Looking to buy or sell used boats? This article shows you exactly how to as well as the best sites to use in finding used boats for sale.

First though, what are the benefits of purchasing a used boat?

Well, the main one is being able to save a ton of money.

And why shouldn’t you?

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Whether it is using the best money saving apps or using cash back apps to get some cash back when I shop, I think it’s smart to save money whenever possible.

Buying a used boat is no different.

Used boats are usually drastically less in terms of cost than their brand new counterparts.


Benefits of Buying Used Boats

When you decide to buy used, you usually are able to get access to three primary things you might not be able to otherwise:

  • Access to a boat by a superior brand that’s known for making good boats and having them last for a long time.
  • Access to a boat that has more amenities and luxuries than you’d otherwise be able to afford if you decided to go with something new.
  • Access to a bigger overall boat or a specific style that you know either you can’t afford new or it would require too much in terms of upkeep if you did go with something new.

Used is clearly a good investment, especially if you’re thinking about all the other associated expenses to owning a boat.

Now you have to think about where to go in order to begin your search and this is what we’ve taken the time to help you with, in this article.

We’ve put together a list of about 15 websites you can look through in order to start finding used boats for sale.

Note that these are not sites like Amazon that sell everything, but mostly specific sites dealing in only used boats for sale.

And we’re talking used boats in various categories and brands. If you do it right, then it’s a virtual certainty you’ll find something you love.


Top Secret Buying Tips To Help You Get The Best Deal When Buying Used Boats

Before we get into this, some purchasing tips are needed for you to think about.

cheap used boats

There’s no point sugar-coating the fact…

Purchasing used can come with issues, especially when buying from those who need money right away and are willing to sell faulty boats.

You need to be extra strategic in this regard.

But don’t worry – we provide you with help tips to consider first, before you make the decision to purchase a used boat.

We feel these tips will help a lot if you’re on the fence.


1. Get Advice From Other Boat Owners or Those Who Know a Lot About Boats

We know this sounds generic, but if you put it to use you’ll be surprised at the gold you can get.

Chances are you know someone who has purchased a used boat or you know someone who knows someone who has purchased one.

Why not ask around and find out what their experience was like so you can avoid certain mistakes?

You will be surprised how helpful people can be if you just ask them for advice. They can even go, above and beyond, in really steering you in the right direction.

In some cases it doesn’t have to be someone who has purchased a used bought, just one who has purchased a boat in general.

Asking advice from them is a good way to get your head clear and know what to ask someone who is selling a used boat.

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2. Make Sure You Take Your Time and Do Proper Research

You want a used boat likely because you don’t want to pay out the rear for something new.

There’s nothing wrong with this. New boats are expensive, even the smaller ones.

where to purchase used boats

However, we feel you should place your focus on the style of boat you want.

This tends to be a very hard decision for most people.

You have expectations, right?

Well, you need a boat that will meet if not exceed those expectations.

With used boats you have to put as much research into the seller as you do the boat itself just to make sure you protect yourself.

Unlike say, buying used clothes online or even buying shoes online where research isn’t necessary, buying a used boat is a much bigger investment and certainly needs more research.


3. Know What Your Budget Is Going to Be and Make Sure You Don’t Go Outside of It

With a used boat you have one big advantage; the seller is usually very motivated to sell it.

You’re likely not going to be using any financing options nor depending on loan companies to buy, in most cases.

So you’re in much more of a position to negotiate the price.

Sure, you might see a price that you like and feel like it’s more than worth it to pay it, but always be open to negotiating.

Whatever budget you set will have one limit, and this is restricting you in terms of options.

If you can only choose based on what you’re willing to spend though, it makes it easier to vet your choices.


4. Ask the Seller Why They Are Selling the Boat

If you don’t do anything else when purchasing a used boat, make sure you ask why it’s being sold.

You want an honest answer, not someone who is willing to tell you what they think you want to hear.

sell used boats

It’s not like if something is seriously wrong with the boat it’s a deal breaker. You just want to know what it is upfront.

This way at least you can decide to accept or reject it.

The last thing you want is to be deceived and now be stuck with something you can’t use and would cost way too much to fix.


5. Understand How You’re Going to Pay for the Used Boat

When you purchase a used boat you would prefer to have different ways to make.

This just makes things more convenient.

What we mean is you might like the idea of not having to pay the agreed upon price upfront.

Maybe you’d prefer to pay it in installments.

Having this sort of option can also give you access to more expensive choice.

Once again, we’re not talking about financing here or talking to loan places for a long to buy.

Also, you do want to have some recourse when purchasing. This will help you to know that a seller is willing to stand behind what’s being sold.

For instance…

  • Are they willing to ensure that the boat is in working condition and will hold up for a certain period of time?
  • Are they willing to let you test out the boat thoroughly before putting up the money?
  • What if you decide you don’t want the boat a short period of time after purchasing?

All of this is important to consider.


15 Best Sites For Finding Used Boats For Sale

Now let’s get into the 15 websites you can begin your search for used boat, hopefully a boat that will provide you with a lot of entertaining and exciting experiences:


1. Boats Arena

We feel this is one of the premier options on the list here.

At this moment there are well over 1,000 used boating options listed on the site.

This means plenty of chances to find the brand, boat type and price you want.

Plus if you have a boat, have no money and you want to sell then it can be done quite easily here.

Boat Arena is probably the top source you should consider looking at first.

Click here to check out Boats Arena

rent used boats


2. MW Marine

MW Marine has a long history, which means they have a strong reputation.

We looked at the site and they do offer used boats, but most of them tend to be either speed boats or small motor boats.

The options are also quite limited, but we feel the site is worth mentioning for those who want a small motor or speed boat used.

Click here to check out MW Marine

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3. American Marine

There’s a fair amount of options offered here, all across the country. It’s a complete marketplace.

Some new options are offered, but the majority of boats offered here are used.

Different forms of boats are provided and the easy to use search feature enables you to narrow down your search however you like so you can optimize your time.

Click here to check out American Marine


4. Center Point Service

Pre-owned boats and some new boats are offered here.

search for used boats online

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The listings are from all around the country.

More options are provided than with the first two options put together.

Plus, there also tends to be more brand category options for those who are extra selective.

Click here to check out Center Point Service

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5. SYS Yacht Sales

SYS Yacht Sales might have the word “yacht” in its name, but they do offer several other boating options.

The listings are quite large with there being several hundred options available at any given time.

The only downside is that most of the used boats are still quite expensive, averaging close to six figures.

Click here to check out SYS Yacht Sales


6. ArrowHeadok

There are a respectable number of used boats in the listing offered here, but prospective buyers will find that most of the options are focused around a few areas.

find used boats online

So people who don’t live near these areas might not consider using them.

Still worth a look.

Click here to check out ArrowHeadok


7. Discount99

We didn’t think we’d find the gems we found at this site, but it’s actually top options on the list.

There are several hundred used boating options listed on average.

What really makes this site even better is that for the prospective buyer who really wants a low price, they’ll certainly find what they’re looking for here.

Click here to check out Discount99.us

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8. Clarks Landing

Clarks Landing is a resource that’s not going to turn up in a lot of search engine results, but we were able to dig it up.

Listings wise they have well over a hundred used boats at any given time.

You can refine your search in order to speed things up and the boating models are varied.

The majority of locations seem centered on the east coast though.

Click here to check out Clarks Landing

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9. GovernmentAuctions.org

We had to think long and hard about including this one on the list, but we feel some versatility isn’t a bad thing.

best sites to find used boats online

There’s a fee to join the site, but you might be able to find some steals on used boats, if you do bite the bullet and join.

Click here to check out GovernmentAuctions.org

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10. Top Notch Marine

The selections aren’t the best and most of the boats are sold in Florida.

The reason why we included them is because their online process for finding out more information is so good.

Detailed pictures are included along with a process to help you get directly into contact with the seller.

Click here to check out Top Notch Marine

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11. Western Bass Forum

We included this resource because when we checked it out we liked the wealth of options presented.

best used boats

We’re sure if you don’t see something you like here, then networking opportunities exist in order to help you to find it.

The community is really strong and you can learn about used boats for sale that aren’t listed in conventional places here.

Click here to check out Western Bass Forum

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12. Cabelas

Here’s a more conventional dealer for those who have a little more trust in them than other sources.

It’s one of the sites like Craigslist but for used boats.

Cabelas offers new and used options and they have locations all over the country.

So wherever you are in the country it’s sure you aren’t too far away from one of the locations.

You can do the majority of your search through the website and lots of brands/models are offered.

Click here to check out Cabelas


13. RCR Yachts

Here’s another nationwide used boat selling platform where a nice number of options are provided.

The prices range, but do tend to be generally high.

Prospective buyers who come here should be looking to spend at least well over five figures.

Click here to check out RCR Yachts


14. Skipper Buds

The majority of the used boats listed here are in the key locations in the country for boating.

Buying Used Boats

These would include Florida, California and a lot of the Midwestern states.

One negative about this resource though…

Most of the boats are really expensive so they’re not for those on a budget.

Also the selections might be strong, but the quantity is quite limited.

Click here to check out Skipper Buds

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15. Your Boat Club

The listings for boats are pretty strong, but it’s an auction site.

When you visit the link above you’ll see a list for the current year with all the used boat models available in an upcoming auction.

The site states that they do this every year at specific times.

So you’ll need to keep updated if it’s a resource you plan on using more than once.

Click here to check out Your Boat Club

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More Top Secret Buying Tips For Getting The Best Deal When Buying Used Boats

Purchasing a used boat is still a large investment and the goal has to be making sure you get a good return on it.

If you purchase the wrong used boat you have no ideas the headaches that can come as a result.

There are people who have had experiences so bad with boats in general that they’ve vowed to never purchase one again.

They’ll only rent them.

You don’t want this to be you.

You want your used boat buying experience to be a good one, but so much of this is going to come down to you and the time you’re willing to put in.

We understand if you were making a tiny purchase price wise. You could be more impulsive and not have to worry about it coming back to bite you in the you know what.

With a large purchase money wise, you have to give it more thought. You just can’t be impulsive.

You have to ask questions, do research, confirm certain things, etc.

All of this will payoff in the form of not only you getting a used boat you like, but hopefully one you’ll love.

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The websites mentioned here are good places to start and should give you more than enough options.

Be sure to follow the purchasing tips we mentioned as well.

We know it might slow you down, but the extra time is worth it in order to save you from making a decision you’ll regret.


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