This article shows you how to easily sell your used car batteries for good money.

It also shows you secrets to getting started and the best websites you can use, to get the best money.

Just for the sake of definition,  car battery is a lead-acid storage battery in a motor vehicle. It helps to run the car as it is the heart of the car’s electrical system.

The typical car battery may come in an electric charge of 12-volt in six cells.

Car batteries can rundown and become old.

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A car owner may have a huge collection of old car batteries if he has been using cars for years.

Old car batteries can occupy space in your garage if you don’t get rid of them.

Also, they could be damaging to the environment due to the toxic chemicals within them.

You can now sell your old car batteries and get paid for doing just that. There are lots of options you can follow now.

Keep reading to learn exactly how and where to sell your used car batteries.


5 Best Ways to Sell Old and Used Car Batteries


1. Sell Used Car Batteries to Scrapyards and Recycling Centers Near You

You can sell old and used car batteries to scrap yards or recycling centers.

These places would either recondition the automotive batteries, or they would break the components into parts to extract recycling materials.

The recyclable materials in car batteries include plastic materials, metal(lead) materials, and battery acid.

You can sell the battery to a recycling firm and get paid.

So, check out any metal recycling centers, junk shops, and scrap yards in your area to sell your old car battery.

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2. Have a Yard Sale to Sell Your Used Car Batteries

You can have a yard sale in your home or area to sell your old car batteries.

A yard sale is an outdoor sale of used personal or household items held on the seller’s premises.

A lot of people apply this method to sell their items.

You can set up such sales and allow neighbors to buy from you.

You can dispose of your old car batteries this way.

Negotiation can take place between you and the potential buyers.


3. Sell Your Second-hand Car Batteries to People You Know

You can sell your car battery to those around you. Some people need a car battery that you no longer need.

These may include your friends, family members, colleague, acquaintances, or neighbors who need car batteries.

You can also sell car batteries to businesses around you.

Some businesses will buy the batteries from you at a low price to resell or recycle.


4. Sell to Pawnshops in Your Area

Pawnshops are shops where loans are made with personal property as security. These shops can buy old car batteries if they are in good condition.

They may collect these old batteries and resell them for recycling.

If you are selling to pawnshops you may not get the best of prices for your old car batteries.

It is still better than getting nothing if you need money fast.

So, check out any pawnshop in your area to see if you can sell your old car batteries to them.


5. Sell Old and Used Car Batteries Online

There are many websites where you can list and sell your old car batteries to.

Some of these are platforms allow you to create a listing for free.

You can display a picture of the battery and add a good description of the model, brand, and condition.

You can set your price on the platform and get paid when customers become interested and the battery shipped to them.

Some online platforms will make you an offer. You will get an instant quote from them.

If you accept, the offer then you will get paid once the battery reaches the company.

Some auto parts marketplace can be used to sell used car batteries online.

Each website has its terms and conditions.

If you follow them, it becomes easier for you to sell your batteries.


11 Best Websites to Sell Used Car Batteries


1. Craigslist

Craigslist is a classified ads website. You can use this site to sell almost everything.

Since you are thinking of selling used car batteries, you can use this site for it.

Listing the car batteries for sale on this site is free. Add a quality clear picture and good description about the car batteries.

Craigslist and similar classified ad websites allow you to set the price you want. However, you can still negotiate with potential buyers.

People you know in your area can contact you through this platform. After all, Craigslist brings local buyers and sellers together.

It is good to consider this option because it is cheap, free, and effective.

Head on to the right section to list your car batteries on Craigslist.

Click here to check out Craigslist to sell used car batteries.


Where To Sell Used Car Batteries


2. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace can be used to sell used or old car batteries.

If you have a  Facebook account with a high volume of followers then you can leverage your influence to sell old car batteries.

Use this platform to post pictures of the batteries.

Add a good description of the battery and you may likely be contacted by your followers.

To make the most of selling anything with your Facebook, you must build a solid following first.

Post quality content and you will automatically attract followers.

Take advantage of the features put in place by Facebook to sell on their marketplace.

You can sell directly to the right buyers and with ease.

Click here to check out Facebook Marketplace to find buyers for your second-hand car batteries today.


3. Peddle

Peddle is another popular online platform where you can junk your car and its parts for money. It is also a car resale website.

You can use this website to sell your old car batteries with the car.

You can get a quote for your car by entering the necessary information on the “get quote” bar.

If you accept the instant quote offered, you will get paid once the car is towed to the company.

Click here to check out Peddle.

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4. The Yellow Pages

You can use the Yellow Pages to list your old car batteries for sale.

The Yellow Page is a directory where business products and services are listed alphabetically by field along with classified advertising.

These directories are printed with Yellow on newspapers.

But you can also take advantage of online Yellow Pages like the platform ““.

Create a listing on this page so that potential buyers can locate you and the old car batteries you have listed to be sold.

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5. United Battery 

United Battery is a popular website where you can sell your old car batteries.

This online platform is known for its junk batteries program.

You can sell old vehicle batteries like cars, trucks, semi-truck, RVs, boats, golf carts, forklift, and so on.

If you are interested in using this website then you must take advantage of this program which is offered to those in the Portland and Longview area.

The United Battery’s cash for junk batteries program is an opportunity to get rid of your old car batteries for some cash.

You can bring the batteries so they are used for recycling.

The platform pays premium prices for lead-acid batteries.

Click here to check out United Battery.


6. Walmart

Walmart is the giant retail store where just about any product is sold. They have branches in different parts of the United States and other countries.

You can sell old car batteries at Walmart stores. Most of the stores have auto services where customers can participate in a battery recycling program.

You can bring back your old battery to Walmart in exchange for a few dollars towards a new battery purchase at the store.

Also, Walmart gives its customers refunds on the core charges they paid when they purchased their old batteries at Walmart stores.

For you to benefit from the program, make sure you show the customer service team the receipt of your purchase when you bring your old battery to Walmart.

The core charge you deposited would be refunded to you.

Click here to sell your used car battery at Walmart.

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7. eBay

eBay is not a new name when it comes to buying and selling old items.

You can also use this online marketplace to sell your old car batteries.

Yes, anything goes on this platform!

eBay will allow you to create a listing on the platform. You can add a picture and a good description to attract potential buyers.

With this platform, you can set the price you want for the item.

eBay also allows you to auction old car batteries. Interested buyers will bid for the item.

Click here to check out eBay.


8. iScrap App

iScrap app is a mobile application from iScrap. It allows you to get paid as you get sell your old car batteries.

iScrap app works by helping you locate the nearest local scrap yard where old batteries are sold for recycling.

The app comes with many features that including that which allows you to get a quote or price for your battery.

You can also use this app to find schedule a pickup so you don’t worry about the stress of transporting those old dirty car batteries to the yards.

iScrap may not pay you directly but it would surely help you locate where to get money fast selling old batteries. So, it is a hands-on platform.

Click here to check out the iScrap app to sell your old car batteries.


Other places you should consider include:

9. Pull-A-Part

10. O’Reilly

11. AutoZone


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As this article has shown, it’s not that hard to sell your used car batteries for some extra money rather than throwing them away.

It also showed you secrets to getting started and the best websites you can use, to get the best money.