Yes, there are Van life jobs that you can do and still make money – talk about the best of both words – doing what you love, living the van life and making money!

This article reveals a lot about these types of jobs for Van life and how you can get started easily.


Importance of Van Life Jobs

America and the motorists of this great country have a love affair with traveling.

The reality is that America is a wide-open space with quality highways and interstates, an abundance of things to do and see while traveling, and the sheer pleasure of getting into a vehicle and stirring to the exciting words of “road trip.”

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An exciting option added to the excitement of being on the road are the great vehicles known as recreational vehicles or travel vans.

Often these vehicles are self-contained and individuals find themselves on the open road, traveling in their homes and enjoying the lifestyle that being in a motor home or a van brings.

However, all of this takes money and sometimes to enjoy the pleasure of traveling in style takes additional money.

Perhaps, a way to mitigate the need for money is to look at job or employment opportunities that are conducive to individuals even while traveling in their home that contains everything including the kitchen sink.


Personal Story

While traveling in the Northwest we shared a dining table at a famous restaurant with a couple that was traveling in their RV.

They were a fun couple and obviously enjoyed living on the road at various campsites in their RV.

They shared many exciting stories of the adventures that were memorable to them and laughingly joked about being road warriors and living in a limited space recreational vehicle.

In fact, the husband shared a story that on one occasion, she wanted to buy a couple of new outfits.

He readily agreed but jokingly told her that if she bought two outfits what two outfits was she going to get rid of because of the limited storage space in their mobile home.

Their free spirit was certainly contagious and I was envious that they were in enjoying the excitement and reality of their life on the road.


25 Best Van Life Jobs that Really Pay


1. Virtual Assistant  

A virtual assistant is an individual that is able to perform the role and the job responsibilities remotely.

The duties of the virtual assistant are to answer phones, be the first team member to interact with customers, make appointments for leadership staff, keep their schedules, possibly perform some light book bookkeeping duties, etc.

Because of the position being able to be done remotely, this is a good match for individuals who are enjoying the van life.


2. Blogging

At the end of the traveler’s days, they can take to their computer and blog about the adventures that they encountered during the course of the day.

As a travel blogger, you can write about the interesting places that they discovered, their interaction with individuals that they meet along the way, and share with the readers about their feelings and insights that they obtain by traveling in their van.

This would be interesting reading and most likely would gain followers who will travel along with these travelers through the writing of the blog.

Possible support may come from their followers through such websites as, gaining affiliate advertising, or even a sponsor that will provide financial support for the blog.


3. Proofreading

If you are meticulous about writing and value a good narrative that is grammatically correct, you can be a proofreader and perform the functions of this job on a remote basis while traveling and enjoying the van life.

Many proofreading positions are offered through a variety of freelance websites such as or

Often these positions are posted which require the proofreader to read and review the various writing submissions and ensure that there are no spelling errors and that everything is grammatically correct.


4. Bookkeeper

Another position that is conducive to van life because it can be accomplished remotely is the financial position of being a bookkeeper.

A bookkeeper is an individual that takes the data provided by the company and ensures that it is accurately inputted into the accounting software.

The data can be sent to you via email and then inputted into the software.

Also, the job description may require the generating of reports from the accounting software on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis or other timeframes.

Also See: How to Be a Bookkeeper and Earn Money.


5. Transcription

A transcriptionist is an individual that takes raw data that is usually provided in audio format.

The transcriptionist will listen to the words being spoken on the audio recording and type or transcribe those words into a word processing software so that not only is there an audio recording of the meeting or the activity that was recorded but a written document will also be available for backup and dissemination to those individuals needing to read the narrative.


6. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is an individual who has quality writing skills and is able to use those skills to provide writing services that span a number of options and opportunities.

For example, there is a need for grant writers, technical writers, creative writers, ghostwriters, etc.

There are many websites available in which a writer can seek employment and if engaged can do their writing from the comfort of their RV or Van in which they are traveling.

Actually, this is a great position because being on the road will provide solitude and allow for creativity to flow which is conducive for a writer and the environment needed.


7. Selling on Amazon

A productive way of earning money while traveling on the road is through a partnership with Amazon.

Through this process, you source items that are listed for sale and make them available through your store.

When a customer purchases those items, you then send them to the warehouse operated by Amazon and Amazon does the rest of the product selling and shipping fulfillment for you.

This process is called Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon.


8. Affiliate Marketing  

Affiliate marketing is a business web arrangement in which a online retailer pays a commission or a percentage to an external website when a visitor visits that website, clicks on the ad and makes a purchase.

This would be an opportunity for an individual traveling in the van to have these advertisers post their ads on your blogging or website.


9. Graphic Design

While out on the road and living the van life, gives you ample opportunity to think, get in touch with yourself and be imaginative and creative.

A great way to take advantage of any creative flair that you have is by offering your services as a graphic designer.

As a graphic designer, you do not need to have extensive education and can take advantage of such websites as which has options for individuals with a variety of templates that can be used.

You can specifically apply for graphic designer positions and meet the needs of your potential employer or you can also post your graphic designs on other websites and offer these designs for sale.

Two of those websites would include or


10. Selling on Etsy

During the course of the day as you are traveling, you may choose to work on a hobby of yours to pass the time away or in the evening hours unwind by devoting time to your hobby or craft.

A great way to monetize your hobby is to sell these items on various websites.

One of those websites is

Through this website, you will be provided a virtual store in which you can list your items and be able to sell those items to interested individuals to earn money.


11. Photography

Traveling across the country in a van or RV can prove to be a photographer’s dream.

With a camera in hand, you can take a variety of pitchers of different places people, and things and capture your travels.

Possibilities of earning money off of your ability to capture unique pictures that are interesting could include entering these photographs into contests or working with a travel magazine to determine whether there is an interest in documenting your travel through photographs.

Websites that may purchase your photos include or

A photograph contest website can be found here and there are others.



12. Websites

A possibility of earning money while on the road coupled with your ability to format and create business websites are by providing this service.

This can be done remotely and by gauging the customer as to ideas that they have on the functionality of the website and providing the various components and content, the individual traveling and enjoying the van life can create these websites for their customers.


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13. E-book

A possibility of earning money while enjoying the van life is to create an e-book about your adventures.

This would make for interesting reading as you travel and capture unique places, and interesting historical landmarks and write about everyday Americana.

The book can be published on Kindle through the e-book process with a portion of the sales coming back to you as the author.

To find out more about this opportunity you can log onto https //


14. Tutor

Another opportunity that can be accomplished while traveling is the provision of tutoring.

The various subjects in which you can help students with their learning needs could be in the areas of English, mathematics, social studies, history, etc.

You also could provide music lessons, the teaching of a piano, learning how to play guitar, etc.

The reality is that through teleconferencing apps and technology, this interaction can occur and can be done remotely.

You can do this as a private tutor or you can go through a variety of websites.

One such website is


15. Teach English Online

Many individuals including parents see the importance for their children to learn multiple languages.

One of those languages that individuals wish to learn or have taught to their children is the English language.

This is due to the reality that a significant number of business opportunities and transactions are completed utilizing the English language.

Therefore, if you have an educational background and have the proper certification you can be an online English teacher and have the ability to work within the parameters of an online website but still have considerable freedom as it relates to your schedule.

One of those tutoring websites is


16. Take Surveys

You can earn a modest income or obtain various rewards or gift cards by taking online surveys.

One of those survey sites is

By logging on to this site you can register as a participant and will be given an opportunity to take part in a number of activities in which you will be rewarded.

Some of those activities include watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, etc.

In addition, often, these sites will give an initial reward when an individual signs on as a first-time user.


17. Instacart

Instacart provides the service of self-employed individuals who utilize their own vehicles and deliver groceries to customers.

The involvement with Instacart is not restricted to one city or area but because it is an app-driven service, your involvement with Instacart can occur in any city in which you find yourself traveling.

To learn more about Instacart you can click here.


18. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process in which companies market their product or services to customers and potential customers by utilizing various techniques and tools available to them digitally or by utilizing the Internet.

Some of the digital marketing techniques include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Advertising on social media platforms
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • And more


19. Workamping

This is a relatively new term and is available to individuals who have taken to the road in their RV, camper, or van.

The concept is that the travelers move from location to location for a small period of time and find employment at campsites such as KOA, RV campgrounds, etc.

They work out an arrangement with the managers or owners of the campsite and work at the site for various functions.

Some of those functions could include being a guest relations individual, managing the grounds, housekeeping, etc.

In exchange for a salary and the option of utilizing the camping facility, the business arrangement is made and payment for employment is realized.

A listing of workamping jobs can be found at


20. Life Coach

A rewarding employment position that can be done remotely while on the road is being a life coach.

A life coach interacts with their client or customer on a personal level with the purpose of being helping so that individuals achieve their goals in life, develop quality relationships, advance in their career objectives, etc.

Personal goals can also include the desire to lose weight, gain weight, start an exercise program, etc.

The life coach provides inspiration, motivation, and accountability to the individual for them to achieve these particular goals that they have set for themselves.

The reality is that this interaction can be done through telephone calls, telecommunication apps, written emails, etc.


21. YouTube

While traveling, your adventures may be entertaining and inspirational to others.

Therefore, to share with others about your adventure, you can develop a YouTube channel and record various episodes from different locations as you travel.

As part of your YouTube channel, you could do quick tours of the various historical locations, interview individuals, provide your own perspective on being a traveler who enjoys the van life, etc.

Followers may support your endeavors due to the entertaining value of your production as well as the possibility of gaining affiliate advertisers or even a sponsor for your channel.


22. Grant Writing

An important job that can be done remotely is providing a critical service for a not-for-profit through the employment opportunity of being a grant writer.

A grant writer would be charged with finding grants for a project or projects that a not-for-profit is looking to have funded.

The grant writer would be required to make the case to the corporation or foundation about the need in the community and how the month granted money from the foundation would be utilized to meet that need and how it would impact the lives of individuals.

Grant writer opportunities can be found on various freelancing websites including


23. Housesitting

As you travel from location to location, the possibility of knowing people, or connecting with relatives on the way is a possibility.

A good way to earn money and reconnect with friends, acquaintances, and relatives is to offer the service of housesitting if they choose to vacation.

You can plan your traveling to be in their particular city during that time that they choose to vacation and while they are gone, you can provide and get paid for housesitting services.


24. Door Dash

As you travel from location to location a nationally based food delivery service is DoorDash.

Once you have signed up for this position, the opportunity may present itself from different locations to a different location to provide this service as a self-employed individual working for this food delivery company.

With DoorDash you are allowed to work in the city that you choose and once you have completed the registration, you can utilize your van to make these food deliveries.


25. Roadies

An opportunity to earn money while traveling from destination to destination is the coupling of your itinerary with the company known as Roadie.

The company model utilizes individuals who are traveling on the road and, oh, by the way, will deliver various packages.

To become involved with Roadie requires that you register and this company and can be accomplished by clicking on the “driver” tab on their main menu.

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Best Jobs for the Van Life FAQs


As It Relates to Working a Job and Classified as Being Part of the Van Life Scene, How Do You Obtain Internet Services?

The best way to ensure that you have a good Internet connection is through the use of your smartphone and a reliable Internet service that has a broad service delivery area.


What Are Some of the More Negative Things as It Relates to Van Life?

Some of the negative situations involved with living on the road in a van are:

  • Keeping clean
  • Finding free camping
  • Saying goodbye
  • Working productively
  • Limited space
  • Possibilities of mechanical breakdown
  • Privacy


You Can Do It

A deterrent in past days that was a concern for individuals who traveled in their van or RV was the need for monthly income to support this lifestyle.

Today, this isn’t as much of a factor anymore due to the advances in technology and the availability of the Internet.

Therefore, being able to do jobs remotely whether you are in the country or an urban area is not the factor that is of concern.



There is something romantic about traveling with a companion in a van or RV that beckons many individuals to indulge in this lifestyle.

The opportunity to travel to new places, enjoy exciting and vibrant adventures, and embrace the freedom that we have as Americans are very appealing.

With the advances in technology, now it seems the only concern is having enough space for those new items or memorabilia that we purchase as a remembrance of our travels.

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