What if Your Ugly Website is Holding Back Your Marketing Efforts? – Whiteboard Friday


In a way, we often treat our websites like our children. No matter how awful they might be, we rationalize their behavior and tell everyone else how wonderful they are. Those blinders can stop marketing efforts before they even begin. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand shows us how to remove the blindfold and make objective decisions to move our businesses forward.


  1. It would be nice to learn how to handle this scenario. I agree with your statement, when we rush things, we see crappy content on an amazing designed blog like a pile of gold. Convincing buyers to buy your piece of crap is indeed insanely hard to do. No one will but junk right?

    I love the explanation. It’s interesting and revealing video. This is necessary to watch/read.

    “Use data to support your arguments.” I’ll keep this in mind.
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  2. Quite an interesting edition. The idea of using Dribble.com is quite revealing! A well designed website can bring in good traffic and increase the marketing leverage of the marketer.

    Sometimes it would become difficult to let go of a particular design but it is important to make a distinction about what the marketer want what the customer wants!
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  3. Yet another great article from Moz’s blog. It happens to many webmasters. All the money efforts go waste when the people land up in websites which is very tough for them to use.

    Ugly, tough to read, lack of navigation, unclear about page, these all are the things which can make a visitor angry or sad and thus exit.

    One needs to try their level best to have a great website. But we might be blind folded in seeing our own baby.

    Relying on websites like user testing and start up lifts can give one insights from a normal users perspective. Recommended for all.
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  4. Quite the title-> What if Your Ugly Website is Holding Back Your Marketing Efforts? Now I am not sure about Ugly sites, I have seen some very busy sites now in my opinion this make them ugly! I do think clean is better.

    I did like the video as well as the tools that were mentioned, I do think I will try the free trials nothing to loose right?? Great Share.. Chery :))
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