Europe. He even premiered songs off his upcoming studio album in the front of President Boris Yeltsin in St. Petersburg.

1994: Ice released “Mind Blowin'” as his second studio album. The reception to this album was poor and it garnered negative reviews.

1995: He made a tour of his second album overseas. He went into hiatus from music and focused more on his passions for motocrossing and jet skiing in Florida.

He was very good at jet skiing and earned a sponsorship deal with Kawasaki.

1996: He signed a recording deal with Universal Republic Records.

1998: Ice started working with the producer Ross Robinson. He released his third studio album titled “Hard to Swallow”. It featured a combination of both hip hop and hard rock. However, it featured darker sound and lyrics than his previous works.

The album gained its own audience and was certified Gold. However, it also received negative reviews from the general media like Rolling Stone and The New York Times.

1999: He joined the softball team named “The Hip Hop Stars”. Other members include Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Method Man. They starred in the MTV Rock N’ Jock game program.

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2001: Vanilla Ice collaborated with DJ ReAnimator to remix “Ice Ice Baby”.  Ice did his vocals for the track. Thereafter “Ice Ice Baby 2001” was born. This song and its music video were released for the European market.

He released his next studio album titled “Bi-Polar”. The album also featured artists like Perla, La the Darkman, Bob Kahaha, and Insane Poetry.

“Bi-Polar” did not receive the very best of reviews either.

2002: Ice appeared in the TV series “Celebrity Boxing” and fought Todd Bridgets under the name ‘Bi-Polar’.

2003: Ice appeared in five episodes of Hollywood Squares. He also appeared in Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge,

2004: He appeared on the reality television series titled “The Surreal Life“. He later stated that the experience was therapeutic to him.

2005: “Platinum Underground” was the fifth studio album of Vanilla Ice. This was released in August 2005.

2007: Ice appeared again in the spin-off of “The Surreal Life” titled “The Surreal Life: Fame Games”.

2008: He was signed by Cleopatra Record where he recorded a cover album titled “Vanilla Ice is Back!”. The album featured covers of songs from artists like Bob Marley, House of Pain, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill.

2010: Ice performed alongside Jeward at the 2010 National Television Award.

2011: He appeared on season 6 of the UK show “Dancing on Ice”. He published a book on how to succeed and make money with Real estate. The book is titled “Vanilla Ice Project – Real Estate Guide”.

He also starred in the film “That’s My Boy”.

2016: Ice partnered with professional dancer Witney Carson on the season 23 of “Dancing with the Stars”.


Personal Life

Vanilla Ice had a relationship with the famous singer Madonna. Both dated in 1990 for just eight months.

In 1995, Ice met Laura Giaritta. They got married in 1997. The couple have two daughters named Dusti Rain who was born in 1998 and Keelee Breeze who was born in 2000.

In 2016, his wife filed for a divorce. She cited an irreversible disruptive relationship. The divorce status is still treated privately to date.

Ice has been involved with many legal issues in his life. He has been arrested for illegal drag racing, threatened with copyright infringement for using the song “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie, without permission.

He has also been arrested for firearm charges, assault on his wife Laura, arraigned for driving with an expired license, arrested for residential burglary, and grand theft.

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