If you are looking for a simple but dependable GPT website, then you should check out UniqueRewards.

This is a comprehensive UniqueRewards review that shows whether this is a scam or a legit survey site.

It also answers very important questions most people have about it, especially regarding how much it pays and whether it really pays or not.


What Is UniqueRewards?

UniqueRewards is a website that allows members to sign up and earn money in their spare time.

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This company is UK-based and has been around since 2003.

UniqueRewards allows members to complete different tasks to earn money

Since its inception, this site has maintained a steady reputation as one of the best sites to earn rewards.


Is UniqueRewards a Scam or Legit Rewards Platform?

UniqueRewards is definitely not a scam rewards platform.

It’s a legit rewards membership website that offers a variety of tasks to earn money in their spare time.

The site works like most other rewards sites, but it still has some features that make it unique.


How Does UniqueRewards Work?

UniqueRewards works like most rewards websites.

Brands or companies contact UniqueRewards for surveys that would enable them to gather for their products or services.

UniqueRewards will now hire users/members who meet the target audience requirements of the brands.

Members who register with UniqueRewards can take part in surveys or other activities towards helping generate answers and data for those brands that consulted with UniqueRewards.

Now, if you register with UniqueRewards, here are steps on how this platform will work for you.

  • Fill in the Registration. You can enter your name, email, password, and other personal details to create an account.
  • Visit sites and complete activities. Once your account is activated, you can log in to start completing activities towards earning cash.
  • Ge paid cash rewards after completing the activities.


Who Can Use UniqueRewards? 

To use UniqueRewards, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the signup form.
  • You must be 18 years or older OR 13 years or older with parental permission.
  • You need to be a resident of the country where this platform operates. You must reside in the U.S., the United Kingdom, or Canada.
  • You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations as they relate to the use of this website.
  • You must only register one account per household.


Where Is UniqueRewards Available?

UniqueRewards is available for people living in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.



Ways of Making Money With UniqueRewards

UniqueRewards offers different ways of making money. These include:


Completing Surveys

You can make money with UniqueRewards if you complete surveys.

Surveys are market research studies aimed at generating useful data for brands decision-making.

UniqueRewards surveys allow users to be credited with cash upon completion.

You get paid to influence the products or services by giving your opinion with paid surveys.

UniqueRewards will match you with relevant surveys using the profile information and the details you have provided during sign-up.

When you complete a survey, you can earn from $0.50 to $1 per survey.

UniqueRewards surveys are up to 30 minutes long.

So, you can comfortably complete at least 2 surveys in one hour.

With UniqueRewards, new surveys are posted each week.

If you register with this site, you can access surveys by clicking on the “surveys” section located in the “Cash offers” section of your dashboard.

Upon the completion of a survey, your account would be credited with the applicable amount from $0.50 to $1.


Cashback Shopping

Another way of earning from UniqueRewards is by doing cashback shopping.

Yes, you get cashback when you shop your favorite stores or products from some merchants.

For each purchase you make from a UniqueRewards store, you will earn up to 50% cashback on every dollar you spend.

You can combine this offer with coupon deals and save big money.


Watching Videos

Another way to make money with UniqueRewards is by watching videos.

These videos are advert videos and usually take about 5 minutes to watch.

You will earn $0.01 for each video you watch and at least once a day.

UniqueRewards offers at least 20 videos for members to watch in a day.


Cash Offers

UniqueRewards allows you to earn money by choosing cash offers from UniqueRewards partners or advertisers’ websites.

You can choose from hundreds of offers that provide you with opportunities to earn and enjoy great deals on products.

Once you complete the offer made by the advertiser, you earn cash.

Some offers help you to save while others allow you to try new products for free.

Also, your UniqueRewards account would be credited with your earnings from the advertisers’ site.


Playing Free Games

UniqueRewards will also allow you to get paid for playing games.

From the site, you can enjoy some of your favorite games such as daily crossword, Sudoku, solitaire arcade, bridge, outspell, mahjongg, and other great games.

You can earn between 0.1 and 1 cent for each game once you’ve played it.

So, with UniqueRewards, you earn cash for just playing games.


Reading Emails

You can also get paid with UniqueRewards when you read email messages.

A special email with links to deals and offers would be sent to your inbox daily.

You can open the email and click on the message to be redirected to the advertiser’s website.

When you confirm that you have read the email, you earn $0.01.

You can earn more when you complete offers stated by the advertiser in the email.

In most cases, reading of email can earn you between $0.25 and $50. Of course, how much you earn will depend on the offer in the email.

The average number of Cash Emails sent to your inbox daily is 3.


Radio Offer

You earn from UniqueRewards by listening to the radio.

You can use this platform and listen to your favorite music on Internet radio and get paid.

If you are from the US, you will need to enter a Captcha every 30 minutes and earn $0.03.

However, for UK and Canadian uses you earn $0.01 each time you enter a Captcha after every 30 minutes.

Make sure you have the latest browser and Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.


Offer Walls

You can also earn with UniqueRewards by completing surveys or offers through Offer Walls.

You would be credited within 24 hours upon completion of the surveys.



You can earn money from UniqueRewards when you refer people or your friends to use it.

The platform has a unique referrals system that allows you to earn in these three ways:

  1. You will receive $1 when the person you refer completes his/her first offer.
  2. When one of your referrals earns $20 or more gets the “active” status and you also earn $5.Just once for one referral.
  3. You will get 10% of the Qualified Earnings received by your referrals! For your lifetime!


How Payment Works With UniqueRewards

UniqueRewards allows you to cash out if you have $20 in your account.

This is the minimum you will need to cash out with PayPal and Bitcoin.

If you want to cash out via check or via VISA and MasterCard then you need to reach $35 or $50 in your account balance.


Pros of UniqueRewards

UniqueRewards have some benefits when it comes to earning.

These include:

  • It offers users many ways to earn money at their extra time.
  • It has a robust and rewarding referral program. You can earn 10% of your referral’s earnings for life.
  • UniqueRewards surveys earn $0.50 to $1 per survey.


Cons of UniqueRewards

UniqueRewards has some drawbacks, and these include:

  • It has a high minimum payout threshold of $20. Other rewards sites offer lower thresholds.
  • It pays less than 1 cent in many of its non-survey tasks.


UniqueRewards Alternatives

You can check out UniqueRewards alternatives if you don’t like the offers of UniqueRewards.

Some of the best UniqueRewards alternatives include Irazoo, Branded surveys, InboxDollars, MyPoints, and Swagbucks.

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The above is a lot of what you need to know about UniqueRewards.

It is an amazing rewards program.

You get paid cash for completing different tasks.