Knowing Uber driver requirements and salary is the first step to making money as an Uber driver.

This article tells you all about that and insider secrets to really making more money driving with Uber.

You see, it’s not as easy as you might have heard, to make money with Uber.

Of course making money is possible and there are many people doing just that with Uber.

But the thing is – the people making really good money are doing things differently from those not making that much money with Uber.

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And those not making really good money with Uber are in the majority, unfortunately.

You certainly don’t want to be in the majority not making money with Uber. And it starts with knowing what to do and how to do them right.

Thankfully reading this article will help you with lots of the most important tips you need to know.

In particular, it will tell you a lot of what those making money know and are doing right, so you start doing them as well.

And by knowing and doing the right things, you will definitely make more money as an Uber driver – more than most people out there are making.

Driving for Uber is really becoming one of the easiest self employment ideas for many people out there.


What’s An Uber Driver Average Salary and How You Can Make Much More!

Once I started working for Uber, many people asked me what is an Uber driver’s average salary and whether it can help with rent or other everyday expenses?

To tell you the truth, there is no easy answer.

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Uber Driver Requirements 

The first of course is that you have a car.

And not just any car but a car that has at least 4 doors. Small cars with less than 4 doors are not allowed.

Depending on the city you will be driving in, the car has to be at least 10 years old or even newer.

It’s also compulsory to have the right car registration and auto insurance, which both have your names as the owner.

Your car also needs to have in-state plates which have current registration.

You should also be at least 21 years old before you can qualify as an Uber driver.

And of course, you must have the relevant in-state driver’s licence, which must also be valid for at least one year.

You will also be required to pass a background check, to be allowed to drive for Uber.

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Uber Vehicle Requirements 

uber driver salary

One of the most important vehicle requirements is that your vehicle is at least 10 years old or even newer.

But of course it can vary, depending on the city you want to operate from.

Another is that your car must be a 4-door one.

It’s fine if it’s a truck or minivan, as long as it’s 4 doors.

It’s also fine if it’s a manual transmission car.

Your car must also pass the necessary vehicle inspection required in your particular state of operation.

Your car must not be marked as a taxi or with other commercial type markings or advertisements.

By this it means you can’t get paid to post ads on your car while working with Uber.

Your car needs to be free of all such ads and other markings.

Full-size type vans are also not allowed with Uber.

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Uber Driver Average Salary – You Won’t Receive A Fixed Income

Driving for Uber is not your typical offline job. It’s certainly not one of those online jobs anyone can do.

With Uber, your pay is not per hour and you will not make $15-20/hr etc…

Your pay is per ride.

Short rides pay less. Longer rides like ones to the airport will pay as much as $70 or $80.


Insider Secrets To Making Money With Uber

Let’s dive in, shall we?


The Time Of Day Is Important

Your pay will vary by the time of day. For instance Friday and Saturday nights are always much busier.

Just like knowing the cheapest days to fly when it comes to flying, knowing the best time of day to get the best rates is also important with Uber.

make money as uber driver

In-demand” nights will always make you more money. You will earn more on nights like these then on a Tuesday or Wednesday night.

If you do things right, you can make driving for Uber one of the best night jobs out there that pays well.

Also remember that during peak hours when the rides are in the greatest demand, Uber actually charges more and you will get paid more!


You Can’t Really Work When You Want

You can’t just work when you want. In order to earn a good income with Uber, you have to work the hours when there is the most demand.

There is a driver I know who gets up at 3AM because he knows at this time many people are going to the airport.

He gets one long ride to the airport and often a nice tip as well. After that he only needs one or two smaller rides in the morning to make and easy $100/day,


The Type Of Car Is Important

If your car uses too much gas, it will affect your profits. Shop around and pick a car that gets good gas mileage.

uber driver requirements lists

Is your car old? If it is too old, your car is more likely to have problems and could lower your profits.

Of course, apart from just the type of car, I save money by finding gas station near me for cheap gas.

You can do the same and you will be surprised how much extra you will save (and therefore make) in the process.

As you obviously know, every penny saved, adds up at the end of the day.


You Are Running A Business

You don’t actually work for Uber, you are an independent contractor and have to pay your own taxes.

You might be able to write off a portion of your car payments as a business expense. You also may be able to write off your gas.

If you have to eat out, save your receipts as you can write that off too.

You can use any of the awesome shopping apps or even cash back apps out there to keep track of your receipts.

Of course the cash back apps can also get some money back on your purchases, as extra bonus.

You do have to prove that you were working at that time. Uber will provide records of the times when you accepted rides.

The more you can deduct, the more you will take home.

By the way, if you have lost your car keys, here’s where to get car key copies made near you!


It’s Not Easy In The Suburbs

I drive in the suburbs and am not near an airport or near a major city. As a result, my pay isn’t as much.

make money with uber

If you live in a rural area and really need money now, it will be extremely hard to make money with Uber.

These are a few of many reasons why you might make more or less than the Uber driver average salary.


Friday and Saturday Nights Are Money Nights

If you live in the suburbs you might not be able to make a good full time salary driving for Uber but you can always bring home some extra cash driving Friday and Saturday nights.

It is easy to earn over $100/night (10PM-2AM) on Friday and Saturday nights.

You might not make up to 200 dollars a day but over 100 per night is definitely possible.

Remember this is in the suburbs. If you are in a city, you could earn much, much more.

No matter what you will be able to supplement your income.


What Exactly Is The Uber Driver Average Salary

The Uber driver average salary is $30,000/year according to

earn very good income with uber

Is it worth driving for Uber?

There are many factors to consider

  • Are you driving in the city or rural area?
  • What kind of gas mileage does your car get?
  • Are you willing to work peak hours? These are 3AM – 9AM and weekends between 10PM-2AM.
  • Are you near an airport?
  • Are you looking to start a full time business or just supplement?

You need to consider all these factors


City Drivers Can Earn A Very Good Income

The “average salary” is $30K/year but if you live in a city and are willing to work during peak hours, it will be much, much more.

If you live in a rural area and can only do part time it will not even be worth the effort.

So, if your in a metropolitan area and are ready to work peak hours, you can earn much more than 30,000/year.

Most Uber drivers who drive in the city report an income of at least $25/hour.


You Can Supplement Your Income In The Suburbs

You can supplement your income with as much as $800/month in the Suburbs if you are willing to drive Friday and Saturday nights.

weekend income with uber

If you live in the country, I honestly wouldn’t even try Uber.


Insider Secret Tip #1:

You can drive for Uber and Lyft at the same time.

uber apps

It’s easy, just turn both apps on at the same time and when you get a ride with one, go offline in the other.

This tip can double your ride requests.

When you are ready to drive for Uber, click here and get a guaranteed income!

Also consider signing up for Lyft.

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You can drive for both at the same time.

When you are ready to drive for Lyft, click here to get an exclusive Lyft bonus of up to $850!


Insider Secret Tip #2

Before you start, take a ride as a passenger. You can learn a few things that only a passenger will know.

The passenger app is totally different than the driver app.

While the app is one of the best money making apps for Uber drivers, it doesn’t really make money for passengers and it’s totally different.

Did you know riders can track your location on a map and see if you are lost?

Someone wanted to give me a tip on the app when I first started and asked how to do it. I didn’t know because I never had driven as a customer.

Therefore, I missed out on a well deserved tip which he gladly offered after I showed him where to find the best money changer near me!

He got good savings from the money changer and wanted to pass some of it on to me, but I missed out.

I would have been able to tell them how to give me a tip if I had taken a ride as a passenger.

I highly suggest you take a small ride as a passenger. There’s no excuse as you can even get a nice ride credit

You can get $15 off your first ride with Uber. Click here!

Uber Driver Average Salary

Lyft will also give you a $10 credit for New Jersey residents.

(The credit still applies in other states but might be less or more).

Click here and get your exclusive Lyft ride credit.

Do you know a friend that hasn’t signed up for Uber or Lyft? Be sure to share these links with them!

Here are some more tips to help you make more than the average uber driver salary.


Be Sure To Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Keeping all your tires at the same pressure will save on gas bills.

Yes, there are many ways of saving money beyond just using money saving apps!

Just keeping your tires properly inflated is one of them!

In order to find the proper tire inflation, open up you front door and look at the bottom of the door.

uber car requirements


You Might Want A Hybrid

Because I knew I wanted to work for Uber, I bought a used hybrid. I get over 40mpg. This really cuts down on the gas bills.

extra income with uber

Be sure to talk to your accountant as your car payments may be tax deductible too!

This is a very hot tip, even though it may not be as hot as picking hot penny stocks, 🙂


Keep An Eye On Your Oil Level

Regular oil changes are essential while working for Uber. However you also want to regularly check that your oil is not low.

Uber notes that most car repair expenses are a result of low oil. So, check often.


Dress Well and Be Polite

Just by being polite, I have earned many 5 star ratings and get more tips.

Try it and you will be surprised how effective it can be.

If you are ready for your passenger and open the door you will make a favorable impression when it is time to leave a review.

With Uber, positive reviews are very important and they are not that hard to get.

uber driver dress requirements

Just by being friendly, you will earn more tips with many more passengers than you would without.

If you are one of those who loves to talk as a hobby, then for sure this is one of the best hobbies that make money!

However, don’t force people to talk. Some people prefer to have a silent ride.

If a conversation does starts up, always be polite.

No politics or religion unless you are agreeing with the rider. People like to argue about politics, so I would stay away.

Try to agree in someway with the rider, no matter what they say. If you really disagree, disagree politely and say I respect your opinion but I feel this way…

The longest you will be with them is for one hour so try to appear as their friend and you will be rewarded with tips and 5 star ratings.

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Have A Side Pitch

If you have a side business, you can work this into the conversation and drum up more business.

Say you are a barber, mention a deal you have for first time customers at your barber shop if they ask what you do besides driving for Uber.


Referrals Can Bring In Extra Income

Most Uber drivers overlook referrals but they could add a lot to your income.

Uber gives you a long ugly code to sign up referrals which makes it very hard.

uber drivers

However, here is what I do. I created a website. I get the referral link by click the twitter share button.

On my website, I post the referral link. I then have business cards made up by VistaPrint and advertise my website.

When I am done with a ride, I hand out a card and tell them to share with anyone that is looking to make extra money online and offline.


Casually Mention That You Receive Tips

If you can increase your tips, you increase your earnings.

However, you don’t want to just ask for a tip as this will get you poor reviews.

You can however, casually bring it up in the conversation.

For instance, someone might ask if I make decent money driving for Uber.

I could respond  – I often have $100 days and with the extra tip money it pays for all of my gas.

uber driver requirements salary

By mentioning this, you point out that it is polite to tip. They might not have even been thinking of offering a tip but now it is on their mind.

Even small tips add up.

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Always Keep Your Car Clean and Comfortable

I try to vacuum out my car before I head out each day.

I also buy cheap bottles of water and keep the car well stocked.

I offer riders a free water and even though most decline I leave an impression on them which gives me more 5 star ratings and extra tips.

Who says you can’t buy and offer free food to passengers as well, especially snacks or other quick food that won’t cost you too much.

I also have some fun books behind my passenger seat so people have something to look at.

You can even get free books to offer, if you don’t want to spend money buying.

And if you are used to carrying passengers with kids, you can get free books for kids to offer that will make their rides a lot more enjoyable.

I once did something special for a passenger who wanted to connect to the Internet on his phone but couldn’t.

I simply offered him free Internet from my phone, thanks to Wifi sharing capabilities of my phone via the mobile hotspot.

It didn’t cost me anything extra to offer this to him from my phone, but that gesture got me a big fat tip, at the end of the day.

Of course I didn’t offer such extras to get something back, but most show their appreciation by giving something.

When your passengers enjoy their rides, thanks to such extra gestures, they can end up giving you more tips than you even expect.

In other words, to get more than others are getting, it pays to be unique and stand out.

Do this and you will get better ratings… and make more money than other Uber drivers.

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Remember You Are In Business, So Have Some Fun

This is actually a business that you own! Have some fun. It is not a 9-5 job.

uber passengers

Have the playful attitude, “I wonder how much I am going to make today?”

If you made $100 yesterday, Shoot for $110 today.

You might even be able to make money quickly including make 1000 dollars quickly just by adhering to these tips.

Most important, try to beat your personal best while still having fun with the process.

It’s your own business!


Are You Ready Yet?

At this point – you have read a lot of helpful tips and should know more than you previously did about making money with Uber.

So – you should know by now if Uber is right for you.

Of course it can’t be right for everyone. For example, it may not be one of the jobs for Introverts, especially those who don’t like dealing with people on a regular basis.

If it’s right for you, then absolutely go for it!

Plus I provided some tips to guarantee a profitable income.

profitable income with uber

As long as you don’t live in the country you can at least supplement your income.

If you live in the city, you can make a very nice full time income. It’s your business, so you are in control.

Click here to get an income guarantee with Uber.


Be sure not to forget about Lyft!

You can do both at the same time.

Get an exclusive bonus of up to $850 with Lyft!

I hope I have convinced you to drive for Uber or Lyft to make extra money.

I let you know what an Uber driver average salary is and provided some powerful tips to get started.

It’s your turn now to go out and earn!


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Uber driver requirements

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