Yes, there are traveling jobs for teachers that pay very well.

This article reveals as many as 25 of the very best such traveling jobs that teachers can do and get paid well.



There are many ways that we can learn as individuals.

Some of those ways include being in a classroom setting and listening to the instructor teach us the subject that is at hand.

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Another way that we can learn is through trial and error.

This simply means that we try something and if it works then we’ve learned and if it doesn’t work we’ve learned one way that doesn’t work out.

Another way that we can learn is by visiting historical places and viewing firsthand the various cultures.

An important profession in our lives for us to learn is teachers.

Teachers to teach others have dedicated their lives to learning and acquiring accreditation so that they in turn can teach us.

As part of their ongoing professional training and accreditation process, they need to be involved with continual education.

Also, teachers love to travel.

Therefore, a perfect combination of teachers continuing their learning process is to be involved with jobs that require or allow for traveling opportunities.


Personal Story

One of the best learning opportunities I had was while serving in the United States Navy.

On my second deployment to the Western Pacific, we were in port for a considerable amount of time because of needed repairs for the ship.

We docked in Subic Bay.

On one particular Saturday, we decided to explore the outer region of the city and go beyond the other attractions that the city of Olongapo offered but we were not interested in.

Specifically, we visited an orphanage and my heart was genuinely moved at the plight of these babies and toddlers that had been abandoned and now we’re in the care of angels.

The teachable moment included the lessons of careless behavior, its ramifications on innocent lives, and the grace of others that is extended through the character of those who are part of a throwaway society.

Although our cultures are different they are sometimes more similar than they are different.


25 Best Traveling Jobs for Teachers That Pay Well


1. Head Start 

Youth Development, Inc. of Albuquerque, NM is looking to hire a head start teacher.

The job requires that the individual have a Bachelor of Arts degree in early childhood education coupled with experience in working with infants and toddlers ages 0 to 5 years of age.

The responsibilities taken on by this individual will be all facets of the program including the adherence of Headstart performance standards, following of state regulations, involvement of parents/guardians, and more.

The estimated salary ranges anywhere from 36,000 to 48,000 a year.


2. Travel Special Education

Supplemental Health Care is advertising for a Travel Special Education Teacher.

The qualified candidate will present the certifications of special education as well as having their teaching certification.

The benefits include continuing education credits, dental and vision insurance, and pay of up to $1900 a week.


3. Special Education Teacher

ProCare Therapy of Chelsea, MA is looking to hire a special education teacher.

There is a competitive compensation package along with a 401(k) offered.

Travel nurses are welcome and ProCare therapy offers travel stipends.

The qualified individual should have an active special-education license in Massachusetts, pediatric experience, and the ability to pass a background check.

Click here to check out ProCare Therapy


4. Early Learning 

Easterseals, located in the Chicagoland and southern Wisconsin area is looking to hire a traveling teacher in Early Learning Services.

The qualified teacher will be responsible for the development and contribution of the educational plan with the specific child in mind.

These standards that need to be adhered to are the Headstart performance standards

The compensation package includes health, dental, vision, 401(k), and more.

There are paid holidays, school breaks, and personal days.

Click here to check out Easterseals


5. Violin Teacher

If an individual has a propensity to teach and knows how to play the violin, then a perfect travel job opportunity for a teacher is to be a violin teacher.

Through this position, the teacher can manage their schedule, time, and where they wish to make the violin instruction take place.

The opportunity of being a violin teacher is through a company known as Musikey which is the largest referral agency in Southern California that helps violin teachers locate and interact with music students.

Click here to check out Musikey


6. Travel Special Education Teacher 

Edtheory, located in Berkeley California, is advertising for special education teachers who are willing to travel throughout the Bay Area.

The educational requirements include a bachelor’s or Masters’s degree, especially in the field of special education.

The benefits include a salary range comparable with the education and experience of the teacher.

Available are travel assignments across California with assistance for relocation, access to special education teacher development funds, and much more.

The salary range is $82,000-$110,000 per year.

Click here to check out Edtheory


7. Online Teacher 

As part of an opportunity for teachers to interact internationally with students is either travel internationally or via technology through a virtual classroom.

There are a variety of online tutoring opportunities in which the teacher can connect with students through a virtual setting.

One such website is

Most likely, you have the certification needed because of your teaching degree but sometimes these online sites require Teaching English as a Foreign Language or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.


8. Consultant 

A consultant is an individual who has expertise in a specific field.

The individual who wishes to provide his or her expertise to other individuals can work with a variety of school systems and make them aware of your ability to travel to their locations and help them with setting up various factors as it relates to education.

Some of those factors could include the setting up of a curriculum, reviewing curriculums and making recommendations, etc.


9. Overseas 

At you will find an opportunity to travel internationally and be involved in several trips.

The jobs will stimulate the traveling teacher culturally, intellectually, and personally on this exciting journey.

Click here to check out


10. Peace Corps 

Another opportunity to travel is through the volunteer organization known as the Peace Corps.

Most likely this organization is known to a variety of individuals and provides an opportunity for a teacher to be placed into a community internationally to teach a variety of subjects.

There is no pay associated with being involved in the Peace Corps but there are other benefits including a stipend that is provided.

After your commitment, you would be eligible for educational credits to continue your teaching education and incur additional credits or certifications.


11. Private Tutor 

An opportunity that may present itself is a family’s need for a private tutor.

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The researcher can open up their browser and do a word search on a search engine.

Words such as private tutor can be inputted with several web pages presenting themselves.

One specific website is https//

Who knows, the opportunity might present itself to where you can tutor a family in which the family does a significant amount of traveling.



12. EF International 

At they work with the teacher to facilitate the perfect tour for the student and their teacher.

The service is very personalized and offers a significant amount of destinations that the group can be involved with.

Click here to check out


13. Missionary Duty 

If you are affiliated with a faith-based church or organization, often they have a desire to demonstrate their faith and love beyond their community.

You can ask your church or the denomination headquarters if there is a need for your teaching experience.

You can volunteer your time and be paid practically through the providing of lodging and food.

Also, you will be enriched by the experience.


14. Au Pair 

An Au Pair is a professional who is invited into the home of a family and provides for the children of that family.

As a teacher, you would be a perfect fit to provide for the children in not only caring for them but also providing educational instruction as part of your duties.

To find out about opportunities you can search on a job posting site such as


15. Camp Counselor 

There are many camping experiences available for children during the summer months.

Some of these camping experiences not only allow the children to participate in outdoor activities but also combine the outdoor activities with educational instruction.

Therefore, a great way of enjoying the outdoors, interacting with children, and providing your educational expertise would be involved in a camp/educational counselor experience.


16. Teacher Travel Ops 

There is a variety of programs that promote the exchange of teachers between countries.

These programs provide a great way to travel as well as enhance your own teaching experience and provide opportunities for others.

A couple of examples of these programs would be and


17. Teach Full Time 

A plan of action to incorporate traveling with a job for a teacher is to work full-time in a school district throughout the year.

Often, the teacher is afforded a significant benefit in that there are times when school is not in session and therefore the teacher can travel during these times and still maintain their job with their home school district.


18. Travel On Holidays 

Coupled with the strategy of taking a holiday and traveling in conjunction with the school being out of session during time-specific times of the year, it is important to travel on these holidays and ensure that you take full advantage of any teacher discounts.

Specifically, there are several discounts offered to teachers as they travel.

Specific savings features such as hotels, airline flights, vacation packages, car rentals, etc. are available. is such a site.


19. Vacations Just For Teachers 

The importance of teachers cannot be emphasized enough.

In appreciation of their hard work and commitment, there are vacation options just for educators.

The packages offer discounted rates to coincide with the various breaks within the school year.

One such organization is GEEO.


20. each Privately 

A great way to travel and stay engaged as a teacher is to teach privately.

There are several options in which you can reach out to families that are advertising for a teacher to privately involve themselves with the children’s education.

One such website that you can explore for this possibility would be or


21. Travel With Students 

An opportunity to interact and personalize your educational interaction with your students is to travel with your group of students.

Several organizations offer this type of interaction and travel with your group and if enough of the students sign up you, as a chaperone, are not charged for the travel trip.


22. Volunteer as a Teacher 

There are a variety of programs in which you offer, as a volunteer, your teaching abilities.

A typical volunteer program has you pay a small contribution and fee.

You make your travel arrangements but the project is at no charge to you.

You will receive accommodations plus two meals a day.

One such program can be found at Gviusa.


23. Educational Consultant 

An opportunity to work with a small group of students either in person or online is through Sagaeducation.

As an educational consultant or tutor, you have the opportunity to work with this group for a year not only helping young people with their studies but interacting with them to build their sense of confidence and belonging.


24. Homeschool Consultant 

With the rise in popularity of homeschooling, being a homeschool consultant is a viable travel option.

There are many ways that you can advertise this role that you can bring to a family’s home or a group of families who wish to know more about homeschooling.

It can be done through your blog and across all of your social media platforms.

Also, you can set up your website and use that as a platform to help individuals with their homeschooling setup processes.


25. Indeed 

There are many job posting platforms that a teacher who is interesting in securing a traveling job can utilize to find that perfect position.

One of those websites is

By logging onto the site, you can search and utilize a specific job title such as traveling teacher jobs, education travel, etc.

You can leave the location blank, and you will get a return of many positions that are available that you may pursue.


Jobs for Teachers Who Love Traveling FAQs


Why Do Teachers Like to Travel?

Because they understand that it is one of the better ways to learn.


What Is the Best Advice to Give to a Teacher Who Likes to Travel?

Three pieces of advice come to mind

  • Invest in binders
  • Develop routines
  • Make duplicate visuals


You Can Do It

The role of the teacher is a unique profession.

It seems that even though they are not teaching in a classroom all the time, you as a teacher are very dedicated to learning from a variety of experiences, sharing, and teaching those experiences with others.

Part of that experience is your drive to travel and continue to learn from your journey.



Life is one big classroom.

Everything that we do and say has the potential of being a teachable moment.

A teachable moment not only for us but for others as well.

Part of the teaching curriculum is the journeys of life in which we travel to other places and interact with other people.

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