This article reveals some of the best travel jobs for seniors to make money – as many as 25 of the best such jobs.


Why Travel Jobs for Seniors?

Your retirement years are nearly upon you or perhaps they have arrived.

You have been diligent in saving for this time in your life and yet you still feel that you have some good working years to give which will still provide an income.

If this is the scenario that you are looking at, then why not consider the option of traveling and still working at the same time.

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It would be the perfect answer to fulfilling your dream of traveling and still earning a traveling income.

The reality of life is that the biological clock does not go backward but only continues to move forward.

It is important to fulfill your dreams of traveling.

After all, that is why you have saved so diligently so that you can enjoy your senior years and travel to places that you want to experience.

As the old expression goes having your cake and eating it is something that you can experience and enjoy.

You can have the enjoyment of traveling and still earn an income.

Let us start on that traveling journey and stimulate our thinking as it relates to things that we can do while still enjoying our dream/reality of traveling.


Personal Story

I was always enthralled with the possibilities of owning or renting an RV and traveling with my wife.

My thoughts were to travel to places where we had been and had made memories and travel to new places and make new memories.

I always visualized our travel in the RV and the evening the day’s adventures could be captured through my love for writing.

It would be a perfect blend to market my words.

Writing about our travels and offering others to travel with us and enjoying the countryside with the wind flowing through what little hair I had remaining.

I didn’t know if there would be any interest of people to travel along with us through the writing but I was going to give it a try with the motivation of encouraging people to make sure they redeemed their time and moments with loved ones.

Unfortunately, my dream did not come true as the reality of not being able to enjoy the companionship of my life partner, due to dementia, deflated the imaginary tires of my RV dream.

I should have heeded my advice.


20 Awesome Paying Travel Jobs for Seniors


1. Blogging 

A way to earn money while you are traveling is to capture in a blog your experiences.

Examples of your traveling adventure could include capturing your impressions, feelings, experience, etc. through your blog.

Or perhaps you want to reconnect with family who lives in different parts of the country.

Your blog could provide reflections of the importance of family, memories associated with that particular member of the family, and more.

Perhaps, your followers would eagerly look forward to traveling with you and supporting you financially on your journey.


2. Writing

There may be the possibility of you harboring a writing dream.

There never seemed to be the time.

Now while traveling, you can further reflect on that story you meant to commit to paper.

By day you can reflect and develop, perhaps capture your thoughts utilizing a small recording device or smartphone, and then in the relaxing moments of the evening begin writing.

It would be two dreams come true.

A wayfarer by day and a writer by night.


3. Freelancing 

While traveling you could epitomize the word freelancer by performing a job in one part of the country and six to eight hours later performing that same or different job in a different location.

Through freelancing websites such as or, you can register through these sites and begin searching for job opportunities that can be accomplished from just about anywhere.

Short-term and long-term opportunities are posted and individuals who have the skill and talent may be selected to perform these jobs.

A small example of employment listings could include creative writing, virtual assistant, grant writing, sales, graphic design, and much more.


4. Selling Online 

In the evening as you relax and unwind from your traveling by day, you can continue to engage in that hobby that you love.

The hobby could range from knitting to creating handcrafted items, etc.

Through your virtual store on, you can upload pictures of your items and then earn income as customers shop your store and purchase your items.

You could label yourself as the “Traveling Tradesman” or another such title to describe your focus in the present moment.

The proceeds of your sales would offset your traveling expenses.

It just may resonate with potential customers.


5. Travel Agent 

Being a travel agent and helping individuals plan conferences and vacations would be through the work of a travel agent.

A travel agent schedules the various modes of transportation needed follows through on the bookings for lodging, and even helps the individual, once they reached their destination, how to thoroughly enjoy and maximize their stay through sightseeing.

As a traveler yourself, this would be an ideal job because you are well aware of what it takes to schedule your itinerary and plan each part of the journey.

You could advertise yourself as having practical experience and insight because you are currently traveling and are fully aware of the needs of your potential customers.

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6. Tour Guide 

Traveling to various parts of the country, you could advertise yourself as a qualified tour guide to help individuals take in fully these sites and the sounds of the major hotspots of their destination as well as providing insight to fascinating places that are not well-known by others.


7. Seasonal Jobs 

When traveling around the country, certain individuals move in flow with the seasons.

A case in point would be those living in the northern part of the North American continent and traveling south during the winter months.

These movements, due to these seasonal ebbs and the flow of temporary residence, increase the demand for seasonal jobs.


8. Van Life 

As the aging population of America increases, many are taking to the road to enjoy their golden years.

As a service, you could provide a website for these individuals and provide tips and tricks of things that you have learned.

You can also provide practical information about places to go and people to see as well as keeping their vehicle optimally maintained.

As part of receiving payment, you could offer an added dimension to the website that the individual would need to pay to access.

Examples of that subscription content could include a newsletter that would contain the potential of discounts or coupons available for fellow travelers.

Other ways you could get paid with your van would include having advertisements on your website and you getting a discount or receiving a commission when purchases are made by clicking that ad.

Or you could obtain an RV sponsor or work with an association such as AARP or Good Sam Club.


9. Driveaway 

A great way to travel and see different parts of the country is to travel in someone else’s vehicle and get paid to do so.

Through the driveaway industry, some customers work with companies to transport their vehicles from one location to another.

The owners of the vehicles, for several reasons, prefer not to drive but engage these companies to provide this service.

An example would be a “snowbird” living in Canada who wants their vehicle delivered to Florida where they will be living through the winter months.

One such company that provides this service and accepts applications for interested drivers can be found by clicking here.

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10. Workamper 

A workamper defines an individual who has a camper or RV and is looking for work while they are traveling.

There are many positions that the interested individual could fulfill such as working maintenance, being a host of a campsite, and a variety of other jobs.

The benefit would be that you would earn an income and as part of your remuneration be able to utilize one of the camping sites to park your RV or trailer home.

One such site that advertises vacancies that they need to have filled, generally at a three-month commitment is

travel jobs for seniors


11. House Sitting 

As you travel to the countryside you may have friends located in different parts of the country.

Through Facebook, and other social media platforms, you can let people know of your traveling adventures and that you are open to providing house sitting services for not only their homes but their pets if these individuals choose to take a vacation.


12. Bookkeeping 

If you enjoy working with figures, know about debits and credits; realize the importance of properly inputting figures into accounting software, an opportunity that might be afforded you would be a virtual bookkeeper.

With the downloaded accounting software on your laptop or being done through a website, the business you could be working for would send the needed documentation as it relates to accounts receivable and accounts payable.

You can also generate invoices electronically to the various vendors.

Additionally, you would be able to generate the needed reports and send them electronically to your employer.


13. Life Coach 

Given your success in life and how to handle the various challenges that come your way, you could provide the services of being a life coach to an individual.

Interaction could be through technology by utilizing FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, etc.

You could set up specific times to meet with the students that you are coaching.

Because you are traveling your schedule would be fairly flexible.

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14. Consulting 

Perhaps you’ve had great success in the business world and have valuable insight into making a business profitable.

You can analyze, identify, and suggest changes in the way that the business operates.

While traveling, you could work as a consultant and go from location to location offering your services, experience, and insights on what a business can do to enhance their productivity and perhaps create a more productive and energetic team.

You could advertise your availability through LinkedIn or your social media platforms or utilize your networking that you have still maintained.


15. Tutor 

If you have a special skill set or perhaps are a retired educator, there are websites in which you can use technology to teach others about various subjects including learning how to speak English.

Tutoring an individual does not need to be restricted to classroom studies but can also include the teaching of guitar or teaching piano through a portable keyboard.

One of those tutoring websites is or teaching English online can be done through


16. Cruise Line 

What a great opportunity it would be to travel and get paid at the same time through the securing of a job with a cruise line.

A cruise is an opportunity for a person to relax and unwind and be involved with several activities as well as learn new experiences.

Perhaps, you are proficient at transcendental meditation or can teach yoga classes to fellow seniors aboard the cruise line.

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17. Peace Corps 

The Peace Corps is not just for those who are young.

The Peace Corps recognizes that older adults, given their experience and education, have something to offer through this program in servicing the residents of different countries.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity one could click

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18. Travel Blogging

When it comes to blogging another possibility that is part of the blogging process but could be more concentrated would be to blog about your traveling excursions.

For example, you could choose to visit all the famous landmarks in the United States, or as many as possible, such as traveling along the old Route 66 Highway or visiting the Corn Palace in South Dakota, etc.

Another option would be to visit all of, or as many as possible, the national parks.

You could visit the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, etc.

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19. Photography 

If you have a quality camera and have a “good eye” for capturing just the right photograph, you could take pictures of the spectacular sites that you come across.

As part of earning money, you could submit these photographs to a variety of websites for inclusion in a competition or work with a travel magazine and provide content for the magazine as you travel about the countryside.


20. Itinerant Preacher 

Since the beginning of colonial days, there have been preachers that have gone from church to church and village to village preaching the word of God and ministering to others.

If you have a passion and a calling, this would be a great opportunity to travel and provide the services of an itinerant preacher who wants to make money.

Also, if you have other musical skills, you could also utilize those skills and minister to others.

You could work with your church and go to other church locations that are affiliated with your denomination.

Your home congregation may provide sponsorship dollars to help you with this ministry as well as other churches may take up a love offering to help support you in your mission.

Talking about retirement, check out the following:


Money Making Travel Jobs for Seniors FAQs


As a Senior What is the Most Important Thing I Can Do When Wishing to Take on a Travel Job?

The most important action step that you can take is to devise a budget.

When thinking about traveling, the budget should reflect those associated expenses.

The expense of this may be more or less than what your current household budget is.

If traveling in a recreational vehicle it is important to consider the traveling costs associated with operating such a vehicle.

On the other hand, if traveling to a different geographical area you would need to take into consideration the cost of living in comparison to what you are accustomed to.


What is Likely the Biggest Challenge in Obtaining Travel Jobs for Seniors?

Perhaps, the biggest challenge may be stepping out of our comfort zone.

As older individuals, we get acclimated and set in our ways.

Perhaps, we would just as soon settle for what we are comfortable with rather than exploring new adventures.


You Can Do It

The continual advancement of our biological clock not only makes us older but has made us wiser as well.

If you wish to travel and continue to work, you have the needed resources within you to make it happen.



Philosophically speaking, life is one continuous journey.

Sometimes the road that we are on extends off into the horizon and there doesn’t seem to be any end.

On the other hand, there are mountainous roads that are characterized by different grades as reflected in the road’s inclines and declines.

Then, of course, there are the roads that are characterized by detours and degrees of roadwork.

As a senior, you are still on your road and the desire to travel is welling up within you.

Many circumstances can hold us back from taking our road trip but one of them should not be money as there are ways that you can realize income even when traveling.

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