It’s indeed the dream of many medical assistants to get travel jobs suited for medical assistants who want to make money while on the move.

If you are one of such medical assistants, this is the perfect article for you.

It shows up to 15 really awesome money making travel jobs that are great for medical assistants who want to make money while traveling.


Why Money Making Travel Jobs for Medical Assistants?

Many events can happen in our lives that we can classify as an emergency.

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If our vehicle breaks down and we are stranded that can be classified as an emergency.

Also, there are financial emergencies where a significant bill is coming due and we don’t have the financial resources to meet that obligation.

Or, an emergency could be the loss of power due to a natural disaster, water pipe damage, loss of a job, etc.

All of these possible happenings in our lives disrupt the normal which then can be classified as an emergency.

However, nothing quite matches the definition of an emergency when it involves your health.

Health emergencies such as choking, heart attack, excessive bleeding, or another health issue that can be life-threatening take the word emergency to the extreme.

Fortunately, we have access to medical professionals who are there or close by when needed.

Some of these medical professionals respond when those in need come to them and some respond by going to people who are in need.

Let us put on our scrubs and follow medical assistants to discover some of the more unique and best travel jobs for these heroes.


20 Awesome Tips & Sources for Finding Travel Jobs for Medical Assistants


1. Know All about Being a Traveling Medical Assistant

A travel medical assistant is a healthcare professional who is called upon to serve in a variety of medical facilities either at the local, state or other geographical locations.

They are not permanent medical employees.

They are asked to be of service when there is a vacancy, or the demands of the medical facility require additional medical professionals.


2. Know All about What They Do

The duties of a medical assistant who travels require both administrative and clinical roles to be performed.

Some of those administrative duties include answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, medical coding, billing tasks, insurance claims, etc.

A sampling of clinical rules would include taking a patient’s vital signs, assisting a physician with minor surgical procedures, accompanying the transporting of patients, maintenance, and sterilization of equipment, preparing patients for various exams, etc.


3. Know How to Become a Medical Assistant 

To fulfill the role of a traveling medical assistant, one needs to obtain a diploma in the medical field.

Generally, the course can be completed within 10 months.

Also, an Associates’s degree in medical assisting services is required and can generally be achieved within 16 months.


4. is a job posting platform that connects various job opportunities with individuals who have the skills and talents needed and required.

By logging onto this site, you can do a word search of traveling medical assistants and most likely your screen will be populated with a variety of opportunities.


5. Zip Recruiter 

Zip Recruiter is similar to Indeed and is a site in which an individual can search for a variety of positions including travel jobs for medical assistants.

Through the home page on the website, you are provided the opportunity to conduct a search with the job title and then place it in your specific geographical location.

Also, you can extend your radius beyond your immediate area.

Upon returning or searching for possible positions you may be provided several traveling medical assistant opportunities that you can explore.

Click here to check out Zip Recruiter


6. Med Travelers 

Med Travelers is a specifically designed website to provide support for medical professionals who wish to look for travel opportunities in the performance of their profession.

By accessing the job link on this site, there will be several medical-related travel employment opportunities that provide all of the needed information along with the anticipated salary of the employment opportunity.

Additionally, the site provides the duration of time commitment to fulfill that employment role.

Click here to check out Med Travelers


7. Air Ambulance 

A career with Air Ambulance would be a great travel job that would provide the excitement of air travel by accompanying a patient who needs transportation via this service.

Another opportunity that may be afforded to the traveling medical assistant is the transportation of a patient who is not in a life-threatening condition but requires the accompaniment of a medical professional to monitor their vitals and attend to them medically as needed.

Click here to check out Air Ambulance


8. Home Care 

A great service that involves traveling from one location to another in service of patients who are homebound for a variety of reasons is through home care.

There are a great number of home care agencies that contract with insurance companies or hospitals to provide respite care for patients who are unable to care for themselves following surgery or other medical procedures.

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9. Camp 

An opportunity to travel as a medical assistant would be to find a position with a variety of camps that offer a camping experience for both children and adults.

Also, some camps are specially designed to provide this experience for children and adults with special needs.

The possibility of providing medical care at one of these camps can be investigated through several organizations and not-for-profits such as Girl Scouts, the Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club, etc.

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10. Cruise Lines 

A great opportunity for a travel job as a medical assistant would be to obtain a medical position on a cruise line.

Cruise ships are required to have a medical team on board to ensure the medical health of the passengers.


11. Hospice 

Another meaningful and quality travel job for a medical assistant would be to obtain employment through various hospice organizations in local communities.

Not only would your medical service be of great value but your interaction with individuals who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, needing quality care, and comfort to maintain the dignity of their life.

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12. Hospitals 

The optimum travel job for a medical assistant would be to work in the hospital.

Additionally, there are a variety of specialty hospitals that deal with specific types of illness such as cancer or provide specific services to particular segments of the population such as a children’s hospital.

Not only would this be a rewarding experience for you both professionally but personally as well and fulfilling your mission and role and calling as a medical assistant.


13. Clinics 

Another opportunity to travel to various medical facilities is by providing your expertise in medical assistance in clinics.

Often these clinics treat individuals who are unable to adequately pay for medical services such as the homeless and are treated in a homeless medical clinic.


14. Theme Parks

A great place to work and provide a traveling opportunity for a medical assistant is to take a position with a theme park.

Theme parks operate seasonally while some are open year-round.

To care for their visiting customers, theme parks need to provide first aid and medical stations if their attending families need medical assistance.

Therefore, they call upon medical assistants to fulfill this critical role.

One such job that was recently posted can be viewed by clicking here.


15. Midwife 

Another exciting job that would call for a medical assistant to travel is to be part of the midwife process.

Many couples, for a variety of reasons, choose to have their child born in their home.

A medical assistant could be utilized to assist the midwife in the birthing process and provide the medical assistance needed through the miracle of giving life.


16. Red Cross 

The American Red Cross may provide an employment position for a traveling medical assistant to work not only in the United States but possibly around the world.

Additionally, during the American Red Cross’s responses to a variety of disasters, they require the assistance of medical professionals.

Although this position may not be paid for, the Red Cross does provide for the housing and immediate needs of the medical volunteer by providing a daily allowance.

Click here to check out Red Cross


17. Alaska 

A great opportunity for a good travel job for a medical assistant would be providing medical service to some of the remote towns and villages of Alaska.

Often, villagers are unable to reach a variety of medical services and so outreach is needed.

This would be a wonderful way of traveling, getting to see the pristine beauty of Alaska as well as being of medical service to the individuals and families.


18. Mercy 

Mercy Volunteers is a volunteer organization that encourages medical professionals to be involved in service to communities in a variety of domestic cities as well as a few international locations.

The program encourages the medical profession to dedicate one year of service to others in these communities.

Although this is not a paid position, the housing needs, provision of a stipend, and medical benefits are all part of this traveling and service opportunity.

Click here to check out Mercy Volunteers


19. Teaching 

Nurses International is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing nursing programs all around the world.

Although you may not have the certification and credentialing to be a nurse, the site explicitly invites all individuals to participate as it relates to developing nursing and medical programs all around the world.

Perhaps as a medical assistant, this would be a good opportunity to volunteer and virtually travel around the world in helping others with your medical knowledge and professionalism.

Click here to check out Nurses International


20. Peace Corps 

The Peace Corps is a tried and proven opportunity to travel internationally and help others by providing your specific skill set to various communities.

As a medical assistant, there is most likely an opportunity for you to be involved in this opportunity to travel but more importantly to make a significant impact and difference in the lives of others.

Although not a paid position, there are benefits associated with being a Peace Corps volunteer including educational benefits which may help with any future medical career development opportunities that you wish to pursue.

Click here to check out Peace Corps


Personal Story

It was Sunday afternoon, and I was trying to finish up the yard work.

It was September but the forecast called for heat.

Without warning, I began to experience the tell-tale symptoms of having a heart emergency.

The classic symptoms of chest pain, shortness of breath, and nausea drove me to my knees as I crawled back into the house.

Calling 911, I waited for the medical cavalry to arrive.

The operator stayed on the line with me and eventually in the distance I heard the sirens of those rushing to attend to me.

Long story short, I survived thanks to the various medical assistants that responded professionally and utilized their skills to help me through this medical scare.

I didn’t catch their names, wouldn’t recognize them if I met them, didn’t properly thank them but I am indebted to them.


Money Earning Travel Jobs for Medical Assistants FAQs


What Would Be the Estimate of the Number of Medical Assistants in America?

According to there are a total number of 710,200 medical assistants as reported in 2020.


What is the Average Salary for a Traveling Medical Assistant?

According to Zip Recruiter, the annual salary for a traveling medical assistant can range anywhere from $21,500-$109,500.

Of course, the salary would be dependent upon the individual’s experience as well as the geographical location of where the service is needed.

The average salary for a travel medical assistant ranges anywhere from $33,500-$77,000 per year.


You Can Do It

Being a medical assistant is a highly respected and critical role played by dedicated individuals.

Whether your profession allows you to travel or whether you serve in your immediate community you are greatly appreciated.



A travel job or opportunity taken by a medical assistant is a perfect blend for the medical professional to travel but be available for individuals who are in medical need and who are traveling as well.

Wherever there are people there is a possible need for medical attention and medical assistants who take on those travel jobs provide a great service.

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